sloppy stuff is sloppy


@kawaiijohn, @thestarmaker-s!!!!! I’ve finally finished it! Also I’m sorry it took so long, it’s kinda hard to get make a decent drawing when you use your fingers to draw, anyway hope you like it!

@toxic-vanilla, @sevi007, @ukinea, @harunnn, @indygolly, @tandembicycles, @sunsetsorceress, @mysteriouskusajo and @ukitakejuushiro you guys are in it too!
P.S, I have no idea how @saisai-chan became one if the main characters but she did…. and @izuqu, dude, I’m sorry if that’s nit his a pizza roll looks like.

I finally got around to making an AO3 account, so for those who would rather read my fics over there the link is:

I will be cross posting my current backlog of stanchez fanfic from tumblr over there in the next week or so and will continue to post new fics here with links to where you can read them over there.

Well, this took way more time than I anticipated, but I’ve been working on it off and on for a while, so there’s that.

So, welcome back, Hatty, I guess is what this is for!