Twenty Must-Have Doom Albums of 2014

  1. Yob: Clearing The Path To Ascend
  2. Slomatics: Estron
  3. Aleph Null: Nocturnal
  4. Season of Arrows: The Loved One
  5. Eyehategod: Eyehategod
  6. Dopelord: Black Arts, Riff Worship, Weed Cult
  7. Electric Wizard: Time to Die
  8. Sunnata: Climbing The Colossus
  9. Alunah: Awakening The Forest
  10. Serpentine Path: Emanations
  11. Conan: Blood Eagle
  12. Mothersloth: Moribund Star
  13. Anguish: Mountain Jewel 
  14. Lord Mantis: Death Mask
  15. Crowbar: Symmetry in Black
  16. Swamp Machine: Mondo Magic
  17. Snailking: Storm
  18. Return From The Grave: Gates of Nowhere
  19. Pilgrim: II Void Worship
  20. The Wounded Kings: Consolamentum 

So the SLOMATICS decided to do this little show from their practice space in Belfast. Holy shit! This is the next best thing I’ll have to seeing them live, since I don’t think they have plans of touring the US anytime soon. But, after Conan did this year, who knows? Love these guys. One of our #Heavy Best"‬ was last year’s ‘Estron’ LP.


1. Troglorite (00:00)
2. Futurian (04:02)
3. Lost Punisher (08:01)
4. Ulysses My Father (12:03)
5. And Yet It Moves (16:26)

Now here is a decent compilation, now yes I would say that as my kids crust band is on it. And of course it has loads of really decent bands on too. And finally it is a benefit for the Warzone Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“The space, while having much local and international support, is in urgent need of funds to stay open and to keep providing our drop in centre to our extended punk and libertarian community. We have big plans this year which include for the first time since the space opened applying for funding and opening an affordable practice and recording studio along with other activist campaigns, but as usual we need your help. ”


Slomatics | Lost Punisher | Estron