• Mahiru:Dammit, my uncle's calling. Act natural.
  • Licht:He's stripping.
  • Kuro:Ya.
  • Hyde:He's naked now!
  • Mahiru, walking away:Uncle... Uncle, please calm down.

So I’ve been doing this thing where I’ve been sending myself ideas through the ask box as reminders or just random prompts I thought of while on the run. I’m looking through them now and I’m laughing. Some of them are pretty clever. I don’t know if I should share them though, would anyone wanna see that?

Apparently it’s been a year...

Since I joined this site. Well it was Sept. 19 to be exact. I’m still crazy grateful for making that decision because such wonderful things have happened since then. After years of not writing, I got back into it, now scarcely a day goes by that I’m not writing something and there’s a huge part of my soul that just feels so happy at that.

I have met some incredible people here, so many of which I consider myself lucky to call my friends. This past year was hard in a lot of ways, dealing with living alone and then a move and so much other stuff. You folks have been there with me through it all, providing encouragement, kindness, and friendship through it all. I’m just incredibly grateful for every last one of you. Thank you! 

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Would it be weird if I took a stuffed animal to high school in case i need to see a friendly face? I want the sloth one ;-;

i would say its ok but people might be unkind :-( i would suggest maybe keeping it in your bag and then kinda putting your hand in your bag? the world is a mean place but i love you and wish you the best at school! stay strong!