sloth family

Can you imagine the Homunculi having a family day or something and all going skating together?

There’d be Lust who’s pulling around a hopeless Gluttony because he can barely stay up.

Pride isn’t that great either but his shadows are keeping him steady and he can’t lose face in front of the others.

Sloth doesn’t give two shits and just sits in a corner of the rink.

Envy and Greed are decent skaters but keep challenging each other to races but end up shoving and falling on each other. 

And finally Wrath who is a skating god and just leaps and twirls around like he’s not even touching the ice

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Can you do kuromahi number 79 for the fluff prompts ( with fem mahiru ). Please.

KuroMahi {79: “The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night.”} Fem Mahiru

Kuro had to feel sorry for the employee trying to punch in Mahiru’s constantly changing order. It was almost midnight but she insisted on going out to eat. There were only a few places open at such a late hour and they walked to a fast food restaurant near their apartment. “I want the strawberry ice cream cone with gravy on top for desert. Wait, maybe I should get a third burger.”

“Why don’t you get both?” Kuro suggested and she nodded with a bright smile. Seeing her so happy made him forget how tired he was. He stood next to her and gently touched her arm. “I’ll pay for us so go sit at one of the booths. I’ll bring over your food too. I don’t think it’s good for you and the baby to be on your feet so much and carry a mountain of food.”

“C’mon, Kuro, I’m only pregnant so you don’t need to treat me like glass.” She told him but he still lightly nudged her towards one of the tables. Mahiru knew that he was only being considerate and was concerned about her so she relented. With a small nod, she wobbled to the nearest booth and eased herself into the plush seat. Honestly, her back did ache a little but she didn’t want to worry him.

She watched Kuro from her seat with a small smile. Mahiru didn’t know how he would react when she told him that she was pregnant but Kuro had been nothing but supportive. He had always been a great boyfriend and she knew that he would be a good father as well. Mahiru leaned back against the chair and closed her eyes for a moment. She began to drift off but the baby’s kick startled her and she groaned.

“You okay, Mahiru?” Kuro almost dropped the tray when he saw her wince. He quickly placed the tray on the table and sat next to her. Soothingly, he rubbed her lower back and she sighed contently. Mahiru leaned into his side as she pulled the food towards her. She could see that he was still a little tense with worry and reassured him.

“Our baby’s just acting up a little. This little guy certainly has a funny internal clock because he’s up when he’s supposed to be asleep. The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night.” Mahiru complained as she ate her burger. It was a mix blessing to Kuro because he would get to have afternoon naps with her. On the other hand, Mahiru would be awake most of the night and drag him on midnight walks.

“Hey, he sure didn’t get his energy from me. That just leaves you.” Kuro chuckled when she gave him a sideways glare. She couldn’t maintain her scowl for long and laughed with him as she elbowed him jokingly. He took a napkin and gently wiped the corner of her mouth. “Let’s hope that he’s not a messy eater like you and has a habit of running into danger too. Taking care of two of you is going to be exhausting.”

“I guess having a son that takes after you would make things easier. He’ll sleep through most of the day and be too lazy to cause any trouble.” Mahiru smiled as she imagined Kuro holding their baby. It was a charming picture and her eyes softened as she went on. “I’m just glad that his taste in food isn’t genetic. As long you’re too lazy to cook, he’s going to love his vegetables.”

“Mahiru, I love you but have you met a kid in your life? I have seven siblings and I can tell you it’s easier to give them instant noodles than vegetables.” Kuro pointed out, making her roll her eyes. He pulled her closer and kissed her cheeks. “You’re a great cook and he’ll love whatever you make.”

“You’re lucky that you have so many siblings. I’m an only child and I only babysit the neighbourhood kids occasionally. I don’t really know how good of a mother I will be.” She sighed and looked down at her growing stomach. Kuro reached over and squeezed her hand reassuringly. He had the same worries she did because he never had a good father to model himself after.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, Mamahiru. No matter what happens, we’ll get through this together.”

“Oh, he just kicked!” Mahiru took his hand and placed it on her stomach, beneath her shirt. He felt a small kick and awe spread over his face. No matter how many times he felt the baby kick, he always felt the same wonder. He helped create the life growing inside her. She placed her hand over his and smiled up at him. “I think he’s trying to say he agrees with you.”

“I hope he turns out as wonderful as you, my lady.” He took her hand and kissed her palm. “I promise I’ll protect both of you.”

The image of a little sloth family having afternoon naps is just adorable.

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The Mama Servamp was something I was curious about as well~! I'm partial to the adopted idea myself, which is why I headcanon that Hyde calls him 'Creator' (since he sort of 'created' their family). Though perhaps Kuro is the only real child he had, but his wife died during those early years even though she wanted a big family and to make up for it he saved a whole bunch of kids from bad situations? Idk, I'm still thinking over why he wouldn't be around so much. Overworking himself probably?

Well, I’m glad I was able to clear that up a little. ^^; Yeah, I had another person tell me they were in favor of the adoption idea as well. I was also thinking about the idea of making Kuro being the only real child “creator” had, I mean they already look alike right???

I mean?????? you guys have to agree. 

