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Third Love Part Two

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Part One

This is the last part.

Text in bold is flashbacks. Thank you for your patience with this one, I hope you guys enjoy it xxx


He watched the door slam shut behind you and he turned to the wall.
“Fuck!” Jax yelled and clenched his fist.
He pounded it against the wall, over and over.
The white paint slowly turned red as his knuckles bled but he didn’t stop, not yet.
After a few more hits Jax stepped back and ran his hand through his hair, brushing it out of his face with his good hand.
He stretched out his fist but ignored the burning pain in his knuckles and he glared at the bloodied hole in the wall.
He knew he should have ran after you, tried to make you see sense. But he had never seen you so mad before and he knew he deserved it.
Honesty. Respect. That was all you ever asked for.
You didn’t care about the things he did for the club, the club secrets he had to keep from you. You didn’t care that he barely took you on dates. You didn’t care that he had a son to another woman. You didn’t care that he was a criminal, an outlaw. You didn’t care about the late nights or the lonely ones.
You didn’t ask him to stay home with you, didn’t nag him or need to know every detail about his days or things with the club.
All you had ever asked of him was that when it came to your relationship, he was honest with you.
And he hadn’t been.
Jax knew he should have told you Tara was back the day she had turned up at the clubhouse.
But his head had been a mess and he needed time to work out what this all meant.
It was like a ghost had walked back into his life.
He never thought he’d see her again after she left and when she’d walked through those doors he felt like a teenager again, and all those feelings he had once had came flooding back to him.
He should have told you what happened, how he was feeling, but hell he didn’t even know how he felt.
Jax leant against the wall and stared at the shattered glass and splatters of whiskey on the floor.
The kitchen was a mess and it seemed fitting to mess inside his head. He needed to make sense of these feelings, of these thoughts that were taking control.
He needed to leave, needed to get out of this empty house.
He turned and walked out the door, heading for his bike.
A long ride was what he needed to clear his head.
Laughter left your lips and you wiped the counter thoroughly.
“I’m serious! He turned up in a denim suit. A juit.” Cassie said.
You laughed again and shook your head.
For a month now you had been working with Cassie at the diner and almost everyday she had a new story to tell you about her disastrous love life and the many bad dates she’d had that left a smile on your face.
The bell above the door chimed and you glanced at the entrance.
Three men entered, all in leather and all ridiculously attractive.
You watched them walk casually into the diner and slide into a booth by the window, near the back.
“Hellooo handsome.” Cassie said beneath her breath and you smiled and winked at her.
“Shotgun.” You said and grabbed a notebook and slid it into your apron pocket.
Before she could argue you stepped out from behind the counter and approached the table.
There was a tall one, wearing a slouched beanie and a full beard. A younger looking guy, with a shaved Mohawk and tribal tattooes on his skull. And a blonde, with long blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Welcome to Daisy’s Diner, what can I get for you this mornin?”
The guys glanced up at your approach and you smiled warmly to each of them.
“Just coffee, thanks.” The one with the beard smiled.
You nodded.
“Anything else? The cherry pies real nice.”
“I bet it is.” The blonde said with a wink and a smirk and you tried to ignore his eyes looking you up and down.
You smirked back and met his eye.
“I’ll grab a slice.” He said.
You scribbled the order in your notebook.
“Won’t be long.” You smiled sweetly, making sure to flutter your eyelashes and headed back to the counter.
You could feel their eyes watching you as you walked and you made sure to sway your hips a little more than normal.
“Thoughts?” Cassie whispered once you were behind the counter.
“The one in the beanie’s married. No rings on the other two though.” You reported.
She nodded and bit her lip.
“I call dibs on the Mohawk.”
You laughed and quickly got the order ready.
A phone rang out and you glanced at the table and saw the blonde answer a call.
You grabbed the pot of coffee and the plate of pie and headed towards the table.
When you were almost there the three men stood and the blonde turned towards you.
“We gotta go, sorry darlin’.”
“Sorry for wasting my pie or for staring at my ass earlier?” You asked.
He raised his eye brows and smirked.
“Oh I ain’t sorry for that darlin.“
You laughed and he flashed you a wink before turning and following the others out of the diner.

The sound of birds chirping woke him and he squinted at the bright sun shining down on him.
For a moment he was confused at his surroundings but they slowly familiarised around him.
Jax always ended up here when times were tough, or when he needed to clear his head.
Some people found cemeteries eerie, creepy and uncomfortable. But Jax found them peaceful, and he seeked comfort sitting in front of his fathers grave.
He yawned and rubbed his eyes, wincing at the pain that tore through his fist.
Slowly he stood and stretched his body, already aching from sleeping on the hard ground.
Jax walked slowly to the garden tap that he’d used to wash his face many times before.
After freshening up Jax headed for his bike.
He had left his phone at home last night and so he had no idea what the time was.
As he walked to his bike he contemplated whether or not he should head home.
You would be there and he knew you’d still be mad, and with every right.
He knew he needed to face you, to explain himself.
But he needed to freshen up first.
Jax swung his leg over his bike and brought it to life. He would go to the clubhouse, freshen up in the dorms and head home. Hell he might even buy some flowers on the way.
“Same again?”
“Please,” You smiled at the bartender.
He smiled back and turned to get your drinks ready.
Cassie had managed to convince you to come out with her and she had dragged you to one of the local bars.
Sitting next to her, you were like chalk and cheese.
She sat with her perfectly straightened hair, perfectly applied make up, tight red dress and six inch heels.
And then, there was you. Ripped black jeans, combat boots, Guns ‘n’ Roses tshirt and your hair pulled into a rough high ponytail.
The only make up you wore was a perfect flick of black eyeliner on your upper lid.
But somehow the two of you got on like a house on fire, despite the differences in your personalities.
The bartender passed you your drink and you thanked him before taking a sip.
You were putting the glass back on the bar when you felt a presence next to you and you turned towards the newcomer.
“Hey cherry pie.”
You smirked at the blonde biker, instantly recognising him from the other day in the diner.
“Hey stranger.” You purred.
“Hey I’m Cassie.” Your friend interrupted.
He glanced at her and smiled before introducing himself as Jax and introducing his friend, ‘Juice’.
You chatted for a while, well flirted mostly, before Cassie dragged you away to dance.
Almost an hour had passed and you knew they were watching when you heard a new song start.
The music was familiar to you and you laughed and turned towards the bar, where a smirking Jax watched with a playful hint in his eyes.
“She’s my cherry pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise.”
The song played, Warrants ‘Cherry Pie.’
Jax raised his eyebrow, challenging you.
You don’t know what came over you but you flashed him a wink before stepping on a stool and climbing on top of the closest table.
And from across the bar, Jax watched as you swung your hair and swayed your hips to the music. His eyes were focused on you and with each move you made, the rest of the world fell away.

