Common Prefixes for each clan


Adder, Apple, Ash, Alder, Badger, Black, Bramble, Bracken, Briar, Copper, Dapple, Doe, Dove, Dust, Elk, Ember, Fern, Frost, Fire, Flame, Fox, Golden, Holly, Honey, Juniper, Lark, Leaf, Lion, Maple, Moss, Mouse, Oak, Owl, Pine, Poppy, Robin, Shrew, Squirrel, Sparrow, Stag, Storm, Sun, Thistle, Thorn, Thrush, Tiger, Vine, Wren


Aspen, Beetle, Blossom, Birch, Blue, Boulder, Brook, Clover, Creek, Dew, Duck, Eel, Feather, Fern, Fog, Flood, Flower, Frog, Goose, Gray, Ice, Lake, Lilac, Lily, Marsh, Mist, Minnow, Mint, Moss, Mud, Olive, Otter, Pebble, Petal, Pike, Reed, Shell, Silver, Splash, Stone, Storm, Stream, Trout, Turtle, Vole, Willow, Wet, Yellow


Bee, Berry, Bird, Breeze, Bright, Brindle, Buzzard, Crow, Dawn, Dew, Dusk, Eagle, Falcon, Fawn, Fennel, Ferret, Ginger, Gorse, Grass, Hare, Hawk, Heather, Jay, Kestrel, Morning, Mole, Mouse, Mud, Oat, Pebble, Pigeon, Quail, Rabbit, Rain, Rock, Running, Rush, Rye, Sand, Seed, Sedge, Speckle, Stoat, Swift, Tansy, Thistle, Wasp, Wild, Weasel, Wheat, Yellow


Ant, Apple, Ash, Bark, Bear, Beetle, Black, Bracken, Cedar, Cinder, Coal, Dapple, Dark, Dust, Dusk, Ember, Fern, Fire, Flame, Fly, Frog, Fox, Golden, Holly, Ivy, Lichen, Lizard, Log, Maple, Marsh, Moss, Moth, Nettle, Night, Owl, Poppy, Rat, Raven, Rowan, Russet, Shade, Sloe, Smoke, Snake, Soot, Speckle, Spider, Toad, Timber, Vine, Viper, Vole, Wolf, Yew


Acorn, Alder, Bark, Bay, Birch, Blossom, Briar, Bird, Buzzard, Boulder, Cedar, Cherry, Crow, Dapple, Dove, Elm, Falcon, Feather, Fly, Golden, Hawk, Hazel, Jay, Kestrel, Leaf, Maple, Moss, Nettle, Oak, Owl, Petal, Pine, Rowan, Sand, Seed, Sparrow, Spider, Squirrel, Starling, Tawny, Timber, Twig, Vine, Walnut, Yew, 


British flowering plants
W.F. Kirby, 1906

Study of Spirit: Styles of Gin.

To know gin is to know life. As a bartender it is very important to know your gins well, whether you are matching the right botanicals to go with the rest of the ingredients in the cocktail or suggesting the correct gin for a G&T. To help you understand the basics of gin I have made a list of different types you will come across.

Here are the different styles of lovely lovely Gin:

