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Host Club - Sungwoon Au

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genre: fluff but like mature fluff ?
member: ha sungwoon
word count: 1065
requested: yes
side notes: this scenario is mainly based off of ouran highschool host club, the anime. this scenario itself made me, the writer, shookt 

requested by: pinksungwoon [fuck off annie ily <3]

can i get an ouran highschool host club au with wanna one??? it can be any member you want!!

- for those of you who dont know what ouran highschool host club is
- its an anime where a group of guys serve girls some drinks for a certain amount of time and entertain them
- sorta like a maid cafe but
- with boys
- and themed shit
- and no maid costumes or cat ears
- well sometimes cat ears but-
- anyways
- also ouran highschool host club also takes place in a really rich school
- so your friend, lets name her jeongju, was dragging you to the club
- in which was something you honestly didnt want to do for multiple reasons
- you tried to prevent from going there bUT NOPE
- as you entered, 11 guys stood there in a line smiling brightly as some had fake cat ears one matching the colour of their dyed hair
- “welcome! all i wanna do, wanna one-immida!” they all chanted
- you stood there, slightly questioning life as jeongju squeeled
- two guys [in which both of them wore cat ears and chokers] assisted you guys to a seat and served you both tea
- since tea was the only option there
- “we are…” one out of the two said
- “ONG”
- “NIEL”
- “IS”
- “S C I E N C E !” they said as they clasped their hands together
- jeongju was in shock as she was blushing so hard
- you softly smiled
- in a way you wanted to laugh but didnt
- “oi? is this your first time coming here?” one of them said as he pointed to your nose very very closely
- “yess..¿” you replied
- “whats yourrrr name?” seongwoo asks
- “i’m y/n, im in third year,” you replied
- “ohmygod, third year? sungwoonie is in third year!” daniel spoke happily as he suddenly got all jumpy
- jeongju, whom was still dying couldnt even speak properly
- daniel and seongwoo made eye contact as you stared at them both blanklessly
- “RIGHT LETS DO THAT” seongwoo said after their intense eye contact
- “fucking telekinesis,” you said to yourself
- “we’ll be right back!” daniel spoke
- they both skipped off as you sat there and drank the tea from the rose petaled shaped teacup
- jeongju wandered off to the short looking guy and the guy who looked extremely handsome and had a group of girls surrounding him
- soon enough, a boy whom was being pushed by daniel and seongwoo approached you a bit confused
- he sat across from you as he shyly smiled and daniel and seongwoo bLASTEd off
- “h-hi! y/n right?”
- “mmhm, sungwoon? you’re in my class right? sorry if im wrong,”
- “yup! so it’s your first time coming here?”
- “yeah, seems interesting,” you replied
- sungwoon softly chuckled
- “everyone here sorta as their own persona, i guess. like ongniel is that one couple everyone ships despite some of the girls wanna have both of them, and over there is daehwi. the most innocent playful child you’ll ever meet,” sungwoon spoke as your eyes scattered the whole entire room
- “so what does that make you?” you asked
- “guess,” he replied
- you observed his whole body
- he wore quite grunge-casual clothes as his hair was styled nicely
- “the normal one?” you replied
- you both softly laughed as he shook his head
- “nope,”
- “then what are you?”
- “it’s best if you find out for yourself,” sungwoon replies with a cheeky smirk
- you played it off and nodded
- “you should come to next weeks host club, it’s royal ball themed,” sungwoon suggested
- “royal ball? as in, big poofy dresses and guys in suits?”
- “okay- not big puffy dresses but classy dresses and yes- guys in suits,” he replied
- you hesitated a bit to reply
- “sure,” you said hastily
- “i mean- you don’t have too if you don’t want too,”
- “how would i figure out what category you are if i dont hang out with you then?”
- “well said,” he replies
- being convinced you decided to go to the ‘royal ball’
- and like every other fanfic
- you wore a black well fitted dress with high heels
- with hair parted and curled
- as it exposed a part of your collarbone and dangling earrings
- you entered the host club as you spotted jeongju already there trying to make conversation with the innocent daehwi
- you noticed a door open as sungwoon exited tying up his tie all sloppy
- as he took a few steps away from that door another girl left
- he spotted you as he approached you
- “hey y/n,” he spoke still tying his tie terrible
- “hey, uh, did you just come out of that closet with a girl?” you questioned as you decided to take his tie and tie it for him
- “maybe, wasn’t really into her though,” he spoke
- “o h? thats interesting,” you replied as you finished tying his tie
- “and dont get the wrong idea, it was just a small-”
- “make out session- i see i see,” you interrupted as you slightly chuckled disbelieving him
- music began to play
- and no- not your edm hype music
- your “royal ball slow dance” music
- “may i have this dance?” sungwoon asked cheekily as he placed out his hand
- “you shall,” you replied
- sungwoon placed his hand on the back of your waist as you followed his lead within the dances
- “you’re waist is really thin. are you seriously wearing a corset?” sungwoon asked as you did a small turn
- “nope. i hate them, they make it hard to breath,” you replied
- sungwoon grinned softly
- “so you’re saying your body is naturally this beautiful?” he asks with a smirk
- god hes so smooth
- im shaking in my boots
- i wrote it but its too much for me
- you scoffed a bit as a small smile formed
- “maybe,” you replied as sungwoon twirled you around
- “look at that, you’re already like a princess,” he commented as he placed his hand at the back of your waist again
- suddenly, he pulls you in closer as both of your steps become slower and slower
- as you only soon get lost in the look of his eyes
- as that small smirk remained on his face
- he leans in closer and closer
- and immersed his lips onto yours
- “hey sungwoon really knows how to keep up a persona,” daniel spoke
- “wait whats his persona?” guanlin asks
- “you dont know?
- hes the flirt of the group,” said seongwoo

