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Ayyyyyyyy, Ive read a few fics with fluffy drunk Eddie (usually Reddie but whatever ship you want) and its freaking adorkable and I was wondering if you’d write some?

- Ok so we know Eddie is that one bitch who claims they’re not a lightweight and then gets wasted off one (1) raspberry cooler

- his cheeks get all warm and flushed 

- Richie thinks it makes them even more pinch-worthy

- once he’s had a few more drinks, this boy will dance until he fucking drops

- just bouncing up and down flailing his arms around and shaking his ass to every song

- and usually has to be forcibly removed from the dance floor

- even then, he’ll just contentedly sway back and forth to whatever song is playing

- he tries to sing along too, but keeps tripping over the words and bursts into a fit of giggles every time

- this is also the only time he doesn’t object to being called cute

- so Richie will tell him over and over

- “You’re so fucking adorable, Eds, you know that?”

- “I know, baby, I know”

- speaking of Richie, drunk Eddie cannot keep his hands off of him

- whether that’s curling up in his lap and petting his hair

- or shoving him up against the wall for a sloppy makeout

- and at the end of the night, when they fall into bed, he’ll nuzzle into Richie’s neck and mumble breathy, raspberry-scented “I love you”’s against his skin until they both drift off

- or on the rare occasion that Eddie overdoes it, Richie will rub his back as he throws up, and then wipe his face carefully with a cool cloth

- he does this no matter how miserable he’s feeling himself, because he knows how much Eddie hates vomit

- btw Eddie is ALSO that one bitch who says “I’m never drinking again”

- but he’s a fake ass liar

Anyway that’s all I got, it’s not a fic but it’s something xxx

“Lena, are you gay?” Kara didn’t mean to ask so bluntly, but for Rao’s sake her brain stopped working.

Lena laughs and cocks an eyebrow, “Why are you inquiring Kara? Looking for a date?”

After much sputtering and blushing Kara adds, “I- uh- What? No. Uh, I was kind of thinking of setting Alex up?”

It only takes one puppy pout from Kara for Lena to agree to this nonsense. Alex is convinced in a similar manner. And that’s how Kara’s two biggest fans go on a date.

It could be worse. Lena enjoys learning about Alex’s latest biomedical experiments and Alex appreciates Lena’s sarcastic comebacks.

The night ends with a very sloppy and brief makeout between the two before they quickly separate.

“Gross.” Alex says. “It’s like kissing my sister.”

“I wish it was like kissing your sister,” Lena lets slip.

“I knew it!”

Eurydice, Eat Your Heart Out (Adrino Percy Jackson AU)

In the dark of Cabin 10, staring up at the roof of his bunk, Adrien could hear the distant plucking of a harp as waves lapped lazily against the shoreline.

All things considered, it wasn’t surprising that he was having trouble sleeping; less than twenty-four hours earlier his father’s limo was nearly destroyed by a rampaging Cyclops that the middle-aged fashion mogul dispatched with a quick flick of a sword he drew from seemingly nowhere. From there, it was somewhat of a blur of packing, private jet rides, and clandestine car trips to the sunny shores of Long Island, New York, a silver pen containing the only means of protection he had in case other monsters attacked.


He could still scarcely believe it. If someone had told him that he was the product of an affair between his mother and the Greco-Roman goddess of love and beauty a few days ago, he would have been dialing Gorilla’s number as quickly as he could while backing away from them. Now, surrounded by dozens of half-siblings he never knew existed, Adrien didn’t quite know what to make of his current situation. He still thought he was going to wake up, home in Paris, and the whole thing would have been just a fever dream brought on by bad cheese; the attack, the journey, the music-

Sitting up in bed, Adrien strained his ears over the snoring of his bunkmate to hear the almost aimless melody that meandered its way across the waves. It was a song that sounded so familiar; like the chorus to something he had heard on the radio years ago. It couldnt’ve been coming from far, judging by the way it cut through the sound of twenty-five teenagers’ beauty sleep, so, clutching his pen and carrying his sneakers, Adrien tip-toed towards the door as quietly as possible, stepping out into the warm Long Island night.

