sloan is queen

Headcanon that the Raven Queen had her eyes on Sloane. Smart girl, knew which side her bread was buttered on, not much respect for the rules but enough respect for Her, capable and adventurous. Not quite reliable to send out in the field, but the sort of soul that could be very useful guarding the Eternal Stockade or helping out around the place. Perfect employee material, and in a dangerous enough line of work that she was probably going to die sooner rather than later. 

Then she had to go and stick her soul in a magical tree, and now the Raven Queen is going to have to wait centuries to get her. Something made with the Gaia Sash is going to stick around for a while, depending on how well the citizens of Goldcliff want to take care of their new, magical botanical mascot. Time isn’t technically important when you’re an immortal, but you have to get joy out of the little things and she’s super disappointed. 

Presuming the entire universe doesn’t end, Hurley and Sloane are going to rock up to the afterlife two hundred years late, holding hands and dropping cherry blossoms everywhere, and find themselves face to face with a personally offended goddess of death. What took you girls so long? She’s had a job waiting for you for ages. You made her wait


“[…] would you war with all of the nexus now?”
morda drew herself up. “i am nakmor morda, leader of the nakmor krogan, i do n o t bend at the threat of war.”

Olicity one-shot: what a good guy would do

Word count: 2,589
Rating: Everyone
Summary: Newsroom AU — Oliver’s scared of losing his on/off girlfriend Sara Lance to the the new hotshot senior producer, Nyssa. But when he finds out business reporter Felicity Smoak is entertaining other job offers, he finds he can’t let go of her either.

Author’s note: OK so background: a while back, @screamlikeacanary and I decided to cast “The Newsroom” with “Arrow” characters. I started rewatching “The Newsroom” for like the millionth time a few days ago and when I got to this episode, I HAD TO WRITE IT. (I’M SORRY, ANNA, I HAD TO.)

So with that, I’m dedicating it to @screamlikeacanary in the hopes that she doesn’t hate me. 

Lastly, you don’t HAVE to have seen The Newsroom to understand what’s going on in this story, but if you haven’t seen The Newsroom, then do yourselves the biggest favor and watch it immediately.

Ignoring the bright, red light that screamed ON AIR, Oliver pushed open the door and strode into the studio.

Felicity sat behind the desk, her smile almost as bright as her hair in the fluorescent lighting. Her fuschia lips wrapped around each word carefully, like she had to physically restrain herself from talking a mile a minute, as was her habit.

If she noticed him standing next to the teleprompter, glaring at her with ice cold eyes and his arms crossed firmly over his chest, she didn’t let on.

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HELLO ( can u tell i’m excited ? ) co-admin emily here bringing Ur Fav Drama Queen, sloan azimi. i’ll also be playing literal honey apple jordana booth but i haven’t gotten around to posting her app on the main yet & i’ll wanna do a separate intro for her anyway bc i tend to ramble bUT YES here’s some stuff about my bby sloan ? she’s new to andalusia so idk how much room there is for plotting past connections but i’m always down for planning future stuff so hmu or give this a like if you’d be into that !

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Samuel: » How about a crown, Sloane? Or should I say queen of Kadara? A fancy and still very creepy Kett-Skull-Crown  would fit you and your very friendly aura perfectly. Yes! Just think about how afraid the collectiv would be! … or maybe ….they will just die of laughter. «

Samuel Ryder. No good adviser. And now probably shot.