  • London Dry: The most popular from all the types. Named dry as it does not contain any sugar to make it sweet. Originally only made in London, but now can be made in any part of the world as long as it sticks to the rules. Mostly around 45% ABV, and characterized by citrus notes and aroma coming from the use of dried orange and lemon peels.
    Famous brands: Beefeater, Bombay, Tanqueray, Gordons, Broker’s.
  • Plymouth: England’s only protected gin with a geographical indication that can only be made in Plymouth, using water from Dartmoor. Known for his mere seven-botanical recipe it is a less drier gin with more earthy notes.
    Famous Brands: Well…. Plymouth.
  • Old Tom: The father of London dry this is a Victorian style gin from the 1800′s made the old way. Old Tom has a fuller body and is much sweeter. That is because during the Gin boom many bathtub gins didn’t have the best equipment to distill a clean gin. The final product had many impurities and imperfections that made the gin taste bad. The way to cover that was to add more botanicals and sugar to the spirit. This gin is used to make many classic cocktails such as the Martinez, Tom Collins, Gin Rickey.
    Famous Brands: Hayman’s, Ransom, Tanqueray Old Tom.
  • New Western/American (International): These are new gins on the market that focus on putting less emphasis on juniper and more emphasis on other aromatics.
    Famous Brands: Hendrick’s, Gin Mare, Aviation.
  • Sloe: Gin infused with sloe (blackthorn) drupes and sugar. It is more of a liqueur than a gin, holding up at around 25% ABV. Most commonly drank during christmas it has a berry sweetness to it.
    Famous Brands: Many famous brands have their own sloe gin for sale. Gordons, Plymouth, Sipsmith.
  • Genever: The great grand daddy of gin comes from the Netherlands. Genever otherwise known as Dutch gin is unlike any other gin you will taste. Made from malt grains, it gives it a darker color and flavor that is more similar to a light-bodied, botanical whiskey.
    Famous Brand: Bols Genever.

    Remember to drink responsibly! :)

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Eight years ago, Vienna Teng wrote this song after attending a Barack Obama rally. To be wrenched from your own cynicism felt a little like falling in love, she found.

This day, eight years ago, even the cold seemed bracing at ten below freezing. Aretha Franklin wore her hat. Nostalgia glasses are always rose-tinted, but some days are just better than others– and that day was one of the best. I was a lot younger, and I was afraid of a lot less. It felt like you could do anything.

So what I’m telling myself today is to never forget that feeling: to stay raw in the upcoming years, to stay malcontent, and to keep the creeping cynicism from crusting us over again. Let the last eight years have changed you for the better. Don’t settle.

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can u do #9 "I missed you so much"

Okok here’s a little in the Steve and Violet verse (since I got two #9s)

They don’t stop to sleep, letting their souped up bodies push them along.

“How long until I get to lay my eyes on the Grand Canyon, Steve?” Bucky breathes. The sun’s setting around them, painting the sky purple, pink and orange. It’s reflecting off of Bucky’s face when Steve glances at him. It makes him look even more sloe-eyed, his lips look even more pink.

