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New baby sloth eats apples and cuddles keeper at the San Diego Zoo. Congrats to parents Consuelo & Nico on their adorable bundle of joy. Learn about the new addition on Zoonooz.

Servamp: Winter Cuddles

Hey guys! This is for my Hubby, @just-servamp-trash, who kindly requested that we needed more Kuromahi fluff. So, here ya go! Hubby, I really hope you love this! And to everyone else, please enjoy! <3

           “Mahiru! We’re out of coke!” Hearing the monotone voice echo from the apartment’s kitchen, the brunet sighed, and rolled over more on the couch. It had been a while since the sloth pair were able to go out. Since it was winter, their apartment door was snowed shut, which means they would have either wait for the snow to thaw, or the apartment’s owner to shovel the snow themselves. Hearing another whine come from Kuro, Mahiru sighed, and rolled back over just in time to see the Servamp making his way towards him sluggishly. Seeing his Eve lying on the couch with a bored expression, the vampire blinked. He hadn’t seen Mahiru this way for a while. “What are we going to do? You can’t let your cute cat starve, can you?”

                       “You’re not cute Kuro…just wait until the blizzard rolls over, and then maybe we can go out to the store and get something quick. Besides, it should end soon,” Mahiru mumbled, moving a little so that Kuro could plop himself on the couch beside his Eve. Hearing the sigh, the Eve glanced at the Servamp, and grinned. Kuro was seriously pouting. Reaching out with his leg, the brunet poked the Servamp’s shoulder with his toe. Glaring at the touch, Kuro pushed the foot away, but Mahiru grinned and did it again. “Are you seriously pouting over there? If you want it so bad, go and shovel the snow yourself.”

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I imagine 2-D being the funnest person to cuddle cause he’s arms and legs are so long and lanky and he loves to wrap himself around you so it’s like cuddling a sloth

Studying - Renora drabble

Show : RWBY
Character / Ship : Lie Ren / Nora Valkyrie {Renora, flower power, team sloth…}
Description : Just a fluffy Drabble I wrote about these two dorks, I myself don’t have a very long attention span either so I couldn’t carry this on for very long. Enjoy anyway~ {Please excuse the fact that I’m not a writer or anything so this is probably horrible}


The ginger peered over the stack of books in front of her, and sent a annoyed glance at the boy sitting opposite.
Nora said, pulling on the syllable like a child would. He didn’t even bat an eye, just flicking onto the next page of his book.
She grinned.
“Do you think I’m pretty?”
He sighed in response.
“Of course I do, but I don’t see how that has anything to do with you studying.”
Nora grumbled, her legs bouncing up and down.
“I’m borreddd.”
Ren’s eyes flicked up, taking in Noras agitated form. She was staring down at her English textbook angrily, her foot tapping incessantly on there dorms wooden floor. They had taken to studying together after classes, it was the only way to insure Nora would actually do her work and not get distracted by something. It wasn’t that she was dumb, just that she had a small attention span and would much rather do some more training or work out in the gym. After all, the sun was still high in the sky and Nora world much rather be running around than be cooped up in there dorm.
Ren looked at her softly, closing his book.
“Want some help? It’s Professor Peachs assignment right?”
Nora looked up, a grateful smile on her face as she nodded excitedly.
“Yes!! Thank you Ren!”
She almost jumped up, fist bumping the air. Ren took her textbook, and tapped the seat next to him. Nora happily obliged, sitting down next to her best friend.
“It’s an reading assignment, but I can’t concentrate on it. I’m an idiot aren’t I?”
She sounded sad, trailing her fingers over the words in her textbook. It was a classic fairytale, one that they were studying but she just couldn’t get the words to entice her. It was like grasping at smoke.
“You are not an idiot. You just learn differently, that’s all.”
Nora flushed at his strong tone, looking up and catching his eyes.
“Could you read it to me?”
She blushed harder, she just couldn’t help it. Listening to Ren talk was always a huge comfort, especially as he didn’t talk much. He nodded, a small smile tugging on his lips. Nora squealed excitedly, moving around on the sofa and grabbing pillows until she was just a blur of movement.
“What are you doing?”
Ren’s voice sounded amused, if a little scared. She only mischievously grinned and plopped down into his lap. She was lying down on the sofa, her head resting in Ren’s lap as she curled up under pillows and blankets. Ren smiled down at the bundle of Nora, comfortingly resting his arm around her shoulder.
He said, smiling a little brighter. She nodded, head poking out from the bundle of blankets like a baby. Ren chuckled, smiling down at his smaller friend. Noras heart almost stopped, face blushing hard. He very rarely laughed, and it was magical.
She snuggled deeper into the blankets and looked up at Ren expectantly, who only picked up the textbook and began to read.
“Once upon a time, in a forest….”
Nora closed her eyes, listening to Ren. His words were smooth like honey, captivating and weaving around her like a extra soft blanket. She smiled into his leg, focusing only his words and the story he brought to life, and the sleepy calm that settled into her chest.