Jax pulled into the lot and parked in his usual spot along the row of bikes.
The garage was still shut and he frowned slightly.
Perhaps it was earlier in the day than he had first thought.
He hopped off his bike and placed his helmet on the handlebars before heading towards the clubhouse entrance.
He had only taken a few steps when the doors flew open and Gemma and Chibs came running out.
“Where have you been?!” Gemma demanded.
Jax ran his hand through his hair as he walked closer.
After the night he’d had, the last thing he needed was a lecture from his mother.
“Look, mom-“
“Dont worry about it, Jackie boy. Theres been an accident.” Chibs interrupted.
Jax froze and glanced between them, his face filling with concern.
“Its (y/n), Jax.”
His heart dropped.
“Is she..?” His words fell off, unable to bring himself to finish the question.
“Shes in intensive care.”
Jax nodded and stepped backwards before he turned and headed for his bike.
Gemma and Chibs called after him but he ignored their voices.
Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and no matter how hard he tried his legs couldn’t carry him any faster.
His body went into auto-pilot and he yanked on his helmet, the bike roaring to life beneath him while his mind raced.
Gemma and Chibs moved past him in a blur as he pulled the bike out of his spot and sped out of the lot.
He didn’t bother looking for cars, didn’t bother stopping at the red lights.
He didn’t bother with the speed limit as he weaved his bike in between the oncoming cars.
All he knew was that you needed him.
Eventually he stopped in front of the hospital and he stopped his bike and leapt off it, letting his helmet drop to the pavement beside him.
Jax ran up the steps, his heart thumping rapidly in his chest.
The woman behind the desk glanced up as he ran through the doors.
“(y/n) (y/l/n), where is she?!”
You always hummed when you cooked and this morning was no exception.
Jax leant against the doorway, a smile on his face as he watched you work.
You rummaged in the drawer for a whisk before whipping the batter in the bowl.
“Whats cooking good lookin?”
You turned and saw Jax watching you and laughed lightly.
“Pancakes.” You smiled.
He grinned and walked into the kitchen and took you by the waist.
He laid his chin on your shoulder and watched you whisk the mixture.
“With blueberries?” He asked.
“And bacon.” You answered.
“God I love you.”
You laughed and moved his hands from his waist.
“Sit down, it wont be long.”
He obeyed and took a seat at the table.
He could get used to this, waking up to you cooking in the kitchen, naked beneath his SAMCRO shirt and your hair hanging loosely.
It was a sight he could never get sick of.
You quickly got the breakfast together and plated before carrying it to the table.
Jax let out a whistle as you placed the dish in front of him and you smiled before taking your seat.
You both ate in contempt silence, enjoying each others company.
After eating You cleared the table and Jax had a smoke.
You were washing the dishes when you felt his hands creep around your waist once more and you leant into him.
“Thank you.” He whispered in your ear.
“I might have a shower,” He told you. “Why don’t you join me?”
You chuckled. “Ive already showered.”
Jax raised his eyebrows and dipped his hands into the sink.
He cupped his hands, letting them fill with the soapy water before splashing you with it.
You gasped and squealed.
He laughed and splashed you again.
Before you knew it, you were both soaked, covered in bubbles and sliding around the kitchen floor.
You splashed him once more and he pulled you into his arms.
“I love you.” He said.
You smiled and looked into those blue eyes.
“I love you too, Jax.”

Jax ran down the corridor and pushed through the door the lady had directed him to.
When he entered the room he froze in his steps at the sight of you.
Lying there, in the hospital bed. There was a bandage wrapped around your head, you had a black eye and your lips were swollen, along with multiple grazes along your cheek.
Your arm was in a cast and you lay there so.. peaceful.
Jax stepped closer slowly and his legs carried him to the seat next to your bed.
He sunk into the seat and his eyes brimmed with tears.
You needed him, and he hadn’t been there.
How long had you been like this?
The doctor said you were in a coma, and although you were stable he had said the damage was extensive, and there was a chance you may not pull through.
Jax grabbed your hand gently and squeezed it.
He couldn’t bring himself to pull his eyes away from your face.
“Im so sorry, (y/n).” He whispered.
He should have followed you, he should have been there. He should have protected you.
Seeing you lying here like this was killing him and you looked so.. broken.
Tears ran down his cheeks and all he could do was apologise.
A door opened behind him but he didn’t turn.
He lifted your hand to his lips and kissed it gently, praying that you would open your eyes.
But you didnt.
He turned and when he saw Tara standing at the end of the bed anger rose within him.
Gently, he placed your hand back on the bed and he stood.
“What are you doing here?”
Tara blinked rapidly and reached for his hands but he snatched them away.
“I wanted to make sure you were okay.” She said. “I thought you might need me.”
Jax grimaced.
“What I need, is for my girlfriend to open her eyes.”
“Jax I-“
“Why did you come back, Tara?” He snarled.
“For you, Jax. I came back for you.”
Jax scoffed and shook his head but before he could reply she continued speaking.
“I got my degree, Jax. I have a job,a house. I have everything Ive ever wanted. Everything except you.”
“Its too late Tara. Im with Y/N now. She’s my old lady.”
“I have your crow.” She argued.
Jax clenched his fists and moved closer, hovering over her now.
“Yeah? Well you’re not an old lady. You should have got it removed when you left.”
The clubhouse was quiet, and for the number of people inside it was unusual.
The moment Gemma had called you you had dropped everything and headed over.
You had known Jax was getting home from Stockton today, but you weren’t expecting him for another few hours and you weren’t expecting the bad news that came with him. Opie was gone.
Grief hung in the air and the whole atmosphere of the clubhouse had changed.
Your heart was in your throat as you moved, searching desperately around the familiar faces, searching only for one.
“He’s in his dorm, lass.” You heard from behind you.
You turned and saw Chibs, his head hung low and a haunting pain in his eyes.
You reached up and hugged him tightly. You hadn’t seen him since he’d gone inside and you weren’t sure if it was prison or the events that had occurred that made him seem older somehow, haunted. He hugged you back, his arms embracing you and you pressed a kiss to his cheek before letting him go.
Of course, all of them were hurting, but Jax was the only thing on your mind and you desperately needed to find him.
Chibs squeezed your hand and you headed to the dorms.
It was funny, how suddenly a place could feel different after something so tragic.
The hallway felt so.. empty. Eerie, almost. Like it knew something, or someone was missing.
Your feet carried you to Jax’s dorm and you didn’t bother knocking.
He was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed and staring at the blank wall in front of him.
He didn’t look up when you entered but you ran to him and sank to your knees beside him before pulling him into you.
He didn’t need you to say anything, just you being there was enough and he began to sob uncontrollably into your chest.
You stroked his hair slowly, letting his tears soak through your shirt.
“He was my best friend.” Jax whispered against you, his voice broken and full of sadness.
“I know baby, I know.”

“Jax we can make this work, we can-“
“No!” He yelled.
Taras eyes widened and she stepped back from him.
“How dare you come here.” He snarled. His fists
clenched and he trembled with anger, both with Tara and himself.
He turned away from her and stood at the end of the end of the hospital bed. His hands grasped the bed frame tightly, making his knuckles burn.
Guilt ran through his veins as he looked at your broken body.
After a moment of silence Tara stepped forward and Jax felt her hand lay on his shoulder.
“I’m your first love, Jackson.”
Jax took a deep breath and clenched his jaw before he turned back towards her.
“Your right.”
She smiled with relief.
“You were my first love Tara. But she is my last. You are my past, and she is my future.”
Tara opened her mouth, unable to find the words. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she turned abruptly and left, letting the door close behind her.
Jax sighed and ran a hand over his face.
God, he felt sick with guilt and he couldn’t help but blame himself for what had happened to you.
He should never have let you leave, he should have chased after you. He should never had made you so mad to begin with.
For a moment he considered following Tara. Not to be with her, he had meant what he said. But seeing you lay in this hospital bed had him thinking if maybe you would be better off without him. You were a good woman, with a kind heart and he knew you deserved a love that Jax wasn’t sure he could give you.
He had no doubt in his mind that he loved you, with all he had left in the ashen remains of his heart. But he had always had doubts that he was good enough for you.
It was because of him that you had ended up in here after all. If it hadn’t been for him you would be fine, walking around and laughing like normal.
Jax walked to the edge of the bed and gently lifted your hand once more.
Your skin was soft and fragile and he sighed as he held it gently in his rough hands.
Maybe it was selfish of him, and maybe you deserved better. But he knew he couldn’t walk away, couldn’t let you go. You meant too much to him.
He lifted your hand to his lips and kissed your skin softly.
“Please wake up, (y/n). I need you.”
Jax slung his arm over your shoulder and you squeezed his waist.
His lips pressed against your hair as he kissed your head and you smiled up at him once he pulled away.
You had spent all day helping Gemma clean up the clubhouse after another wild party and despite having a godawful hangover it had actually been enjoyable.
Cleaning wasn’t your favourite pastime but you didn’t hate it either, and you liked spending time with Gemma.
She was terrifying, of course, in her usual Gemma Teller way but you both seemed to get along despite the fact you were dating her son.
And she was grateful for your help.
The croweaters had been there too to help but cleaning wasn’t exactly their specialty, especially when they were hung over.
Finally though, the boys had returned from their club business that had kept them away for most of the day and you were happy to see Jax walk back through the doors.
He led you outside for a well deserved break and you perched on the edge of the picnic table while he lit up a ciggarette.
“Thankyou for helping out today babe.” Jax said after blowing out a cloud of smoke.
“Anytime,” You smiled at him. “Although I’m kinda scarred after cleaning Tigs mess.”
Jax chuckled before taking another drag.
A car pulled into the lot and you both looked up.
Wendy got out of the drivers side and waved to you both before getting Abel out of his car seat.
“(Y/n)!” The little blonde yelled as soon as his feet hit the pavement.
Abel ran towards you and you hopped off the table and knelt with your arms open.
He ran into them and you smiled as you squeezed him tight.
You lifted him and held him on your hip and Jax pressed a kiss to his sons forehead.
“Can we play on the swings?” Abel asked eagerly.
“I guess so.” You sighed playfully before tickling him.
He giggled loudly and you smiled at Wendy once more before carrying Abel to the swing set.
“He’s been asking about (y/n) all week.” Wendy said.
Jax nodded, a proud smile on his face as he watched you playing with his son.
“So is she your old lady yet or what?”
He raised his eyebrows, an amused look on his face as he looked at his ex.
“You gonna give me relationship advice darlin?”
Wendy rolled her eyes.
“She’s a good girl, Jax. She’ll make a good old lady, better than I ever was.”
They both watched as you pushed Abel on the swing and his laughter echoed through the lot.
“Look all I’m saying is don’t screw things up with her. She’s good for you. She’s good for him.”

