sloth jokes

  • Riza: I want to see my little boy
  • Kain, carrying Hayate in his arms: here he comes

Are you even ready?!
Happy pride, and debuting this year is a bed of sloths (no joke, the collective noun for sloths is a bed of sloths. You just learned something). Two sins in one, pride and sloths!
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but honestly I would ship Kara/Cisco in half a second like can you imagine

- when he finds out she’s from Krypton and she’s ready for basically any reaction except for how he actually reacts, which is like… the sloth hearing the joke in zootopia levels of slowly dawning absolute delight

- because “meet and befriend a cute alien” is totally on Cisco’s bucket list

- his mildly betrayed look when she shows up for a date in heels and is significantly taller than him

- bonding over demanding bosses, overachieving siblings and dramatic friends

- making her watch The Incredibles because seriously, dude. capes. capes are bad news.

- how cute they would be chilling in her cute lil apartment watching TV with like an afghan over their laps

- cisco needing to get his hands all over every bit of alien tech they have at the DEO and trying to figure out something to neutralize Kryptonite

- FLYING TOGETHER. w/ his arms around her neck and both of their pretty hair blowing in the wind

- her wearing his t-shirts PICTURE IT

- him constantly fanboying over how amazing and smart and beautiful and good she is

- her constantly telling her how important and valued he is and how nice it is to be around him

- finally getting to a place of being able to vent to each other because they’re both afraid of the darker sides of their powers and need a lot of trust to let someone see them let off steam

- but then once they get there they will fuckin drag anyone to each other. Cisco introduces Kara to the phrase “supervillain origin story.” She uses it.

- idk just think about about their cute faces smooching each other it would be great