slogan tops


twenty one pilots: Ride Swap with Vinyl Theatre

Wise words from Joshua William Dun:

“Got Ebola? Not anymore.”

“The code to the door is 4579.”

“I think being in a bus has ruined my ability to come up with slogans.”

Wise words from Tyler Robert Joseph:

“A cooler! Which is a lot worse than a fridge.”

“You can’t go wrong with a little Donkey Kong.”

“We have these giant cryo things that go off during our set and Vinyl Theatre has an Ultra Duster.”

Here is an incomplete list of the crop tops id like to see Yuuri in:

A sheer one
One with his school name on it
Football jersey with 69
Tie dye
A video game print
“My hips don’t lie”
Superman symbol
“I’m bringing booty back”
The Nike slogan “just do it” but it is crossed out and replaced with “me”
“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”

lol I saw one with a space jam print and it just made me laugh

🍭 super sorority sayings BY CHAPTER for tee shirts & crafts! 🍭

Bid day apparel and big/little crafts need special slogans unique for each chapter! In addition to each groups’s official mottos and sayings, these are some more sorority sugar FAVES for each of the 26 NPC sororities! 



  • All the Bros Love A CHI O’s
  • Couldn’t Say No to A Chi O
  • Desire the Lyre 
  • Wear a Bow & Join A-Chi-O
  • Alpha Chi Till I Die
  • Keep Calm & Seek the Heights 
  • Come on Baby, Light My Lyre
  • Wanna Go, Gotta Go, A Chi O
  • How Sweet it is to be ΑΧΩ
  • So Fly with Alpha Chi
  • There’s Only One Way to Go - A CHI O
  • With Lyres & Pearls, We’re the Greatest of Girls
  • Sassy & Classy ΑΧΩ
  • Life is Grand When ΑΧΩ Holds Your Hand
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, An ΑΧΩ is What You Are
  • She’s a Diamond, She’s a Pearl, She’s an ΑΧΩ Girl
  • Get Lyred Up 
  • Our Red Carnations Rule the Nation
  • Precious as a Diamond, Rare as a Pearl, Everyone Loves an ΑΧΩ Girl
  • Be What You Desire - Be a Lyre
  • You Had Me at A-CHI-O
  • Adventure is Out There With ΑΧΩ
  • Pretty Fly Being Alpha Chi


  • Diamonds are Forever!
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Throw Your Diamond’s in the Sky, Let em’ know you’re ADPi 
  • Keep Calm & Get Your Diamond On
  • Get It Right Blue & White 
  • It’s Hard to be Humble When You’re Queen of the Jungle 
  • In 1851 We Invented the Sorority. You’re Welcome. 
  • The First, the Finest & We Ain’t Lion
  • I Wanna Wear White and Blue & Wear That Diamond Too
  • She’s One of the Finest, She’s a Woman of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Get Your Diamond On
  • You Had Me at ΑΔΠ
  • Hear Comes the Boom <> Boom
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Kiss an ΑΔΠ and Your Dreams Will Come True
  • Rare as a Diamond, Classy as a Pearl, There’s Nothing More Precious Than an ΑΔΠ Girl
  • If You’re Reading This, We Live for Each Other
  • Lions and Diamonds and Violets Oh My - There’s No Place Like ΑΔΠ
  • The Best SoROARity in Town and I’m not LION.
  • Another Δay iΠ Paradise


  • It’s Always BEtter When We’re TΦgether
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Green & White
  • LAugh, LivE, LΦve
  • Live Young, Wild & Phi 
  • AEPhi Above All Else
  • To Phi or Not to Phi, There is No Question
  • Phine, Phresh, Phierce 
  • ClAssy SincE 19Φ9
  • TAke ME HΦme 
  • All You NEed is LΦve 
  • I’m AwEsΦme 
  • PHI or DIE
  • Green & White for the Rest of My Life
  • Be PHInomenal 


  • Pearls, Squirrels & Alpha Gam Girls 
  • All Good Things are Wild and Free and AGD
  • New Squirrels in Town 
  • Work HaΓΔ, Squirrel HaΓΔder 
  • 3 Letters, 2 Roses, 1 Purpose, 0 Regrets
  • You Had Me at Alpha Gam
  • Think Glam, Go Alpha Gam
  • Everyone Loves an Alpha Gam Girl 
  • Good Girls Go Greek - Great Girls Go Gam
  • All AmeΓicΔn Squirrel ΑΓΔ
  • AcoΓn Δmazing
  • I Bleed Red, Buff & Green
  • Diamonds are Nice and so are Pearls, But Nothing Beats Alpha Gam Girls
  • There’s No Place I’d Rather be than AGD
  • Style & Glam - Now That’s an Alpha Gam
  • Wham Bam Alpha Gam
  • It’s an Alpha Gam World After All
  • Getting Nutty Since 1904
  • Pretty as Roses, Classy as Pearls, Everyone Loves an Alpha Gam Girl
  • If the Pearls Fit, Wear Them
  • Yes Ma’am I Went Alpha Gam
  • Squirrels Do it Better
  • Hot Damn Alpha Gam
  • You’re Stuck With Me • ΑΓΔ 
  • I Need Sun, Sea and AGD


  • I Knew Right from the Start, I Had ΑΟΠ in My Heart
  • Rubies are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Be True. Be You. Be ΑΟΠ.
  • Paint the Town Red 
  • Life is Pretty With ΑΟΠ’s in the City
  • Diamonds are Pretty, and so are Pearls, but Nothing’s as Gorgeous as ΑΟΠ girls 
  • Running the World Since 1897
  • Rose to the Top
  • Rose Above the Rest
  • Live, Laugh, Alpha Love
  • She’s a Ruby, She’s a Pearl, She’s a perfect Lil ΑΟΠ Girl
  • Don’t Let AnyOΠe Dull Your Sparkle
  • Paint Your Life Red with AOΠ 
  • I’m a Panda Kind of Girl
  • Shine Bright Like an AOΠ
  • You Live, You Die and If You’re Lucky Enough You’ll Be an AOΠ
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, AOΠ is Who You Are
  • Rubies and Roses, Pandas and Pearls, _____ Finest are AOΠ Girls 


  • Life’s A Phiesta 
  • Envy the Ivy
  • Alpha Phierce 
  • All the Best Girls Wear Ivy 
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, They Wish They Were AΦ
  • Catch the Phiver 
  • PHIesty
  • Welcome to the A-List
  • Welcome to the Ivy League 
  • The Best Things in Life are Phi
  • Here’s to You, Here’s to Me, Here’s to being an Alpha Phi
  • Land of  the Phi, Home of the Brave
  • Livin’ Young, Wild & Phi
  • AΦ Makes My Heart Skip a Beat
  • The Best are EAsy to SpΦt
  • I’ve Got Alpha Phiver
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be an Alpha Phi
  • Alpha Phi the one to BE
  • GAme Φn
  • Live Young, Wild and Phi
  • She’s Not for Me if She Ain’t AΦ
  • Just Be. AΦ
  • When in Doubt Wear Red
  • One Heart. Two Letters. AΦ
  • AΦs Do It With Heart


  • Only the Best Girls Wear Rubies and Pearls
  • Bow Down to the AΣA Crown
  • On Bid Day We Wear Red
  • AΣA All Day, Every Day
  • AlphaSig Girl 
  • Love, Love, Alpha Sig 
  • Alpha Sigma Awesome 
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, AΣA Girls Are Best by Far
  • BrAins, HΣart, CourAge 
  • AΣA - Make it Reign
  • It’s No Mystery, We Make History
  • Living the AmΣricAn Dream
  • AΣA Every Day
  • Welcome to the Ladybug List
  • Dare to be Different - Dare to be AΣA
  • Life is Pretty Sweet, When You’re an Alpha Sig
  • Just Say A-S-A
  • Now Throw Your Crowns Up in the Sky and Thank God You’re an AΣA
  • Welcome to the A List
  • In AΣA We Trust
  • Home is Where the Crown Is
  • You Can Always Spot a Ladybug
  • HAppily Σver After
  • All You Need is Love and Ladybugs 