Pyrrha swung open the door to her dorm. Both Ren and Nora had been absent for dinner, and she was growing worried about them. But looking at the two curled up on the dorms sofa, she found no need. They were both sleeping peacefully, Nora swathed in blankets and curled up in Ren’s lap, Ren sitting with a serene expression on his face and fingers laying on soft ginger hair as if he had been running his fingers through it. A open textbook lay discarded on the table. Pyrrha smiled at the two, they both looked so happy.
“Hey Pyrrha! Have you found them?”
Jaune shouted from behind her, walking up and peering in to the dorm. He coughed, and blushed. His voice instantly dropping to a softer tone.
Pyrrha glanced up at Jaune and then back at the two. They could get some food later, but for now she’ll let them rest.

Dating Luke Would Include

◇Really bad pickup lines

◇Cuddling on lazy days

◇Braiding his long hair

◇Giving Petunia more attention than him

◇"It’s like you love my dog more than me"

◇"I do"

◇Wearing his “Sike” sweatshirt and flannels

◇"Babe? Where’s my Santa Cruz sweatshirt?“

◇"You’ve had it this whole time? I’ve been looking for it forever”

◇"It looks better on me anyways"

◇Him calling you “princess”

◇Roasting each other 24/7

◇Him going a bit too far

◇"Wait no princess I’m sorry I didn’t mean it"

◇Him being clingy 24/7

◇"Luke stop, I have to finish this"

◇"But isn’t your boyfriend more important"

◇Him sulking when you continue to ignore him

◇Cuddling him later as an apology

◇gOiNg On YoUr TiPtOeS tO kIsS hIm

◇Being best friends along with dating

◇Being able to tell each other everything

◇Going on crazy adventures

◇The 5sos fam loving you

◇Pretending to confuse him and Jack together whenever you’re at a Hemmings family gathering, just to tease Luke

◇Not being huge on PDA, but him always touching you in some form in public, so everyone knows you’re his

◇Acting like kids together

◇Silent treatment when you’re mad at each other

◇Eventually ending up talking again after 5 minutes because you have too much stuff to tell each other

◇Liz literally adoring you

◇Arz who? lmao

◇Him being really protective over you

◇Him teaching you how to play the guitar and piano

◇Being extremely comfortable with each other, maybe a bit too much

◇"I’m bored, wanna have sex?“

◇"Luke, you literally go onstage in 10 minutes”

◇"So…we can make it quick?“

◇Loving to watch him get angry, just because it’s hot

◇Really bad jokes and puns

◇Him laughing at his own terrible jokes

◇Dance parties with just the two of you

◇Being really weird together

◇"Cake is real”

◇"No, Lashton is"

◇LiStEnInG tO hIm SiNg

◇"Can you not"

◇Sassy Luke

◇Him hanging off of you like a sloth when cuddling, even though he’s like 10 feet tall

◇"I love your long hair, you look like a real life Disney prince"

◇"You know what else is long"

◇"Finish that thought and I’ll tell Liz"

◇Him constantly rolling over onto your side of the bed

◇"Get out of my spot you oversized giraffe"

Servamp: Blanket Cocoon

Hey guys! This is just a random fic that came to thought when I was writing earlier. I feel like my inspiration and love for writing is coming back, and I am seriously so happy that it’s finally back. Anyway, please enjoy more sloth pair for now, and I am anxiously awaiting for the next volume of the manga to come out in B&N, so until then, I will wait. Please enjoy! :D

“Mahiru! We’re out of snacks! Go to the store and get some so this cute kitten won’t starve! Pllleeeasseeee!” the Eve heard his Servamp cry from the other room. Feeling an angry vein begin to form on his forehead, Mahiru sighed.

