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It’s What The Directions Say. Destiel.

Request: 1)  Hi, ok so I was on Pinterest and I saw this picture and it was a shampoo bottle and on the directions it said something like ‘if you really don’t know how to use this we suggest you invite someone you really like to show you’ I and thought it would be really cute if like the reader was an angle that lost her grace and sam and dean are helping her with human stuff and she goes to dean for help and then fun fluffy smut. Idk if you don’t want to do it then I hope it at least makes you laugh// and 2) I need more of your destiel! It’s so stinking cute! Can you please do one that’s fluffy like maybe Ezekiel didn’t tell Dean Cas had to go?

Triggers: Smut. GuyXGuy. Tiny angst.

Word Count: 1725

Enjoy ;D

“I do not like him being here,” Zeke said, sighing heavily as he watched Dean step out of the library. Dean froze at that, fear pumping through him almost instantly. “But I am aware that Castiel means a lot to you. You have a bond with him. Some might even call it love.”

Dean blushed at that. The angel who he barely knew, possessing his baby brother, just called him out on his feelings for the now human Cas. “I…Well–We uhm…”

“I understand. Just be aware, he might bring unwanted attention to me,” Ezekiel warned before making off to the library where Sam was last in control.

Dean sighed, rubbing his neck a bit before heading towards the kitchen. Cas was eating again, something he was rather fond of. Dean chuckled and looked to him. “Geez, Cas,” He sighed, seeing that he was being messy. “You look like a slob.” He grabbed a papertowel and began to wipe Cas’ mouth gently.

“Uhm, Dean,” Castiel muttered, a bit flustered. “You don’t need to–”

“Let me,” Dean just said firmly before wetting a different paper towel and cleaning Cas. “Maybe you should just shower.” He finally chuckled out.

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IT'S OPEN YISSSS okay so, kise, aomine, mura, and oikawas gf had a stupid fight and broke up before she could tell him she was pregnant, so she decides to just leave and not say anything bc she doesn't want to get in the way of his career 1/2

2/2 but the boys immediately regret breaking up, and go to search for her, only finding her after a year or two later, with a baby that looks like him?? ^~^

Thank you for the request!! I hope this is okay! Some are a little different from the request I think… 

Kise~ “I told you I was going to be late!” Kise yelled at you. You had been waiting for him for two hours. Dinner was cold, and you were tired of it.

“When did you tell me?! A week ago?! I don’t have any texts from you that say you were going to be late coming home!” Kise rolled his eyes and walked past you to your bedroom. You followed him. He collapsed on the bed and grabbed a magazine. He proceeded to ignore you. “Really? You’re going to ignore me?” Kise turned the page and flipped it to check out the picture inside, whistling.

You felt a painful sting behind your eyes. You were about to cry, you weren’t sure if it was hormones, or if you really had had the last straw with Kise. He looked over at you and clicked his tongue.

“Are you still here? Can’t you leave me alone for a bit? I’m exhausted.” He turned over and you felt your heart drop. You looked down and clenched your fist.

“Fine. I’ll leave you alone. Good bye Kise.” You stormed out and slammed the door of your apartment as you left. You didn’t bother to grab your things, you couldn’t bare to be there any longer. You needed to get away.

Kise tried to call you for the next few days, trying to make amends. After a while, he stopped calling. He stopped trying to find you. You were living with family now, and inside of you was a baby Kise. You were having a girl. You found out and wished you had Kise with you, but you stood by your decision.

Two years later, you went shopping with your little girl. She was pretty advanced, already speaking a few words. She was such a little copy cat. You had to be careful what you said to her, or she would repeat it. You moved her blond hair out of her eyes, and looked into her golden orbs. She looked so much like Kise.

“___-cchi?” You immediately turned around and saw Kise. He ran up to you and embraced you. Your wrapped your arms around him, lost in the moment.

“Dada?” You froze. You looked over at your little girl and then over to Kise. He looked at her and his mouth opened slightly. He was shocked, and a bit upset. He looked at you and narrowed his eyes.

“Is she really mine? She looks just like me..”

“I’m sorry… We had that arguement… When I left I was determined to let you go. You had so much in front of you, waiting for you. It’s better this way.”

“Better this way?! Are you serious?! I missed out on some of my child’s life! I missed out on… being with you for all that time. ___-cchi, can we start over? I want to be a dad to her, and I want to prove to you that I’ve matured. I can be a good boyfriend… or husband.”

“Kise… If that’s what you really want, I would love to have you in our lives.”

Aomine~ “Seriously? Were you out drinking again? Let me guess, some girl with large breasts tried coming onto you?” You noticed that Aomine reeked like Alcohol. You were so tired of it. He went out all the time with his team, and then would brag to you about how many girls tried to hit on him.

