slouche beanies

so currently im working on a clothing line for autistic people where the garment is also a stim device


  • all have reverse or comfortable seems
  • no labels
  • fleece vests that have deep pockets and chewable drawstrings. the pockets have frayed seams on the side. the drawstrings are also stretchy and have some kind of tassle or pom pom on the end
  • a knit beanie/slouch that muffles 50 - 60% sound
  • a bracer that has a marble maze sewn into it, that also has  3 zippers and 3 snaps
  • i also want to TRY and make spinning hoop earings

pls don’t steal my ideas but message me if you ever might be interested in buying them. i will have the beanies available to buy by march 17th yo

  • House Stark: slouching beanies, thick silver rings, sugary coffee dolloped in cream, cobblestone paths, snowflakes stuck in one's hair, cinnamon wafting through the air, plush blankets, heavy iron doors
  • House Lannister: curly hair, gilded hallways, knit sweaters hanging off of shoulders, chess pieces, citrus candles, golden mirrors, feather pillows, sharp fountain pens bleeding ink, stone lions
  • House Tully: skipping stones in river beds, delicate collarbones, strawberry tarts, knee high socks, tiled floors, thin metal chains, pin straight hair, wavy hair falling down backs, chrome crowns
  • House Tyrell: rosewater, sunlight pouring through windows, flower crowns, boned dresses, gladiator sandals, golden thorns, silky sheets, pink lipstick, pristine paperbacks, tall stemmed wine glasses
  • House Targaryen: burning fireplaces, moonlight, bells ringing through the air, braided hair, combat boots, knit blankets, sweetened tea, vanilla, fingerless gloves, gothic buttresses, silver cuffs
  • House Martell: sandy beaches, henna tracing one's veins, the aroma of spiced sweets, messy buns, blood orange, golden snakes, leather jackets, spires, geometric archways, winged eyeliner, bronze
  • House Baratheon: stag horns, obsidian, masquerade balls, sleek couches, tart fruits, starry skies, modern art, daggers on display, signet rings, ponytails, leggings and thin t-shirts, humid evenings
  • House Greyjoy: ropes, sea salt, weathered wood, windy nights, seafood stews, carved marble statues, waterlogged fabric dragging one down, fur tapestries, model ships, hoop earrings, tote bags


I’m fat
I’m Filipino
I’m from California
I’m 6’1(jus went to the doctors. So accurate)
I love pop punk
I like to be a hipster, but I’m broke so yeah
I like flannels
I like cuff/slouch beanies
I longboard
I like old cars and into tuner/drift shit
I love the forest
I think small mountain towns are where it’s at
I love star gazing
I love natures walks
I like being with friends( I mean I don’t have any, but you know)

So yeah that’s me
A chubby Filipino hipster that loves pop punk.

Can you make an imagine where Andy takes you out skating near Christmas for your anniversary and ends up pretending to trip and when you help him up he proposes to you

“Y/N, are you ready sweetheart?” you come running round the corner, to a grinning Andy, with his hands in the pocket of his black jacket, and his beanie slouching so much it’s a miracle it’s still on his head at all. He looks like a 12 year old on Christmas with that massive grin on his face. You smile, and kiss him briefly, before stealing his hat.

“HEY!” you giggle, and run outside, into the cold. He chases you, shutting the door behind him, bolting down the steps after you. You keep running,

“Y/NNNNNNN It’s cooooold!” you laugh some more as he stands there and pouts at you.

“Maybe you wouldn’t be so cold if you didn’t have your knees exposed in every pair of jeans!” he rolls his eyes and dives on top of you, knocking you into the soft snow, and then leaning down from his position above you to kiss you again. Then he takes his hat and puts it back on his head, giggling. Neither of you can even speak the whole walk there, just look at each other and burst out laughing.

Andy looks at you, whilst you wobble about in your skates and pout at him, because he’s just stood there completely firmly making fun of you. He offers you his hand, which you take, and he walks you over to the ice.

“Let me warn you babe, it’s much, much worse.”

“SHUSH ANDY!” he giggles, and then he helps you up the step. You wobble, and fall over almost instantly, leaving Andy almost crying with his hysterical laughter, and you can’t help it either, you just laugh too.

Andy pulls you to your feet, grabbing hold of your hand with a firm grip in his fingerless glove,

“Here, come on, I got’chu,” As he pulled you along, he kept turning his head to smile at you, looking straight into your eyes with his gorgeous blue ones; both the bright Christmas lights and his deep love for you reflected in them.

“ANDY!” his eyes widen as he skates straight into the wall, falling backwards with a thud. He winces, on the ground,

“Are you okay?” he turns over, and looks up at you, then he stands himself up. As soon as he’s on his feet again, he stumbles, on his leg,

“Ow. Fuck.” You catch him, and smile; he grins at you.

“what?” he slides a foot backward, landing on one knee in front of you. Your hand hits your face, as your eyes well up, a little bit. He rummages though his pockets to find the ring, which he finally pulls out and holds in front of you,

“Y/N, I love you so much, and I wanted to bring you out today because I have to ask you something… Would you marry me?” You feel the tears coming, shaking, and frantically nodding before you even say the word,

“Yes. YES!” He stands straight, sliding the ring onto your finger as he does so, before he takes a step towards you, looking down at you. He grins, holding your chin, gently, as he closes his eyes and leaves a long, but gentle kiss on your lips. There’s a small cheer from around you, and you just smile like an idiot, because this is by far, the happiest moment of your life so far.

Winter Toppers

18 oh-so-soft hats to keep you warm this season

In the fashion world, wearing many hats - literally and figuratively - is never a bad thing. During winter especially, hats are essential for that off-duty layered look that your favorite bloggers wear so well. The right chapeau can transform a basic outfit, as proven by the image below. We searched through our stores to find 18 new fedoras, beanies and pom-pom hats to make your next outdoor outing that much more comfortable.

Pitti Uomo Fall 2015 Street style via

Wool Fedoras

Brixton X UO Brooks Corded Hat

JANESSA LEONE ‘Rhonda’ fedora

Classic Fedora Hat

Cord-Tassel Wool Fedora

Floppy Brim Fedora

BDG Feather Trim Slouch Fedora


The August Diaries

Organic knitted beanie

Women’s Merino Hat - Grey

Fisherman Knit Beanie

Knit Hat

Ribbed cashmere hat

Eugenia Kim Magritte “This is Not a Hat” Graphic Knit Hat

Pom-Pom Hats

‘Parallel Peak’ Beanie

Ribbed pom-pom hat

Chevron Pom Beanie

Inverni Fur Pom-Pom Knit Beanie, Navy

Cable Pom Beanie

Reason I Hate Winter Pom Beanie

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Search women’s winter hats from over 150 stores right here!

i’ve learned how to knit my own beanies because i’m super fucking punk but i’m also broke and can’t afford to drop 40 dollars on a slouch beanie