“Kuro! I just bought some last week!” Mahiru yelled back, he seriously couldn’t help but be frustrated, ever since Winter came in, Kuro seemed to go through more snacks then he ever did before. He literally just bought six new family sized bags of chips last week, and they were already gone! “And for God’s sake Kuro, if I find those empty bags and any sort of crumbs on the couch, I will never by you another bag of chips again! I will switch it out with fruits and vegetables!”

Hearing another whine, Mahiru let out another annoyed sigh as he stood in their now clean kitchen. All the dishes were washed and dried, so the Eve felt like he should at least check on the Neet of a Servamp. Walking into the slightly dark living room, Mahiru was expecting his Servamp to be finishing his hot chocolate that the Eve had made him, but instead of seeing the Servamp drinking the hot beverage while either playing a game or watching his anime. Frowning, Mahiru glanced around the dark room, hearing the quiet sounds of a current anime that were playing, and then noticed the one empty mug placed on the coffee table in front of the couch. Mahiru sighed out, and ran a frustrated hand through his brown hair. He literally didn’t see his Servamp anyone. Glancing around, the Eve called out to his Servamp as he walked around the dark room to the living room. Sighing again, Mahiru walked over to the coffee table, and grabbed his phone and wallet, ready to head out to the store anyways. Anime night wasn’t going to be exciting or fun without anything snack-like to eat.

“Kuro?! Do you need anything else from the store? We don’t have any more cola either since you also drank the rest of that…” Hearing no response from his lazy Servamp, Mahiru looked at the floor and held onto an irritated sigh as he saw the empty chip bags and the stacks of manga that littered the living room floor, and headed for their shared bedroom, making sure that he wouldn’t trip over the mess that his Servamp made constantly. Well, at least there were no crumbs on the couch.

After living together for most of the year, and after being in Kuro’s core, Mahiru thought that he would get used to some of the quirks that came with his Neet Servamp by now, especially since the Servamp was always lazy and never did anything that he considered work. Rolling his eyes, Mahiru stood in their doorway, and couldn’t help the affectionate smile that spread across his face. He and Kuro had planned to start the cold night with some homemade hot chocolate, their favorite snacks, and a huge amount of the most weirdest anime they thought they could finish before morning, and a huge pile of their fluffiest, warmest blankets. However, instead of waiting for the Eve, Kuro had decided to take all five of their comfiest blankets, and make himself a cocoon in the middle of their bed. Mahiru blinked, but soon held a hand to his mouth when he realized that Kuro’s pale feet were sticking out at the bottom, however the Eve’s previous smile turned to mischievous smirk when he realized how vulnerable the Servamp had unknowingly made himself. Creeping up to his Servamp as quietly as he could, Mahiru smirked went straight for Kuro’s ticklish spot without mercy. It wasn’t like Kuro didn’t deserve this, Mahiru thought. Most nights Kuro jumped on his bed, and decided to steal most of the blankets anyways, so a little payback on the Eve’s end wouldn’t be too bad. The second that the teen’s fingers hit the instep of Kuro’s feet, the wrapped-up cocoon burst to life with a cry of shock, and tried to wiggle away from the tickle attack. Seeing a puff of blue pop out of the top of the blankets, Mahiru snickered as the Servamp tried to move his feet into protection of the blankets. Hearing the snickering, unused laughs, the Servamp tried to yell at his Eve before he got kicked, but Mahiru just smirked at him, and continued on with his mission, knowing that Kuro wouldn’t hurt him anyways. Kuro struggled in the trap he got himself into as Mahiru climbed over him and pinned the now wiggling cocoon to their bed.

