sloth with toy


Sniffles the Sloth’s papercraft template is finally finished! I had to make some adjustments to her old design. 

If you want to take care of this huggable sloth, print her out on some cardstock! All you need is scissors,  glue and a tissue or two (Poor thing has a cold!)

You can bend the arms whichever way you like or keep them flat, just do it while the glue is still wet. I think the rest is self explanatory! 

on the plane i brought my stuffed sloth toy with me because i used him like a pillow, but it ended up the seat between my dad and me was always empty so i started buckling him into that instead and it was really cute because my dad kept on pretending to feed him the pudding and give him some coffee and stuff and he’d talk to him to just so I felt less weird about still having a teddy with me on a flight when I’m almost an adult.