  • NAturally SomΣ LeTters Just Stand Out 
  • AΣT Strong 
  • One Nation Under Tau
  • Glamorous in Green & Gorgeous in Gold 
  • A Faithful Sister is a Sure Anchor 
  • Anchored for Life Since 1899 
  • Across the Land, Across the Sea, AΣT Sisters Forever We Will Be 
  • Because Life Needs an Anchor 
  • Taus Do It Better
  • Pretty as Roses, Classy as Pearls, Everyone Loves Alpha Sigma Tau Girls
  • Anchored Forever in AΣT
  • Nautical But Nice - AΣT
  • Love the Rest, But Anchored With the Best
  • A Streak of Gold and a Flash of Green
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, Everyone Wishes They Were AΣT
  • Kiss Me I’m a Tau
  • She’s Not For Me if She’s Not AΣT
  • Drop Your Anchor at AΣT
  • All You Need is Tau Love
  • Get Hooked on AΣT
  • The Few, The Proud, the Taus
  • Darling it’s Better Wearing Our Letters, Take it From Me AΣT


  • To XI or not to XI ~ It Was Never a Question 
  • Prepare to be AmaΞe∆
  • Welcome to XI Good Life 
  • Just Livin’ XI Dream
  • XI First, XI Finest, XI Best 
  • Life is Better AΞ∆
  • LAugh Often, LΞve Life, L∆ve Forever 
  • She’s Not For Me if She Aint Alpha Xi
  • All You NΞed Is L∆ve 
  • Leave a Little SpArkle WhΞrever Y∆u Go
  • Always ClassXI, But Oh So SassXI
  • An AΞ∆ is a Golden Thread to the Meaning of Life
  • HAppily Ξver ∆fter
  • We’ve Got no Troubles, Life is the Bubbles, Under the XI
  • You Know You Love Me XOXI
  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Put ‘Em in Your Sweet Tea & Thank God You’re an Alpha Xi
  • Young, Wild & Xi
  • cArpΞ ∆iem


  • Keep Calm and Hoot On
  • You Had Me At CHi O
  • CHI O'merica 
  • Bows, Pearls & ΧΩ Girls 
  • CHI O Till I Die O 
  • Only The Best Join The Nest 
  • ΧΩ Down to My Bones 
  • Know ΧΩ, Know Fun 
  • OWL Always Love You
  • Skull & Crossbones, Carnations & Pearls, That’s What Makes Me a ΧΩ Girl
  • We’re CHId Of a Big Deal 
  • Standing Out But Never Alone - ΧΩ
  • Welcome to ΧΩ Country
  • We Chose Wisely
  • In a World Where You Can be Anything, Be Yourself with ΧΩ
  • Red & Yellow, Pin of Pearls, We Are the ΧΩ Girls
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, ΧΩ is the Best
  • I Love You Like ΧΩ
  • Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe She’s ΧΩ


  • Delta Tri Till I Die 
  • Tri It, Live It, Love It
  • Δne Life, Δne Love, Δne Letter
  • Delta One, Delta Two, Delta Tri 
  • Life is GooDDD
  • She Loves the Pansy and the Pearl, She’s a ΔΔΔ Girl 
  • Life is Better in 3D
  • LΔt the GΔΔd TImes Roll 
  • Pansy, Pine & Pearl - I’m a ΔΔΔ Girl
  • She Dreamed of PΔrΔ PΔrΔ PΔrΔdise Every Time She Closed Her Eyes
  • There are 24 Letters in the Greek Alphabet, But Only ONE Matters to Me - ΔΔΔ
  • Why TRI Anything Else
  • Poseidon & Pansies, Pine Trees & Pearls, That’s What Makes Me a ΔΔΔ Girl
  • A Little Sassy, But Oh So Classy - ΔΔΔ
  • Welcome to the TRIbe
  • You Had Me at DeltΔ
  • Sweet as Brownies, Classy as Pie, We are the Perfect Delta Tris
  • TRIed the Rest, Pledged the Best ΔΔΔ
  • Poseidon is my Homeboy
  • Three Times Better With Just One Letter
  • Welcome to the TRIbe - ΔΔΔ
  • As Long as Stars Shine in the Sky, My Heart Belongs to Delta Tri
  • The Best “D” You’ll Get in College


  • ΔΓ Floats My Boat 
  • Anchored Forever 
  • Get Hooked on ΔΓ
  • I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To Do Good
  • Drop Your Anchor With ΔΓ
  • Sailor Gang Over Everythang
  • Delta Gamma, That’s What I Amma
  • Get On BΔΓd
  • Sweet Home Delta Gamma, Where the Good Girls Get Crazy
  • The Few. The Proud. The Anchored.
  • Hot Damn, Delta Gam
  • Some Girls Are Just Meant to Sail
  • LegendΔΓy
  • StΔΓt Livin’ the Dream
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Anchor 
  • Always an Anchor Girl
  • Why Walk With the Rest, When You Can Sail With the Best
  • I Dream of DG
  • Teach Me to DG
  • DΔmn PΓoud
  • Good Girls Do Well, But the Best Girls Do Good
  • All I Need in Life is Coffee & DG
  • Life a Mermaid to the Sea, I’m Anchored to Dee Gee
  • I Need Sun, Sand, Sea and DG
  • Home is Where the Anchor Drops


  • Viva La ΔΦΕ
  • Δreams CΦme TruE
  • Notorious DPhiE
  • Keep Calm and Esse Quam 
  • Don’t Let ΔnyΦnE Dull Your Sparkle 
  • Only Royalty Wears Purple & Gold 
  • Pretty Little Deephers 
  • Be All That You Can Be In D PHI E
  • TodΔy, TΦmorrow, ForEver 
  • It’s a Bond That Has No Words, But Three Letters - ΔΦΕ
  • Running the World Since 1917
  • D PHI E Pride
  • Are You the Woman You Want to Be? GO ΔΦΕ
  • A ΔΦΕ isn’t Something You Become, it’s Something You've Always Been
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, They Wish They Were ΔΦΕ
  • Life is Sweeter as a Deepher
  • You Roll Deep, But We Roll Deepher
  • One Day You Will Find the Place Where Dreams and Unicorns Collide
  • When All Else Fails, Unicorns Prevail
  • Unicorn by Birth, Sisters by Choice


  • AmΔΖing since 1902
  • CΔn’t Touch ThiZ
  • Bows, Pearls & Delta Zeta Girls 
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to Be a Delta Zee
  • Let It Be ΔΖ
  • Forever in the Flame 
  • I Dream in Pink & Green 
  • Nothing DΔΖzles Like Diamonds 
  • Be AmΔΖing
  • Sparkle Like a Diamond, Shine Like a Pearl, Nothing Compares to a Delta Zeta Girl
  • I’m in Love WIth This CrΔΖy Beautiful Life
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink & Green
  • Teach Me How to ΔΖ
  • Get CrΔΖy
  • Keep Calm and Get Your Rose & Green On
  • To the World You May Be Just Another Girl, But to ΔΖ Baby You Are the World
  • We’re Pretty in Pink ~ Be Green With Envy
  • You Had Me at Turtle 
  • Feel the Flame, Go Dee Zee
  • Welcome to ParaDiZe 
  • She Loves Roses and Pearls, She’s a Delta Zeta Girl
  • NΔturally Some LetterZ Just Stand Out
  • Making Dreams Come True Since 1902
  • No Bad DΔyZ
  • Land of the Free and Home of ΔZ
  • I’m in Love With This CrΔZy Beautiful Life
  • SquaD GoalZ
  • DiamondZ Are a Girl’s Best Friend