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it is April 13th. you are waiting for the inevitable homestuck upd8 for the 8th anniversary of the comic. the clock strikes 4:13AM and your phone goes off. its a snapchat from mspa. you open it. it’s a panel of rose and jane having sloppy makeouts, signed ~AH. then nothing else for the entire rest of the day. you shed a single tear,

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RFA reactions to catching another 2 drunk RFA members kissing

OOooooooOOooooOoooh boy I’m gonna have so much fun

It’s 4 am and I’m feeling reallllly angsty and I’m down for a quickfic

I’m gonna operate under the idea that the no one in RFA is dating and that it’s MC+Someone who’s not the Member I’m writing for doing the kissing. It’s not exactly what you asked for but I’m feeeeeeling it

RFA React to Drunk MC kissing other Drunk RFA Member



  • He’s mortified
  • He always noticed that you seemed to like the other members more
  • But he always held out hope that maybe, just maybe, you’d pick him
  • So when he looked over and saw you and Zen making out
  • He teared up. 
  • He knew it was dumb, he knew he should have given up but he never did
  • He spun the stool to face the bar, eyes wide with him trying focus on anything besides MC and Zen, the mixed drink held in his palms bouncing off the edges of the glass from his shaking hands
  • He didn’t stay at the bar much longer, just long enough to pound a few drinks and stagger his way home
  • Once he got home he curled up in bed, drunk and sad, and just sobbed, taking the occasional break to scream into his pillow. 
  • After his eyes were red and sore from crying and burying his face in his pillow, drunkYoosung resolved to end the night off with a long, pitiful, voicemail addressed to you. 


  • She doesn’t get why…why she feels sad.
  • She watches as you and Yoosung share a sloppy makeout and tries to fathom why her chest feels heavy
  • Did she drink something strange? 
  • No no, none of that
  • You’re not kissing Zen, so it’s not worry plaguing her
  • So what is this …. sad feeling welling up in her
  • It’s just this disappointment, this subtle longing but…for what
  • She turns her attention away from you two and back to the conversation at hand
  • Once you all decide to go home for the night, she lays in bed, still trying to figure out what’s going on in her own head
  • It bothers her for the next few days
  • It’s not like she had feelings for you
  • No way
  • After about a week of silent, emotional distress Jaehee decides that she just needs to stop thinking about it.
  • Afterall, even if she was sad, so what? Being sad wouldn’t change the fact you were kissing someone that wasn’t her


  • He’s laughing and having a good ole time, but his face suddenly falls flat
  • He sees you and Jumin standing close, when suddenly
  • You two kiss
  • Zen’s mouth falls slightly agape
  • He had been so sure that…that you and him would end up together
  • Ok maybe not sure but, he knew there was at least a connection between you two
  • Or, at least, he had dreamed there was
  • And the fact that it was Jumin just
  • It fucking
  • UGH
  • He slowly turns back to whoever was talking to him now, an empty feeling in his chest, and stomach, and even head.
  • His entire body just felt…empty.
  • He tried taking a few more drinks, but the burn was too much. Usually he liked that feeling, it felt almost purifying.
  • But now when the liquor would hit the back of his throat he felt like he could vomit
  • He went to beers, but those didn’t do much to numb the pain for him, so he tried to distract himself with cigarettes.
  • He was on his fourth one of the past couple hours when everyone decided to leave
  • He hopped on his bike despite protests from the members and drove.
  • When he saw his home in the distance he sped up, flying past it.
  • He didn’t want to deal with whatever he was feeling, he just wanted to run away
  • Run from what he saw, from his feelings,
  • from you
  • When he finally stopped driving he was at his spot, and the emptiness was gone
  • Now it was just anger, resentment, loathing
  • And behind it all, worthlessness
  • “I’m not good enough” 


