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i’m sorry this won’t be done in time for the finale, but i want to thank the brothers for taking me on this journey, i’ve had a lot of fun.

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“[…] would you war with all of the nexus now?”
morda drew herself up. “i am nakmor morda, leader of the nakmor krogan, i do n o t bend at the threat of war.”

Headcanon that the Raven Queen had her eyes on Sloane. Smart girl, knew which side her bread was buttered on, not much respect for the rules but enough respect for Her, capable and adventurous. Not quite reliable to send out in the field, but the sort of soul that could be very useful guarding the Eternal Stockade or helping out around the place. Perfect employee material, and in a dangerous enough line of work that she was probably going to die sooner rather than later. 

Then she had to go and stick her soul in a magical tree, and now the Raven Queen is going to have to wait centuries to get her. Something made with the Gaia Sash is going to stick around for a while, depending on how well the citizens of Goldcliff want to take care of their new, magical botanical mascot. Time isn’t technically important when you’re an immortal, but you have to get joy out of the little things and she’s super disappointed. 

Presuming the entire universe doesn’t end, Hurley and Sloane are going to rock up to the afterlife two hundred years late, holding hands and dropping cherry blossoms everywhere, and find themselves face to face with a personally offended goddess of death. What took you girls so long? She’s had a job waiting for you for ages. You made her wait

Character Bios, Pt 1.: The Royal Romance MC 

Name: Eleanor Christine Sloane
Birthday: April 25th
Age: 24
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Favorite Colors: Black and Red
Education: Bachelors in History & Political Science
Parents: Michael Sloane and Jennifer Stevens-Sloane
Siblings: None
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Eleanor is the only child of Michael and Jennifer Sloane. Her father was a banker, her mother a pharmacist. Eleanor grew up financially comfortable, attending private schools and participating in various extracurriculars—basketball was her favorite and she was the star of the girls basketball team in high school.  

After high school, Eleanor double majored in history and political science, with the intention of getting her Masters degree when she was finished. But the sudden, traumatic death of her parents during her senior year of college, derailed her plans.

Eleanor forced herself to focus on her studies and managed to still graduate on time. But she decided against grad school as she knew she wasn’t in the right place emotionally. She turned down an offer from her aunt and uncle to go live with them in San Francisco and decided to just take some time to heal.

Her parents had left her financially comfortable, so she didn’t have an immediate need to find a job, and she decided to go to New York with her cousin Evie for a while.

But Eleanor was not the type to be idle, so she decided to take a waitressing job until she could figure out what to do with the rest of her life. That way she wouldn’t have to worry about burning through her inheritance and it’s also a good distraction. Eleanor chose to work as a waitress because she likes the parade of new faces, hearing people’s stories and learning a little about them and it helped distract her from sad thoughts.

While she dated, Eleanor was selective about who she went out with and has never found anyone she wanted to be serious about. Eleanor a romantic at heart and even though she knows it’s silly, she believes in soulmates and love at first sight and none of the guys she’s dated have ever been more than ‘nice’.

Then a certain prince walked into her bar and her whole life changed forever…