slogan makers

So, I was still in sort of a stressed mood from yesterday, so I decided to play on the slogan-maker thing for laughs. And I got them. Look at these!

I am categorizing these by character. First is poor Latvia:

How about no. Unless he wants to cuddle~


OKAY. NO. BACKSPACE! I don’t even think of him on ‘top’ for my ships with him, too 0_0

Oookay. That is more information than I ever needed to know…


Let’s move onto Lithuania:

Umm… Poor Toris… What is with the Baltics and getting all the creepy perverted slogans?

Okay, this one isn’t too bad. 


Moving onto Poland! (The searchbar wouldn’t allow me to use the 'Ł’ in his name, so I had to use 'L’…:/ )

D'aww! That one’s not bad at all~ -Huggles Feliks-

O…kay. Now they’re starting to get bad for him…

Yeah…no. Leave Feliks alone, please, XD.


And finally…Estonia. All I have to say in advance is, sorry, Eduard.

No, no it’s not. 

NO. What is up with this generator and 'tasting’ Ed? D:

Yeah… No. I think of computers and his nervous smile, and just his cuteness!

Wow. Just. Wow.

*Picture came from this hilarious video, XD.