This is an idea I’ve had rattling around in my brain for awhile now.

I’ve been looking at a lot of Ecco stuff lately and I came up with these giant things I like to call Glyphins. I haven’t thought of a reason for their existence yet, other than that (for whatever reason) they are dolphins who willingly offered their bodies to Glyphs, becoming hosts to the sentient crystals. There are very few that exist and their songs easily rival even the biggest whales.

Some are more covered in Glyphs than others and they all vary in size, but one thing they all share is at least one Glyph protrudes from their foreheads, enhancing their songs and power, capable of tearing enemies apart with one click if they wish it. However, they are VERY slow moving, like most large creatures in the sea, and their powers mean nothing if their Key Glyph isn’t facing their foe. The other Glyphs are generally powerless until they are shed from their host.

… I have no idea where this idea came from and I really wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has come up with a similar concept/ it doesn’t work at all in the lore… 8I;
Sloppy BJ in the Dark

So here it is! I’ve been holding onto this video for about a week, trying to figure out what to do with it. We were on vacation, and couldn’t turn on the light, but my husband recorded it anyway, and I love the sounds, as have the few who’ve gotten to hear bits and pieces of it. I figured what a better way to test the water than to toss this out here as my project for my 250 followers mark ❤❤ let me know what you think 💋


I’m like 100% positive that when Jack visited Georgia for the 4th of July both Mama Bittle and MooMaw fell in love with him, and not because of the charming accent or his slammin’ hockey bod but because of his ability to just inhale food.

Like after Jack finishes his first generous helpings of potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and burger complete with all of the fixings, Mama Bittle and MooMaw plop themselves across from Jack in the shade. They both fuss over him, telling him that there’s plenty of food for seconds and thirds and to help himself.

So Jack stands up with his festive red, white, and blue paper plate and disappears for a few minutes before returning with an extra plate in his hand. Both women look over his plates with a wide smile; one plate was piled high with all of the different sides, and the other plate was holding three burgers and two hot dogs.

The two women chatted eagerly as they fanned themselves and sipped at their sweet tea, watching Jack with lovestruck eyes as he tucked into his plate quietly.

When dessert time comes around everyone serves themselves but Mama Bittle fixed up a plate especially for Jack with extra helpings of everything, which he absolutely demolishes in minutes.

After Bitty finished helping clean up dinner stuff he found Jack rocking on the front porch swing, his head tilted backwards, and his eyes closed.

“Mama get to you?” He asked with a small smile, sitting down next to him.

All he got in response was a soft, “Mhm”.