My 10 favourite albums

Okay, so I was tagged by icanfeelthemcomingforme to list 10 of my all time favourite albums and then tag 10 people.
So this is ridiculously hard because 10 suddenly seems like a very small number. Also these are in no particular order.
1. The Carnegie Hall Concert - Carole King (I’m not even sure it’s really called that way but the album is in the car and if you wanted to listen to it you could anyway)
2. White Ladder - David Grey
3. Blue - Joni Mitchell
4. Collection - Tracy Chapman
5. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
6. For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver
7. The 1975 - The 1975
8. Suck It and See - Arctic Monkeys
9. Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone
10. Hozier - Hozier
(Why are the self titled albums always that good?)
The first few albums are actually my childhood. Even though Joni Mitchell and Carole King recorded their albums even before my mum was born. Now you know.
So bae thank you loads for tagging me!
I tag: matildasmind, the-global-slother, blue-dots, ferventjcrewfan, thingsloversdo and holy-moly-me-ohh-my and I’m really sorry but I don’t have too many friends and I don’t want to be weird and tag strangers so I’m not tagging anyone else.

weenie-genie asked:

Misha and the mustard gang

Allbum: Omega

Song: Hell Below followed by every other song off omega

Member: Mish

Seen Them Live: Summer Slother

Met Any Members: No

Merch: Thankfully no they NEED BETTER MERCH

Your turn :)