  • Shoot for the Moon with ΓΦB
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, We Are GPhi Girls 
  • How Sweet it is to Be GPhiB
  • I Love You to the Crescent Moon and Back 
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Crescent 
  • One Love, One Moon, One Sisterhood 
  • Let the Good Times ΓΦll 
  • Gamma Phi Does It Beta
  • Gamma Phi Just Got Beta
  • The Moon is High & the Night is Young
  • Gamma Phi - Living Life Beta
  • These are the Days, Don’t Let Them Pass By, Live Them Up with the Girls of Gamma Phi
  • BoΓn TΦ Be
  • Keep Calm and Lie Under the Moon
  • One Moon, Many Stars
  • NatuΓally SΦme Letters Stand Out ABove the Rest 
  • TheΓe’s No Place Like HΦme
  • Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon
  • Our Pink Carnations Will Rule the Nation
  • Moonstruck
  • The Moon is on My Side
  • Let’s Get ΓΦwdy
  • As long as the stars shine in the sky, my heart will belong to Gamma Phi


  • In Gold We Trust  
  • Think Theta
  • Thought Theta, Thought Right
  • Some Girls Were Born to Fly
  • Born to Wear Black & Gold 
  • Love at First Kite 
  • Fall in LΘVE
  • Gold is the New Black 
  • It’s a THETA World After All
  • GΘ Theta or GΘ Home
  • All You Need is LΘVE
  • Thetas We Will Always Be, Sisters for Eternity
  • Black & Gold - Faith, Hope & Love
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite Up to the Highest Height 
  • Live Theta Love Casa
  • Pretty Young Thetas
  • ΚΑΘchella
  • I Thank My Twin Stars for Theta
  • You are GOLD 
  • Stay GOLD
  • What Walk With the Rest, When You Can Fly With the Best  
  • You’re the Kite That Flies Above the Rest, You’re the Greatness That Can’t be Grasped
  • Diamonds are Nice and so are Pearls, but Nothing Beats THETA Girls


  • KΔn’t Touch This
  • Green & White, Rose & Pearl, I’m a Kappa Delta Girl
  • You Had Me at Kay Dee
  • Confidence is Key, Be a KΔ
  • There’s Something About the Green Ones
  • Confidence Is Our Best Accessory
  • Green & White for the Rest of My Life 
  • Of All the Fish in the Sea, Kay Dee is the One For Me
  • Land of the Free & Home of KΔ
  • Lucky to be a KΔ Lady
  • Go Konfidently in the Direction of your Δreams
  • Dagger Swagger - KΔ
  • Take Me to the Emerald City, Where the Letters are Green and the Girls are Pretty
  • Classy Girls Wear Green & Pearls
  • Saw the Rest, PickKΔd the Best
  • The Good Go Greek, the Great Go Confidently KΔ
  • Home of the Free - Love in the AOT


  • Keepin’ It Klassy • Keepin’ It Kappa
  • I’m So Happy That I Amma Kappa Kappa Gamma 
  • Live Kappily Ever After 
  • The Fleur de Lis, The Golden Key, Sisters We’ll Forever Be 
  • Blue & Blue Looks Good On You 
  • Know Kappa, Know Fun, No Kappa, No Fun
  • Blue Is Our Color and Blue Is Our Other Color
  • Wham Bam Kappa Gam
  • KAPPA - It’s Who We Are, It’s What We Do
  • The Sapphire Stone Sits Highest on the Throne
  • She’s Not for Me, if She Ain’t KKG
  • Pin the KEY to Your Happiness Right Over Your Heart
  • A House is Not a Home Without My Kappa Sisters
  • Sapphires & Pearls, We're ΚΚΓ Girls
  • I Bleed Blue & Blue
  • Kappa Is What I Amma
  • Red, White, Blue & Blue
  • Drop it to the Fleur 
  • It’s Great to Be ΚΚΓ
  • A Golden Key Can Open Any Door
  • Red, White, Blue & Blue
  • Only the Best Katch a ΚΚΓ
  • Golden Key State of Mind
  • Aspire to Be ΚΚΓ


  • Go With the Phinest 
  • Phi Mu’s Do It Best
  • SΦMe Were Born to Stand Out
  • Welcome to the Pride 
  • Carnations, Pearls and ΦM Girls 
  • No Matter the Letter, ΦM Does It Better
  • ΦMG - Phi Mu Is For Me
  • Phi Mu - Making Dreams Come True
  • Rare as a Diamond, Classy as a Pearl, Nothing Compares to a ΦM Girl
  • Nothing in This World Like a ΦM Girl
  • It’s a PHInominal Life 
  • There’s No Place Like HΦMe
  • When You’re Here You’re HΦMe
  • Livin’ the ΦM Dream
  • Three Principles, Two Letters, One Unbreakable Bond
  • Φuatrefoil It Up
  • Sweet Southern CΦMfort
  • HΦMe Sweet HΦMe
  • Better Than You Since 1852
  • Making Dreams Come True Since 1852
  • Red, White & Mu
  • Just Mu It


  • I Bleed Blue & Gold 
  • Born to Be Phi Sig 
  • Go Phi Sig or Go Home 
  • The Best Just GΦt BΣttΣr 
  • Aiming High Since 1913
  • Get On Φur LΣvΣl 
  • We Aim High No Lie
  • Making Sisterhood Look Good Since 1913
  • Roses are Red, Sapphires are Blue, We are ΦΣΣ & We Love You
  • The Happiest Girls Have Sapphire Smiles
  • Blue & Gold the Rest of My Life
  • We RΦck the HousΣ LikΣ It’s 1913
  • You Φnly LivΣ OncΣ
  • Keep Calm and Aim High
  • We May Not Have it All TΦgΣthΣr, But Together We Have it All
  • Long Live the ΦuΣΣns
  • Sapphires are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Diamonds are Nice & So Are Pearls, but Nothing Beats Sapphire Girls
  • There’s Something About the Blue Ones
  • Aim High to be the Best
  • Φne LovΣ, Φne LifΣ
  • Fine, Fresh, Fierce, ΦΣΣ
  • When It’s Real It’s FΦrΣvΣr
  • We May Stand Φut, But We NΣvΣr Stand Alone 
  • Friends Come and Go, but Sisters are FΦrΣvΣr
  • Once, Always, FΦrΣvΣr the Phinest 


  • Pi Phi Gives You Wings
  • Calling All Angels  
  • You Had Me At Halo
  • Follow Your Arrow Wherever it Points
  • Angels Lookin’ Fine in Silver Blue & Wine 
  • Pick the Phinest 
  • Chosen by the Wine & Blue
  • You OΠly Live Φnce
  • AΠgels Have MΦre Fun
  • With Brave Wings She Flies ΠΒΦ
  • Sisters Bound in Wine & Blue, ΠΒΦ is Love, Friendships are True
  • Three Letters, Two Wings, One Arrow
  • From HeaveΠ With LΦve
  • ΠΒΦ Makes My ♥ Go Boom Boom
  • Light on the Silver Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Only the Best Can Fly With Pi Phi
  • May There Always Be an Angel By Your Side
  • Sisters Are Angels Who Lift You Up When Your Wings Forget How To Fly
  • Hey Hey What Do You Say? Shoot for the Arrow Everyday
  • Keepin’ It Angelic Since 1867
  • Easy on the Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly, Pi Beta Phi
  • UΠΒΦbound by Gravity, These Angels Can Fly
  • Welcome to Our Heaven