  • He’s staring at you and seven…kissing. Your noses are touching and you’re giggling at something the hacker said as he stares into your eyes 
  • Then you lean forward and messily mash lips together
  • Jumin’s hand clenches the glass so hard it cracks 
  • He puts it down and heads for the exit immediately, ignoring all questions of where he’s going 
  • He has to walk past you and Seven, who don’t even notice because you’re too wrapped up with each other
  • He almost doesn’t make it out of the building
  • He doesn’t get it. He’s so good at locking emotions up, at keeping them away.
  • So how come hot tears are racing down his cheek as he gets in the car
  • “Home” He commands Driver Kim, voice still strong and betraying the broken look in his eyes.
  • He clasps his hand around his mouth, worried soon that that will break and small choking sounds will escape.
  • He turns his eyes to the window, watching the city scape race by
  • He just pays attention to that, giving it his all not to think about whatever happened prior to him getting in the car
  • Eventually he’s home and getting himself prepared for bed.
  • He hears the ding of his phone
  • It’s you.
  • “Juimn u left??/ R u home sfea?
  • He lost control for a moment
  • The phone went flying across the room, ricocheting off the wall and hitting a vase, successfully shattering both objects. 
  • “Mr. Han!?” A security guard ran in, obviously alarmed by the nose
  • “OUT” Jumin yelled, a feral look in his eyes
  • The guard, shocked by Mr. Han’s reaction, gave a curt nod and scurried out the room much like Elizabeth had at the sound of Jumin yelling.
  • Jumin avoided the chat the next few days
  • The only person he spoke to was Jaehee, and that was via work email, where he would utter nothing related to the RFA
  • When he finally did return, he was very formal with you, speaking to you by last name and strictly about RFA Party business. No small chat. Nothing personal.
  • Ever.


  • He wanted to be happy for Jaehee
  • You had been her saving grace for a while now, you made her life better
  • And he wanted to be happy for you for Jaehee finally recognizing her feelings for you
  • But he wanted to be happy too
  • And he just couldn’t feel happy when you and Jaehee were across the room kissing in a dark corner
  • He had caught it when you two snuck away from the larger group, claiming you had to use the bathroom
  • He saw your hands intertwined under the guise of “not wanting to get separated”
  • And he’d see through it if you two claimed you were both just drunk. He had known for a while now it would come to this: You two realizing you liked each other as more than friends.
  • He knew, which made him kick himself even more for feeling like shit now that it’s happened
  • Just be happy for them’ he mentally begged himself
  • He put a tight smile on his face as he tried to reengage with the current conversation, but his eyes kept flicking back to the two of you
  • ‘Be happy, you couldn’t have MC anyways so why be sad?’
  • ‘You’re too dangerous for MC. Jaehee is perfect.’
  • ‘You’re not good enough anyways.’
  • ‘She’d never want you’
  • ‘No one will ever want you’
  • His thoughts spiraled into more and more viscous attacks on himself
  • Eventually he couldn’t take it and excused himself for the night
  • He went home and tried drowning himself in his work, but he found even that couldn’t take his mind off it it
  • It was turning from sadness into madness as he found himself manic, unable to do anything without thinking about you and Jaehee.
  • Coding didn’t take his mind off of it, browsing the internet, he couldn’t even silently just eat chips.
  • He tried laying down but his thoughts just wouldn’t shut off
  • Eventually he found himself curled up, pillow around his ears as if that’d silence the sound of his mind, crying. 
  • He never acted different around the two of you
  • He never wanted you to know
  • He never wanted to lose you as a friend at least
  • He’d still laugh and joke with you online, unbeknownst to you a couple tears would find their way out of his eyes now and then. 


So we decided that the next story I should tell should be one where I’m the asshole so we decided the story I’m going to tell is really the first story from this apartment and guys I am estatic because this is one of my favorites

Okay so since like a yeaqr before we moved in together Kyle was dating this girl Grace. Almost 4 years later they’re still dating it’s fucking cute as FUCK. Grace is fucking awesome we all love her also she is fucking fine like this girl probably could model. She also had a best friend from high school who I’m going to call Gary because that sounds like a sufficiently douchey name for this asshat Gary was a fuck like a whispy little piece of shit noone of us like Gary except Grace because apartently when Grace was in high school Grace was not fine and Gary was one of her only friends.

The problem with this was that Grace could not see how incredibly desperately in love Gary was with her and just thought they were friends and it was really awkward for Gary because she would do sloppy makeouts with Kyle in front of him it was pretty great for the rest of us poor Grace never believed us when we told her how crazy Gary was well she believed us after this shit.