Three days had passed without any changes.
The doctors had said your condition seemed to be improving however you were still in a coma and Jax was growing more impatient with every passing day.
He had spent every minute by your bedside, only leaving to freshen up, but never for more than ten minutes.
The room was filled with balloons and the scent of fresh flowers, mainly from Gemma.
The guilt never left him and every minute you spent in this coma Jax seemed to blame himself more.
The nurses had told him to talk to you, that you could hear him.
At first he had been uncomfortable, unsure of what to say to someone who couldn’t answer back.
He’d started with apologies, before telling you about his plans for the club.
He’d just finished telling you a story about how the guys had hid a bunch of dolls in their rooms to stop Tig from snooping when he stopped talking mid sentence.
Your eyes had fluttered, he was sure of it.
“Babe? Come on wake up.”
You stirred, your eyes flickering open for a moment and your fingers twitched slightly.
A wide smiled spread over his face and he squeezed your hand gently.
Ever so slowly, the room began to focus around you.
You squinted your eyes, gradually taking in your surroundings before you focused on Jax, sitting teary eyed by your bed.
“You look like shit.” You told him, your voice slightly raspy.
Jax laughed lightly and a tear rolled down his cheek.
He didn’t doubt your words, he’d barely slept in three days.
“How are you feeling?” Jax asked.
“Like I’ve been hit by a truck.”
“Il get a nurse.”
“No, Jax wait. I-”
“I’m so sorry, (y/n).” Jax interrupted. “I should have told you. I don’t wanna lose you, darlin. You mean everything to me and I-”
“It’s okay Jax.” You told him.
He stopped and looked at you, the blues of his eyes sparkling with unshed tears.
His face was filled with guilt and you smiled softly.
“I love you, Jackson. And I trust you. It’s okay.”
Jax stood and hovered over the bed. His fingers reached oh and gently room hold of your chin.
He pressed his lips against yours softly, too scared of hurting you. You kissed him back and you didn’t notice the tear that escaped you and rolled down your cheek.
“Marry me.” Jax whispered as he pulled his lips away.
“Marry me.” He grinned. “I love you, (y/n). Almost losing you made me realise how much I need you. I want to spend my life with you. Marry me.”
You rated at him, your mouth slightly open.
“Yes,” you breathed. “Yes!”
You both grinned at each other, your eyes damp with tears of joy and this time when he kissed you you swore you could taste the rest of your life on his lips.
Minutes passed and eventually he pulled away and sat back in the chair, his hands holding yours softly.
“Yes, mrs Teller?”
You grinned. “Is Tig really that scared of dolls?”

so currently im working on a clothing line for autistic people where the garment is also a stim device


  • all have reverse or comfortable seems
  • no labels
  • fleece vests that have deep pockets and chewable drawstrings. the pockets have frayed seams on the side. the drawstrings are also stretchy and have some kind of tassle or pom pom on the end
  • a knit beanie/slouch that muffles 50 - 60% sound
  • a bracer that has a marble maze sewn into it, that also has  3 zippers and 3 snaps
  • i also want to TRY and make spinning hoop earings

pls don’t steal my ideas but message me if you ever might be interested in buying them. i will have the beanies available to buy by march 17th yo

New Girl - Jughead Jones

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a/n: Feel free to request things :)

also, this imagine was pretty crap but I’m a little rusty and wanted to get something out for this blog :)


When you first arrived at riverdale, it seemed like Cheryl Blossom had it out for you. You had no clue why, you had just moved in two weeks before her brothers  death, from a small town a couple hours away. Your father had gotten a new job  with the sheriff’s  deputy.

Your first day at Riverdale was worse. You hadn’t met anyone besides Cheryl, and when you talked to her she picked you out from the beginning.

“Hello, “ You smiled at the man behind the counter, “Two chocolate milkshakes please, to go”

The man smiled back, of course my dear. Are you knew to town?”

“Yeah..” You sighed, “Came from Capital Heights.”


A girl snickered behind you. You turned your head around to see a rouge-headed female sitting in a booth with an equally rouge-headed boy.

“Capital Heights. Just sounds like a pretty fancy place for some…”

She paused and looked up and down at your sweater layered with an old jacket your mom’s and some leggings. Old converse were splayed on your feet. 



You ignored her comment, and turned to grab your milkshakes.

“See you at Riverdale High, C-Hoe” her smile hid something behind it, as her presumed brother smirked too.

You didn’t see her again until it was at the crime scene. Your father and sheriff Keller had to be on scene, so you got dragged into it. Cheryl stared at you when your father car pulled up, you stood nearby a tree, awaiting until your father allowed you to leave.

Her eyes were coated in thick mascara that ran down her cheeks. Her lipstick was smudged. She had a glint of something in her eyes, but all of the whirl around it you couldn’t decipher what it was.

Her grin was displayed on her face while you walked into math. Your hands absentmindedly curled around the sleeves of your jacket. You picked a seat where no one was, and set your books down. First day, new people. this was going to be shit.

“So…” Cheryl slid next to you, pulling her hair to one side. “Capital Heights girl, right? C-Hoe?”

People around snickered at the oh-so-polite nickname.

“Y/n, actually”

“what?” Cheryl bat her eyelashes, “My name’s Y/n” You grumbled.

“Ouch” She faked, “Seems like you have a grouch to your tone..You know..My brother and I saw you..Could you have taken vengeance on him?” Cheryl raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve been in this town for two weeks Cheryl. I haven’t talked to your brother before. So vengeance? No.”

You stopped talking to her and continued on while class started. The teacher started to drone on as you tried to avoid Cheryl’s eyes while peering around the room. You looked at all the math related posters on the wall, and overlooked some of your classmates. There were some jocks around with the blue and gold jackets. A raven haired boy caught you attention. He had a grey beanie on, slouched slightly. His face rested on the side of the desk as his eyes looked extremely weary.


“Hi. I’m Betty! Sorry I didn’t get to you this morning, It’s been pretty hectic around here.”

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A blond, high ponytailed girl stood next to you. 

“That’s fine.” You smiled, “I’m Y-”

“Y/n..yeah” She smiled.

“Yep..That’s me” You shuffled your feet awkwardly.

“Say…” Betty looked at you, ‘Would you want to go to Pop’s? It’s a diner not far away from here. Some of my friends’ll be there, it would be fun”

You could tell Betty felt guilty for not showing you around earlier.

“sure..could I meet you there? I just want to drop my stuff off and let my dad know”


After you exchanged your number with Betty, you dropped your bag off. You brushed your hair quickly, grabbing a warmer jean jacket to wear, and left a note for your dad so he could know where you were.

The walk to pops wasn’t too long, you listened to music as you went, bobbing your head slightly. Your hands were stuffed into the pockets of your jacket.

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“Know she’s knew, but heck, V, you were new”

“Wheres she from?”

You stepped it the diner, a small bell dangling above your head signalling that you were there. Your eyes peered around for Betty. At first, you couldn’t see her over the fair amount of people around.

“Y/n! Over here” Betty waved you over as you slowly walked over to the booth.

There were four people in the booth, though it looked like they had moved to accommodate you.

Betty sat on the end of the booth, while a brunette with very arched eyebrows, and pearls around her neck, sat next to her. Next to the brunette sat a boy, with brown hair as well.

To the opposite of the booth sat the boy you had seen in your math class. His beanie was still adorned on his head, as was the same expression he had on earlier.

You sat, unsure if that was okay, next to the boy, awkwardly smiling.