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Send a flower fairy!!
  • Acorn Fairy: Favorite prank you've ever seen/done?
  • Almond Blossom Fairy: Something difficult you've done in order to succeed?
  • Apple Blossom Fairy: What would you like your future self to be like?
  • Beechnut Fairy: A prayer, rhyme, or saying that is special to you?
  • Bird's-Foot Trefoil Fairy: Strangest thing you've ever found?
  • Blackberry Fairy: Someone that you are envious of?
  • Blackthorn Fairy: A very difficult moment in your life?
  • BlueBell Fairy: A strange superstition that you have?
  • Bugle Fairy: Who would you protect no matter what?
  • Candytuft Fairy: Something that you're indifferent to? (don't really care about that everyone else makes a big fuss over)
  • Canterbury Bell Fairy: Your favorite song you like to sing when you're bored?
  • Cherrytree Fairy: Something you're very knowledgeable of?
  • Chicory Fairy: Something you love to do that keeps you energized?
  • Christmas Tree Fairy: Your favorite gift you have ever received
  • Columbine Fairy: What is your favorite comedy?
  • Daisy Fairy: Are you a morning person?
  • Double Daisy Fairy: What is something you're still unsure of?
  • Elderberry Fairy: One time you've helped solve a dispute?
  • Elm Tree Fairy: A place you've always wanted to see?
  • Forget-me-not Fairy: A special memory of love?
  • Fuchsia Fairy: A childhood wonder that you've always kept?
  • Gorse Fairy: What is something you're proud of?
  • Hawthorn Fairy: Something that gives you hope?
  • Heliotrope Fairy: A philosophy or religion you follow?
  • Holly Fairy: Ever had your future told?
  • Honeysuckle Fairy: Favorite song to dance to?
  • Jasmine Fairy: Your favorite item to decorate your house with?
  • Laburnum Fairy: What is your favorite musical instrument?
  • Lavender Fairy: Something that makes you wary?
  • Lilac Fairy: A moment that made you realize something amazing? Or world changing?
  • Lily of the Valley Fairy: A time you had to practice restraint?
  • Michaelmas Daisy Fairy: A regret you have?
  • Mountain Ash Fairy: Your favorite way to banish something from your life?
  • Mulberry Fairy: Something naughty/illegal you've always wanted to do?
  • Narcissus Fairy: Your favorite feature of yourself?
  • Nasturtium Fairy: Something you are proud of?
  • Nightshade Fairy: Someone you would never lie to?
  • Pear Blossom Fairy: what do you find the most fun to do?
  • Phlox Fairy: Something you wish you could do over again?
  • Pine Tree Fairy: What is the worst joke/trick anyone has played on you?
  • Poppy Fairy: Your most important victory?
  • Primrose Fairy: Favorite childhood memory?
  • Ragged Robin Fairy: What is your favorite dancing style?
  • Ragwort Fairy: where would you like to travel to?
  • Red Campion Fairy: What cheers you up when you're sad?
  • Red Clover Fairy: What is your dream job?
  • Rose Fairy: Someone you love the most and why?
  • Rosebay Willow-herb Fairy: Favorite pass-time?
  • Rose Hip Fairy: Favorite food?
  • Sloe Fairy: What do you think is hard to do?
  • Snowdrop Fairy: Favorite Season?
  • Speedwell Fairy: favorite color?
  • Stitchwort Fairy: Favorite constellation?
  • Strawberry Fairy: What is the thing you want the most?
  • Sweet Chestnut Fairy: What injustice angers you the most?
  • Sweet Pea Fairy: Pain or pleasure?
  • Traveller's Joy Fairy: Last vacation you had?
  • Tulip Fairy: What color are your eyes?
  • Wayfaring Tree Fairy: A journey you wish to take?
  • White Bindweed Fairy: the person/thing you can always depend on?
  • Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy: The best lie you've ever told?
  • Wild Rose Fairy: What are you afraid of?
  • Winter Jasmine Fairy: Someone that helps you often?
  • Yew Fairy: Something that makes you sad?

A very late harvest by Thomas T.
Via Flickr:
Some blackthorn sloes have survived until Christmas.

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I'm so confused by the word "arándano". Some say it means blueberry, others say it means cranberry. Some say blueberry is "arándano azul" & others say cranberry is "arándano rojo" or "ágrio".. Wikipedia makes this same distinction, tho it seems to imply that arándano is blueberries by default. Then they say México says "mora azul". Someone said in Ecuador blueberries are "mortiños". I'm so puzzled? Is this a case of regionalisms? (Pls tag this under "frutas" or something so I can find ur reply!)

The problem is that arándano is the name of an entire species of plants. It more literally means “azalea berry” or “briar berry”, and it refers to different fruits. More specifically, the “aran” part of it is related to the Celtic word for “blackthorn” or “sloe” (in Spanish la endrina)  which are berry bushes. 

The arándano azul is “blueberry” but arándano is more specifically known as blueberry. The “cranberry” is also arándano but is sometimes known as arándano rojo “red arándano” or arándano agrio “sour arándano

Many fruits have different regionalisms, but la mora “blackberry” can also be “mulberry”, and so la mora is linked to purple [morado/a], so saying la mora azul means something like “blue-black berry”

It’s somewhat common for certain fruits and even vegetables to be related in name. It’s why you have things like “pineapple” or how French’s word for potato is “earth apple” literally. It’s that the word for something existed and then someone came along and found a new variety and said “that looks like this other thing we have” and then they shared the name.

