Marble Madness, beginner level, by Slothbot.

Haven’t played Marble Madness in about 4 or 5 years, probably - so the layout may not be completely accurate.  Through my whole childhood one of my biggest goals was to beat Marble Madness.  Sadly, this goal was not realized until I was 25 - because I never realized until then that the “B” button sped you up until then.  You’re stupid, childhood me.

[Josh says: we had this on the Amiga 500, and it was such an exciting look and premise for a game but so frustrating to actually play.  We had this chintzy little joystick that was a digital on/off thing rather than an actual analogue degrees-of-input joystick, so basically just a gussied up d-pad, and trying to ease the marble through any sort of delicate maneuver was this ridiculous series of rapid clickty-clackety taps in the joysticks’ various cardinal directions.  I don’t think I ever did beat it.]