sloots gonna sloot

The question is not “Are sloots gon’ sloot”. Rather, it’s “How much are sloots gon’ sloot”. To establish this, we need to introduce a new value, ¿ <- Which is the greek letter for “Sloot”. This will come in handy when asking questions such as “Is my gf gonna suck 15 dinks at the Halloween party tonight?”. To answer this, all you need to do is find ¿ in the equation ¿= X+Y*n, where X is the number of jaeger shots your little vixen has downed, Y is the amount of dinks at the party in integers, and n is the “bbc factor”.

Say for example that there are 25 dinks, your gf has had 7 jaeger shots, and there are 2 Jamals walkin’ around. This gives us

25+7*2= 39

In any case where ¿>10, your gf is going to suck at least 1 other dink that night with a 95% statistical probablility.