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The Bold Type | Season 1, Episode 8 Sneak Peak: Jane Wants To Go On A Group Date


Sloan interview

💌 Rules: Tag nine people you want to get to know better - thanks for the tag, @stellagibsonsgirlfriend

💌 Relationship Status: Married
💌 Favorite Color: the dark red velvet they used to make movie theater curtains out of
💌 Lipstick or Chapstick: Burt’s Bees
💌 Last Song I Listened To: “Shoot You Down,” Stone Roses
💌 Last Movie I Watched: A Bug’s Life (introducing the kids to “old movies,” ha!)
💌 Top 3 TV Shows: (limiting myself to shows currently in production) Stranger Things, The Americans, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
💌 Top 3 Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Lindsay Weir, Angela Chase
💌 Top 3 Bands: Sloan, Pixies, Stone Roses
💌 Books I’m Currently Reading: Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl (Carrie Brownstein), The Purity Myth (Jessica Valenti), I Want to Go Home! (Gordon Korman), World War Z (Max Brooks), all the fanfic on this website (you guys)

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Scatterheart - Chapter One 

“I still think butterscotch frosting is the best,” Ella Pettengell quipped, setting the dessert fork down carefully. Her perfectly pink pout, the one that matched her freshly polished nails, spoke volumes. This was one item she wasn’t going to let go without a fight.

“Honey, you have to remember that most people don’t have the same taste. It’s always better to stay neutral. That way you don’t have an entire cake for leftovers,” Laura Berger smiled down at the menu in her lap. The pages were sticky from too many fingers after a tasting. The tacky, laminated pages clashed horribly with the older woman’s cream pantsuit.

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