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Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;


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I definitely was not thinking of more Servamp pick-up lines during class. Definitely not. 


//kicked, stabbed, thrown in a dump, left to rot forever


When Sakuya offered his help with babysitting, he seriously didn’t expect this many children…. no one does. Mahiru is gonna have to explain to World End later that Sakuya isn’t a criminal also. lol

Mahiru and Sakuya are actual childhood friends in this au btw, so they know each other weaknesses. For example, Sakuya being called Sakkun. (Which I based off this Servamp Drama CD again, where Sakuya CANONALLY gets embarrassed about Mahiru calling him Sakkun!! Go to 8:28 if you click the link) and Sakuya’s older sister is alive in this au too, in case some of you didn’t already know.  

I’ve been working this looooong comic for awhile bit by bit between other art asks. Cause I wanted a few things:

1.) I wanted to at least mention the servamp kids “parent”. (aka “sensei” or the “creator”) I mean who do you think actually provides for 8 children??? We never see him really either cause he’s always working or whatever.

2.) I thought since Sakuya is indeed Mahiru’s best friend in this au, I thought he would have to officially meet the Servamp family at some point. Lol the last time I introduced Sakuya, it became my most popular age au post. Amazing right? 

3.) One more thing, I felt like Little Tsubaki and Sakuya had to meet at some point. It the right thing to do. They still don’t get along well even at alternate ages. hhaaha. 

4.) I know, you people wanted more KuroMahi and some SakuMahi, (I read everyone’s tags so…. ehehheeh…) 

Anyways thank you to everyone who supports this au! I wouldn’t have posted this much if it wasn’t for you all! <3 

the 7 deadly sins

context: the players are trapped in a room and the only way to get out is to perform the 7 deadly sins. previously, the players kidnapped a bandit who attacked them and are now carrying him around in handcuffs.

cleric: okay, so there’s lust, right? *cleric passionately kisses the bandit*
omnipotent voice: LUST
alchemist: I had a crush on the cleric, so now I’m jealous
omnipotent voice: ENVY
cleric: I cannot just have one love, I hunger for more *kisses the alchemist*
omnipotent voice: GREED
cleric: I am proud of my romantic endeavours
omnipotent voice: PRIDE
cleric: I punch the bandit in the dick
fighter: maybe he liked that
cleric: what the fuck
omnipotent voice: WRATH
fighter: well, there’s still gluttony. I guess I have no choice *eats the bandit’s arm*
cleric *WAIT NO-*
omnipotent voice: GLUTTONY
omnipotent voice: SLOTH
fighter: wait who was sloth
*rogue is still lying down in the corner and hasn’t helped since we entered the room*
fighter: oh

  • Lily: So, how are you feeling lately?
  • Kuro: Well, I've got this headache that comes 'n goes...
  • Mahiru: *enters the room*
  • Kuro: There it is

After writing that really sad Sakuya theory  a few days ago I really wanted to draw some cute age au stuff for the Watanuki siblings. ;w; (since I am keeping Sakuya’s older sister alive) lol I can’t get over the fact, Kuro ACTUALLY called Sakuya a “grungy joker” in the manga. It’s beautiful. 

The only issue with this comic is that we have no idea what Sakuya’s sister is really like, so I kinda made up her personality and such based on what I think she would be like if she had a happier life basically. I like to mostly think she would be kind of a goof sometimes like her younger brother. lol. Plus embarrassing older sister for Sakuya is something I needed okay??? Also I imagined her to be really sweet and loving as well. ;w; let a girl dream.

and that she’s a bit of Sakuya’s opposite, she’s more positive while he’s more negative. (I’m not kidding, if you go on his wiki it says his “Negativity” ranks 10/10) 

Haha Sakuya be nice to her, she’s trying her best. ;w; 

I am doing a comic for the Aliceins next! :D 

  • Lawless: Why do you always keep your door shut? What are you hiding??
  • Sleepy Ash: I've been listening to the same song for 8 hours I was trying to be considerate

And so Kuro’s unexpected crush on Mahiru begins. HA. (but its only a small one right now. *WINKS LOUDLY*

This is for the anon who asked this:

Yes, he does especially the younger ones. It’s really fun to draw interactions between them and Mahiru.  :D (note: Mahiru is reading a line from Romeo and Juliet in case you weren’t sure.) 

I will add more later in a part 2 for the other siblings cause I didn’t want this post to be too long. 8 IS A LOT. MAN. 

also notice I mention Sakuya here…. *WINKS LOUDER*

  • Tsubaki: Make Servamps great again~
  • Kuro: ...Servamps were great until you were born.
Guilty Pleasure Friends - Chapter 27 - Rubyleaf - Servamp [Archive of Our Own]
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Whew~ And after some delay, finally the long-awaited new chapter! I apologize for the delay, inspiration is a harsh mistress X’D This time on GPF: What will Licht say to poor discouraged Hyde? What is Sakuya doing in the crowd without his classmates? And, of course, the big showdown: Who will win the finals of this tournament? Read and find out!

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 27/?

Pairings: Sloth Pair, JekyllandHyde, Tetsono, TsubaSaku and MikuTsuru

Summary: All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never part of the plan.

Chapter Summary: "We need you playing like this for at least one more match!“

Hope you like it~!

  • Mahiru: What!? You stole Misono's underwear!?
  • Kuro: Correction. I got trapped inside it while running in my cat form.
  • Mahiru: ..Kuro, what's our number one rule?
  • Kuro: Don't be an idiot.
  • Mahiru: And what were you?
  • Kuro: A cat.

Kuro for best brother. lol 

leaving your baby brother in the cart and then telling your other younger brother to wait outside. Tsk tsk. hahaa im sorry. But Mahiru makes another appearance in the age au! Don’t worry guys, he’ll see just what a good older brother Kuro can be eventually. ;D after all he’s kinda imprinted on Tsubaki. ha. 

(I am not ignoring requests, I just wanted to finish this first so the story can continue. ^^)