“Pleesh, I am fine. I was out with the guuys.” He shook his head loosely and started to take off his business suit. You shoved some clothes out of your way and walked out of the room. He changed into a t shirt and sweatpants, however falling over and creating a loud thud in the process. You ran back into the room and sighed with relief, but extreme anger.

“God, this is ridiculous! I can’t spend all my time taking care of you!”

“WHO ASKED YOU TO! I don’t need you!” You took a step back. You clutched onto your chest and turned around.

“Fine, if you don’t need me then I’ll leave.”

“babe… wait!” You walked out of the apartment and headed towards the train station. Aomine ran out and tried to find you. He ran down the street in the opposite direction. He felt terrible for what he said. He wanted to apologize, to make it up to you… but you were gone.

Two years later you had tickets to go see him play at a stadium. You had brought your little boy along, he was always excited to see the basketball men play. You were walking inside when you got lost, you were trying to find the bathroom, but ended up in a long hallway. You heard some footsteps behind you so you were going to ask for directions. You turned around and saw Aomine.

“…___? Is that really you-” He looked down and the child, he noticed the dark blue hair, and the eyes that resembled his own. The child had the same skin tone as you, but he could tell the child was his. “What’s going on? Is he…”

“I’m sorry Daiki… I know that what I did was inexcusable, I was just-” He embraced you tightly, not wanting to let you go.

“I’m sorry babe. I didn’t mean what I said. I was drunk. I was stupid. I know that I made things hard on you before, and I can’t blame you for leaving me. But I got my life in order, and I need you in it. You and this little guy.” He patted the boys head and looked into your eyes.

“Daiki…” You kissed him on the lips, tears streaming down your face.

“So is that a yes?”

Murasakibara~ “Where are my chips?” You walked over to see your large boyfriend lounging on the couch enjoying a barrage of snacks. You saw the empty bag on the floor, it clearly had your name on it. “I bought these because I was craving them! I wrote my name on them so you wouldn’t eat them! God look at this mess. You’re such a slob Atsushi!” You grabbed the bag and he waved you away, you were interrupting his show.

“____-chin, you’re too noisy.” You scoffed and started to pick up the mess. You grabbed the snacks he was holding and narrowed your eyes. “Hey! Give those back!”

“No! Help me clean up! Grab a vacuum, there are crumbs everywhere!” Murasakibara clicked his tongue at you. He adjusted himself to look past you, focusing on the TV. You threw the bag at him and clenched your fist. “Fine. I’m done. You obviously don’t respect me, or care about me at all. I’m leaving.”

“___-chin, don’t be so dramatic.” You rolled your eyes and went to the bedroom. You grabbed your things and left. It took Murasakibara a moment to realize you were serious. He jumped up and ran out the door. He wasn’t sure where you would go, he never bothered to meet your family. He checked the train stations but he couldn’t find you.

You couldn’t tell him now that you were too pregnant, not after you stormed off like that. You couldn’t handle taking care of two children at once, so it was for your own sanity that you kept him out of loop. You knew that he had a right to know, and that he would probably hate you. You knew, but you still had to go.

Two years later, you were in the snack isle at the grocery store. You had your little boy in the child seat on the cart. You placed some snacks in the cart when you noticed a very tall man walk up to you.

“___-chin?” He looked at the child in the cart. The child had purple hair just like him. The child had your eye color. “Who is this?”

“u-um… Atsushi… this is u-um.” You were at a loss for words. He found out the secret you had kept from him. You felt terrible for keeping it from him, but you stood by your decision.

“He looks like me… and you. ___-chin, is he my son?” You looked down and nodded slowly. Murasakibara seemed hurt, he looked at the boy and smiled. “Do you like snacks too? Has mommy been good to you? Mommy was good to daddy too… ___-chin… I know I screwed up in the past, but I never stopped loving you. I make a lot of money now, and I can help support you and the child. Even if you don’t want me back… I want to be a part of his life.”

“Atsushi… I’m sorry I never told you. I was being selfish… I- I wouldn’t mind if you came back to us, to me.”

“I promise I won’t hurt you again.”

Oikawa~ “Do you even care about me? Or is all you care about Volleyball?!” You crossed your arms as Oikawa walked into the apartment. He rolled his eyes and kicked off his shoes.

“Do you really have to attack me the moment I walk in?” You scoffed and looked away from him, you didn’t want to look him in the eye. You felt sick to your stomach.

“Do you even realize what day it is?! Or what we had planned today?! I waited… I waited for 2 hours for you…” The realization hit him like lightning. He face palmed immediately, it was your anniversary and he stood you up.

“I’m so sorry. I completely forgot.”

“Of course you forgot, but you never forget practice. You never forget when one of your teammates invites you out. You only forget about me. I can’t… I just can’t do this anymore! Tooru, I’m leaving.” You already had a suitcase packed. Oikawa grabbed your wrist.

