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Happy Easter
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OKay OMG guys I need somewhere to rant so here it is. *huffs. I miss Wonwoo so freaking much!!! The photo for his teaser that came out showed how much weight he lost!!! Like there’s 0% fat in his cheeks. I really do hope he’s eating a lot and not skipping his meals. I’m sure pledis and the members are encouraging him to eat more, but because of stupid gastritis! I’m heartbroken that they’re going to be music shows without him. It’s basically like a whole comeback without him! My heart hurts whenever I think of this. And when they went to New York and facetimed him! That was so sweet, but at the same time, he must’ve felt so sad for not being able to go! I could just imagine him whining like a little kid 😂 but I seriously do hope he gets better and gains some more weight. He’s already skinny as it is, he doesn’t need to lose more weight. It hurts to see my poor lucky charm, garden fairy hurt and suffer from this. I hope he recovers soon. Sorry for the rant, but I needed to let it out *sighs

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Niall and I had been talking about having kids ever since we had gotten married, which was almost a year and a half ago.

But lately I wasn’t sure if that was what he wanted, or a relationship with me at all really.

“I’ll be back tonight. Don’t wait up.”

Was the last thing I had heard from him in almost twenty-four hours. I have been worried sick and even called sick into work to make sure that i’d be here when he came home. If he ever did come home.

That morning I had woke up to an uneasy feeling in my stomach with vomiting soon after and Niall missing was not helping.

So basically all day I have been calling his friends, my friends, his family, and even my own family to see of anyone had even seen a glimpse of him.

But soon after eleven that night I heard the door slam and his boots clatter up the stairs.

“Nice of you to show up.” Under the dim glow of the bed side lamp I could see him roll his eyes.

“I’m to tired to hear your crap, (y/n).” He sat in the edge of the bed and began to slide his boots off. 

“ Well you can take your ‘tiredness’ and sleep on the couch because i’m to ‘tired’ for your ‘crap’ Niall.”

“I’m not sleeping on the damn couch ,(y/n)! It’s my house and i’ll sleep where ever the hell I want!” 

The odd thing was, me and Niall never really fought before now. It was all giggles and kisses until he started to disappear and not respond to my frantic calls and messages.

“What is up with you? Honestly Niall, I missed you like crazy and the first thing we do is fight. I don’t want to fight with you.” This time my voice was calm and eager to get his attention.​​

“No (y/n), whats up with you? You’ve been clung to me like a sloth these past couple of weeks. I don’t want that kind of relationship.”

It struck me at the heart but I didn’t know how I didn’t see it coming.

“Well, since we obviously aren’t coming to a agreement, i’ll be at my parents if you need to contact me for some odd reason.”

The first night at my parents house, hands down, had to have been the worst.

But thankfully when I arrived at my parents house at three in the morning my mom didn’t question the tears in eyes or the ones stained on my cheek.

The morning wasn’t much better than the night before. I was awoken by a not-so-good feeling in my stomach, which sent me straight to the bathroom.

“Have you been to the doctor?” The voice leaning against the door frame startled me and made me snatch my head around.

“I hadn’t really thought about it, mom.” She made her way to sit beside me on the floor.

“Well good because I’ve made you an appointment for after lunch.” She smiled, gave me a quick hug and stood from her spot on the floor.

“I can almost tell you that there is a ninety percent chance, that by what you wrote on the diagnostic sheet, you’re pregnant.” 

My first thought was to run away screaming in horror. But thankfully common sense took over before anything like that could happen.

“Wh- ho-.” My words only came out in stutters and incoherent.

“But just to be sure, i’ll have you take a test and see for your own eyes.”  The kind doctor handed me a small plastic cup, told me to pee in it, and leave it on the counter for her to test with.

After about twenty minutes of waiting in the waiting room and biting my nails to stubs, I was finally called back to get my results.

The five painful minutes of me waiting for the doctor to return with the results, had to have been the worst five minutes of my life. I was absolutely terrified of what would happen. I almost knew for certain that Niall wouldn’t want it, lately i wasn’t even sure if he wanted me around.

“So it seems like I was right, congratulations! You seem to almost two months along!”

It was at that very moment that my world completely stopped. 

As I quietly unlocked the front door of mine and Niall’s shared home, and tip toed up the stairs to the bedroom, I thought about his reaction. I thought about his facial expression, I thought about what he would say, I thought about whether or not he would except it.

I opened the door to the bedroom and saw Niall laid out on my side of the bed, with my favorite book in his hand, snuggling with my favorite pillow.

When he turned to see me in the door way his attitude completely changed. He shot up from the bed and immediately threw his arms around me.

“Oh my god (y/n) I missed y-” I cut him off by pushing him off of me and handing him the papers form the doctor.

He looked completely confused but took the papers and glanced threw them until he found something that took him completely by surprise.

He threw the papers to the ground and embraced me once again, but this time with a kiss.

“I don’t know what you were expecting me to say, but all I can say is that i’m never letting go again.”

Meet Taquito, Spanish for little taco, and with a face that is cute enough to eat. He’s an orphaned Choloepus sloth, just a couple of months old and resident of the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costs Rica. He is one of the stars of my 2017 sloths wall calendar.