Anyways it’s the second week we’ve been in this apartment Grace’s old lease ended at the end of our first week and her new lease didn’t start until the start of our third week so she had a week of nowhere to live so she was staying with us in Kyle’s room they were pretty happy with it and also very loud it set a precident that should not have been set sxo early anyways one day we’re all out doing errands and Grace is home and Gary comes over to see his bff for totally non scummy reasons and they’re aparently hanging out in our living room watching TV when Grace gets a phone call maybe idk she goes into the other room is the point and this is hwen Gary decides to put his master plan to finally win Grace’s heart into motion.

You see, while Gary had seen Grace date other guys in the past, he had always been confident that they would not last together, and that he would always bee therewhen it ended to try to sweep her off her feet and make tender, probably disappointing nerd love to her. While this never worked, he was confident it was only a matter of time. However, Kyle genuinely loves Grace, and always has, so there is a fear in Gary’s mind that the breakup that will get him with the girl of his dreams might not come, so he has become desperate.

So Gary decided to pull a play out of the playbook of a famous character from How I Met Your Mother. Not Barney, that would have required skill, game, and a basic understanding of how women think. No, he decides to try Mitch’s play. If you don’t remember who Mitch is, don’t feel bad, he’s only in like two episodes. He’s better known as the Naked Man.

That’s right. He pulled that move.

So Gary’s buck ass naked in our living room, BUT LITTLE DID GARY KNOW that while he was setting his brilliant plan into motion, I was walking into the aparmetn with my fuck buddy Jane, and we turn the corner into the living room to find Gary fucking CAPTAIN MORGANING ON OUR COFFEE TABLE. He is FULLY ERECT and we made eye contact.

I was told that we only stared at each other for like 10 seconds before I spoke but it felt like 10 years.


As I say this, Grace walks back into the room and I swear to god the sound she made she has never replicated it was like a mix between a shriek, a laugh, and a gasp it was awesome so she and Jane gtfo because they want nothihng to do with this and I’ve finally realized how insane all this is so I’m laughing my ass off and trying to tell Gary to put his pants back on and leave and he’s getting all pissed off because the love of his life ran away from his dick so he’s acting like a pissant I fucking love that word btw and he starts toward the hallto go confront Grace and I stop him because he’s not walking through our apartment naked.

So he takes a swing at me. He misses because he closes his eyes before he throws a punch but still he throws a punch at me.

Here’s the thing: I fight a lot. Like way too much by any sane standard. I weigh like 180 something and I’m fucking strong. Gary is 130 at most, weak as fuck, and also has spent the entire time I’ve known him annoying the shit out of me, and also is naked in our living room and trying to fuck my friend in her boyfriend’s apartment.

So I swing back. And I don’t miss.

Gary stummbles back and I kick hm in the ass because why not. I fucking rain on him for like 20 seconds before he tries grabbing on to me.

This is the point where I realize he’s still ROCK FUCKING HARD.

So I grab him by the dick.

And I pull.


I fucking lift Gary off the ground by his dick. At this point Paul and Kyle are getting back from their errands, and they walk into the apartment to see me giving Gary the worst handjob of all time while he tries his best moose call. They kinda just stare for a minute while I spin Gary around the room by his dick before Grace comes in screaming about what happened and Kyle jumps in to beat the shit out of Gary.

So we kick the shi9t out of Gary and make him put pants on before we kick him out because we aren’t a bunch of fucking savages and we all joke about it every time I’m arguing with someone at a party Kyle tells everyone I’ll rip their dicks off. Like a week later Grace hears from a friend that Gary tore a groin muscle from our little fight and it becomes even more hilarious to all of us we spoke to Gary once after this he called Grace a bitch and I threatened to feed him his balls.

So that’s the story of the time I gave a dude a mid-fight handy that was so rough I sent him to the hospital.


