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cersei on jaime:

         “Swiggity swincest I’m – you know what? Never mind.”

me on u:

         tbh i missed you a ton on your hiatus oh man i’m so glad you’re back. dash didn’t feel complete without you. naturally i adore everything we do ic because i adore lannister twin things always and forever, but also your blog is so good in other ways beyond your writing – your aesthetic is so lovely and you are so great ooc as well. i’m glad we’re friends and i hope we plot+write a new thing soon!


Genre: Smut

Warnings: Sex, swearing

Description: Charlie(issocoollike) is staying over and knocks on Phil’s door at the worst time.


As soon as you take something away from a child, they want it more than ever.

Dan and Phil were the same. They had casual sex almost everyday of their lives, but sometimes forgot how wonderful and free it was to be alone in the confinements of their flat.

When Charlie brought it up he needed a place to stay, and Phil casually suggested that he come stay at their place, Dan felt like slapping him. Charlie didn’t know about their relationship, and he didn’t want to spend a whole week keeping his hands off of Phil.

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anonymous asked:



who is more likely to hurt the other?

-Snazz. He tends to find ways to get information and can hurt others through it. Though to Sloth, I would highly doubt he’d do it on purpose though. If it’s not that, it could be his unstable magic that can do that if he doesn’t have his feather near him for so long. 
who is emotionally stronger?

-Sloth since he seems stronger for that. Snazz is more emotional even though he tends not to show the most negative.
who is physically stronger?

- Sloth even while asleep because Snazz tends to rely on his feather more often than trying to control his magic correctly.
who is more likely to break a bone? 

-Snazz because he is the most active of the two. 
who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

-Teasingly as a joke, Sloth because he tends to try to fluster Snazz that way. Snazz himself could do the same though, but I wouldn’t think as often. Purposely in all seriousness, I wouldn’t think they’d do that.
who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

-Despite being respectful, Snazz is also stubborn. Sloth also would seem the type who wouldn’t really argue too much because of his sin or just himself, so I think Sloth would and then Snazz realizing how ridiculous he acted after.
who treats who’s wounds more often? 

-Emotionally, probably Snazz would treat Sloth’s. However physically, I would say it would be neutral if they ever did get hurt.
who is in constant need of comfort? 

-Sloth since he seems like a cuddler. Though I would see them both just comforting each other even if they don’t explain what’s bothering them.
who gets more jealous? 

-I keep trying to think this over. Possibly Sloth because Snazz has a habit of flirting “acting too friendly” when he doesn’t mean it that way. Though I bet Snazz would also get jealous at times too, and on his part he’ll appear nice with Sloth around and then after go on a hunt whoever was flirting with his bae.
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

-Snazz. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING! This is mostly because of his partner history.
who will propose? 

who has the most difficult parents?

-Going on creators, probably Snazz XD 
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

-Snazz, but I would think Sloth would too to make Snazz blush or something like that.
who comes up for the other all the time? 

-I don’t really understand this question. So possibly both?
who hogs the blankets? 

-Sloth. If he sleeps as often as he’s known for, he seems like the type to just hog blankets as well. It’ll be to the point that Snazz would have a spare blanket whenever it happens and find some warmth towards Sloth.
who gets more sad? 

-Snazz since Sloth tends to even sometimes suppress his own emotions cause of his sin or just out of the sheer doubt of wanting to worry Snazz. Not only that, Sloth would seem to be one of the very few who could see behind Snazz’s act always acting he’s alright.
who is better at cheering the other up? 

-Snazz. Possibly? Like, getting Sloth some peanut butter to just comforting him if Sloth doesn’t want to do anything else. Though I would think Sloth would do the same for Snazz with Snazz appreciating even an ounce of comfort. 
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

-This could probably be Snazz. I’m not sure. 
who is more streetwise?

-Sloth seems to be more streetwise than Snazz would be.
who is more wise?

-Snazz when it comes to knowledge, but Sloth does seem to tend to finding little details in things even when he doesn’t realize it though that could count as streetwise.  
who’s the shyest? 

-Maybe Sloth??? Then again after SOME EVENTS OF SOMETHING ALMOST GOING WRONG, I wouldn’t think so either, so I guess neither? 
who boasts about the other more? 

-I think they both would, even if the other doesn’t realize it. 
who sits on who’s lap?

-You sinner. Gosh I want to say Sloth since he’s like a cuddler, but I also want to say Snazz?? Ask one of the rulers who’s better at answering them fluff questions.