sloth on a boat

Valuable and ingenious he might be, thought Jack, fixing him with his glass, but false he was too, and perjured. He had voluntarily sworn to have no truck with vampires, and here, attached to his bosom, spread over it and enfolded by one arm, was a greenish hairy thing, like a mat - a loathsome great vampire of the most poisonous kind, no doubt. ‘I should never have believed it of him: his sacred oath in the morning watch and now he stuffs the ship with vampires; and God knows what is in that bag. No doubt he was tempted, but surely he might blush for his fall?’

No blush; nothing but a look of idiot delight as he came slowly up the side, hampered by his burden and comforting it in Portuguese as he came.

‘I am happy to see that you were so successful, Dr Maturin,’ he said, looking down into the launch and the canoes, loaded with glowing heaps of oranges and shaddocks, red meat, iguanas, bananas, greenstuff. ‘But I am afraid no vampires can be allowed on board.’

‘This is a sloth,’ said Stephen, smiling at him. ‘A three-toed sloth, the most affectionate, discriminating sloth you can imagine!’ The sloth turned its round head, fixed its eyes on Jack, uttered a despairing wail, and buried its face again in Stephen’s shoulder, tightening its grip to the strangling-point.

—  ― Patrick O'Brian, H.M.S. Surprise

Alrighty, I finally got my ass in gear and watched “Voltron: Legendary Defender”.

Overall? Pretty good! The pacing was a bit awkward and rushed at times, but the characters seem interesting enough. The first episode (or was it a movie?) did a good job setting up the story, and keeping you interested. There’s also hinting at deeper plot points in the future, which adds some “mystery” to it. The animation is VERY nice. They blend the 3D and 2D together well.

Favorite characters so far: Pidge and Shiro. I enjoyed their little boat ride together with the sloth guide. lol

Ironman Timberman 70.3 Race Recap!

Ironman Timberman was my 4th attempt at the 70.3 triathlon distance (2nd this year, and 1st legit “half-Ironman”), which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run. This race was a last minute decision, due to my learning experience at Ironman Lake Placid, and was spearheaded with mixed feelings. After Lake Placid I spent a few weeks doing absolutely nothing that had to do with fitness, due to my 30th birthday and wanting a mental break from training, but ultimately decided that I couldn’t let my fitness go to waste. Knowing that the race would be my last triathlon of the year meant that I could leave it all out on the course, and that I did!

(Fair warning, and it’s like my 3rd time mentioning this, make sure you have a solid 5-10 minutes to spare. This post is LONG!!)

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Soft pink liquid splashed up the side of the glass as Sebastian swirled the tumbler absently in one hand, the small splinters of ice had melted away to nothingness in the late afternoon sun and he was left with a watered down raspberry cosmopolitan, a drink hailed for it’s masculine associations. 
Directing his gaze away from the glass in hand, he glanced out across the water and surveyed the endless ocean that seemed only a short distance between yacht and horizon, as if one could swim to the sun if they tried. The sea was slothful, lapping at the boats side and caressing the pristine white, breaking against it and recollecting itself in mere moments, leaving only seafoam as a reminder of it’s touch. 
It was odd, he couldn’t help but think, as he zoned out and allowed his thoughts to wander; How beneath the blanket of serene blue, a picture of tranquillity, was a watery grave for many an unwary sailor. A saline coffin. A charming exterior to hide the skeletons in the closet: A metaphor fit for the most avant-garde of people.
Allowing a smirk to tug at the corner of his mouth, he took the liberty of laughing at his own joke, nothing quite like poking fun at the thousands upon thousands of unique individuals from the younger generation. 
He allowed himself several more minutes of reflection that verged upon poetic, before Sebastian decided it was perhaps time to at least make an attempt at socialising. The majority of his day had been spent  between the bar and standing at the bow of the ship, he was a regular Kate Winslet, with slightly less perky breasts.
Pushing himself back from the metal fence that lined the yachts edge, he meandered back towards the bar, nearly tripping up over a young child that ran past, giggling, on its merry way. His own two had been left at home, for his and everyone elses sake, the perks of a 6 year age difference meant he had no babysitter to pay, just a cellphone contract.
Along the bar, there were several stools free but he hadn’t come here for solitude, so he settled upon the only seat alongside another person, trapping him in social obligation, “Enjoying yourself?” He asked, dragging his gaze over the man, vaguely recognising him from other social events and from around the cul-de-sac, not surprisingly really considering who’d been invited to this ‘gathering’. Of course he didn’t really care if he was having a good time, as long as he did the polite thing and pretended he was absolutely fine then they’d be in the clear.

