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How would the UT and UF skelebros react to seeing their s/o cry in their sleep because the dream they're having is so sad?

Yooo. So those babs that I mentioned before. One of them is my son. The other is my friends daughter. They’re so cute.


Classic (Ut Sans): Oh no…. sweetheart no. Please don’t cry.  He’s gently shaking you, trying to get you to wake up. And when you do, he’s hugging you.  He’s there. Shhhh. It’s alright. Please, babe. It was just a dream. He’s here.

Papaya (Ut Paps): Paps highkey freaks out. WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!? He may have temporarily forgotten that you shouldn’t yell in the same room as a sleeping human. They tend to be skittish when you do that. So he quickly composes himself and awkwardly holds you against him, shushing your sobs.

Red (Uf Sans): When he woke up to you crying, he nearly had a heart attack. What’d he do this time?? But then he notices that you’re still asleep. ‘psssst babe… wake up…’ he gently shakes you, not enough to wake you, though, and just settles for cuddling you and wiping your tears.

Edge (Uf Paps): Edge never went to sleep. He stayed up reading all night. It was calming, but then he felt something wet dripping down his ribs and he realized you were crying. Not one for words, he stroked your back and hummed a soft melody in an attempt to soothe your slumber.



The Prince Who lived, Bonus

((Because I couldn’t fit it in to the other one without it being too long and complicated))

*Once outside the Ministry, Harry and Severus apparated to just outside Grimmauld Place*

*Harry gestured for Severus to follow him in, still looking just as nervous as before but now he was smiling*

*The inside of Grimmauld Place was still just as dark and musty as it had been during the Order meetings, only now Harry’s possessions were strewn about, but not in an orderly way*

Harry: Once my Auror training is done I’ll start working on getting this place more…cheery and maybe get Mrs. Black’s portrait out of here.

*Harry notices Severus looking around as if for the first time, even though he knows he’s been here before*

*Harry moves to stand closer to Severus*

Harry: Some books mostly, potions things, your clothes. I’m sure it’s at least an improvement to…to…

*Harry’s sentence trails off as he notices Severus is staring at him, black eyes intense. He looks from Severus’ eyes to his lips and back again*

*Severus notices Harry’s internal struggle, and as a Slytherin, he can’t let this opportunity slip. He reaches up to lightly grasp the lapel of Harry’s uniform*

*Harry tries to seem calm and continues what he was saying*

Harry: Erm…there are plenty of rooms that you can pick from and…just tell me what makes you comfortable.

*Severus looks down at where his hand is grasping, rubbing the fabric with his fingers, a pensive look on his face*

*Years of forced solitude, living a double life and pushing people away made for a very lonely life. Yet Harry was here, offering his home and more, all he had to do was make a move for it*

*Severus summoned his courage and decided to make the first move. He stepped even closer to Harry*

*Harry pauses*

Harry: You….you are awfully close.

Severus: Indeed, did you just notice now? Perhaps you need new spectacles.

Harry: Are you….feeling alright Professor? You seem…you seem like you know something I don’t.

Severus: Well that could easily be said for most subjects. But you must have forgotten…

Severus: And while I couldn’t respond to it at the time due to many factors, don’t think I didn’t see those affections you harbored for me in your mind. Your little crush.

*Harry is immediately flustered*

*Severs tugs Harry closer*

Severus: If you’re not opposed…

Bonus Fin


(and they lived in comfortable existence full of sass, eyerolls and support)