Sloan - Beverly Terrace (by dfbhcf)


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) feat. Ed Sheeran

What I want to know is where is George O'Malley's big musical send-off!!!!?

He was a main character… An original, main character!!! There was the funeral, and the organ donation stuff, but there was still no real fanfare. And he didn’t get a big song!! Denny (and later Derek) got Chasing Cars, Callie got that and an episode full of songs, and SHE DIDNT EVEN DIE! The bomb guy who was in it for two episodes even got 2am (Breathe).

Mark got a dedication episode (I love him but) whereas Lexie died and was only ever mentioned a handful of times afterwards, and she came in in season 2… She was a main character for fuck’s sake. Where is the justice?!!!

oh my god i don’t know how to explain what i mean by this or what the track’s called but.

you know that like intense string music that plays on alias whenever something sad and desperate is happening, particularly something sloane-related

i have that stuck in my head

i’m laughing oh my god

[sad arvin sloane music]


Gallery: The Fair at the PNE - Summer Night Concerts ft. Sloan @ Vancouver, BC
Date: August 25th, 2015
Photographed by: Carmin Edwards

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Don Keefer/Sloan Sabbith


  • stop the world i wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys
  • it had to be you - motion city soundtrack
  • blue and yellow - the used
  • gold digger - kanye west (okay because i have this headcanon that there are a bunch of songs that sloan can rap in their entirety and she just gets SO SO INTO IT, completely shameless, completely serious. believes she’s amazing. don discovers this one night when they’re out and she hears it in the background and she’s had a few drinks and she just GOES FOR IT and he can’t believe it, he cannot believe what he’s seeing/hearing and this is getting super longwinded so just. sloan and rap.)
  • on the radio - regina spektor
  • dance me to the end of love - the civil wars
  • knee socks - arctic monkeys
  • fresh feeling - eels

Sloan’s very fuzzy, very 90s cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You”.

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sloan sabbith and jim harper for the music thing

Sloan Sabbith: Done 

Jim Harper: American Idiot by the Broadway cast of American Idiot (screw the fourth wall)

Thanks for the ask!!