  • Sig Delt State of Mind
  • Till DΣΔTh Do Us Part
  • Drafting the GrΣΔTest Since 1917
  • We Bring the HΣΔT
  • ΣΔT Your Heart Out
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight 
  • She’s a Sig Delt Girl Livin’ In A Sig Delt World
  • Last Name EVER, First Name GrΣΔTest 
  • It’s Sweet to Be in SDT
  • Why Fit In, When You’re Born to ΣtanΔ OuT
  • Bow in the Presence of GrΣΔTness
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight
  • You’ve Got a Friend in SDT
  • All I Need is My Sisters & a Good BeΣΔT
  • WΣ Be Δll NighT 
  • Have to Be SDT
  • BrΣΔThe Easy
  • UndefΣΔTed
  • Dream the Impossible, Seek the Unknown, Achieve GrΣΔTness
  • Forget the Good Life, Welcome to the GrΣΔT Life
  • Grateful to Be SDT
  • Passing the Torch Since 1917
  • In Sig Delta We Trust
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be SDT
  • Fresh to DΣΔTh


  • Bows, Doves & Pearls for Sig Kap Girls 
  • Dove At First Sight 
  • Dove Love
  • Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Dove Domination 
  • In ΣK We Trust 
  • ΣK Has Heart 
  • I’m OK With Sigma Kay
  • She’s a Violet, She’s a Pearl, She’s my Lil Sig Kap Girl
  • Love In The Dove
  • Bows, Doves & a Little Bit of Love
  • Pretty in Purple, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone Loves a ΣK Girl
  • You Can’t Beat PerfΣKtion 
  • Sig Kappily Ever After
  • A PerfΣKt Fit
  • BeΣKome Your Best Self
  • In 1776 the Best Country was Founded - In 1874 the Best Sorority Was
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Sig Kap Girls are Best by Far
  • Side By Side, Or Miles Apart, ΣK Sisters Stay Close to the Heart
  • Precious as a Diamond, Rare as a Pearl, Everyone Loves a ΣK Girl
  • All You Need is Dove Love
  • Of All the Fish in the Sea, Sigma Kay is the One for Me


  • LivΣ LifΣ LikΣ A Boss
  • Let Your Dreams Set Sail with Sigma 
  • ThΣ TimΣ of Your LifΣ
  • Holdin’ It Down Since 1898
  • Tri Till I Die 
  • Σigma Σsisterhood Makes Us Σtronger 
  • Tri Sigma or Not At All
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Tri Sigma Girls are Best By Far 
  • Sigma Floats My Boat
  • I ♥ Bow Ties and Sigma Tri’s
  • The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls
  • We BΣliΣvΣ in Each Other
  • Skull & Crossbones, Violets & Pearls - That’s What Makes Me a Tri Sigma Girl
  • Why TRI Anything Else
  • One Life, One Love, One Letter
  • Forever the Royal Purple
  • BΣliΣvΣ in Magic, Believe in ΣΣΣ
  • One’s Company, Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Party - ΣΣΣ 
  • Come Sail Away with ΣΣΣ 
  • Just TRI It
  • Straight Up ΣΣΣ 


  • Bow in the Presence of Greatness ~ ΘΦA
  • GlamΘrous, BΦld & BeAutiful 
  • Sail Away with TPA 
  • America’s Phinest ~ ΘΦA
  • North South East West ΘΦA is the Best 
  • Follow the Compass
  • Penguins & Pearls for ΘΦA Girls 
  • Sapphires are a Girl’s Best Friend 
  • The Few, the Proud, the Theta Phi
  • American by Birth, ΘΦA by the Grace of God
  • Of all the Fish in the Sea, Theta Phi is the One for Me
  • Keep Calm and Love Penguins
  • A Girl Should be Three Things… Classy, Fabulous & ΘΦA
  • Theta Phi Awesome 
  • WelcΘme to the GΦod Life 
  • We DΘmΦnAte
  • Happiness Is… Being a Theta Phi 
  • ΘΦA is Your True North 
  • We Rose Above the Rest
  • Loyal as a Penguin, Pretty as a Pearl, We are ΘΦA Girls
  • Ever Loyal • Ever Lasting • Ever Fabulous


  • Always Wear Your Invisible Crown 
  • Zeta Tau Awesome 
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Turquoise 
  • Perfect in Turquoise, Stunning in Silver 
  • Only The Best Get Crowned 
  • Crowing the Best Since 1898
  • Come Sail Away With ZTA
  • Life, Liberty and Pursuit of the Crown
  • ZLAM, Zeta Love & Mine
  • I Pledge my Loyalty to Zeta Royalty
  • Bow Down to the Crown
  • Anyone Can Wear Letters, but only Zetas Can Wear the Crown
  • Today and Forever We Will Always Be Zetas True
  • Diamonds are Nice, and So Are Pearls, but Nothing Beats ZTA Girls
  • Pretty Little Zetas
  • All I Need is my Crown to Lean On
  • ZTA Make it Reign
  • SeiZe The DAy
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone Loves ZTA Girls

🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭
Call Me Daddy
(LA RPG Sub Blog)

The Call Me Daddy brand was born from Penelope’s life-long passion for all things fashion. Penelope started working on stand-out, spirited, slogan-centric sock designs and the Call Me Daddy statement sock and hat line was born. These top-selling slogan pieces are now synonymous with the CMD design and aesthetic, with loyal customers collecting them all and sharing proudly on social media. 

🌸 chapter specific bid day themes & banner slogans! 🌸

These are some “sorority specific” themes and recruitment slogans! Most of these sayings can be adapted to different chapters. Perfect for bid day banners and tee shirts.

