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This is Harvey. He is a shar-pei lab mix and loves everyone. He loves wrestling with Huckleberry our cat and shaking his face and getting slobber all over the walls.

Seven Day Challenge

“You know, you don’t always have to hang on to her every minute.”


Rick turned to glance over Rosita. The raven-haired woman was seated on her porch, squinting out at him from beneath her government issued hat.

“Michonne,” she nodded, tilting her chin in the direction in which Rick’s wife had just walked off. “She’s not going anywhere. You don’t have to hang onto her every second. You two are getting gross.”

“Gross?” Rick was more amused than anything by the diminutive woman’s statement, but he kept his face impassive.

“Always holding hands, kissing on each other,” she pulled a face. “It’s disgusting.”

“Didn’t realize you were watching us so closely,” Rick folded his arms over his chest, wishing that Michonne had lingered just a moment longer. He wanted to see her reaction.

“Don’t have to watch closely. Everyone sees you two slobbering all over each other.” Rosita raised one brow.

“No one else has complained,” Rick shrugged.  

Rosita tilted her chin defiantly. “I bet you guys couldn’t go a week without touching each other,” she challenged.

“That’s a safe bet,” Rick cracked a salacious grin. If he was sleeping next to Michonne, he was sure to be touching her.

“What you get up to in your bedroom is up to you two. I’m talking about in public.” Rosita stood up, walking slowly to the edge of the porch steps. “7 days. If you can pull it off, I’ll cover your guard duty for a week.”

Rick paused, considering the possibility of a full week of nights with his family. “You’re on, Espinosa,” he nodded at her, turning off to walk back home.

“I’m getting everyone in on it,” Rosita called after him. “No touching! We’re watching you!”


“No touching?” Michonne paused, toothbrush midway to her mouth.

“No touching,” Rick confirmed, pulling his shoes off and kicking them beneath the bed.

“For a week?” she asked, disappearing back into the bathroom.

“7 days,” he nodded, flopping backwards onto the mattress.

“You think you can do that?” she shouted, peeking her head around the doorframe.

“Me?” he sat back up, glancing at her skeptically. “You’re the one always reaching for my hand.”

“Is that so?” Michonne emerged, wearing only his dark brown t-shirt. “Should be pretty easy then, since you won’t have to control yourself at all.” She smirked at him, tucking a loose loc behind her ear.

“Rosita will cover a week of shifts for me if I win,” his mouth had run dry, but he got out the most relevant information.

“A week?” Michonne crossed slowly over to him, intrigued.

“A week of nights at home,” he smiled, running his hands up the back of her thighs as she climbed on top of him.

“That’s some serious motivation to win,” she settled down in his lap, leaning forward over him.

“Lots of possibilities,” he agreed, running his hands upward beneath his borrowed shirt.

“There’s only one way to win this,” Michonne pursed her lips, glancing at him through a curtain of dark hair. “When does the bet start?”

“Tomorrow. She’s got everyone agreeing to watch us. Even Carl is in on it.”  Rick rolled his eyes. Rosita was tenacious.

“So, that’s…ten hours?” Michonne twisted his arm gently to glance at his watch. “Think we can get in a week’s worth of touching?”

Rick grinned, smacking her bottom playfully. “We can do this.” Without preamble, he rolled her over. Michonne giggled, wrapping her legs around his waist, pressing her mouth against his.


“Are you kidding me? This is totally cheating!”

Rosita crossed her arms over her chest, regarding Michonne and Rick with a murderous expression.

“Maggie needs help at the Hilltop,” Michonne shrugged, adjusting her pack on her shoulders.

“Let me guess, for the next seven days?” Rosita sucked her teeth.

“Seven days seems like a good enough time to spend with our godson,” Rick nodded at his wife, stationed safely a few feet away.

“Seems fair,” Michonne agreed, smiling.

“Cheater,” Rosita smirked despite herself.

“Next time be more specific.” Rick chortled at her.

“Whatever,” Rosita shook her head. “Just kiss your wife goodbye.”

Grinning, Rick moved towards Michonne. Michonne burst out laughing, retreating a few steps.

“Rick,” she admonished.

“Right,” he stopped suddenly, cheeks flushing.

“I’ll see you in a week,” Michonne winked at him, waving as she departed through the gate, Aaron in tow. “Love you,” she blew him an exaggerated kiss.

“Love you too,” Rick smiled, already imagining an uninterrupted week with his wife.

Rosita watched them, looking equal parts irritated and amused. “Like I said,” she scoffed, already wandering off. “Disgusting.”

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pet switch (otayurio and victuri)
  • Yurio: what is this thing
  • Yurio: why is it slobbering all over me
  • Otabek: its called a dog
  • Yurio: otabek proTECT ME
  • Otabek: i think it loves you
  • Victor: hi, kitty kitty kitty!!
  • Yuri: victor, I don't think you-
  • Victor: c'mere kitty!
  • Cat: o-o
  • Cat: hiss hiss
  • Victor: nooo LOVE MEEE!
  • Yuri: *pets le cat*
  • Cat: :)
  • Yuri: :D
  • Victor: pay attention to meeee, Yuri!!!!!!!!!

Frankenstein’s Monster literally got the exact opposite of what I like to call “The Fandom treatment.” Instead of having a horrifying and/or not-normally attractive and inhuman creature being turned into a beautiful and/or sexy human by fans, a considerably attractive and goth prince who was pretty much MADE of human has been turned into a slobbering, grotesque, and ugly monster by the media 

wangpatang  asked:

Nights that I do my makeup, wear a little more jewelry, etc. I swear to god. Women are meaner to me. Young ones are usually super cool. But ladies from like 30-60 are nasty as fuck. They look me up and down and won't take anything I say as truth, always freaking out on me and then slobbering all over my manager's dick when he comes up and tells them the same thing I did, even LESS politely. I don't fucking get it! Almost 8 months of noticing this and I still don't understand. Bitter twats.

highonhorses-yellowpastelroses  asked:

I was with my horse in the arena the other day, after riding and one of the cats comes in and runs up my leg onto my shoulder. And horsey comes over and starts nuzzling the cat because he really likes cats for some reason, and everything's cool. Next thing I know there's kind of a stressed meow, and my horse has lifted this cat by the skin of her flank. She was fine, mostly ruffled and slobbered on, didn't even run from the horse when he came back over. But why did my horse pick up the cat?

I honestly don’t know. It could have been investigatory behavior, since horses only have their mouths to check things out with, but there’s no real way to know. If the cat lives in the area, they could have an entire history of interactions that would culminate in the cat getting picked up and there’s no way to know. I’m glad the kitty is okay! 

Funny epitheths 1: Danish king Eric Evergood (1060-1103)

Some medieval rulers have funny/weird epitheths like “drunkard”, “slobberer”, “barnlock” etc. So I decided to begin to collect them.

I think Eric is a good starting point. He ruled between 1095-1103 and died while on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. His brother Olof I Hunger would also be a good candidate for this list :-).