“So…Guys..” Betty smiled, “This is Y/n” She gestured to you as you gave a little wave, “This is Veronica,” The Brunette girl next to Betty smiled, she was definitely brought up in a wealthy family. 

“This is Kevin” She gestured to the boy next to Veronica, who gave a little wave.

“And this Is Jughead” She pointed to the boy next to you. He didn’t smiles but only responded to the acknowledgement by speaking.

“The third”

“Oh yeah. Sorry. I always forget, he likes to add that”


Betty and Veronica started to talk again, while Kevin sat texted on his phone.

“So…Jughead right?”

You looked over to the boy beside you, enjoying his second milkshake.

“Yep. Jughead Jones the third”

You nodded.

“Soo….I think I saw you in math today”


You nodded again, clearly he didn’t want to talk.

You tapped on the table awkwardly.

“You from Capital Heights?”

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You looked over at the boy again.

“yeah..” Your eyes narrowed, “why?”

“dunno. Just seems odd that you arrived before Jason’s death”

“Oh god” You groaned, “please don’t tell me you think I did this. I didn’t even talk to the boy. Sure Cheryl’s a bitch, but aren’t we all?”

He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing about the subject.

“Okay well. I better go. I guess I’ll se you tomorrow Y/n”

Betty got up, gave you all a smiler, and left with Veronica. Kevin slid over to the end of the booth. “I better go too, nice meeting you Y/n”

Great. Now were left with this robot.

He taped on his laptop quickly, hiding it from your view.

“What are you working on?”

“Nothing. You know, you should probably go too. It’s getting late. See you in Math, Y/n”

When Chris Met Her

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She was late. An hour and half or so according to Andy, who glanced at the door ever few seconds to see if she would ever arrive. His younger sister was never one for parties, but this wasn’t a regular party. It was his first since they came to Norway. Since they started at Nissen, since he was introduced to the Penetrator guys. If she didn’t make it, who knew where she would end up for the night. Andy took another sip of his beer before glancing back at the door, perking up as the door opened to reveal more girls, but as he scanned their faces he let out a small sigh, slouching back against the wall as he chugged the drink in his hand. He was interrupted as a hand slapped down on his shoulder.

“Why are you all sulky?” Chris asked, standing to Andy’s left. Andy lowered the drink in his hand as he shrugged slightly, translating his response in his head.

“I’m not, just waiting for my sister. She was supposed to get here ages ago,” Andy explained, glancing back at the door before he turned to Chris.

“You have a sister?” Chris asked, taking a sip of his beer as his head cocked to the side slightly, his eyes surveying the party behind Andy as he waited for a response. The only thing Andy hated about Norway was that he took so long to translate everything. Thankfully, everyone was respectful and gave him time, but it embarrassed his more than anything.

“Yeah, she’s the one I bring to school everyday,” Andy answered, knowing that the Penetrators had seen her at least once before when Andy would walk her to her morning class.

“Oh, we all thought that she was your girl, you two seem really close,” Chris responded, taking another sip of his drink as he recalled the guys conversation when they first saw Andy’s sister, though then they only thought she was a hot piece of ass Andy had been hitting.

“Yeah well, we’ve always been close. She’s the only family I talk to anymore so it was bound to happen,” Andy shrugged, letting his eyes wonder to the door again. To his surprise, he did see a familiar beanie, the owner turned to the door as she shrugged off her coat. “I’ll be right back,” Andy said, not even glancing at Chris as he shuffled his way through the crowd of people. By the time he made it to her, she was turning around, beanie still slouched over her hair. “Hey!” Andy yelled, letting himself slip back into his native tongue for his sister who shot him a small smile as he wrapped his arms around her. Y/N rolled her eyes as she returned the hug before pulling away from her brother.

“Hi, were you really so lonely without me here? Couldn’t find a chica to keep you company?” Y/N joked, laughing as Andy gave her an emotionless stare for a moment.

“Come on, I have a few people you really should meet,” Andy said, knocking his head back toward the group of guys in matching black sweatshirts, a few of which were watching the siblings exchange as Andy threw his arm over his sister’s shoulder. One watching Penetrator was Chris, who looked over Y/N in a new light, knowing now that she wasn’t Andy’s girl. She wasn’t his usual, or most guys around here. She wasn’t model thin, but she was still attractive. A nice face, rocking body, pleasing enough to the eye for at least a night. As Andy approached the group, his sister in tow, Chris observed how she slightly disappeared into her brother’s tall, stocky frame. She seemed to cling to him as her eyes flowed over all the people in the party, scrunching in on herself as they made their way through the crowd.

“Andy! We were wondering where you got to,” William said with a smile as Chris moved in beside him, looking over the girl who stood beside Andy in front of them.

“I was just waiting for my sister. Y/N, these are the Penetrators. Guys, this is my little sister Y/N, she’s a first year,” Andy introduced her, smiling down at his sister as William pushed his hand forward to shake hers.

“Nice you meet you, they called me William,” Y/N forced a small smile on her face as she shook the large hand before her. As William pulled his hand away, Chris swooped in, grabbing onto her small hand. With a wink, he pulled her hand up to his mouth, placing a lingering kiss onto the top of her hand, right before her wrist. He watched with a smirk as her cheeks flamed before him, her hand dropping limply to her side as Chris released it. Beside her, Andy let out a hearty laugh as he pulled his sister closer to him.

“Don’t pay attention to Chris, he’s not worth your time,” Andy smiled, raising an eyebrow as he cut off Chris before he could even open his mouth.

“Hey! She should definitely be paying attention to the guy who’s taking her home tonight,” Chris laughing, sending another wink towards Y/N who felt her eyes go wide as she watched Chris look her over, softly biting down on his bottom lip.

“Okay then, come on Y/N, let’s get you something to drink. Somewhere far away from this perv,” Andy laughed, raising his chin as a goodbye to the guys before he turned Y/N around, walking her towards the kitchen. Chris watched her from the back, letting his head fall to the side slightly, only straightening when William knocked his shoulder.

“What?” Chris asked, scoffing as William simply rolled his eyes before walking off into the crowd, probably back to the very enthusiastic blonde who had been trying to hook up all night. Chris leaned back against the wall, surveying the room again though another face came to mind.

A blush seemed to stain Y/N’s cheeks the entire night, flaring up worse everytime Chris came into her sights again. It seemed he was popping up everywhere the entire night. Andy assured her he was fine, “He’s not even that bad once you get to know him,” he insisted, even as Chris continued bumping into her throughout the party. Smiling, smirking, winking, all of his little things that just seemed to push Y/N further into her brother’s side. That was until Andy’s eye caught onto the dance floor and he left Y/N sitting on the couch with a promise to rejoin her after just one dance. Three songs later, Y/N was staring at her lap as someone sat onto the couch next to her, close enough to cause her to sink closer to the warm body now beside her.

“Hey,” Chris smirked, looking at Y/N with a smirk as she found herself almost falling into his lap.

“What are you doing?” Y/N let out, almost in a screech as Chris’ hands found their way onto her waist, keeping her from falling completely onto him.

“Well I was trying to help you but, if you would prefer,” Chris trailed off, moving Y/N closer to him and lifting her until she found herself sitting on his lap. Y/N gasped as Chris let out a laugh, smiling as Y/N began to squirm, trying to move back to her spot.

“I don’t think you are going to be happy with what you get if you keep squirming like that,” Chris smirked as Y/N froze, looking back at him with bright red cheeks.

“Move me back, now,” Y/N commanded, her voice shaking despite the serious tone. Chris held still for a few seconds that seemed to drag on forever before he lifted her again, dropping her right beside him in the dip of the couch.

“Bye the way, I was right,” Chris spoke up despite Y/N seeming to try and ignore him.

“Right about what?” Y/N asked, giving into her curiosity. After a few moments of silence she chanced looking back at him, almost immediately regretting it as his eyes perked up.

“Your brother disappeared with a second year a while ago. Looks like you’re gonna need a ride home.”