🌸   80 Bid Day Themed Slogans for Different Chapters: 🌸 

  1. Glow Gamma Phi
  2. Welcome to XI Good Life
  3. You Had Me At Halo
  4. Sweet Home Delta Gamma
  5. These Girls Are On PHIre
  6. Kappa Karnival 
  7. Pretty Little Lyres 
  8. In APhi We Trust
  9. Say Yes To the Crest
  10. Red, Kite & Blue
  11. Betas in Wonderland
  12. Bow Down to the Crown
  13. The Best Just Got Beta
  14. Chi O'Merica
  15. Sail With the Best
  16. Kappily Ever After Starts Here
  17. Nothing Dazzles Like an Alpha Gam
  18. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  19. ADPi in the Sky With Diamonds 
  20. Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone’s Wild About SK GIrls
  21. Drafting Top Picks Since ___
  22. Come One, Come All, To the Greatest Sorority of Them All ___
  23. Our Future Never Looked So Bright
  24. Something Beautiful is on the Horizon
  25. Under the Sea With KD
  26. There is No Better Friend Than a ___ Sister. And No Better ___ Than You
  27. Only the Best Get Picked
  28. Only the Wise Know to Go ChiO
  29. The Best Catch Around
  30. Every Girl Can Be Pretty in Pink, but to be Beautiful You Must Add a Little Green
  31. Welcome to our TRIbe
  32. Here’s to Lack of Sleep, Blistered Feet & Amazing New Sisters at the End of the Week
  33. Every Day Should Feel This Good
  34. Hold on Tight, You’re In For the Ride of Your Life
  35. A Little Bit Classy & Oh So Sassy, Definitely ___
  36. In Simga We Trust
  37. Our New Girls are a Real Catch
  38. A League of Our Own
  39. Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters, Take It From Me 
  40. What’s Not to Love About Zeta
  41. It’s Bid Day Baby
  42. Adventure is Out There with KD
  43. Home is Wherever I’m With You
  44. Breakfast at Tri Delta
  45. No Need to Roam, I’ve Found My Home 
  46. Red, White & Bows
  47. From Her Cowboy Boots, To Her ZETA Roots
  48. The Good Go Greek, The Great Go Confidently
  49. We Chose Wisely
  50. Welcome to the Ivy League
  51. Making Dreams Come True Since ___
  52. The Most Magnificent Sisterhood on Earth
  53. I Knew From the Start, I Had AOII in My Heart
  54. Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be a Kay Dee
  55. Sweet as Can Be, Welcome Home to Delta Gee
  56. Shells Sink, Dreams Float, Life’s Good in Our Phi Mu Boat
  57. The Odds Were In Your Favor
  58. Live it. Love It. Alpha Phi.
  59. Lights, Camera, Action, We Are XI Main Attraction
  60. Bid the Best
  61. All You Need is Theta Love 
  62. How I Met My Sisters
  63. Kissed the Rest Goodbye, Went Delta Tri
  64. The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls 
  65. This House is So Right
  66. I’m Coming Home to You
  67. If I Had Three Wishes, They’d Be For These Zistas
  68. DG Floats My Boat
  69. What Ever Happens Here, Stays In Our Hearts Forever
  70. I Got the Wish I Wished Last Night
  71. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Our Sorority is Blessed Because of You
  72. Why Gamble on the Rest, When You Can Bid on the Best
  73. Welcome to the Winner’s Circle
  74. Welcome to the A-List
  75. We Hand Picked the Sweetest
  76. Ain’t Nothing But a Phi Thang Baby
  77. Down With The Crown
  78. Flying First Class Since ___
  79. Some Girls Were Meant to Sail
  80. Throw Three D’s on That Bid

🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸 🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸 

6. Charles Xavier (Request)

Request:  “hello can u pls do 1, 6, 21, and 22 with Charles? Thank u!”

Afternoon requester! Here is no. 6 because Ives and I are splitting them two each and I am currently procrastinating my “holiday homework”… I mean… those are two words that don’t belong together at ALL. It’s like a bizarre twisted oxymoron. Any who, I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!


It was an incredibly hot night. Too hot. Too blooming hot. Like the stereotype of an Aussie summer but times by a bazillion… though perhaps that’s a tad exaggerated. You’d blasted the AC in the hotel room but it just wasn’t working that well. Charles and Erik were out recruiting and you had tagged along. Mainly because you didn’t want to stay at the bunker. Too many people there, too many humans who didn’t understand. You didn’t want to join them on the recruit either, because they could very much handle themselves and you could have some alone time. Nice book, nice rest. Except you hadn’t counted on the bloomin’ heat.

You looked at the adorable little pajamas you’d put on the bed… Little owls on the shorts, little slogan on the top. Should you wear them, should you go without… that was the question. You’d just jumped out of the shower and you figured, “Nah. Nope.” You jumped in and snuggled under the blankets. To others it might be weird; a hot night without pajamas and you were jumping under the covers but you just couldn’t sleep without them over you. You just felt safer under the covers. They were like a little shield to the rest of the world. Also they were a good cover for your naked-ity if anything should go wrong. You read your book for a while until you reached over to turn out your light and lay down your head to go to sleep.

You heard footsteps coming down the hall and frowned. Must be Charles and Erik heading to their room. Suddenly you heard your door opening. You sat bolt upright, pulling the covers tight against you till it could be safe to say you could rock that sheet at fashion week with no chance of a wardrobe malfunction. Only your shoulders were bare. You flicked on the light and there was Charles, now shielding his eyes from the assault of the brightness you had created. He had just taken off his shoes and had them in hand. He blinked a couple of times and shook his head until he spotted you.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” He asked, confused.

“Um… because it’s not your bed, Charles. This is my room.”

“Nope. This one is mine, I think.” He said, lowering his eyebrows and trying to concentrate. He may have had a few to drink, it seemed.

“Just… just step out of the room so I can get dressed?” You asked, and he did just as you said. You put on the pajamas from before and then he stepped back into the room.

“Show me your room key.” You said as soon as he entered the room again. He did and the number matched the one on your own room key.

“I don’t… Why didn’t we notice the mix up before?” Charles started.

“Because you put your bags in Erik’s room before so you could rush off to track down the mutant without checking your room first?” You reminded him. A look of understanding dawned on his face.

“Oh. So we’re sharing?” He was confused again.

“I… I guess.” He could stay in Erik’s room but you weren’t going to mention that. You both jumped into bed, putting a pillow between you both before you drifted off to sleep. Charles was still fully dressed but he didn’t seem to mind. Somewhere in the both of your sleep, the pillow got moved and you ended up snuggling. In the morning, instead of either of you trying to make excuses, Charles had just kissed you on the top of your head and when you’d smiled at that he’d kissed you full on the mouth. Well… that little mix-up had worked out for the best!

🎓 quotes for senior sister crafts & gifts! 🎓

Big/littles love to craft and give custom gifts to their senior sisters! They often need a saying to include on a plaque, paddle, wooden box, or even a tee shirt. Here are some grad sentiments for creating thoughtful senior gifties. Add sister, big, or the grad’s name for extra customization! xoxo ;)

🎓  83 Inspirational Graduation Sayings: 🎓

  • You did it!
  • Congrats graduate!
  • I knew you could do it!
  • You did it ~ time to celebrate!
  • Graduated into adulthood
  • Ready or not!
  • Success is yours!
  • Way to go graduate! 
  • Life learner
  • It’s about time!
  • It’s all a piece of cake from here… 
  • Life is your college
  • Believe in yourself 
  • Make your mark
  • Believe in the beauty of your dreams
  • Go where there is not path and leave a trail
  • The future belongs to you
  • Believe.
  • Steer yourself in any direction
  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams 
  • Live the life you have imagined
  • Opportunity knocks
  • Dream big
  • Ask why not?
  • Change the world 
  • Your horizon awaits 
  • Accomplish, achieve, triumph!
  • Be happy!
  • Graduation is not the end, it is the beginning
  • Everything you can imagine is real
  • When you leave here, don’t forget 
  • Light a star! 
  • Stay the course
  • Dream no small dreams 
  • All of your dreams can come true
  • Walk the walk
  • Hold fast to your dreams
  • Go with all your heart
  • Impressed!
  • Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened
  • Big minds have no time for little worries
  • Do something remarkable!
  • Yesterday is already a dream ~ tomorrow is a vision 
  • Listen to your heart 
  • Remember your sorority days
  • Happy memories never wear out
  • May your spirits soar 
  • Aim high!
  • Just the beginning of even greater things
  • Hold your vision in your heart
  • Listen to the song in your soul 
  • Happiness always! 
  • You’re a shining star 
  • Spread your wings and fly
  • Have a life of sheer delight
  • One smart cookie! 
  • One step closer to your dream
  • What a trip it’s been
  • Did it right
  • This was the time of my life 
  • We’ll always be together
  • Leaving a legacy!
  • Those were the days
  • We remember all the times we shared together
  • Not one regret!
  • I wouldn’t change a thing
  • You are always my sister, always my friend
  • The finest years I’ve ever known were the years I had with you
  • Anything is possible 
  • Glorious victorious!
  • Welcome to the real world
  • Still notorious
  • End of an era
  • Write your own story
  • To infinity and beyond 
  • Meant to be
  • Graduating the best since ___ (sorority founding date)
  • Naturally some graduates stand out
  • Not four years… for life
  • Let the Grad times roll
  • Laugh often - Love life - Live forever!
  • Friends forever - Sisters for life
  • Never give up!

