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Andust chapter 1 (rewrite)

Andrew had moved into the house several months ago with heavy depression. What he wasnt aware of was that the house was haunted by each of the seven deadly sins. Wrath was getting ready to kill him, until they realized how suicidal Andrew was. This had caused a discussion among the sins.
“I don’t want him here!” Greed said in annoyance. Envy agreed with them.
“I don’t mind him- he seems cool,” Sloth said with a yawn.
“Its boring here” Pride complained, “having him here might be interesting.”
In the end, they decided to keep him, and even help him with his depression.
But that was months ago. Now, Andrew was almost part of the family, and his depression was a lot better now. However, as Lust understood, love was very important to humans. Yet, Andrew didn’t like anyone that Lust had suggested. “So wazzup?” Lust asked one day.
Andrew looked up from the food he was preparing. “What?”
“Why don’t you like anyone? You have plenty of options yet here you are, single.”
Andrew sighed and leaned against the counter, taking a moment before replying. “I’m just not interested in anyone.”
Lust looked at him, even more confused. “Why not? I’ve shown you many cute girls, boys, and enbys, and I even made sure they had good personalities! I know that’s important to humans. Yet not a single one interested you?” Lust asked.
“Well, maybe there was one that interested me. But it would never work out.”
“I’ll make sure it works out- tell me more about them!” Lust said, interested. Their attempts to get Andrew in a relationship were finally working!
“Well, their an enby. But their rather slutty, and probably the cheating type, and they definitely don’t like me, and-”
“Andrew, I’m sure they like you. Who wouldn’t?” Lust said gently. “So, who are they?”
Andrew hesitated for a long few moments, and Lust was about to ask again before Andrew quietly said “you.”


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Roommate Chapter 2

Group: BTS

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Reader/Taehyung

Plot: Your life as a trainee under EliteSkill Entertainment was uneventful and just plain torture, that is until you meet Kim Taehyung, a trainee under BigHit Entertainment.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3

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