I’m sure some of you may have noticed a dip in activity for us izuocha shippers, specifically that nice tagging thing we did and quite possibly why your getting tags here instead

Well hatefilledpoptarts to explain now what this shiny new blog is and how its come about, as well as some basic guidelines.

why the izuocha-tagging-squad exists

As it stands there is a slowly increasing amount of izuocha shippers interested in being involved

and if you have a look I’m going to show a screenshot of my first time tagging

a pretty short list at the start of all this

welp this was the steady increase before the open invitation

and this here is after the invitation

it got big

really big

so we’ve come to the logical conclusion keeping track of this many names and filling out a reblog for this amount of tags for every new izuocha piece we want to share is not going to cut it anymore, some of us forgot names and some of us refill in tags that were missed; its much too much resulting in confusion at times and we just can’t keep filling out this large of a list every time doing our best to remember everyone and keeping it in order.

So, to combat that stress, and to continue making the izuocha community welcoming for new shippers, a small group of us original taggers got together and went ahead to make this shared space to put it all our finds and tag everyone if thats what they want; where people who want to see izuocha on the regular can follow or even join as a member to reblog and share their own work.

What to do here

This will be our shared space where we’ll be putting all the izuocha fan works we find here instead of bringing it onto our personal blogs to tag

If there is anyone who’d like to participate as a contributing member of the blog, you can contact me in order to receive an invitation that tumblr will send directly to your e-mail.

Tagging is optional, if there are members who’d like to keep up the tradition, but it won’t be required in order to participate, just reblog or submit something if you like.

If you look here,

we do have a master list now to better manage keeping track of our members and can be updated if more requests are taken

And if you’d like to just view a lot of izuocha content then you can go ahead follow us to see all our finds ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

what should be shared

what to bring in:

  • fanart
  • fan fiction
  • headcanons
  • graphics
  • edits
  • cosplay
  • metas
  • analysis
  • absolutely any cute gushing of the two
  • wholesome memes are also good

what not to bring in:

  • nsfw material, we do take sloppy makeouts but as for drawing the line these two keep their pants on!
  • anti shipping regarding other pairings won’t be tolerated here
  • no dragging of any other ships to heighten izuocha as a pairing, lets be nice here

any side pairings are allowed so long as there is izuocha in the mix, preferred they be the main pair
no polyamorous ships plz

That should be all,

once again contact me, @hatefilledpoptarts to receive an invite

I will also open the askbox until Aug. if you have any questions about the sideblog or found something confusing. I’ll do my best to give a proper response on what we’re trying do here (`・ω・´)9

Keep in mind this is still fresh and we’re still taking our time to get a feet on the ground.

Hope to see you guys here and lets enjoy this great ship even more (^v^)

Filling in the list for one last time:
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Summary: Everyone knew by now that Alex was Thomas’s alone. Right?

Author’s note: This drabble is based off of @katzun ’s sinners au. Look at her art FIRST to understand the dynamic between Thomas and Alex. TW: MINOR VIOLENCE, MENTION OF BLOOD
There were a couple of things that demons had in common that really annoyed Thomas.  Most of them looked down on humans,  with the exception of James and a few others.  Now, this didn’t really bother Thomas before.  But, that was before Alex came into his life.  Alex was a headstrong, courageous, and incredibly smart human whose wit rivaled Thomas’s own.  No matter how wonderful Alex seemed to be to Thomas, he couldn’t change how the other demons thought about humans.

In hell,  humans were possessions. It was a way to show rank,  power,  and status.  The beauty of a pet told demons you were of high status and should be respected as such.  Thomas had always made sure to have beautiful pets.  In fact,  it was Alex’s attractiveness that drew Thomas to the human.  The fact that bruises, cuts, and scratches made Alex look even more beautiful was a nice bonus. 

But,  the thing that separated Alex from Thomas’s pets in the past was that he hated being ordered around.  Every command Thomas gave the human was met with resistance, which infuriated Thomas to no end.  Usually, Thomas would force Alex to do what he wanted,  but today was different.  A major headache had prompted Thomas to let Alex have his way.

Earlier that day, James had informed Thomas that there was a problem at the gates that he needed to deal with personally.  Normally,  Thomas would have no problem leaving his domain, but now Alex was here. He couldn’t leave his human alone for that long, which was the reason for Thomas’s headache. 

Thomas wanted Alex to wear his collar.  Alex refused to wear it.  There isn’t any need to go into further detail about their two and a half hour arguement except for the outcomes.  Alex got his wish.  Thomas got a headache.  Still,  Thomas was sure to keep Alex right in front of him to convey one thing to the other demons: “he’s mine”.

