sloppy art ugh


Wow, I’m so nervous right now. 

For the one and only eicinic, whom I admire a lot. Sorry for being so late D: (also sorry to give you this, it’s so shitty I want to cry). I know it is hard to tell, but it’s Bokuto and Akaashi from Eicinic’s great Adulthood AU to Haikyuu. This song really suited me at first, but then I realized it has nothing to do with their story, I’m sorry. I had to use filters on photos, bc the colors went blank. And while I have the chance I wanted to apologize one more time for all the stupid things I’ve typed yesterday on your livestream (which was awesome btw) ;-;. Have a great day!


So I recently reached 2.5k followers and I wanted to thank each and every one of you who have helped fill my dash with wonderful posts. Every single one of you have inspired me in some way or another, whether it be by making graphics, drawing amazingly, writing some of my favorite fics or even just sharing something that happened to you during the day/night. You have all made an amazing impact in my life, and I can’t thank you enough for it. Thank you all so much. Anyways, I don’t want to ramble on, so yeah… this list contains amazing artists, and people who i’ve been following ever since I first made this blog. (p.s I know i forgot some people, as i made this during the night when I couldn’t even keep my eyes from closing bc I’m lazy trash. If i just followed you there’s a high possibility you’re not on here.)

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