“Wait! I’m sorry, okay?! I’ll make it up to you! I promise… I’ll take you anywhere you want.”


“To-… I can’t tomorrow… I have practice.” You laughed in a disgusted tone. You shook your head and wiped the tears forming in your eyes.

“You’re despicable.” You pushed him slightly and walked out. You had already called a cab, you planned to be gone before he got home, however he managed to get home right before you left.

“___ wait!” He chased you to the cab and you got in the back seat. You looked forward, not looking at him, not acknowledging his presence at all.

“Go.” The cab drove off, leaving Oikawa behind. You thought about the fact that you were pregnant, the fact that you were leaving behind the child’s father.

Oikawa spent the next few weeks trying to find you, to call you. You wouldn’t respond. He went to look for you at your parent’s house, or any of your relatives. They all refused to tell him your location. He finally gave up, his heart broken.

Two years later, you were playing at the park with your little girl. She was a mini Oikawa for sure. You were happy, she was beautiful and healthy. You looked over and saw Oikawa passing by. He stopped in his tracks when he saw you. He almost couldn’t believe it was you. He ran up and stood in front of you.

“___-chan?! Is that… you’re here?!” You looked away, you felt guilty. You knew you made the right choice by leaving, but you didn’t feel right about neglecting to tell him he had a child.


“I always loved when you said my name.” He sat down next to you and stared at his hands placed on his knees. “Actually, I wanted to apologize. I was terrible to you back then. I haven’t been with anyone else since you left. I only want you.”

“Tooru, I should be the one to apologize.” Oikawa looked up at you confused. You were staring at the playground. A little girl ran up and hugged your legs. She looked at Oikawa shyly.

“What… is this? What a cutie you are! ___-chan, who’s child is this?” You stroked her hair, smiling while looking into her eyes. That was enough for him to realize. He looked at the girl and covered his face with his hands. “How could you?”

“I’m sorry Tooru… I-”

“She’s mine, right? You couldn’t even tell me I was a father?!” He was angry, rightfully so. He took a moment and composed himself. He took a deep breath. “Alright… I’m angry, but I want to be there. She is so cute, she takes after you.”

“Hmm? I thought she looked like you, actually.” You smiled and Oikawa kissed your forehead.

“Yeah, she looks a lot like me.”


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Lafayette one shot where the reader is being harassed by a guy at one of the parties and Lafayette gets mad and jealous, could laf also be dating the reader? Thanks!

A man approaches where you’re standing, and you give him a small smile.

“Hey sweetheart, you’re looking fine tonight,” he smirks, the scent of alcohol on his breath causing your nostrils to burn.

He brushes a hand over your arm and you quickly jerk away.

You motion toward your boyfriend, who’s talking with a group of his friends, “I have a boyfriend, sorry.”

You try walking away, but the slob of a man grabs your arm and harshly pulls you back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

At this point, you’re beyond terrified, and unable to fight back.

“I believe she said she had a boyfriend,” a heavily French accented voice growls behind you.

You and the man turn to face your savior.

Lafayette’s eyebrows are curved downwards and he’s practically fuming with anger and, jealousy?

The man inches away before taking off across the room and out the door.

You let out a sigh of relief and look up at your boyfriend. His expression softens a bit, but still holds a flare.

“Thank you.”

“He touched you?” Lafayette’s fingers lightly brush over the spot where the man had grabbed you.

You nod slowly, gazing up at your boyfriend.

He places a hand under your chin and crashes his lips to yours. You’re taken aback by his forwardness, but fully kiss him back.

His hands travel to your hips, pulling your body flush against his. He pulls away and starts leaving open-mouthed kisses along your jaw.

“You’re mine.” He snarls into the crook of your neck, his breaths coming out fast and ragged as he reminds you of who you belong to.



NOTE: We no longer take Anon requests, this is an exception as it was sent in a previous round before the rule was established.

It was a nice day, for lack of any better words. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, and the people training with their various weapons would attest to that observation. Corrin found it to be a normal day. She had spent long enough in the astral realm to know that the weather could be altered to suit someone’s needs. As long as they had the proper abilities for dragon veins, at least.

Regardless of the weather, she just couldn’t feel it in herself to have a good time. Perhaps it was the numerous battles that were taking a toll on her. Perhaps it was the fact that she had to fix her clothes too many times to feel comfortable. Or maybe she was just in a bad mood.

She turned while facing the mirror, watching Forrest’s latest dress swish around her legs nicely. While the dress fit on her quite well, she wasn’t too happy with her other assets. Her face wasn’t as nice as it had looked at the fortress when she was younger, multiple scars littered her arms and legs in rather unappealing ways, and her hair was choppy and uneven as a result of getting too close to a blade for her comfort.

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