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  • Sakuya: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: No.
  • Sakuya: The mat says "welcome"
  • Kuro: ... I hate that mat.

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I am laughing cause me being late to this ask makes your post about the FANDOM and maids more relevant now ahaha

But here you go friendo~ lololololol

This is kinda for the outfit meme…. But also because of chat shenanigans so I guess it’s a little more special too. ;D 

Kitty Kuro just wants to go home.

  • Kuro: Can we go hiking tomorrow??
  • Mahiru: Whoa wow okay!
  • Mahiru: wait… you just wanna go so you can play that freaking Pokemon outside game!!
  • Kuro: … it’s… a factor
  • Mahiru: Jesus Christ!
  • Kuro: Listen
Cat!Kuro Headcanons

Somehow I started imagining Kitty Kuro because we don’t see him that much and then I came up with this nonsense. I hope you guys like it~

  • Kuro sleeps on Mahiru’s bed when Mahiru wants to sleep. He sleeps on the chair when Mahiru wants to sit down. He sleeps on the book Mahiru’s reading or the fresh laundry. Kuro knows exactly where to sleep to annoy his Eve the most.
  • Kuro is prone to walking over the keyboard whenever Mahiru is working on the computer. One time Mahiru didn’t notice because he was taking a short bathroom break and then he accidentally turned in an essay that had a random mess of letters added to the end of the last sentence. He’s been making a point of proofreading stuff twice ever since.
  • Sometimes Kuro tries to drink from a glass while in cat form and ends up knocking it over and creating a huge mess. And, of course, like every cat, he has this weird habit of pawing against a glass until it falls off the edge of the table. Mahiru tries to stop him but has yet to get any further than “Kuro NO-” before he has to clean up the mess.
  • Kuro’s favorite place to sleep on is Mahiru. No matter if it’s his feet, his lap, his shoulder or even his head, he just loves to curl up on his Eve and fall asleep in the weirdest positions ever. Of course, once he’s asleep, Mahiru’s not allowed to move because that would wake Kuro up and, as the vampire keeps saying, “You should never wake a sleeping cat.” So Mahiru can only sit there and feel his arms or legs fall asleep and wait until Kuro wakes up.
  • Kuro has chased and successfully pulled down the tablecloth thrice and the curtains once. Both are now out of use, but that won’t keep him from going after the blanket corners, scarves and shower curtains (unless they’re wet).
  • Kuro often licks Mahiru’s fingers, but at some point he usually gets bored of it and decides that he used up his amount of affection for the week and suddenly starts biting Mahiru’s hand out of nowhere. Mahiru knows it always ends this way but still lets Kuro lick his fingers because it tickles and feels nice, and seeing Kuro openly show this much affection is rare.


So you know how the main villains are all adapted of the 7 deadly sins right

And ironically it happens that all of them will follow the description of the punishments in Dante’s Inferno for each sins. (also friendly reminder Dante was the name of the villain in the first anime, I just can’t)

So, quoting the video (which is in French here) and spoiling to death :

Those who committed the sin of Pride are condemned to be constantly crushed under the weight of a rock. In FMA, Pride will end up crushed under rocks.

Those who committed the sin of Envy are condemned to have their eyes being sewed. In FMA, Envy will have his eyes being burned out multiple times.

Those who committed the sin of Wrath are condemned to have their limbs being pulled away. In FMA, Wrath lost both of his arms against Scar.

Those who committed the sin of Sloth are condemned to walk for ever without being able to stop. In FMA, Sloth spent all his life digging the tunnel.

Those who committed the sin of Greed are condemned to share the same body with people who would give everything away for others, the opposite of Greed. In FMA, Greed will then share his body with Ling, his total opposite.

Those who committed the sin of Gluttony are condemned to be bitten and eaten by Cerberus. In FMA, Gluttony will be eaten up by Pride. 

Those who committed the sin of Lust are condemned to be exposed to burning winds and to go through a wall of flame to clean themselves away from their sin. In FMA, Lust is being burnt to death by Roy

As for Father, in Alchemy it was specified that if one managed to create a Homunculus, this one would never be able to leave a little bottle, which is the case of Father. Moreover, the first man to claim having created a Homunculus was named Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus Von Hohenheim.  

Moreover, the one who ordered to create Father was the king of Xerxes who wanted to access Immortality. But his plan will turn out against him and Father will provoke his death. In our reality, Xerces is dead killed by one of his captain which plan was to take over his empire to divide it between his Seven Sons. The parallelism between Father and the Homunculus is then obvious, but the story doesn’t stop there, as the story tells that the Seven Sons had been killed as well by the Son of the King, who had for Mother the Queen Amestris

Can you hear me scream on the other side of your screen on how clever this manga is

  • Kuro: Sometime you need to wake up and say to yourself what am I willing to put up with today..
  • Kuro: *points at Mairu, who's clearly upto something again* Not. Fucking. This.
  • Mahiru: Oh what are you gonna watch?
  • Kuro: Probably a serial killer documentary again..
  • Mahiru: Nice, I like those types of documentaries too!
  • Kuro: ..Yeah it helps knowing what they all had in common which got them killed so I can avoid it