Hat Beanie Slouch Slouchy Winter Pompom
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sick of waiting | jughead jones x reader

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written by: rosie

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: hey! reader is in a coma (you be the one to give the reason) and np jughead never left her side. until one day he got tired of waiting and he soon gets into a relationship with betty. when the reader wakes up and learns about this, she’s absolutely heartbroken and jughead does everything to fix it. angst and sadness pleaseeee😂❤️ btw are you working on the next part of twin andrews?

chapter song: unsteady / x ambassadors

i was awake, blinded by white lights and overwhelmed by the smell of sterile equipment. i feel my whole body starting to ache as i attempt to sit upright.

scanning my surroundings i take in the small hospital room, my mother huddled up in the corner on one of those uncomfortable plush chairs.

the memories come flooding back from that night

i was happy so happy i’d been in the city for going on six weeks when i got a text, the most amazing text i had ever seen in my entire life.

juggie: i chose you, come back. be with me.

so i was singing, singing my heart out to halsey’s new album, drumming my fingers against the steering wheel as i danced around in my leather seat to the beat of the music.

the text came later than i had expected but not even that could dull the bright light that lit up inside of me when my phone buzzed.

isn’t it ironic that the reason i left is the reason i’m coming back?

we’d argued, the worst that we’ve ever had.

i caught him getting cozy with betty in a booth at pop’s and that’s when it all blew up. we yelled, we screamed, we argued about how he had feelings for both of his best friends.

he couldn’t choose, between me and the blonde girl. so i decided for him, i packed up all my belongings, hopped into my car and drove upstate leaving everything behind.

the riverdale sign comes into view as i speed past, my heart rate growing as the distance between the two of us was shrinking.

the rain started coming in thick, i turn my music up over the loud gushing water pelts onto my windscreen. the sky’s dark and the road dimly lit by the tall street lights.

and that’s when it all went wrong.

i approached a red light, stopping as i continued to sing along to the music, my eyes closing for a brief second before reopening to a green light.

i move my foot to the gas and lurch forward, a smile covering my features as i was oblivious. i glance to the left to see a car, hurling in my direction- running a red light.

the next thing i know the bright head lights are flooding my vision, a crash fills my ears and my head is smashed into the dash board.

the car flips, and flips, and flips.

it feels like slow motion, every muscle in my body screaming at me to get out.

and that’s when everything fell silent, my vision blackened and all i could hear was faint sirens before i was pulled into oblivion.

i found myself struggling for breath, my head pounding. i scramble to press the call button.

tears stream down my face, my mother awakens from her slumber rushing toward me.

“mom?” my voice cracks

she pulls me in for a bone crashing hug as i sob into her shoulder the nurse rushing in, yelling a bunch of different words, fiddling with the machines that litter my room.

“where is he?” i ask wiping my wet cheeks as the re check my vitals both concern and relief written all over he nurses faces.

“get doctor adams in here now”

“mom- where is he?” i croak

my doctor walks in swiftly a smile on his face as he approaches me, reading over my file before talking to my nurses then to my mother, a happy cry escaping her lips.


my doctor smiles at me “how are you feeling?”

i shift in my bed, my head in a dull ache.

“i feel fine- how long was i out?”

silence fills the room, the nurses filing out leaving just myself, my mother and doctor adams.

“8 months- after your surgery you slipped into a coma, we’ve all been waiting for you to wake up, we weren’t sure you even would”

i cover my mouth a single tear falling down my face “oh my god”

my mother places a comforting hand on my knee “i can take you home” she smiles.

my smile falls when i notice the lack of company in this small hospital room “mom where’s jug?”

my doctor glances at my mother tucking my clipboard pounder his arm “i’ll go get the discharge papers ready”.

i sit up, happiness filling me as i swing my legs out of my bed- still feeling slightly weak. but i guess that’s what you get spending 8 months in a hospital.

“let’s get you dressed- doctor adams has crutches for you to use” she replies standing from her position from her bed, avoiding my question.

“i can get dressed on my own- where’s jughead? i thought he’d be here?” i stifle a laugh picking up a bunch of fresh clothes.

“he was here, for 6 months. he waited by your bed everyday, they all did.” she pauses “archie brought his guitar and he’d play for you, the girls brought pop’s in hopes it’d wake you”.

i swallow the lump in my throat.

“he spent everyday in that chair- waiting, hoping for you to wake up. he’d be here for hours, talking to you about everything- but you never woke up” he voice cracks.

“what are you saying mom?” i question my heart starting to ache.

“you didn’t wake up- he couldn’t stay forever y/n, he left and i haven’t seen him since”

i hold back tears as i rush into the hospital bathroom quickly changing out of that horrible blue gown. he left he chose me, but he still left

when i needed him the most he left.

the ride back home was quiet, my mother sharing uneasy glances at me. like i was a grenade, she was waiting for me to explode.

we drive past pop’s and a million memories flash before me.

“oh c'mon vanilla is the best milkshake you can get - just try it” i giggle turning to face the brunette in the small booth, my legs sprawled over his lap.

“spoken by someone who has never tried a chocolate milkshake” jughead teases his hands on my legs.

“oh c'mon i’ve tried chocolate, it’s just not as good” i sassed scooping some cream onto my finger, sucking it clean.

he watches me intently, the infamous jones smirk on his gorgeous face.

“oh is that so miss l/n?” he challenged.

“yes it is- can you do this with a chocolate-” i pause picking up a fry and dipping into my glass and popping it into my mouth.

i moan a smirk twitches on my lips, i giggle taking another sip of my milkshake.

i look toward him and he chuckles “you’ve got a little something on your lip”

i blush, as he edges closer to me bringing his hands up to my cheeks, pressing our lips together.

a smile grows on my lips as i press my forehead against his, “i guess vanilla isn’t that bad” he teases.

“you okay sweetheart?” my mother asks, moving her hand over to my arm in attempt to comfort me.

“pull over” i croak out “please mum- pull over”

she looks away sadly, pulling into the dirt track. the rain making it hard to see the neon red sign of the diner in the distance.

“honey-” i shake my head cutting my mother off as i release my seat belt working on opening the door.

“sweetie it’s raining, it’s cold-”

“i have to do this” i mutter opening the door and slipping out of the car, the cold air whipping at my face as the rain pelts down.

i rush across the road heading toward the car park spotting archie’s familiar truck before i walk into pop’s the bell dinging as i enter.

i push my wet hair out of my face as i look around the lit up diner. i turn and spot them, sitting in our usual booth.

a smile works onto my face until i watch the brunette boy wrap his arms around the blonde next to him, i freeze my mouth agape as i glance down the aisle.

“miss l/n!” pop exclaims clamping a hand on my shoulder a smile wide on his face “you’re awake!” he cheers.

the group turns at the commotion, shock evident on their features as they take me in. not believing i was really here.

archie and veronica were the first to move, rushing from their side of the booth. the raven haired girl got to you first throwing herself at you.

next was the red headed boy that you missed dearly, he wrapped you up in his long arms rocking you in his hold, tears streaming down our faces.

i let out a small chuckle before i notice betty in front of me, she lurches forward and pulls me into a hug that i’m not sure i should return, my hands lingering at my sides.

she pulls away and stands back with the others, i glance up to see the beanie boy slouched in the booth a sad scowl on his lips as he catches my eye.

“i can’t i’m sorry” i turn on my heels and sprint out of the diner, salty tears invading my face.

“y/n wait!” i hear jughead call but i ignore him until i’m standing in the middle of the carpark, the rain drowning out his yells.


i spin on my heels my wet hair sticking to my face as my eyes meet with his, he stuffs his hands deep into his jean pockets as he walks closer to me.

i’m sorry” he apologises, his voice seeming to crack.

“you didn’t wait” i cry back tears streaming down my face getting lost in the rain drops.

“i was sick of waiting!” he yells frustrated removing his beanie and scrunching it up in his palms.

“you were sick of waiting?!- i drove upstate just to give you space to choose and you did and i came back- i came back for you” i continue to yell dropping to my knees.

my head falls into my hands as i realised that the whole time i was out betty had managed to get the jump on him.

“that’s different and you know it- you were in a coma! they told me that you’d probably never wake up- that you’d want me to be happy”

i stand up sniffling looking the boy dead in the eyes.

“i wanted you to be happy with me”.

and with that i turned onto my heels and took off running through the car park taking no caution when i fled across the road, horns blaring as i hopped into my mums car.

“i can’t stay here anymore”.

anonymous asked:

#11 with Cas?

“I don’t understand.” Cas stated plainly, fiddling with the knitted scarf in his hands. “Do necks get exceedingly colder than the rest of your bodies?” He reached over and laid his hand on the side of your neck. 