|out and alive|

(This became slightly longer than a drabble, so it get its own post. Thanks, hope you like it!)

‘M-12a. Please.’

It’s barely a week that she’s held her new phone, but the urgency of the message has Mabel threatening to drop it the minute she sees his text.

A thirteenth birthday gift from her parents, it’s filled with more anxious messages between her and her brother than it is pictures in the few short days she’s had it. Wary of anything and everything, she’s fallen too hard into the habit of keeping it just within sight, and the moment the screen lights up, she knows it’s nothing good.

The teacher at the front of the room must be new, she thinks, stumbling over her notes and reading from slides as if she’s seeing them for the first time. Putting on the best act she can, Mabel raises her hand, but speaks up without giving the woman time to call on her.

“Can I please go to the bathroom? I think I’m going to be sick.”

It’s not entirely a lie.

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NozoNico! & Nozonico!!

Completely random idea, random doodle… yeah. Then again it’s these two, it’s always random XD!!!

Angsty Jason Headcanon

So I’ve have this headcanon I just can’t get out of my head, and I’ve been riding the angst train hardcore so get ready.

Now imagine that Jason finally kills the Joker. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t help but in again Jason just breaking down and crying.

Now I have a few scenarios since I can’t choose which one I like most I’ll tell you both so we can all suffer together.

Scenarios A: (Sorry they are super long)

So it starts off like that night, Joker has Jason tied up and starts beating him, but the Joker was sloppy, didn’t tie Jason up tight enough. He breaks free and started beating up the Joker with the crowbar he was just beating Jason with. He gets covered in Joker blood, and then he stops because the Joker just won’t stop laughing. Joker takes that opportunity to spray Jason with some of his joker juice or whatever it’s called and the two go at it again. This time though Jason finds one of his guns points it at Joker and finally pulls the trigger. Joker says a few dying words then boom dead. It’s completely silent. All Jason hears is his heavy breathing. Then all of a sudden this huge wave of exhaustion and sadness just washed over him. It’s finally over. The monster that killed him is gone. For so long he pushed away all his sadness and filled it with rage because he had a mission. Kill the Joker, well he did that and it all just comes rushing back. Because of him he never got to learn from Bruce how to drive a car. He never finished high school. Had a girlfriend. Graduate. The Joker stole away his childhood and becuase of it he became an angry killer, and finally he’s mourning for himself. His hands start shaking, he drops his guns and tears just start pouring out. At first it’s slow, but then it starts picking up and loud sobs just come out and he falls to his knees and stares at his blood covered hands and cries. Eventually Batman shows up. He doesn’t say anything just takes in the scene. He see Jokers dead body beaten and bruised with a single gunshot wound. He sees the same sick smile plastered on his face, the blood crowbar not even a few feet away. He sees the broken pieces of the chair that held Jason. This is only confirmed when he looks over Jason and sees the rope burns around his wrist, he can only imagine what hides Benitez his clothes. The cuts and bruises and broken bones. Dread fills Bruce because for the second time he was to late. So he does the only thing he can do, he walks over to Jason and gently says his name but he keeps on crying. So he knees down in front of him and super awkwardly wraps his arms around him. Jason just puts his head on Bruce’s shoulder because he’s to tired to care. They stay like that until he stops crying. They stand up and Bruce takes him over to the batmobile and Jason lets him. Bruce tips off the GCPD and tells Alfred what’s going on before he get in the car and goes home. Not a single word is said. Alfred already has tea, a shower and clothes ready for Jason. The other boys are gone under Alfred’s command. All the while Jason has this dead look in his eye. He lets himself be taken care of. Once in his old room and in bed Jason falls asleep for the first time in years he just sleeps. No nightmares, nothing. In the morning Jason is gone and on the nightstand is a note. Thanks. Bruce and Alfred understand that Jason need time to himself, even though neither of one likes it.