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Please help us see one of our Ultimate Bias groups ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

Murray Bookchin, “The Bernie Sanders Paradox: When Socialism Grows Old” (1986)

The posters that appeared all over Burlington — Vermont’s largest city (pop: 37,000) in the winter of 1980-81 were arresting and provocative. They showed an old map of the city with a label slapped across it that read: “For Sale.” A bold slogan across the top, in turn, proclaimed that “Burlington Is Not for Sale,” and smiling amiably in the right-hand corner was the youngish, fairly well-known face of Bernard Sanders, sans tie, open-collared, almost endearingly shy and unpretentious. The onlooker was enjoined to rescue Burlington by voting for “Bernie” Sanders for mayor. Sanders, the long-time gubernatorial candidate of Vermont’s maverick Liberty Union, was now challenging “Gordie” Paquette, an inert Democratic fixture in City Hall, who had successfully fended off equally inert Republican opponents for nearly a decade.

That Sanders won this election on March 3, 1981, by only ten votes is now a Vermont legend that has percolated throughout the country over the past five years. What gives Sanders almost legendary qualities as a mayor and politician is that he proclaims himself to be a socialist — to many admiring acolytes, a Marxist — who is now in the midpoint of a third term after rolling up huge margins in two previous elections. From a ten-vote lead to some fifty-two percent of the electorate, Sanders has ballooned out of Burlington in a flurry of civic tournaments that variously cast him as a working-class hero or a demonic “Bolshevik.” His victories now make the New York Times and his trips outside of Burlington take him to places as far as Managua, where he has visited with Daniel Ortega, and to Monthly Review fundraising banquets, where he rubs shoulders with New York’s radical elite. Sanders has even been invited to the Socialist Scholar’s Conference, an offer he wisely declined. Neither scholarship nor theory is a Sanders forte. If socialist he be, he is of the “bread-and-butter” kind whose preference for “realism” over ideals has earned him notoriety even within his closest co-workers in City Hall.

The criss-crossing lines that deface almost every serious attempt to draw an intelligible sketch of the Sanders administration and its meaning for radicals result from a deep-seated paradox in “bread-and-butter” socialism itself. It trivializes this larger issue to deal with Sanders merely as a personality or to evaluate his achievements in the stark terms of lavish praise or damning blame. A sophomoric tribute to Sanders’ doings in the Monthly Review of a year ago was as maladroit as the thundering letters of denunciation that appear in the Burlington Free Press. Sanders fits neither the heaven-sent roles he is given in radical monthlies nor the demonic ones he acquires in conservative letters to moderate dailies.

To dwell heavily on his well-known paranoia and suspicious reclusiveness beclouds the more important fact that he is a centralist, who is more committed to accumulating power in the mayor’s office than giving it to the people. To spoof him for his unadorned speech and macho manner is to ignore the fact that his notions of a “class analysis” are narrowly productivist and would embarrass a Lenin, not to mention a Marx. To mock his stolid behavior and the surprising conventionality of his values is to conceal his commitment to thirties’ belief in technological progress, businesslike efficiency, and a naive adherence to the benefits of “growth.” The logic of all these ideas is that democratic practice is seen as secondary to a full belly, the earthy proletariat tends to be eulogized over the “effete” intellectuals, and environmental, feminist, and communitarian issues are regarded as “petit-bourgeois” frivolities by comparison with the material needs of “working people.” Whether the two sides of this “balance sheet” need be placed at odds with each other is a problem that neither Sanders nor many radicals of his kind have fully resolved. The tragedy is that Sanders did not live out his life between 1870 and 1940, and the paradox that faces him is: why does a constellation of ideas that seemed so rebellious fifty years ago appear to be so conservative today? This, let me note, is not only Sanders’ problem. It is one that confronts a very sizable part of the left today. 

Sanders is by no means the sole focus of this paradox. The fact is that Sanders’ problems, personal as they seem, really reflect problems that exist in Burlington itself. Contrary to the notion that Vermont is what America used to be, the state — and particularly, Burlington — is more like what America is becoming than what America was. The major corporations in the city and its environs are IBM and GE — and the GE plant in Burlington makes the only Gatling gun in the United States, a horrendous fact that should by all rights trouble any socialist mayor. The Old North End, Sanders’ sans-culottes wards (Numbers Two and Three), consists in large part of home-bred Vermonters who work in service, repair, and maintenance jobs when they have jobs at all. The remaining four wards are filled with newcomers to the city and with elderly people who have the luck to own their homes.

Basically middle-class in work and values, the form a pepper mix of old Vermonters and “new professionals,” a term that embraces anyone from insurance brokers, real-estate operators, and retailers to doctors, lawyers, and professors. Hippies still mingle freely with Yuppies; indeed, in egalitarian Vermont, there is a reasonable degree of intercourse between the wealthy, the well-to-do, and the poor. What is most important: Burlington is a town in frenzied transition. A sleepy little place some fifteen years ago with bacon-and-egg diners, hardware stores, clothing emporiums, and even a gun shop in the center of town, it is becoming a beehive of activity. Electronics in all its forms is moving into Vermont together with boutiques, inns, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions — and in Burlington, particularly, a thriving academic establishment that draws thousands of students and their parents into its commercial fold.

The problems of “modernization” that confront the town produce very mixed reactions — not only in its inhabitants but in Sanders. A large number of people feel plundered, including some of the plunderers, if you are to believe them. Burlington is living evidence that myth can be real, even more real than reality itself. Accordingly, myth holds that Burlington is small, homey, caring, crime-free, independent, mutualistic, liberal, and innocently American in its belief that everything good can happen if one so wills it to be. This glowing American optimism, in my view one of our national assets, often lives in doleful contradiction with the fact that if everything good can happen, everything bad does happen — including union-busting, growing contrasts between rich and poor, housing shortages, rising rents, gentrification, pollution, parking problems, traffic congestion, increasing crime, anomie, and growth, more growth, and still more growth — upward, inward, and outward.

The tension between myth and reality is as strong as between one set of realities and another. Burlingtonians generally do not like what is happening, although there are far too many of them who are making the most of it. Even the alleged “benefits” of growth and modernization are riddled by their own internal contradictions. If there are more jobs and little unemployment, there is lower pay and rising living costs. If there are more tourists and a very amiable citizenry to receive them, there is less spread of income across social lines and more robberies. If there is more construction and less labor shortages, there are fewer homes and more newcomers. Office-building and gentrification go hand in hand with fewer small businesses and far too many people who need inexpensive shelter.

Very crucial to all of this is the conflict of values and cultures that “modernization” produces. Basically, Burlingtonians want to keep their city intimate, caring, and liberal. They like to believe that they are living an older way of life with modern conveniences and in accord with fiercely independent values that are rooted in a colorful past. It is this underlying independence of Vermonters generally, including newcomers who are absorbed into Burlington, that makes the clash between a lingering libertarian Yankee tradition and a corrosive, authoritarian corporate reality so inherently explosive. Ironically, Bernard Sanders owes his present political career to the irascible public behavior this libertarian tradition produces, yet he understands that behavior very little. To Sanders, Burlington is basically Detroit as it was two generations ago and the fact that the town was “not for sale” in 1981 carried mixed messages to him and his electorate. To the electorate, the slogan meant that the city and its values were priceless and hence were to be guarded and preserved as much as possible. To Sanders, all rhetoric aside, it meant that the city, although not on an auction block, had a genuinely high price tag.