“No, Cas.” You giggled, his large hands cupping your jawbones as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Scarves aren’t always used to stay warm, but they help sometimes. I just wear them as an accessory.” You explained, earning a nod from the angel. “Like this…” Lifting the scarf over your head, you wrapped it around your neck twice and adjusted the lengths of the layers, then gave him a smile. 

“It looks nice.” He shrugged. “I’ll never quite understand the whole concept of owning something that isn’t functional, but I suppose that’s okay.” As he rummaged through the box of your fall and winter gear, he found a slouch beanie. 

You watched curiously as he examined the hat, then let it flop back down against his hand. His mouth turned down in a frown before he pulled it open and yanked it down over his head. 

“There are no eye holes, Y/N.” He mumbled through the fabric. As you fell into a fit of laughter, you reached over and repositioned the hat on his head, patting it lightly and smiling when you were done. 

“You know, Cas, you might want to ditch your digs in favor of some more casual clothes. The beanie looks good on you.” You winked and turned on your heel to leave the room. Castiel’s eyes followed you as he took in your words, then pulled out the cellphone Dean had given him, punching in a number.

“Hello? I’m going to need your help with something.” He paused, waiting for a grumbled response. “No, Dean, I’m not stuck in a revolving door again. I need you to help me buy clothing. Casual clothing. Y/N thinks it would make me look good.” Dean stifled his laughter on the other end of the line as Cas continued arguing for himself.

You stood just around the corner, listening to the angel’s words and realizing what you’d said had gotten to him. Sam was right. All you had to do was flirt a little, and Cas came completely undone. Maybe he liked you too. 

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Slouchy Winter Cap

Warm wool winter cap. Slouchy fit. Made to fit the average female head. Wear with brim down or folded up. Perfect for keeping head toasty warm in the dead of winter.

olicity || gen || light angst || 1898 || more fics

summary: Felicity knows the difference between want versus need, but she can’t seem to let go of a beautiful jacket she saw in a department store window. She goes as far as to steal it right off the rack. A kind stranger, that happens to be the city’s mayor, steps in when she gets caught. (prompt by @olicity-in-the-heart)
a/n: Well, this is definitely something different, but I enjoyed writing it. Like… my muse ran away with this idea i think. 


“This is stupid,” she muttered to herself.

Stupid very stupid, but she couldn’t seem to get herself to change her mind. It was nearly winter, getting colder by the minute, and she was without a jacket. Her last one, she had handed off to someone younger, someone who needed it more than she did. It was the same reason she didn’t go back to the City Mission; it would be full and she didn’t need to be taking up precious space that could be going to a child, sick, or elderly person.

But then why was she standing outside of a department store, staring at the cutest pink, peacoat she had ever seen in her life? Because she was stupid. She couldn’t stop herself. It looked so warm; she was sure it was wool. Dark pink with big black buttons. She could just picture herself in it.

Felicity knew she didn’t need it, but oh did she want it. She gave most of her things away when someone else needed it more, but this coat, it called to her. She had to have it.

With much effort, she attempted to look as clean as she could and smell even better. Her greasy hair was pulled back tight and hidden beneath a slouched beanie. She hoped that the employees didn’t see right through her. Though, if she did get caught, she might end up in jail for the night; a guaranteed warm place indoors. The only guarantee she didn’t have was that the small amount of things she did own, wouldn’t be gone the next day.

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  • House Stark: slouching beanies, thick silver rings, sugary coffee dolloped in cream, cobblestone paths, snowflakes stuck in one's hair, cinnamon wafting through the air, plush blankets, heavy iron doors
  • House Lannister: curly hair, gilded hallways, knit sweaters hanging off of shoulders, chess pieces, citrus candles, golden mirrors, feather pillows, sharp fountain pens bleeding ink, stone lions
  • House Tully: skipping stones in river beds, delicate collarbones, strawberry tarts, knee high socks, tiled floors, thin metal chains, pin straight hair, wavy hair falling down backs, chrome crowns
  • House Tyrell: rosewater, sunlight pouring through windows, flower crowns, boned dresses, gladiator sandals, golden thorns, silky sheets, pink lipstick, pristine paperbacks, tall stemmed wine glasses
  • House Targaryen: burning fireplaces, moonlight, bells ringing through the air, braided hair, combat boots, knit blankets, sweetened tea, vanilla, fingerless gloves, gothic buttresses, silver cuffs
  • House Martell: sandy beaches, henna tracing one's veins, the aroma of spiced sweets, messy buns, blood orange, golden snakes, leather jackets, spires, geometric archways, winged eyeliner, bronze
  • House Baratheon: stag horns, obsidian, masquerade balls, sleek couches, tart fruits, starry skies, modern art, daggers on display, signet rings, ponytails, leggings and thin t-shirts, humid evenings
  • House Greyjoy: ropes, sea salt, weathered wood, windy nights, seafood stews, carved marble statues, waterlogged fabric dragging one down, fur tapestries, model ships, hoop earrings, tote bags
Mrs. Jacobs... I Can Explain...

@newsiestober day 29: Les!

This one went in a bit of a different direction than I intended, but we’ll all d e a l.

Uhm. So this was highkey based off of this post from @the-donnynova-band

@jaywasablindpirate thanks for the title bab <3

Rating: Gen

Summary: Les employs Jack to help him dye his hair on the down low, and David realizes that he is dating a child.

In which Les’ hair is pink, David’s entire being is suffering, Mrs. Jacobs’ knocks Connor’s mom dead and Jack certainly does not drink coffee.

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        There was something up with Les. Maybe it wasn’t anything major, there were no glaring signs, really; it was in the way he wore the beanie Sarah gave to him for his last birthday (something he never cared for before) and the way how whenever he would come out of the shower, he would have a towel tightly around his hair, something Davey never really noticed before.

   It took Davey a while to notice it. Which he really couldn’t be blamed for, because he really only came home on the weekends, now. Things like college and living in-dorm will do that to a person.

    David thought he was just being weird until Jack began to point it out.

    Jack would do things like duck in the room as David and his brother were FaceTiming, which was a normal ordeal, except that he would complement Les on his hat, or mention the possibility of hat-hair, with a tone that suggested some kind of secretive inside joke. David could just see Jack tapping the side of his nose, winking suspiciously.

  And, suspicious is what it was! Especially since any inside jokes involving Jack Kelly usually more often than not ended up with people getting in trouble. He, of course, spoke from experience.

   David didn’t say anything about it, though. He kept it all to himself, which was probably a bad thing, because then  it all came together, giving him all sorts of ideas about what Les was hiding. Things like premature hair loss and early receding hairlines plagued David’s thoughts, making him fear for his younger brother.

    Not wanting to approach a rather… delicate matter like that over the phone or through text, David decided to let it rest until the weekend, where he could question Les properly.

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begin (jungkook)

request:  Hey babes, I love this tumblr!! Anyways I was wondering if you could write a Jungkook angst! Thank you so much~~

pairing: gender neutral! reader x jungkook

genre: angst

warnings: n/a

author: admin m


Sometimes, we notice things far too late. We fail to pick up on the way his eyes no longer linger on us as they once did. We don’t take note of how his hands reach for doorknobs to leave rather than to grasp us and hold us tight.

You were in love with Jungkook, hopelessly, stupidly. The three year relationship often left you breathless, his constant admiration for you so obvious in every twist and turn of his words. You were never doubting  that he loved you back, you were always secure in the way his arms would wrap around you and his breath would tickle the skin of your neck.

False security is the worst illusion. You were so caught up in his words of hope, his promises of a future, just the two of you. So caught up in him. It wasn’t obvious that he was retreating back until one Friday evening, when you were expecting him to pick you up for a date. Your hair was done, body fit into an outfit he always loved. You felt good. A knock on the door signalled his arrival, and you opened it, revealing a sweaty, drunk Jungkook, that stunk intensely of rum. You felt your heart clench, rushing to fix him some painkillers, water, always fetching things to help him, always there for him. When you woke up the next morning, after nursing him to sleep, the bed was empty, as was your house. You sighed, leaving him a text, a simple, ‘hope youre okay, I love you.’ Jungkook had never done something like that, he’d never stood you up, let alone abandoned you altogether, but you decided it was a one off, and he would apologise, kiss your forehead, and all would return to normal.

It didn’t. The following Thursday, Jungkook was supposed to meet you at the café the two of you often shared coffee dates at. He had apologised for the previous evening, saying he was stressed, and left because he was embarrassed. You assured him it was okay.