And yes, my excuse for him not being around so much is cause he works a bunch, it would make sense especially if you have 8 KIDS. He needs to be able to support them right? (me in real life I come from a family of 5 kids so I know what the struggle can be like. Oh god.)

 I also mentioned in an old age au post, that the reason Hugh has a part time job at 16 is so he can help support the family even just a little. My exact words were:

“ HUGH - Has a job(unlike his NEET older brother) at 16. He’s claims he’s the reason this family survives at all. I mean 8 kids is a lot. Someone has to help their poor single parent/dad. (aka the “creator” or “sensei”)”

So yeah…. poor “creator”…. I like that idea too, about him saving kids from bad situations, it hurts me kinda but it would make them more indebted to him as well. Thanks for the ask! ^^

Ren and Nora with both families combined for a family dinner
  • -.......-
  • -a pie from Ren's side gets thrown-
  • -all out food fight between the Valkyries and the Lies-
  • Ren: Damn it.
  • Nora: Ha! You owe me 50 lien that your family would start it this year!!!
  • -joins in the fray-
On Raven, Yang, Ren & Nora

Okay, I kinda take back what I wrote here. I just watched Episode 4x04.

I think it’s safe to assume that Raven’s tribe is to blame for the damaged village in 4x02. That leads to the conclusion that Raven’s tribe is to blame for whatever happened to Nora and Ren. Who would have expected that? I sure as hell didn’t. 

I think what Raven says in 4x04 is a really good hint:

The weak die, the strong live. Those are the rules. 

That might be the worldview Qrow talked about earlier, the one he doesn’t agree with. It makes sense as he left the tribe and doesn’t think too highly of it. So… what if her tribe follows some cruel Darwin-misconception of ‘if you don’t make it you’re not worth it’? 

Maybe that’s why Raven saved Yang only once. That’s her rule. Because if Yang can’t make it on her own she’s not supposed to make it. If she’s not strong enough to make it she’s weak and she dies. Raven allowed herself to save Yang once, but only once. It’s dark. It’s cruel. But it would make sense. 

Raven told Qrow to tell Yang not to expect any further kindness and maybe it’s not that Raven doesn’t like Yang enough to be kind to her, maybe Raven just doesn’t believe in kindness. It’s not about which feelings Raven might have for Yang and not even about Yang at all. It’s about how Raven sees the world and saving someone, even her daughter, more than once is against what she believes in.

Maybe Raven sees things. She definately knows things. Qrow said he knew that Raven knew about Yang’s arm. So maybe Raven made up those rules because eventually she has to decide where to intervent and where not. Maybe those rules are just what she believes in and she wouldn’t break them for anyone, not even her daughter. Maybe that’s why she gave her daughter away.

So what happened to Ren and Nora? I think we can only guess but in my mind their backstory is getting darker and darker. Maybe Raven’s tribe is just a pack of robbers who believe that if you can’t protect yourself it’s their right to claim everything you own. Maybe they robbed Nora’s and Ren’s village and killed everyone, maybe Grimm came and killed everyone. Maybe it’s much darker and Raven’s tribe decided who’s to live and who’s to die. I just hope we’ll find out soon.

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How about grocery hcs for each pair? Please also include the Team Melancholy. Thanks!

Like…shopping in a grocery store?  I’m gonna assume that’s what you mean.  I’m locking in that answer, it’s done, it’s happened:

Sloth Pair: Mahiru dreads taking Kuro grocery shopping.  His Servamp has a habit of adding things to his shopping cart when he’s not looking, and he must maintain constant vigilance!  To make sure he’s not spending money or buying something that they don’t need.  Kuro is the ultimate little kid in a grocery store.

Pride Pair: Hugh insists that he’s the one to get all the groceries from the top shelves.  He does this by sitting on Tetsu’s shoulders and handing them down to his Eve.  Tetsu is very patient with all this and is an excellent step stool to boot.

Envy Pair: Jeje suffers.  Mikuni has a nasty habit of just taking off every time his Servamp turns around, and Jeje is just so, so tired of tracking him down.  Usually because Mikuni is an expert hider and has crammed himself behind  some boxes on a shelf.  The lovable asshole.

Greed Pair: You know the kind of people who get kicked out of stores because they just can’t behave? Yeah, that’s Licht and Hyde.  I firmly believe that they get into a fist fight over what flavor of Pop-tarts they should buy and end up getting thrown out of the grocery store.

Lust Pair: They’re the most normal pair hen it comes to shopping.  Misono always makes a detailed list of what they need and Lily is in charge of pushing the cart around.  They’re in and out in no time at all, and always stay right on budget.  Lily also probably clips coupons in his spare time, what a pure being.

Melancholy Crew: Lord, save the store that has to deal with the Melancholy Crew when they go shopping.  They are loud, they are a mess, but they’re oh so precious.  Sakuya stays like 50 feet back at all times, firmly denying that he’s with any of them.  Sham keeps threatening to baby-leash him if he doesn’t keep up, and Higan’s in charge of making sure Belkia doesn’t add like 200 bags of candy to the shopping cart.  Tsubaki is so very amused by his sweet, dumb family.

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