Whether the electorate who voted for him was less “realistic” than Sanders is not relevant: the fact is that both saw the “sale” of the city from different, if not radically opposing, perspectives. Both, in fact, were guided by varying “reality principles.” The electorate wanted a greater say in the city’s future; Sanders wanted to bring more efficiency to its disposition. The electorate wanted to preserve the city’s human scale and quality of life; Sanders wanted it to grow according to a well-designed plan and with due regard for cost-effectiveness. The electorate, in effect, saw Burlington as a home and wanted to keep its emphasis on old-style values alive; Sanders, together with many of his opponents, saw it as a business and wanted its “growth” to be beneficial, presumably to “working people.” 

This is not to deny that Burlington has its fair share of economic predators and political operators or that property taxes are very important and material problems ranging from shelter to the cost of food are very real. But this town also has a deep sense of municipal pride and its highly independent, even idiosyncratic, population exudes a form of local patriotism that fades as one approaches larger, less historically conscious, and less environmentally oriented communities. Sanders would never admit that for Burlingtonians, the electorate’s independence has begun to clash with his fading regard for democratic practice; that technological “progress” and structural “growth” can arouse more suspicion than enthusiasm; that the quality of life runs neck and neck as an issue with material benefits. Indeed, for Sanders and his administration (the two are not necessarily identical), thirties socialism is notable for the fact that it rescues the marketplace from “anarchy,” not that it necessarily challenges the market system as such and its impact on the city. In Sanders’ version of socialism, there is a sharp “business” orientation toward Burlington as a well-managed corporate enterprise.

Herein lies the greatest irony of all: all rhetoric aside, Bernard Sanders’ version of socialism is proving to be a subtle instrument for rationalizing the marketplace — not for controlling it, much less threatening it. His thirties-type radicalism, like Frankenstein’s “monster,” is rising up to challenge its own creator. In this respect, Sanders does not make history; more often than not, he is one of its victims. Hence to understand the direction he is following and the problems it raises for radicals generally, it is important to focus not on his rhetoric, which makes his administration so alluring to socialists inside and outside of Vermont, but to take a hard look at the realities of his practice.

Sanders’ Record 

SANDERS’ CLAIM that he has created “open government” in Burlington is premised on a very elastic assumption of what one means by the word “open.“ That Sanders prides himself on being "responsive” to underprivileged people in Burlington who are faced with evictions, lack of heat, wretched housing conditions, and the ills of poverty is not evidence of “openness” — that is, if we assume the term means greater municipal democracy and public participation. What often passes for “open government” in the Sanders cosmos is the mayor’s willingness to hear the complaints and distress signals of his clients and courtiers, not a responsibility to give them any appreciable share in the city’s government. What Sanders dispenses under the name of “open government” is personal paternalism rather than democracy. After six years of Sanders’ paternalism, there is nothing that resembles Berkeley’s elaborate network of grassroots organizations and councils that feed into City Hall. 

When it comes to municipal democracy, Sanders is surprisingly tight-fisted and plays his cards very close to his chest. Queried shortly after his 1981 election on a local talk-show, You Can Quote Me, Sanders was pointedly asked if he favored town-meeting government, a very traditional form of citizen assemblies that has deep-seated roots in Vermont townships. Sanders’ response was as pointed as the question. It was an emphatic “No.” After expressing his proclivity for the present aldermanic system, the mayor was to enter into a chronic battle with the “Republicrat” board of aldermen over appointments and requests that were to be stubbornly rejected by the very system of government that had his early sanction. 

Sanders’ quarrels with the board of aldermen did not significantly alter his identification of “open government” with personal paternalism. As an accepted fixture in Burlington’s civic politics, he now runs the city with cool self-assurance, surrounded by a small group of a half-dozen or so aides who formulate his best ideas and occasionally receive his most strident verbal abuse. The Mayor’s Council on the Arts is a hand-picked affair, whether by the mayor directly or by completely dedicated devotees; similarly, the Mayor’s Youth Office. It is difficult to tell when Sanders will create another “council” — or, more appropriately, an “office” — except to note that there are peace, environmental, and gay communities, not to speak of unemployed, elderly, welfare, and many similar constituents who have no “Mayor’s” councils in City Hall. Nor is it clear to what extent any of the existing councils authentically represent local organizations and/or tendencies that exist in the subcultures and deprived communities in Burlington. 

Sanders is a centralist and his administration, despite its democratic proclivities, tends to look more like a civic oligarchy than a municipal democracy. The Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) which were introduced in Burlington’s six wards in the autumn of 1982 and have been widely touted as evidence of “grassroots democracy” were not institutions that originated in Sanders’ head. Their origin is fairly complex and stems from a welter of notions that were floating around Burlington in neighborhood organizations that gathered shortly after Sanders’ 1981 election to develop ideas for wider citizen participation in the city and its affairs. That people in the administration played a role in forming assemblies is indisputably true, but so too did others who have since come to oppose Sanders for positions that have compromised his pledges to the electorate. 

Bernard Sanders’ view of government appears in its most sharply etched form in an interview the mayor gave to a fairly sympathetic reporter on the Burlington Free Press in June, 1984. Headlined “Sanders Works to Expand Mayor’s Role,” the story carried a portrait of the mayor in one of his more pensive moods with the quote: “We are absolutely rewriting the role of what city government is supposed to be doing in the state of Vermont.’ The article leaped immediately into the whole thrust of Sanders’ version of city government: "to expand and strengthen the role of the [mayor’s] office in city government:” This process has been marked by an "expanding City Hall staff,” an increased “role in the selection of a new fire chief,” “a similar role in the Police Department,” and "in development issues, such as the proposed downtown hotel.” In response to criticism that Sanders has been “centraliz-ing” power and reducing the checks and balances in city government, his supporters “stress that citizen input, through both the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies and expanded voter output, has been greatly increased.” That the Neighborhood Planning Assemblies have essentially been permitted to languish in an atmosphere of benign neglect and that voter participation in elections hardly equatable to direct participation by the citizenry has left the mayor thoroughly unruffled. 

A FAIR CONSIDERATION of the results produced by Sanders’ increased role in city affairs provides a good test of a political strategy that threatens to create institutional forms for a Burlington version of New York’s Mayor Koch. The best case for the mayor appears in the Monthly Review of May, 1984, where a Pollyanna article written by Beth Bates, “a writer and farmer,” celebrates the virtues of Sanders’ efforts as “Socialism on the Local Level” — followed, I might add, by a prudent question mark. Like Sanders’ own claims, the main thrust of the article is that the “socialist” administration is “efficient.” Sanders has shown that "radicals, too, can be fiscal conservatives, even while they are concerned that government does the little things that make life more comfortable” like street repair, volunteer aid to dig paths for the elderly after snowstorms, and save money. The administration brings greater revenues into the city’s coffers by modernizing the budgetary process, principally by investing its money in high-return institutions, opening city contracts to competitive bidding, centralizing purchasing, and slapping fees on a wide range of items like building permits, utility excavations, private fire and police alarms, and the like. 

