sloth and cat

more and more am i seeing videos and gifsets of wild animals in human environments being passed around on tumblr. while the majority of them are harmless on the surface, it feels like a lot of people either don’t question or just straight up ignore how odd it is to see a serval playing with a box in the kitchen, or a sloth clinging to someone’s pet cat, or a wild young bird following somebody around. consequentially, it means a lot of poor rehab ethics, husbandry practises, and iffy animals being kept as pets are being passed around as not only cute, but as acceptable and completely unworthy of criticism.

please consider the source before you reblog a video of a wild animal. 


It has taken way too long to complete (mostly due to classes) but I am finished! *jumps for joy*

It is a rainbow of the seven deadly sins! Sin, sin is everywhere!

From left to right it is:

Scourge - Wrath

Brokenstar - Gluttony

Tigerstar - Greed

Mapleshade - Envy

Sol - Sloth

Ashfur - Lust

Hollyleaf - Pride

If you want more info on why I picked these characters to represent the seven deadly sins, I would be glad to answer!

Anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and other holidays and days you might view this on ^^”)


Fun Fact Friday!

If not for giant sloths, we might not have avocados to enjoy today.

Prehistoric ground sloths first appeared around 35 million years ago. Dozens of species lived across North, Central and South America, alongside other ancient creatures like mastodons and giant armadillos. Some ground sloths, like the megalonychid, were cat-sized, but many were massive. The Megalonyx weighed about a ton, and that was small compared to megatherium, which could reach six metric tons, as much as an elephant. They ambled through the forests and savannas using their strong arms and sharp claws to uproot plants and climb trees, grazing on grasses, leaves, and prehistoric avocados. Smaller animals couldn’t swallow the avocado’s huge seed, but the sloths could,and they spread avocado trees far and wide.

Can we get a ‘thank you giant sloths!’?

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why are sloths so slow? - Kenny Coogan

Animation by Anton Bogaty

dear eve of sleepy ash,
mom friend of everyone,
MahiMahi, Mamahiru,

\( *o*)/ ( ^-^)7 8(>////<)8 ( `w`)9 (/*3* )/
// 7 July ! \

It’s time for a big biiig party at Mahi’s home!
*hardcore party with at least 50 people cuz everybody likes him*
keeping it simple, he has to bake the cake and organize the entire party, otherwise other dudes will make it more complicated than expected >:D !
“ Oy Mahiru !! let’s celebrate 24h ! how about a slumber party too…!! with all 50+ guests ? :D ”
“ I M P O S S I B L E… !! ”
“ NYA - M U K I A E N E E E E E ”
his life will never be boring =w=)b ahahha ~~

so today we gotta appreciate the existence of the ultimate housewaifu and protag-kun Mahiiii ~ !
He’s done so much for his friends and other people without even knowing them, he truly is a human to admire v.v)!
bow to MahiMahi, the one who saves the world with SiMpLeNeSs ~
and his cooking skills are 11/10 8D ! even Gordon Ramsay has to deal with it höhöhöhöhöhöhö

nevertheless enjoy some…..
cooking Mamaaaaaaa \( *w*)/ !
less than 6h ago it still was a white sheet of paper, *hardcoredrawingforhours*
so sry that it’s not sth special this year,
but still, hope you like it :D !

  • taylor swift: the old taylor is dead
  • also taylor swift: *to her cat* are you my baby Wolverine? are you the princess of Meowtown?? 'Cause you're my little unicorn kitty cat! are you my magical pegasus??? are you just a snowman?? are you just a sloth??? *cries in cat adoration* do you wanna write some songs?