For example, la uva is “grape” but you can get la pasa “raisin” from it, while la ciruela is “plum” you then get la ciruela pasa “prune” from it, which is saying “the plum that is treated like a raisin”. And similarly “currant” is known as la uva/pasa de Corinto also known as “raisins from Corinth”.

It’s also why sometimes the words for el limón “lemon” and la lima “lime” are sometimes swapped in certain places, where el limón technically is derived from the entire group of plants, which just happens to include both lemon and lime.

Or how la banana is sometimes el plátano even though they’re technically different and prepared differently, a “banana” is still sometimes regarded as “plantain”.

When they can get away with it, some fruits are named after certain regions where you find them; la mandarina “Mandarin orange”, el damasco “apricot (Latin America)”, la sandía “watermelon [Sindh, Pakistan]”…they sort of work almost like wines in that sense.

These traits also sometimes show up in vegetables and spices; el pimiento is “a pepper (plant)” but la pimienta is “pepper (spice)” or “peppercorn”, while la pimienta roja or la pimienta cayena is “cayenne pepper / red pepper”, and then la pimienta de Jamaica is “allspice” aka “Jamaica pepper” or sometimes la pimienta inglesa “English pepper” considering Jamaica was a British colony.

It’s usually a case of regionalisms. Just know that el arándano is most typically “blueberry” but it’s specified in a place where el arándano rojo “cranberry” would be more common.

The most well-known fruits are known usually universally… la manzana, la naranja, la cereza, la uva, el coco, la sandía… Probably the least controversial fruit is la naranja “orange” because even if you’re saying la mandarina, the color naranja or anaranjado/a still exist 

If you’re lucky the regionalisms are very noticeable; el albaricoque “apricot (Spain)” and el damasco “apricot (Latin America)” and then el chabacano “apricot (Mexico)”

It’s mostly regionalisms and a lot of it is weird and specific, but you do see some of it in English even… “Japanese eggplant” or “English cucumber” or “Italian parsley”… or the confusion between “yam” and “sweet potato”. 

It’s all weird and it’s usually one regionalism meets another regionalism for the same thing or the same concept and then you have two different words that are equally valid and some are equally popular. 

TLDR; If it’s ever in doubt, I’d say specify with el arándano azul but most people are going to realize it’s some kind of small berry if you say arándano so you’re able to at least give them the basic idea.

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Hi Randy, can you please tell us how to get better at timing. How you plan your Timing charts? Also any thoughts on how to use timing that it does not look pose to pose nor floaty? Thanks

The thing new animators struggle most with in timing is the idea of slow in and slow out. Everything that moves (and has mass) has to build momentum in movement and needs to slow before coming to a stop. Even when you move your head there is a “slow out” of the first position and a “slow in” of the final position. That is one of the values of timing charts as we figure how quickly (how many frames) it will take to slow out of a pose and sloe into the next.

The secret to keep your animation from looking too “posey” lies in the breakdown, or transition poses. These are the poses between the main poses that define the arcs and spacing of the in-betweens. These poses are fundamental in helping your animation flow smoothly from pose to pose. It’s also good to remember there are times when you should be animating straight ahead (in consecutive drawings with few or no in-betweens). I usually take a straight ahead approach when animating quick action and overlapping action (like hair or clothing).

Warden Conscription Bottles

because i actually really love this little tidbit??

Gwydion Amell

Vintage: Warden Amell. This was made from something with thorns. Label reads: “Unless I tell a lie, from the flowers of home is this.” Was he drunk when he wrote this?

Fen’an Lavellan

Vintage: Warden Lavellan. This has some bite to it and soap would taste better. The label is a mess but it seems to say, “To the darkspawn: fuck you.” There is also some elvhen writing; I am not translating this.

Deryn Mahariel

Vintage: Warden Mahariel. Sweet tasting and makes one think of summer. Label reads: “Catch more flies with honey than with darkspawn taint.” The label was kissed at one point; make up still lingers.

