DONE~! (for now) More art based off of @wonderfulchaos69​‘s fanfic/our collab au Sakuya on Ice!~  I drew some of my favorite “off ice” scenes! (aka the SakuMahi scenes lololol) If you wanna know what happens next in these moments then read the fanfic please!! 😃 Kitty Kuro does NOT like his owners new boyfriend. student. lol 

I will be posting the ACTUAL ON ICE art later. Meaning we will see some rival Misono art and other miscellaneous drawn moments from it! 

Please read the fanfic~ if you enjoy the art for it!!! took me WEEKS but I finished these. But there will be more~

yes the last image I have posted before. Because of that moment from the OVA~ and I posted it early~!!


I saw how a lot of people on tumblr were shading their drawings with the horizontal line things and I thought it was cute, so I had a go at it. Not sure I’m doing it right, though.

Idk why I drew Licht genderbent here.

I drew Cat Kuro like that because I saw a cat like that yesterday. In a “sleep-sit” position, but with half-closed eyes, and sticking out the tip of its tongue. It was so cute (I think it was asleep?) I drew Kuro kinda small here. How about Kuro at the age of 13 haha XD

f-f-f-fight replied to your postWhen you get this, please respond with five things…

💕 for cotton candy hair

💛💛💛 yellow hearts for u

highwarlockkareena replied to your post: When you get this, please respond with five things…

now i’m thinking of a cotton candy sloth & this sounds the best thing ever

awejfwaj PLEASE it would look so silly but also: