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Rock climbing buddies

It was just a friendly intra-team match with our school’s rock climbing club, but we were all feeling pretty pumped, with competition coming up. Bryan was our team’s vice-captain, and we were all expecting him to do well at the upcoming Gravical competition by SMU. 

Bryan was easily the best climber with the team, and his body showed it. Once an awkward, lanky kid in secondary school, 4 years of climbing really filled out his lean frame. Standing at 1.8m tall (some height really does help when you climb), Bryan was now 75kg of pure lean muscle: long, sinewy arms and a rippling, well-developed back. The front was just as impressive, with a set of washboard abs that was somehow visible even when he sat down. The killer body came as a matched set with an equally attractive personality. Bryan hadn’t been the most good-looking boy growing up, but some mix of working out, friends teaching him to dress better, and a life-changing hairdresser hit him like a second puberty train during NS. The result was a shy, boyishly handsome young man who didn’t realise how good looking he was, and didn’t know how to deal with the attention.

In any case, the moment was exciting to watch and I cheered excitedly as he neared the top of the wall. (Of course, it didn’t hurt that the harness showed off his bulge perfectly) Next to me was Jason, another of our teammates and my roommate in hall. I’d have loved to have the chance to share that small a space with Bryan, but he preferred to stay home. Not that I could complain about Jason, whom I met while in the army. Being climbers all three of us, we kept ourselves in shape. Jason was shorter than Bryan, but we all shared roughly the same build – lean, defined and not too muscled. We’d hung out together most of our freshman year, and now most of our friends knew us as the 3 musketeers. 

Later that night, after training was over, Bryan opted not to join the rest for dinner, instead volunteering to clear all the equip. Jason and I knew he was feeling down, so being the dutiful friends that we were, hung around too to help him pack up and lend a ear.

We cleared up in silence, though slowly, as we were all tired from the day’s climb. It quickly got dark as we finished up, and I started to feel the cool night wind on my shoulders and arms.

“Eh so what happen to you? Recently you climb like not up to standard sia.” Jason was hot, but tact was not one of his many strengths.

“Huh.. Haha I weak ma, not like you leh,” Bryan joked halfheartedly. That was enough to ward Jason off, but I knew better. Jason carried a bunch of harnesses and ropes off to the logistics store, which I knew would give me some time to talk to my friend.

“Eh serious bro, you okay or not. Can tell got something bugging you leh.” I said to Bryan, once I saw that Jason was out of earshot. 

He sighed, and admitted he’d been having trouble with Kimberly, his sort of on-off girlfriend. He was always having trouble with Kim actually, don’t know why it still got him bothered.

He sat down on the floor, and I could now see his arm muscles again, super well-defined against the harsh night lights that had flickered to life. He was covered in a sheen of sweat that remained, and obviously a bit dirty and in need of a shower. But somehow, seeing him a bit sticky and dirty now, I couldn’t help but admire how good he looked.

I sat next to him, probably a little close for comfort, yet not as close as I wanted to in my mind. 

“Please la, dunno what she like to complain about, got you still not happy meh?”

“Haha, dunno la. You better what, maybe she want you lor,” Bryan said as he looked over his shoulder at me.

“Yah right, you don’t even know how much I want to have you– eh I mean be you.” I blurted out the last bit a bit too loudly. 

… FUCKING BUSTED. I hung my head down and wondered if this was basically the end, but there was only silence. After what seemed like forever (but was probably about 2 seconds), I looked up at him slowly to see if this friendship was going to survive, ready to brush things off with a joke.

I was greeted by his curious, handsome face. And suddenly, with no warning, he stuck his head over and planted his lips on mine for a kiss. Not a light, tentative peck – it very quickly turned into a full-on, wet, sloppy, tongue-wrestling kiss. A part of me wanted to stop, but most of me was reacting to lust, driven by a mixture of the smell of his sweat and deodorant.

I saw a small movement as his hand shifted something in his shorts, probably out of instinct. I didn’t hesitate, and reached over to rub it for him. Fuck, it felt so good in my palm, AND SO HARD. I grasped it through the material of his shorts and started rubbing it up and down, feeling the heat radiate out, the front of his shorts getting damp from the sweat off my palms. It felt like a good 7 inches of hot rod.

He moaned into my mouth, not stopping to break the kiss. I’d become aware now that we were doing this out in the open. We weren’t likely to see anyone else around here at this time, but there was also nothing blocking us from view. I also didn’t care, and I was ready for more.

By this time, neither did Bryan. He offered no resistance, and in fact leaned back to offer me more access. I slid my hand up the leg of his shorts, feeling the silky material of his Renoma Sport underwear, a little moist from the day’s wear and some precum that was starting to stain the front. I could feel his cock pulsating as the blood flowed through, twitching every now and then as I hit his pleasure spots. His breathing got heavier, and his abs tensed, almost as if he were trying to hold back. 

It took all the discipline I had not to rip off his shorts and singlet right there. I wanted more. For the over 5 years that I’d known this shy hottie, I’d never even had a glimpse of his cock, and now I was going to taste it.

I gave up all pretense of restraint, and reached over for the waistband of his-

“Wah, having fun ah?”

Doodling Away Writer's Block

If you’re like me, you have bouts of inspiration where words flow from your fingertips and scenes seem to write themselves. But you also have moments of intense, mind-numbing writer’s block. There’s always that one scene that’s essential to your plot, but you don’t know where to go or what to do with it. Well, my dears, I may have a solution for you. Ready?

Draw your scene.

I can tell you’re panicking. Don’t panic! You DO NOT need to be an artist for this exercise to work. Just trust me for a minute. 

Where Did This Come From?
I learned this trick in college by accident. After being assigned a short story, I was rolling along pretty well until the one scene reared it’s head. I was stuck for days. I had two characters, a place they needed to be, but no idea how to get them there. One day during a particularly boring political science lecture* I started doodling. 

As I doodled, I ended up sketching the scene I had been thinking about for the past few days. I drew my first character, then my second. Then the setting. The secondary characters. Their facial expressions. Different facial expressions. Before I knew it I had dialogue bubbles, and the beginning of a scene I had struggled so hard to formulate in my head.

When I spoke to my professor about the phenomenon, she explained that it was actually quite common. It was something she had seen other writers do before, and was even an exercise she used to use in her freshman writing courses. Now, whenever I get stuck I draw out my scene. No matter how sloppy or silly looking, the simple act of doodling my characters and what’s around them helped me work though more scenes than I can count. 

How To Get Started
The goal is to get your mind thinking about your scene in a different way. Again, you do not need to be an artist. You can draw photo-realistic portraits, or you can draw stick figures. It doesn’t matter. As long as you know what is happening in your scene, it will work. 

Need to draw a fight scene, but don’t know how to initiate it? Think about what you have of the scene so far. Your characters, right? Draw them. Are they in an alleyway? Draw it. Are there onlookers? Draw them. Is the ground gravel, or dirt? Draw it beneath their feet. Did one of the characters drop his backpack in the heat of the fight? Draw it on the ground behind him. Put as much detail as you can possibly think of into the drawing of your scene.

You might need to draw the scene again and make some changes. Keep drawing until you see character ‘A’ drop his backpack, walk over that crunchy gravel and right in front of his classmates, and punch character ‘B’ in the face. Keep drawing until character ‘B’ stumbles backward and trips over that discarded box (that started out as a dumpster, but oh-well), holding his bloody nose.

Why It Works
Seeing your characters on paper can force you to notice details about them and their setting that you otherwise never would have. Drawing your scene gets you out of your normal head space and into a new one with new perspectives and ideas. It has been found in several studies, including one by a professor at the University of Plymouth, that doodling increases concentration, focus, creativity, and memory. It’s not just a theory, guys!

“Doodling is a form of external thought that allows you to visualize the connections you are making while thinking. In the conscious mind, doodling can assist concentration and focus but even in the unconscious mind, while doodling and day dreaming, connections are made.”
- Giulia Forsythe

This method may not be for everyone, but it certainly helps me and several other writers I know. I hope that sharing it will help some of you as well.
*CreateAndNarrate does not condone daydreaming, zoning-out, or otherwise ignoring political science lectures, even if they are particularly boring. Doing so may or may not merit you a C- in the class.