Ailill Cousland

Vintage: Warden Cousland. Weak as water and tastes like flowers. Label reads: “Good morrow to our waking souls.” Seems he spent too much time in his poetry books.


Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (acoustic version) Vienna Opera House

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note - hi grey! i remember after tumblr mauled all your links a few people said they’d help but i don’t remember if anything came of it? well, i have a bit of spare time. i think i did this right! if i did, i’ll start of the other ones soon! hope you have a lovely day!

Grey’s notes: This is really wonderful. Thank you so much for the work you’ve put in here. It’s very much appreciated! If you have a name you’re happy sharing, please let me know what it is so I can put a thank-you on the page itself. 

Sloe-eyed and with a smiling face, Iwahashi Genki. Without thinking you’d call him “cute”, his figure, his slow manner of speech is feminine at a glance. However, Iwahashi has a firm belief.

I: I am told that often. That I’m like a girl. Once I was even directly told “You better stop it”. But I wondered if I should change if someone tells me to. When I was worrying what I should do Jinguji said “Isn’t it ok not to change?” I stopped worrying what other people think. If I don’t shine I can’t make my unit shine. I want to have the strength to shine in my own way.

Awwn, baby.

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If you were on desert island discs what 8 or less TC recordings would you take with you?

1. Sloe Gin (for when i get the sadz)

2. Working On My Tan (for when I’m WORKING ON MY TAN) 

3. Simplicity (so I can change the words ‘ true simplicity’ to fit my struggle of the day….’the hardest thing for me is..buildingboatsyouseeee’ 

4. I Do The Rock (for when I want to punch myself in the face) 

5. Scene Of The Crime (as a gentle reminder that - truly - anything is possible and everything is going to be okay) 

6. Charge It (so I can perform it with actions when I’m bored)

7. I’m Going Home (because who doesn’t like irony) 

8. Hide This Face (for all those nights hiding from things that want to eat me) 

fluff friday “gas station” {borage}

is it still friday? hell no, but I don’t care!

A bracing chill greets Sakura as she opens the cooler. She draws out a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, enjoying the jolt of cold that sweeps through her as her fingers encircle its body. As she meanders toward the counter, Sakura grabs a few different types of sour candy, a sickeningly sweet bar of white chocolate, and a bag of Hershey kisses.

She places her spoils upon the counter in front of the cashier, whose bored gaze looks over her items, unimpressed. “Will that be all?” he asks, scratching along the raggedy mustache he wears to appear older than he is.

Sakura hums, looking at the display behind him. “A dozen packs of Camels, three of Marlboro, and one Lucky Strike.” She rocks on her heels, ignoring the cashier’s suddenly incredulous look. “And two lotto cards; any type.”

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‘   You barged in behind Merlin.

   Merlin: Stop! It’s poisoned! Don’t drink!

   Uther: What?

   Arthur: Merlin, What are you doing?

   Y/N: Bayard laced Arthur’s goblet with poison.

   Bayard: This is an outrage! *draws swords*

   Arthur: Not you Y/N you are supposed to be the reasonable one!

   Uther: Order your men to put down their swords. You are outnumbered.

   Bayard: I will not let this insult to go unchallenged.

   Uther: On what grounds do you base this accusation?

   Arthur: I’ll handle this. Merlin, Y/N, you idiots, have we been at the sloe gin again?

   You grabbed the goblet from Merlin’s hand

   Uther: Unless you want to be strung up, you’ll tell me why you think it’s poisoned- now.

   Merlin looked between you, the goblet and Uther.

   Y/N: This could be your proof.

   Merlin: No. No don’t. Y/N don’t

   You drink from the goblet.

   Merlin looked at you and sighed at relief.

   Merlin: It’s fine.

   You cracked a small smile but it suddenly turned sour as you started gaging. As you fell down you could hear the distinct voice of Uther barking commands and Merlin’s voice, but it soon blended in with the darkness.    ‘