That Sanders has out-Republicaned the Republicans should not be taken lightly. Viewed in terms of its overall economic policies, the Sanders administration bears certain fascinating similarities to the Reagan administration. What Sanders has adopted with a vengeance is “trickle-down” economics — the philosophy that “growth” for profit has a spillover effect in creating jobs and improving the public welfare. Not surprisingly, the City’s 1984 “Annual Report” of the Community and Economic Development Office (a Sanders creation) really begins with a chunky section on “UDAG Spur Development.” UDAGs are Urban Development Action Grants that are meant to “leverage” commitments to growth by the “private sector.” The Office celebrates the fact that these grant requests to Washington will yield $25 million from “the private sector” and “create an estimated 556 new full-time, permanent jobs, and generate an additional $332,638 per year in property taxes.” Among its many achievements, the grant will help the owners of the Radisson Hotel in Burlington (an eyesore that is blocking out part of Burlington’s magnificent lake view, and a corporate playground if there ever was one) expand their property by “57 guest rooms and an additional 10,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space. A new 505 space parking garage with covered access to the hotel will be constructed. The Radisson Hotel will now be able to accommodate regional and association conventions. The project also includes expansion of retail space (32,500 square feet) within the Burlington Square Mall. Construction has begun, and the project is scheduled for completion in late 1985.” The other grants are less lascivious but they invariably deal with projects to either construct or rehabilitate office, commercial, industrial, and department-store construction — aside from the noxious Sanders waterfront scheme, of which more shortly. 

One seriously wonders who this kind of descriptive material is meant to satisfy. Potential employees who commonly sell their labor power for minimum wage-rates in a city that is notoriously closed to unionization? The Old North Enders who are the recipients of scanty rehabilitation funds and a land-trust program for the purchase of houses, an innovative idea that is still to fully prove itself out? A few small businessmen who have received loans to develop their enterprises or others who have had their façades improved in what Sanders celebrates as an attempt to “revitalize” the Old North End, an area that is still one of the most depressing and depressed in Vermont? The ill-housed and elderly for whom the office-building spree makes the limited amount of low-income housing construction seem like a mockery of their needs? Apart from the condos and so-called “moderate-income” houses that have surfaced in part of the city, housing for the underprivileged is not a recurring theme in Sanders’ speeches except when the mayor is on an electoral warpath. After a tentative stab at some kind of “rent control” which was defeated at the polls on the heels of a huge propaganda blitz by well-to-do property owners, the administration has been reticent about raising rent-control issues generally, let alone making a concerted effort at educating the public about them. Burlington, in effect, is witnessing what one journalistic wag has appropriately called “gentrification with a human face.” Indeed, such crucial issues as housing for the poor and elderly, unionization of the grossly underpaid, environmental deterioration, and the rapid attrition of old, socially useful, small concerns that can no longer afford the soaring downtown rentals — all have taken second place during the past year to big structural schemes like a waterfront plan. More so than any other Sanders proposal, this plan has opened a long overdue schism between the mayor and his popular supporters in the Old North End, the most radical constituency in Burlington.

SANDERS’ WATERFRONT PLAN is burdened by a highly convoluted a history that would take an article in itself to unravel. The 24.5-acre property, owned partly by the Vermont Central Railroad, the Alden Corporation (a consortium of wealthy locals), and the city itself, faces one of the most scenic lake and mountain areas in the northeast. Paquette, Sanders’ predecessor, planned to "develop” this spectacular site with highrise condos. Sanders has made the demand for a “waterfront for the people” a cardinal issue in all his campaigns. Civic democracy was ostensibly served when an open meeting was organized by the administration in February, 1983, to formulate priorities which the public felt should be reflected in any design. Broken down by wards in NPA fashion, the meeting’s priorities centered around walkways, open space, public access, restaurants and shops, even a museum and wildlife sanctuary — and, in addition to similar public amenities, mixed housing. Whether these priorities could have been met without a UDAG is highly problematical. What is fascinating about Sanders’ response, even before the UDAG was refused, was the clutter of structures that grossly compromised the whole thrust of the public’s priorities: a second version of a Radisson-type hotel, a retail pavilion that spanned half the length of the city’s pedestrian mall, a 1200-car parking garage, an office building, a narrow public walkway along the lakeside — and an ambiguous promise to provide three hundred mixed housing units, presumably “available for low and moderate income and/or handicapped people:” Even so, this housing proposal was hedged by such caveats as "to the extent feasible” and the need to acquire “below-market financing” and rent-level “subsidies.” 

Following the refusal of the UDAG, the plan resurfaced again from City Hall with two notable alterations. Mixed housing disappeared completely even as a promise — to be replaced by 150 to 300 condos priced at $175-300,000 each (a typical Burlington houses sells for $70-80,000) and public space, meager to begin with, was further attenuated. From a residential viewpoint, the “waterfront for the people” had become precisely an “enclave for the rich,” one of the verbal thunderbolts Sanders had directed at the Paquette proposal.

The privileges accorded by the waterfront plan to moneyed people are a reminder that only token aid has been provided to the poor. The methods employed by Sanders to engineer public consent for the plan have been especially offensive: the blitz of ads favoring the mayor’s and Alden Corporation’s version of the scheme, in which Sanderistas found their names listed with those of the most notorious union-busters in the state, stands in sharp contrast with the relatively weak campaigns launched by City Hall on behalf of rent control and improved housing. 

Public reaction came to a head when the electorate, summoned to vote on a bond issue to cover the city’s contribution to the plan, produced startling results. Despite the sheer frenzy that marked the mayor’s campaign for a "yes” vote, the ward-by-ward returns revealed a remarkable shift in social attitudes toward Sanders. Although a two-thirds majority is needed to carry a bond issue in Burlington, Wards 2 and 3 of the Old North End voted down the bond issue flatly. So much for the reaction of Sanders’ “working-class” base which had given the mayor his largest pluralities in the past. Ward 4, a conventional middle-class district, regaled the mayor with barely a simple majority of five votes, and Ward 5, the most sympathetic of his middle-class constituencies, a flat fifteen-vote rejection. Sanders’ highest returns came from Ward 6 — “The Hill,” as it has been called — which contains the highest concentration of wealth in the city and its most spacious and expensive mansions. 

For the first time, a Sanders proposal that patently placed the mayor’s public credibility on the line had been soundly trounced — not by the wealthiest ward in Burlington which alone supported the bond issue by a two-thirds vote, but. by the Old North End, which flatly rejected his proposal. A class issue had emerged which now seems to have reflected a disgust with a rhetoric that yields little visible results. 

THE ULTIMATE EFFECT Of Sanders’ aging form of “socialism” is to facilitate the ease with which business interests can profit from the city. Beyond the dangers of an increasingly centralized civic machinery, one that must eventually be inherited by a “Republicrat” administration, are the extraordinary privileges Sanders hasprovided to the most predatory enterprises in Burlington — privileges that have been justified by a “socialism” that is committed to “growth,” "planning,” “order,” and a blue-collar “radicalism” that actually yields low-paying jobs and non-union establishments without any regard to the quality of life and environmental well-being of the community at large.

Bernard Sanders could have established an example of a radical municipalism, one rooted in Vermont’s localist tradition of direct democracy, that might have served as a living educational arena for developing an active citizenry and a popular political culture. Whether it was because of a shallow productivist notion of "socialism” oriented around “growth” and “efficiency” or simply personal careerism, the Burlington mayor has been guided by a strategy that sacrifices education to mobilization and democratic principles to pragmatic results. This “managerial radicalism” with its technocratic bias and its corporate concern for expansion is bourgeois to the core — and even brings the authenticity of traditional “socialist” canons into grave question. A recent Burlington Free Press headline which declared: “Sanders Unites with Business on Waterfront” could be taken as a verdict by the local business establishment as a whole that it is not they who have been joining Sanders but Sanders who has joined them. When productivist forms of “socialism” begin to resemble corporate forms of capitalism, it may be well to ask how these inversions occur and whether they are accidental at all. This question is not only one that must concern Sanders and his supporters; it is a matter of grim concern for the American radical community as a whole. 

Source: Socialist Review 90 (November-December 1986), pp. 51-62

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