Vaamal got a pair of twins Maaliv (green) and Coran (pink) 

Coran becomes an uncle and Allura a big sis :>

Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating: N / SFW

Notes: short smutty one shot that I might edit and put into a longer fanfiction. Been struggling to write lately so I thought I’d write a little thing and it ended up being this. I hope you like it! I miss KuroMahi a lot; it’s a shame the tag rarely updates! Under a read more for obvious reasons!

He falls on the bed at an angle. The pillow corner presses into the side of his head, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when Kuro drapes his slender body over him, intertwining their fingers upon the cheap bed sheet. Nor can he help the rise in red on his cheeks or the sunshine in his smile that lures Kuro’s lips to his own.

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Hi, @nikkilaurinaitis and @mikoe24 :))))))

The whole conversation that led to this

Here ya go. Kuro with two Hydes. (At the end of the day, he’s gonna be thankful he’s stuck with Mahiru instead.)

Oh, if you don’t get what happened in the 2-page 4-koma, it’s basically Kuro getting sick of hearing the same trashtalking from Hyde two times, so he says the whole thing himself at the end.

The “Nii-san Now” thing is based on the Vocaloid song, “Rin-chan Now”. I don’t mean Hyde is a pervert (because the song shows perverted desires towards Rin). I just mean I can see him singing the “Nii-san now! Nii-san now! Nii-san Nii-san Nii-san now!” thing because he’s hyper (and there’s two of them).

And the last one is just Kuro comforting two crybaby Hydes :))