Scenario B:

So instead of the Joker taking Jason he took Damian. Jason gets wind of this and is furious. Bruce and Dick are hot on Jokers trail but it’s already been a few hours and Jason knows what the Joker can do in a few hours. He helps Bruce and Dick (Tims away on official Titans business) locate where Damian is, he and Bruce are arguing the entire time. Jason angrily asking if Bruce is going to let what happen to him happen to Damian too. Asks if he’s finally going to ride the world of the monster. Bruce tells him what he always tells him. That he won’t cross that line. Even if it is the joker. Dick acts as a buffer between the two. They finally get to the warehouse and the Joker has Damian drugged and tied to a chair. He’s beaten nearly beyond recognition and Jason just has this wave of memories washing over him. He’s so positive Bruce is going to snap—because Dick and him are about too—but all Bruce says is that the Joker will know a world of pain before he takes him back to Arkham. Jason just snaps. He’s so angry, he was positive that Bruce cared enough about his own flesh and blood to want the Joker dead. But it turns out not to be enough. So he takes matters into his own hands, because he will not let his little brother turn out like him. He attacks the Joker wanting to beat the living shit out of him with his bare hands. He wants to make him suffer like he made him suffer. How he made Damian suffer, because he might not like admitting it but that little shit is his baby brother and he will be damned if he lets anyone one hurt him. Especially the Joker. Nightwing takes care of liberating and getting Damian to a safe location. Meanwhile Jason, Joker, and Bruce are duking it out in the warehouse. Bruce alternates between holding back Jason and beating the Joker. Suddenly the Joker got an upper hand on Bruce and Jason grabs one of his guns and points it at Joker. He yells about how he hope he rots in hell, and Bruce’s calls out for him to stop but Jason pulls the trigger and just like that the Joker is dead. There’s this beat of silence. Bruce gets out from under Jokers body and storms up to Jason ready to yell he head off when he look into his face. He just stops, because he’s not looking to the face of the Red Hood, he’s look into the face of a sad little boy who lot everything. Bruce kinda just stops and Dick is watching Jason’s face. He’s a good ways away with Damian. Both men watch as tears stream down his face silently and Jason just touches his face kinda in disbelief and then he just books it. Bruce is about to go after him when he hears Damian pain filled voice calling for him. Over the com line Barbara tells them to take care of Damian while she took care of Jason. Surprising everyone with that they allow it and rush to get Damian the medical attention he desperately need—they both can’t help but think that this is exactly how Jason must have looked right before he died.

So Jason is running though Gotham, it’s raining out and he can’t breath because his hyperventilating. Finally it’s to much for him and he stops in an alleyway and just throws up. Babs is closing in on his location all the while Jason is still Hyperventilating and starts crying. He’s so confused why he feels this way. Why is he suddenly overcome but sadness? Shouldn’t he be happy? Babs finally shows up right on time because he was just about to book it again. He’s surprised to see her but there she is. Not as batgirl, but as Barbra. He tells her to go away and she refuses. There’s some yelling and finally she gets her arms around him and hugs him. She tells him that she might not agree with what happen, but she’s happy that the Joker is dead. She tells him that’s it’s okay to feel sad because the Joker stole everything from him and Jason has the right to cry for himself. She tells him everything that he needs to hear and holds him until he can breath again. They both go back to Babs apartment and get dried off. The have tea and just talk. She lets everyone know Jason is okay and he lets himself be coddled for a little bit. They get and update about Damian, who is going to be in a lot of pain for a long time but will live. They both fall asleep on the couch, on the tv the news reports the Jokers death, but both Babs, Jason, and the city of Gotham sleep a bit more soundly knowing that the Clown Prince of Crime is dead.

