slop cup

But Hagrid catching Sirius as Padfoot roaming the grounds and mistakes him for a poor stray and his big heart just expands as he goes into animal rescue mode and what choice does Sirius have but to go with him? Hagrid won’t stop thumping his back and he means well but bloody hell it hurts. Hagrid tries to feed him some rock cakes but he’s just had a full meal at supper and, even if he was hungry, he wouldn’t eat that. Howeverhe happily slops at the bucket/cup of ale Hagrid sets down. He sneaks away after Hagrid falls asleep and wanders back into the dormitory half sloshed.

The Jaw Thing

I saw this prompt from padfootdidit and I just couldn’t resist.

early seventh year lily who has a massive crush on james watching him argue with sirius over the crossword and suddenly his jaw does the thing and she drops her pumpkin juice into her cereal      

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SNIC Half Life Show @ Edy Roy Gallery, Burlington, ON

I did not take any of these photos. All rights to original owner. For appreciation purposes only.

Collab List:

SNIC x Slop x Kind

SNIC x Slop x Rose Roads

SNIC x Slop x Yoshinori Kondo

SNIC x Joe Peters x Rose Roads (Pendant)

SNIC x Joe Peters

SNIC x Matt Eskuche

SNIC x Salt