“M-Mahiru…A-are you…d-done now?” Kuro panted out of breath and still giggly from the attack. Mahiru looked at his partner, whose tearful and somewhat happy red eyes were the only thing the Eve could currently see peeking out of the blanket cocoon. However, instead of responding to his Servamp, Mahiru just slid off Kuro, and buried his face in their many pillows, feeling happy with everything except the cold draft that threatened the teen with shivers. “You do know now I feel too tired since you mercilessly attacked me. And I won’t be giving the blankets either…what a pain” Kuro groaned out as he scrunched his eyes closed. Mahiru smiled at the Servamp. Honestly, Kuro deserved more of a punishment then what he got…it wouldn’t hurt right?

Sitting up fast, the Eve moved towards Kuro, and began unrolling his cocoon on their now messy bed. Feeling this, Kuro let out distressed meows, and small bursts of laughter and weak protests as Mahiru finally managed to pull three blankets and exposed everything above the Servamp’s upper body. The teen grabbed two of their incredibly fluffy pillows and began his attack, careful not to hit too hard, even though he was sure Kuro could take it. Feeling himself start to fall off the bed, Kuro somehow managed to push Mahiru onto his back and sluggishly began to smack the Eve with another one of their thick pillows. The pair exchanged blows, laughing and hitting weak spots whenever they saw any open areas. After a solid fifteen minutes, both Eve and Servamp were sprawled across the bed with Mahiru laying on his stomach, and his legs resting on Kuro’s chest. Both of them attempted to catch their breaths as little giggles occasionally broke through their panting. Mahiru’s hair was ruffled bad, but not as bad as Kuro’s, who looked like he’s been through a winger.

“So…” Kuro panted, with his eyes closed and no longer struggling to stop his snickers in. Mahiru glanced at his Servamp, and let out quiet hum in response. “Care to explain why you assaulted your precious cat so viciously?”

Hearing this, Mahiru couldn’t help the breathless laugh that spilled from his mouth. Kuro felt a happy burst of adoration in his chest at seeing and hearing his Eve let out the bright laughter he secretly loved.

“You didn’t answer my question about getting more snacks earlier,” Mahiru explained into his pillow, still having his face pressed down. “And you always steal my blankets during the night anyways,” Mahiru mumbled as he grabbed a pillow again, and threw it at Kuro, smiling as the Servamp let out a shocked meow. “So, I figured some revenge was in order.”

“Ugh fine…what pain, does the offer of still getting snacks still stand? I’m hungry…even though it’s quite a pain.” Kuro complained as he threw his arm across his face sluggishly. “I could really go for some warm cola if you’re okay with going out still.”

Hearing his Eve’s quiet hum wasn’t very convincing, so Kuro slowly sat up to see if the teen’s eyes were still open. It seemed like Mahiru had found one of their warmest pillows and was currently yawning into it, looking content and honestly, a little cold. Sighing, Kuro brought the Eve closer to his body, and even he wasn’t fully aware of the adoring smile that graced his face. Shaking his head, the Servamp decided that they could have an anime night anytime, so he slowly snuggled up to his sleepy partner, and sluggishly brought the five blankets up to their chins.

because headcanon that minho sleeps like a sloth and it’s exactly what a restless insomniac thomas needs

in paradise thomas and minho share this little cabin (minho simply stating “the leaders should stay together” and that was that)

every night they return together and minho literally tears all his clothes off and throws them somewhere on the floor before bouncing right into his bed and falling asleep almost right as his head hits the pillow

thomas always picks up his scattered clothes, folding them neatly and placing them conveniently next to minho’s bed, listening to minho’s faint snores as he does

and thomas does everything he can to avoid sleeping honestly

because thomas can’t drift off as well as minho does

because thomas is all lanky and limbs and flopping all over the place and sometimes he wakes up with the blankets on the floor from kicking so hard in his nightmares and it’s freezing cold and he looks over at minho who’s still resting peacefully, tucked in snugly into the covers and even drooling slightly onto his pillow

and thomas doesn’t understand how minho does it at all, not when he lies awake staring up into nothingness and knowing that if he sleeps the visions only get worse (piercing glimpses of bloodshot eyes and the deafening sound of the bullet and claws tearing greedily at flesh) until he wakes up gasping and desperate for air