Honeymoon Avenue

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warnings: I don’t think so!

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: I really, really, really enjoyed writing this for some weird reason! It’s loosely based from the song Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande which is one of my favourites and if you’ve not heard I really recommend it :-))


You stare at the screen of your phone, scanning the wordy text from your husband Michael.

I’m so sorry Y/N, I swear I didn’t mean anything. Please come home soon, I know we can work through this…

Tears mingle with anger as you hold down the power button, pressing on it harshly as you watch the illuminated screen flicker down until you’re left sitting in darkness, the only company being the thoughts racing through your head.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Will and Nico see their son off to go to Prom

Anon 2: I freaking Love Carter. I NEED MORE PLS when you get the chance pls

anndi-rose: I NEED JOSTER FANFICTION!! Your writing is fantastic and I just love these characters!

Anon 3: carter and joseph are my everything. do you think you’ll write a fic ever?

Anon 4: can u include Alli in a fic?


“Are you sure you have everything? Keys, license, money, phone?” Nico busied himself with straightening Carter’s soft blue bow tie, trying to distract himself and to hide his shaking hands. Carter might be a whole foot taller than Nico (damn Will’s genetics), but he was still Nico’s baby and he’d be damned if he let his baby go out with a sloppy bow tie.

“Yes, Dad, I’m sure.” Carter grabbed his keys out of Will’s hand and stuffed them in his pocket. “Joseph should be here any minute.”

Nico smiled soft and ran his fingers through his son’s unruly curls. “We’re very proud of the man you’ve become.” Carter’s electric blue eyes turned to is other father, softening. Nico had always been Carter’s favorite, it wasn’t that Will had done anything wrong, or even that Nico had done anything exceptionally right, he just held Nico a hair higher on his parental pedestal then he did Will. Will assured Nico that he was never mad that Carter liked him more, he was glad that Nico could have more than just him to provide him with the adoration he had been deprived of for so long.

“Thanks, Pops.” Carter kissed Nico’s temple and Nico would be damned if he let Carter see his tears before he left for prom.

“Where’d Alli go?” Nico looked around the entrance for Carter’s best friend, stepping back into Will’s warm embrace.

“Probably looking for your sword again. Alli! It’s not here!” Somewhere in the bedroom, Nico heard a girl swearing and he rolled his eyes. Alli appeared in the entrance, his red hair actually looking managed and her short green dress crumpled.

“Where’d you out it this time, Nico?” Ever since Alli first found Nico’s sword ten years ago, Nico had to keep hiding it in different places. Alli had a knack for finding sharp objects, and they weren’t a very good mix.

“It’s in the closet. You should know.”

Alli’s ears turned red and she mumbled something rather unflattering and Will smiled brightly at her. “We’ll still love you when you figure it out.”

The doorbell rang loudly, taking everyone’s attention away from Alli and towards Carter. He nervously ran his hand through his hair, opening the door. Joseph stood on the other side, his ears as bright red as his tie, shuffling awkwardly.

Carter smiled and stepped outside, giving Joseph a quick kiss on the cheek. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Joseph spoke shyly, “my mom thinks I’m going to soccer.” Nico rolled his eyes but smiled at his son’s boyfriend.

“Have a good time tonight.”

Carter came back in and gave both him and Will a hug before getting in Joseph’s car. They both waved as it backed out of the driveway, and Nico’s eyes were wet again.

“Guess our baby’s all grown up. Going to prom with his boyfriend.” Will’s arms tightened around him.

“They’re all coming back here after. I’m sure Joseph will tell Cindy some lie about staying at a teammate’s house and Alli’s mom won’t even notice she’s gone. Our baby’s all grown up, but he’s not gone yet.”

Will kissed the back of Nico’s head as he nodded.

“We did a good job with him.”

He felt Will laugh behind him. “Yeah, we did.”

There wasn’t much room to explore Joseph’s dynamic, but I’m excited to write more with him.


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