The problem at the gates seemed to be a complicated one.  The demons who lived near the gate were the youngest and least powerful demons in hell.  With that being said,  they were also the most mischievous. Some of the upper level demons were complaining that the younger demons were stealing their property, but none of them had enough power to do anything about it.  While Thomas was talking with one of the victims of the alleged thefts,  Alex had wandered off because he was bored of hearing about problems that didn’t concern him.  After about twenty minutes, Thomas noticed that Alex was gone. 

“Where’s Alex? ” he asked James, who was thumbing his way through the reports. 

“I thought you were keeping an eye on him.”

“I thought he was with you.”

A feeling of panic and uneasiness settled in the pit of Thomas’s stomach.  Although Alex didn’t wear his collar,  Thomas’s mark was still present around Alex’s wrist notifying other demons that he was taken.  The mark of Satan would be enough for upper level demons to leave Alex alone.  However, lower level demons underestimated his power and would be quick to challenge his position. Anxiety quickly festered into rage and anger.  How dare someone even think about touching his Alex?!  Didn’t they know who he was?!  Thomas felt his skin burning and his hands caught fire.  James quickly looked away and stepped out of Thomas’s way.  There was only one thing on Thomas’s mind. He needed to find Alex. 
Meanwhile, Alex was doing his best to keep some lower level,  demon freak off of him.  Unlike Thomas, this demon looked less human. Thomas was able to shift his body into whatever he needed depending on the situation.  But,  this demon was stuck in his true form.  Ugly horns curled out of his head, and his body was covered in patchy goat fur.  Alex had the suspicion that he used to be human.  The demon went in again trying to get Alex to kiss him.  Alex promptly kicked him in his sensitive area and screamed at him. 

“Stay the fuck off me, asshat! ” he yelled grabbing his wrist.  Everytime the other demons touched him, it burned his skin as if fire was touching it.  “Thomas might not be here, but I don’t need him to kick your ass! ”

The demon growled and grabbed Alex’s hair pulling the human towards him.  “Shut up, pet!  You will do what I say! ”

“I said, fuck off! ” That snide comment earned Alex a hard slap in the face.  A little trinkle of blood rolled down his cheek and dribbled down his chin.  A single drop of blood hit the floor before the small hut started on fire and started to burn down. Alex looked towards the door and only saw a sea of black.  In the center, there was a pair of pissed off,  yellow glowing eyes glaring towards Alex and the demon who had kidnapped him.  The demon opened his mouth to say something, but then he suddenly burst into flames. He screamed until he couldn’t anymore and fell to the ground with a thud.  He wasn’t dead,  but he felt all of the pain of being burned to death.  Alex was scared, and his ears rang from the screams of the demon laying on the ground. He looked back at those eyes and reconized the burning passion in them. 

“T-Thomas? ”

“Alexander. Come.  Here. ”

Alex swallowed and stood up stepping over the demon on the ground towards the dark mass.  When Alex finally reached it,  possessive arms wrapped around Alex and squeezed tightly, not letting go.  And Alex let them hold him until they got home.  By that time, Thomas had cooled down, but he still had his possessive streak.  He let go of Alex,  and Alex turned to face him.

“Thomas I-”

 A pair of lips crashed against his surprising Alex.  Alex quickly got over the initial shock, welcomed the kiss, and pushed back.  Mouths slipped open. Kisses quickly changed into a sloppy, open mouthed makeout session.  Alex and Thomas fought each other for dominance as Thomas shifted his body weight to pin Alex on the bed beneath him.  Because of Thomas’s leverage, he eventually earned dominance and Alex allowed him to trail kisses down his jawline and neck.  A cold metal collar was pushed shut around Alex’s neck unmistakingly marking him as Thomas’s.  Thomas growled in delight and left dark marks on Alex’s neck before saying one word that excite Alex and sent shivers down his spine. 