and eventually it becomes so overwhelming that thomas doesn’t sleep at all

minho notices (because of course minho always notices) the way he’s always rubbing his eyes in the morning and how he disengages himself from conversation preferring to stare at his feet instead and how he laughs a little less, the gleam never reaching his golden eyes anymore and how he falls just those few steps behind minho during their nightly runs

and when minho asks about it thomas shakes it off, knowing they both have much better things to worry about anyway

until one night thomas glances over at minho as usual, fully expecting to see minho sleeping, eyes blissfully closed and mouth slightly open

instead he sees dark pupils and lips parted in confusion and thomas freezes

“you’re not sleeping,” minho says bluntly

thomas doesn’t say anything and it’s silent for a while before he finds himself breaking down under the boy’s intense, concerned gaze

“no, i can’t,” thomas finally admits, both to himself and to minho. they stare at each other and thomas knows he can’t hide anymore, not when minho looks at him like he said he was going to die and he takes a deep breath before continuing, “i still have nightmares.”

and thomas notes how funny it is that it’s all he has to say for minho to understand completely. minho doesn’t reply, just looks at him with that same gaze before taking a long, heavy sigh. “why didn’t you tell me, you shank?” he says, his tone rising, eyes narrowing and he sounds really frustrated and this is exactly what thomas wanted to avoid because sometimes minho goes over the edge caring for others

“because it’s not that big of a deal, minho, calm down-”

and thomas is interrupted by minho haphazardly tossing his covers aside (thomas absentmindedly thinks about having to clean that up later) as he gets up and practically shoves thomas to the other side of his bed before sliding in next to him

and thomas instantly notices the warmth radiating from his skin as minho throws his protective, strong arm over thomas’ body and tangles their legs together

“you really are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in this shucking world,” minho whispers roughly against thomas’s shoulder, his warm breath sending shivers down thomas’ spine

"i’m sorry,” thomas apologizes and minho kicks his foot

“you’re an idiot, you know that? poor little idiot baby thomas,” minho mutters, “from goddamn nightmares, just like a little kid, why didn’t you tell me, you’re actually so stupid, you know i was shucking worried sick…” and he rambles and rambles and somehow it makes thomas feel better because he knows better than anybody else how minho expresses his love

and thomas feels himself calming down, his heartbeat slowing and mind racing a little less and he finds himself blurting out, “you’re warm.”

minho stops talking and snorts against thomas’ skin. “i know.”

and soon thomas feels minho’s breathing even out and he finds his eyes drooping shut as well and he thinks he might actually be drifting off when he feels minho press a gentle kiss to his skin

“you know you’re not the only one, right?” minho says softly, frustration put aside. “i still have nightmares too. but you can’t shut me out again like that, you shuck face. we need you.”

“okay,” thomas agrees easily, already half-asleep and the i need you is unspoken but he thinks they both understand as minho presses another line of kisses down his skin and thomas curls impossibly closer into the boy’s touch

there’s so, so much more thomas needs to say to minho but he thinks he can save it til the morning because he didn’t realize how exhausted he was until he fell apart in minho’s arms and for once, he feels this urge to let sleep overcome his restless body

and it’s the best night’s sleep he’s had in a long time

(minho still sleeps like a shucking rock honestly but thomas doesn’t mind anymore, doesn’t feel as much envy because minho is exactly what he needs, what keeps him grounded during both night and day

because minho is steady breathing and calming heartbeats he falls asleep to and sturdiness to fall under and comfort and warmth to wrap himself up in

and the nightmares never truly end, but thomas thinks he’ll be okay when he snuggles closer into minho’s bare chest and minho unconsciously grips his body tighter and thomas has never felt so safe and secure in his life and - it’s enough)


Epic backyard adventure! I helped mom out in the backyard with some upkeep of the gardens. First we did weeding in areas where they aren’t supposed to grow, then I picked up scraps from hibiscus. After that I inspected the gardens to make sure everything was up to snuff. I disapproved of the slightly elevated rock I got stuck on. When we were done, it was time to go back inside to unwind and cuddle with sloth.