The café was empty, apart from the owner and an older gentleman, whose grey hair bounced in the light. You wondered if you’d ever experience growing old with Jungkook, get to see him as an old man, call him your husband, call him yours forever. Ten minutes of waiting at the table stretched into 20, which morphed in a horrendous hour of waiting patiently for some sort of sign that Jungkook would show.

He didn’t. Another text of apology, stress, embarrassment. ‘It’s okay, baby, I love you.’

Saturday morning, your usual sleep in was interrupted by a loud rattling against the wood of your front door, and for a moment, it felt like Friday all over again. It had been a week since you’d seen Jungkook, the longest amount of time you’d spent away from each other without phone calls.

Jungkook stepped inside as you ushered him in, taking in the slouch of his beanie, the bag thrown across his chest, jeans tucked into his boots. You smiled, reaching to stroke his cheek. He flinched away. “Don’t.” His tone was final, and you frowned, heart dropping to your stomach, threatening to hit the floor. “What, what’s going on with you? Did I do something wrong?” Your voice shook as you pondered your possible mistakes, being too clingy, being too much, too, too, too. Maybe it wasn’t that you were too much, maybe you weren’t enough. Maybe he was happier without you, maybe- “I found someone else.” Oh. Oh, that wasn’t what you were expecting. Something burned in the pit of your stomach, something aching, and god, were you going to be sick? How could he do this, to three years, to you, to you guys together. How could he hurt you like that? You didn’t realise you were repeating your thoughts aloud until you felt his hand grasp your shoulder. “No, no, it’s just a nightmare, you wouldn’t do that, you promised, you swore you’d never do that,” Jungkook’s heart was breaking in his chest, but he wouldn’t admit it. He couldn’t bear to see you break in front of him. Leaning down, he pressed a kiss against your temple, frowning deeply as you flinched. His body turned before he even thought, leaving your house without another word.


“Y/N, look, it’s Jungkook!” Your friend whispered, as the two of you sat in the café you shared coffee and kisses with your now ex boyfriend of six months. You’d moved on, your heart patched up with the knowing that all good things must come to an end. Turning to where your friend was gesturing, you took in his appearance, scruffy, hair messy. He looked sad, he looked hurt, lonely. Your heart stuttered in your chest, your immediate reaction being to call out his name. He looked up at you, eyes bloodshot, showing obvious signs of lack of sleep. Jungkook moved towards you, grasping the table as though it was the only thing keeping him planted on the ground. “We, we broke up, I missed you, and kept thinking about you, a-and, I,” his voice was shakier than ever. You smiled softly, hand resting on his. “Let’s start over, yeah?” His eyebrows raised, as he waited expectantly for an explanation.  “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” Jungkook grinned, taking your hand in a firm shake.

“Same for you, Y/N. I’m Jungkook, I think we’ll make good friends.”

Jungkook was a reminder that though all good things come to an end, there’s always space for a new beginning.

Bella Resuscitation

Some may recognize it as an old story from “resus-writing”, that was actually my old account I deactivated when I was on hiatus for a bit. I still have Roxy Resus also and I may upload it later. I may start another page for purely resus writing also, I really want to get back into it, I already have stories in production. Let me know what you think!

“Are you ready yet? It’s getting colder outside!” called Ray. Bella came out of the couple’s room on the second floor of their home. She was tall, had a slim, medium build, and d cup breasts. Her long, curly, blonde hair ran down her shoulders and back, her neck and shoulder tattoos peeking through the golden waves. Her black fleece leggings clung to her pronounced legs, she had furry winter boots, and was putting on a thin black parka, as it encompassed her slim frame. “Just one second, love. I’m just getting some last minute things.” Bella called down in reply. They were both in their early twenties, Ray stood in the foyer. He was 6’, had straight, sleeked-back, black hair. He had a stocky build, a black trench coat draped over his large physique. The couple was going on their first big trip together, a 600 mile trek across the country. It was 05:00 and they were getting ready to head out. Bella came running down the stairs with their last bag. “All ready!” she said, with a smile.

They headed off on their getaway, it was a long and cold drive, but the scenery made up for it tenfold. They drove through snowy woods, open whitened plains, and a monolithic valley. The couple laughed and joked throughout the trip, growing an even closer bond, truly admiring all they were experiencing. “I think I’m gonna nap for a few, is that okay?” asked Bella. Ray smiled and brushed her cheek, “By all means, sweetheart.” he said in reply. Bella gave a warm smile and reclined her chair back. As she fell asleep, Ray brushed her cheek once more, feeling her soft, pale white skin against his fingers. Her red beanie slouched on the back of her head and her curled blonde hair moved with the motions of the vehicle.

Ray looked up just as a deer had jumped into the road, he slammed the breaks down in a panic and the car swerved. Veering left and right, tires screeching and burning their treads, he missed the confused animal by millimeters and the car slammed into a boulder off the right side of the road. The air bags ejected as both slammed into them. Bella was launched forward from laying on her back, and her chest met the airbags as they deployed. Both lay silent, ears ringing, the smell of burnt rubber laden the cold winter air. They held each other, shaking, adrenaline pumping through their veins. “A-are you okay?” Ray stuttered as he asked. “I think I’m okay.” said Bella, still quivering. A bus following behind had witnessed the entire ordeal, and the driver was already only feet from the car. “You two okay? That looked pretty bad, good thing you all didn’t roll over.” the driver said to the couple. “I think we’re more shaken up than anything, the car took the brunt of the force” said Ray as he looked out his broken window, Bella smiled at the man as she rubbed her sternum. “If you two don’t need an ambulance, then I’d be happy to take you to the next town over so you can settle this and get some rest?“ the driver offered. “I don’t think we’ll need any medical attention, that’s very kind of you, we can’t thank you enough” Bella said to the driver with a hopeful smile. The couple got out of the vehicle slightly stiff and a tad bit sore, and the driver helped with their bags.

The next town was only 20 miles down the road, it was a pretty big city in the middle of southern Colorado. The driver dropped them off at a hotel and wished them luck. It was around 19:30 and the couple was in their hotel room. Stressed from a long day, and sore from the accident, they finally took the opportunity to rest. They were staying on the third floor of one of the nicer hotels in the city, there were a few residents but not too many. Snow was still falling from the skies as the city was draped in ice. Ray and Bella lay together on the bed, still shaken up slightly. “Are you sure you’re alright? You hit pretty hard earlier.” Ray asked Bella, slightly concerned. “I think I’ll be alright, I just have a little bit of soreness in my chest but I think I’ll be okay. And you?” Bella replied. “I think I’ll be okay, the airbag rammed my arm against the window but I don’t think I broke or hurt anything, I’m just happy we’re alright.” he said as he kissed her head. The couple fell asleep in a tight embrace, the room lay silent with the hum of the heater in the background.

Ray was awoken suddenly to hear Bella gasping, she was clinching his shirt as she lay tense. He got up immediately and held her face. “What’s wrong sweetie?” he plead as her piercing blue eyes opened and rolled around, still gasping for air. Ray panicked, but remembered what he was thought in his first aid class. He put her on her back and tilted her head up, she was still gasping and hyperventilating. Her eyes glazing over and rolling towards the back of her head. He pinched her nose, opened her mouth and started to breathe for her. Her arms and legs writhed around, slowly fading. Her breathing didn’t improve any, he felt for a carotid pulse but it was incredibly weak and very irregular. He pulled her sweater up and saw a large red circle on her chest where the airbag had hit. He put his ear to her chest in a panic, “lub…..dub dub….dub….lub-dub lub-dub-dub” her heart pounded his ears, it was erratic and fading fast. He ran outside into the hallway, remembering an AED was sitting on the wall outside the elevators. He pulled her to the floor, her flowing blonde hair trailed behind and her light gray sweater was still raised up. He pulled her sweater off, revealing her soft and smooth belly. Her chest had a few tattoos and she had one sleeve. He unhooked her bra and took it off, revealing her ample but delicate chest, rising and falling with every last agonal gasp. He gave her a few more breaths as he started to prep the AED. He put the pads on her chest, and plugged the leads into the machine.