space family chill time

this got long fast and nobody asked, but

  • lance and his face masks they’re ridiculous, right?
  • but it’s the one sure fire way hunk has to get him to pseudo obey the curfew
    • and lance’s headphones aren’t wireless and the cord is blessedly short
    • he’d never admit it, but lance actually has decent taste in relaxing orchestral tracks when it’s not freaking elevator music from 1980-whatever, c’mon dude
  • lance and hunk don’t push pidge to join the face mask brigade, they’re just glad to get them to crash in their room long enough to hang out without the weight of whatever they’re carrying on their shoulders
    • they read most of the time
    • that is when hunk and lance don’t obliterate their concentration bc lance is actually funny when he’s not actively trying, but pidge isn’t about to admit that
  • they tried a traditional (goop) face mask exactly once. it was a good effort on hunk’s part to let them borrow one of his headbands but they’d need like five to tame and tie back all of the weird angles of their hair
    • lance: “who gave you that haircut anyways, pidge? were the lights even turned on???”
  • lance and his face masks on the castle of lions
  • allura is Fascinated, even if she may be familiar with a similar concept in any number of alien cultures
  • a lot of lance’s face masks have cute lil cartoons on them and she loves it
  • shiro makes the “Don’t make me come in there” Dad Face bc he wants everyone to have a nice time and allura has a curious streak a mile wide and she’s so excited, so lance had better not take advantage of that
  • the mice curl up in allura’s lap and watch and it’s adorable because they’re noses are nonstop twitching
    • “hey, we should cut out tiny face masks for the mice”
    • “no, lance”
  • pidge does their usual thing - takes over a corner on the bunk and makes a nest of pillows to read in
    • everyone’s laughing too loudly so reading’s out and they’re not even a little bit sad about it
    • hunk helps them hold back their hair with an extra headband of his, fits a nice sheet mask on there face, and places pidge’s glasses up off the floor away from all of the feet
  • keith and shiro take turns peaking in on them and eventually they pass by at the same time
    • keith is noticeably restless bc there’s nothing interesting going on and how did he even survive in the desert he can’t self soothe or entertain himself for crap
    • “they look weird, how is that pleasant?”
    • shiro just shrugs his shoulders and makes himself comfortable on the floor, adding to the growing tangle of legs
      • he’s seen some shit and why not - lion robots, sloths with their own row boats, hakuna matata
  • shiro doesn’t do the mask thing though, worried it’ll irritate his scar but he’s so about the Great Atmosphere and he breathes easier for the time being
    • he’s just happy all of his children are getting along for more than five minutes and nobody’s gotten hurt or pissed off at each other tbh
  • keith takes over pidge’s nest of pillows and kind of takes on the jack skeelington ‘what’s this’ look
    • he can’t get on the bandwagon - it’s a texture thing and having something stand out in his peripherals by his face makes him uncomfortable
    • allura quietly asks to braid small sections of his hair so he’s more included and he tries to act like he has to be talked into it and space mom humors their shadow son and the brooding, tough guy™ persona
  • bonus: coran
    • lance creates a monster that night
    • everyone *sweat drops* but allura smiles and “guess I should have warned you guys”
    • coran is the physical embodiment of “floor it? floor it?! FLOOR IT!”
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