• maya:how could anybody possibly see me and lucas as a couple?!?!
  • lucas:*calls maya a 'blonde beauty'*
  • lucas:*gives an impassioned speech in front of the entire class about how he wants maya to be happy*
  • lucas:*stares at the back of her head in every class like he's a blind man seeing the sun for the first time*
  • lucas:*CHOOSES SLOPPY JOE IN 1x01*

i’m so happy i’ve finally settled on a stance for my essay! it came to me while i was sitting in starbucks and i was rushing to write it down before the ideas left my mind so my outline is a little sloppy - things are crossed off, arrows are pointing everywhere, corrections are marked in red, handwriting is messy… nonetheless i am super stoked to finally have a starting point for this paper!

i love it when paper inspirations just come to you after days of struggling with what to write 😊

08.23.15 // 6:58pm

Way back in the first season, why did Derek insist on killing peter even though no matter who killed peter, the alpha powers would have gone to Derek anyway? Like, it was only him and Cora left and obviously Cora would have been too young. It was completely unnecessary for Derek to do the killing

yooooo, can you believe i started this blog 2 weeks ago & i already hit my first hundred followersi certainly can’t. i just wanna thank each & every one of you for putting up with me for this long & just being amazing to have on my dash! i’m so happy that i’ve already gotten to rp with so many great people & i wanna take a second to give my fave mutuals a little shoutout. anyway, without further ado, here’s my first ever bias/follow forever list!


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thank you so much for two fabulous weeks & i can’t wait to annoy each & ever one of you for weeks & weeks to come. you know you love me, xoxo, gossip holl.