“Analyzing heart rhythm….everyone stand clear” the machine ordered. Ray noticed Bella take her last breath, “no no no!” he pleaded as tears started to fill his eyes. “ Shock not advised, start 5 cycles of CPR” the machine announced. He felt for a pulse but felt nothing, Bella’s eyes lay open, staring upwards, shimmering blue. He placed his hand on the center of her chest, her soft young breasts to each side of his hands. He started as the machine beeped with its timer. “One… Two… Three…” Ray counted as he compressed the girl’s chest. Her arms lay spread out, her belly pushed out slightly with every compression and her head bobbed slightly. She stared lifeless, towards the ceiling as her lover tried desperately to restart her heart. He gave two rescue breaths when the time came, “come on baby, please breathe for me” he said, worried but trying to focus. Air filled her lungs as their lips embraced, her chest rose and fell with the tide of his breaths. Immediately he placed his hands back on her sternum, and started massaging the lifeless girl’s heart one again. Her light pink nipples hardened as his finger pressed into the left one, her breasts being shaken by each compression. Her entire frame shook as he pressed on her heart. Finally his rounds finished and gave his last two breaths. She exhaled the second breath aloud as the AED read her heart rate once again. “Analyzing heart rhythm, everyone stand clear” …..It felt like an eternity as Ray stood by, anxiously reading over his lover’s sprawled out body. Suddenly he was cut off by the machine beeping aloud, “shock advised, charging….everyone stand clear, press the shock button” Ray put his finger on the button and looked to Bella, her lips blue as her skin a pale white. He pressed the button and 200 joules ran through the young girl’s heart. Her back arched up, her belly forming a tight slope, her hip bones were pronounced even more, until her body fell back to the floor. Her breasts jumped up as she returned to the ground. The machine analyzed her heart once more and called for another shock. It charged and Ray stared at her again with anticipation, her eyes still open, her hair strung out across the floor, her smooth belly and soft round breasts seemed enticing in a way. He hit the shock button again and her body jolted once more, her back arching higher than it had before, her arms buckled back. Her breasts jumped up with even more ferocity. “Shock not advised, begin 5 cycles of CPR” the machine said aloud once more.

Ray leaned over and put his head to Bella’s chest, and kissed right over her heart. “Come on, please, you can do this, just come back” he said in desperation. He placed his hand over her sternum and started pumping the girl’s chest once more. “Once.. Two.. Three.. Fuck, come on..” he continued. Her arms buckling with every compression, and her belly rising even more as the Shockwave went throughout her abdomen. Her breasts moving with the flow of each massage of her heart. He worked on her with such intensity, he held her head and kissed her before giving two strong breaths. The girl’s chest rising high enough to see the bottom bone in her sternum press against her soft skin. She exhaled deeply with each breath he gave her. Her rib cage rocked as he went through his final set, his big warm hands plunging into her naked chest, her heart still stopped. Her skin started to take color as he gave her two more breaths and he placed his hand across her breasts, feeling her chest rise. The AED called for another shock, he pressed the button with no hesitation and her chest leapt into the air once again. Her ribs pressing against her light skin, a line running down her sloped belly. Her breasts and abdomen shook hard as she hit the ground for the final time. Her body relaxed, Ray felt for another pulse and she was back. Her pulse coming in soft, then stronger. He still assisted her breathing, until she picked it up on her own. She regained consciousness and blinked rapidly before closing her eyes and opening them, squinting at Ray lovingly and slightly confused. “Ray put his head to Bella’s as he choked up and tears filled his eyes.” Don’t move sweetheart, the paramedics are on the way over, you’re gonna be okay. “ he looked down at his love, smiling with tears in his eyes.

Pizza and Tickles (Lams Fluff)

Hey, my lovelies <3 I’m really sorry that all I’ve been posting is reblogs lately, I had a lot of history stuff due, (on the American Revolution ;0.) 
I’ll probably be much more active this weekend and all of next week! This is just a small fluff fic. Requests are OPEN! SEND ME A SHIP ANY PROMPT YOU WANT, I SHALL WRITE IT FOR YOU! I’ll even do smut ;) Enjoy, I appreciate all feedback!

Also, check me out on ao3 at Passionate_Fiction! I just made an account. I’m probably going to post several-chapter fics on there and short fics like this on Tumblr.  Enjoy <3

“Alexander, we are going to sleep.

“No!” protested Alexander, lips forming a toddler’s pout. “I need to finish this paper, John.”

“It’s due in a week and a half, Alex. A week and a half. There’s a reason they give you time to do your work!” Alexander was slouched in their rainbow beanie chair, with their coffee maker plugged in a nearby socket and lying an arm’s-length away, brewing more coffee to keep the student awake. There were bags under his eyelids, and his hair was a mess, and his body looked so positively tired… but when John stared into those eyes, there was such unyielding determination. As if if he turned it in early, something spectacular would happen. Looking in those eyes always gave John courage… but today, he almost resented it. That determination. It kept Alex awake. Even when he really did need to sleep.

“But… John” Alex pleaded. “Look, I’m so close… this close to being done.” He held a hand up to the taller boy’s face, displaying a small gap between his thumb and pointer. “I promise I’ll go to sleep after I finish this essay, and my Biology assignment.”

“Your Biology assignment? That is not happening.” John leaned over and pecked the boy on the side of his lip, earning a short and soft giggle. That gave him an idea. His hands slowly approached the other boy from behind… then he striked, tickling under the boy’s armpits, his chest, his neck. Alex was squirming in the chair, laughing and crying at the same time. “Joh-” He caught his breath. “Please! Stop that!”

“Not until you agree to have a proper dinner, and go to sleep! In bed! Now!”

“Never!” Alex giggled, his flailing foot toppling over the coffee as it spilled and soaked into their carpet. “I… I need to…”

“Oh, no you don’t!”

“Fine! Fine, John! I’ll… I’ll do what you say!”

John stopped his tickling, and left Alex to catch his breath. He gulped down the air, and closed the laptop that had slipped off his lap whilst he endured his lover’s tickling torture. The laptop was set to the side, far away from the coffee stain. “Are you happy now, John?”

“Oh, Alex…” The smaller boy scooted over in the bean-bag chair, making space for John. He enveloped Alexander and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Let’s have dinner together, okay? I’ll order pizza.”

Alexander kissed his chin, and then his neck. “We’re broke, John. We can barely afford the shitty mac-and-cheese that Jefferson worships.”

“If we don’t buy pizza, we’ll be broke. If we buy pizza, we’ll still be broke.” That earned John a laugh.

“I can’t say you’re wrong.” Alexander was so beautiful, especially when he spoke, and especially when he spoke to him.

“I missed you, you know? You’re always working, and I sleep alone. You must be so tired…” John’s speech hushed to a murmur, and held Alexander tighter. He didn’t want to let go.

“I know, John.” Alexander replied. “I know. I’m sorry.” Alexander reached for his phone, and dialed for pizza.

Literary Love - Wonwoo

Word Count: 1000

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You’re the one who prefers the company of books to people. He’s the bad boy that doesn’t belong in the library. And yet somehow, that’s the perfect equation for literary love.

A/N: here’s a scenario for our resident book lover in seventeen because he’s been wrecking me super hard lately and because i’m so glad that he’s better! hope y’all like it!!

No one understood why. Why you preferred the company of books to the company of people. Why you would lose yourself for hours between the yellowed pages of a manuscript, allowing the words to spin themselves around you until you found yourself tangled in a fantasy far from the cushy armchair you had snuggled yourself into hours before. Why you chose to spend your leisure hours running your hands along the spines of novels no doubt forgotten by those who had long since abandoned the quaint library on the corner of Main and 15th. Most kids your age were busy gallivanting around town obsessing over fashion trends that would never see the end of the month and gushing over their experiments in infatuation and heartbreak which they so carelessly labelled love. But that, the idea of spending your high school years entranced in teenage reverie, had never appealed to you. And so you were content; choosing to spend your afternoons in a nook at the library, greeting Shakespeare, Poe, and Austen like old friends as you lost yourself in tales far more interesting than the chapter of your life you found yourself living.

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I’m fat
I’m Filipino
I’m from California
I’m 6’1(jus went to the doctors. So accurate)
I love pop punk
I like to be a hipster, but I’m broke so yeah
I like flannels
I like cuff/slouch beanies
I longboard
I like old cars and into tuner/drift shit
I love the forest
I think small mountain towns are where it’s at
I love star gazing
I love natures walks
I like being with friends( I mean I don’t have any, but you know)

So yeah that’s me
A chubby Filipino hipster that loves pop punk.