Originally posted by sneezes

  • getting the obvious stuff out of the way first
  • he’s a fucking meme and you WILL get 3am texts of a meme he found
  • also don’t open any link he sends you it’s either like the kazoo kid remix or he wants to rickroll you
  • the safest is to just answer “UuuuUuUrg Hansol why”
  • okay now that’s said
  • he will want someone laid back and chill something like a best friend but not totally 
  • I think there is also a big fat chance you’re dirty minded and yes he thinks it’s funny but that won’t stop him from reacting like a 7 y/o whenever you refer to something dirty
  • he’s pretty shy so PDA is an absolute no, it feels very uncomfortable to him because so don’t push him
  • some people think it’s like a turn on when you secretly start touching them in risky surroundings but no he might even get a little mad/frustrated because it feels very just not right
  • but BOI when you’re alone he’s the clingmonster
  • like you can’t reach something? You bet he’s gonna do the move
  • you know the move, like hovering over you to get something and it just gives you butterflies
  • he is someone that would call you bae but before you were even dating just to test out the waters because what does it really mean? nobody knows
  • ticklewars are a definitive thing with him
  • and not just hihihi cute
  • he doesn’t stop till 1) he has a bruise 2)you’re crying from laughing 3) he’s the one getting tickles now OR 4) someone walks in
  • in the last scenario he will frieze, huge eyes
  • nvm just the caveman spongebob meme, that’s it
  • kisses always start out as sweet but if you’re both in the mood they sure as hell don’t end sweet
  • he’s def a guy that’s up for slow sloppy makeouts with a lot of feeling/passion
  • if he moans which is more often than you’d expect he’s gonna be embarassed but quickly finds out you think it’s a turn on
  • surprisingly isn’t that much for tongue action but won’t mind it if you initiate it
  • loves to take the lead though
  • smiling between kisses is something he does when it’s a sweet makeout
  • but if it’s not it’s more like gasping for breath
  • okay imma stop sinning right there
  • he has a lot of feeling but is not great at expressing them, like not bad but not great either
  • at 3am Hansol either thinks everything is hilarious or he’s super deep and confused
  • he def confessed to you in the deep mood
  • he is 100% down for lazy dates
  • the king of lazy dates
  • he’s gonna kick out all members or make sure he has the room for himself though
  • he will do the yawn arm trick but ends up elbowing you in the face or something smh
  • ”Hansol if you wanted some more popcorn just get some in the kitchen, no need to have a knock down with Y/N.” ~S.Coups
  • he will get you some ice and give Seungcheol a deathglare
  • he’s not intimidated, not even the smallest bit
  • you will always tease him for the mansae hair
  • if you have bangs you know what to do, part them in the middle and start some rap
  • Seungkwan absolutely loves you for that and will occasionally join in
  • Hansol know how to have a laugh and starts singing some horrifying beautiful adlibs
  • he will want to teach you how to rap
  • he likes couple clothing but only the cool ones
  • like don’t start coming with your shirts with ‘If lost return to…’ on them no but he’s all for those matching flannels or just cute shirts but in a different colour
  • he will have you as his lockscreen and background like not pics of you together because he doesn’t like to have to see himself every time he looks at his phone 
  • but he loves to steal your phone and take some selfies but like don’t be fooled they’re not pretty selfies but not ugly selfies either
  • like just downright weird, like let me explain
  • he’ll just like put on a tough face, show a swaggy handsign and he’ll be crouching next to you sleeping
  • or like the same but just outside next to a tree
  • maybe where he has a shocked face and a hand in front of his mouth with a box of food next to him
  • later when you ask him he will be able to explain every single one of them and you’ll just be shaking your head because they’re just the worst reasons you’ve ever heard
  • ”nono you don’t get it I wanted to contrast your calm sleeping with hardness of my expression.”
  • queue for your dirty mind to bop in “hardness? Oh Hansol if only you’d woken me up…”
  • HE SCREACHES and runs away
  • you run just behind him and backhug him
  • but extreme version, you jump on his back
  • he falls with you on top of him
  • you end up laughing for a good 10 minutes
  • he’s such a shy cutie
  • would def call you bae unironically
  • but one flaw if you even consider this a flaw when you have a fight he just acts distant with glares for 5 minutes or less and after that he comes back like nothing happened
  • well atleast for minor arguments
  • take care of this memeboy people


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