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The unlikely duo, chaotic vagabonds who follow rules fit only for the insane. Destruction is a given, police never get a wink of sleep with these two around.  

Peter Prevc imagine

Characters: Peter Prevc x reader, Daniel Andre Tande

Words: 1881 (oops)

A/N: This is my first ski jumping imagine so please be gentle :) Also English isn’t my first language so there might be a few mistakes. 

Y/N=your name

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Although freezing-cold weather was in your job description, temperatures in Zakopane seemed to surprise you this year.

You were rushing from your car to the hotel and despite the fact that your warm jacket kept you warm almost at all times, you were shaking by the time you arrived to the lobby.

“Hey Y/N!” Daniel called, smiling at you. “What were you doing outside? It’s freezing!”

“Hi!” You smiled back, gladly accepting his warm hug. “Cold? Isn’t that like picnic weather for you Norwegian people?”

He laughed, shaking his head, “Yeah, maybe for us, but you need to warm up quickly, because dinner is in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and excused yourself. You rushed in your room for a quick shower.

You and Daniel have been friends ever since you came work for Slovenian ski jumping team as a sport psychiatrist. It was obvious from the start that he had a crush on you, but since your feelings weren’t the same, you never pointed it out.

When you arrived to dinner, ten minutes late, almost all seats were already taken. Your eyes automatically searched for that one guy that always made your heart skip a bit, but when you found him next to some girl who looked like he said the funniest thing in the world, your smile fell.

You knew that there wasn’t a chance that anything could happen between you two. Sure there was friendship, a really deep one for that matter, but he wasn’t the kind of guy who gets in relationships.

“What’s with the sad face?” You heard Daniel’s voice next to you, which immediately brought a smile on your face.

“They ate all the bagels.” You told him, pursing your lips.

Daniel smiled at you and showed you his table.

“I saved you one. You like them with Nutella, right?”

There was a mixture of happiness and disgust on your face which made him laugh.

“I’m kidding, there’s strawberry jam in there you dork. How can you dislike Nutella? What kind of person are you?”

You followed him to his table, unable to hide a smile from your face.

“You’d hate it too if your sister forced you to eat the whole damn jar just because she felt like it.” You grumbled, but smile was still playing on your face.

He was one of three people who could actually cheer you up when you felt sad. And the only one who really took your mind off a boy who played with your heart.

But despite all his effort, today you couldn’t stop thinking about that girl hitting on Peter. You kept glancing in his direction and every time you looked there, they were laughing and she kept touching his shoulder. You had no idea who she was, but Peter seemed to be more than comfortable with her.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Daniel’s worried voice broke your trail of thoughts.

“Hmm? Yeah I’m fine.” You gave him a tight smile and stole a strawberry from his plate, just to annoy him.

“Are you sure? You seem a little worried?” He refused to believe you.

You nodded absently, biting hard on your lower lip as the unknown girl leaned to whisper something in Peter’s ear.

“I’m fine, just little tired.” you mumbled even though anyone could see that you’re not. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Without another word you got up and rushed away. You needed some air and even though it was freezing outside, you walked outside. Place was meant for those who smoke, but right now no one dared to step outside.

You pulled a pack of cigarettes you secretly kept in your purse for times like this and lit it. Heavy smoke filled your lunges as a single tear slipped down your cheek. You wrapped your arms tightly around yourself as the wind blew stronger.

Quickly your body began to shake from the cold and you didn’t hear the doors open behind you.

“What are you doing here? Are you insane?”

You turned around to meet blue eyes and a worried expression.

“I’m smoking.” You pointed out and blew smoke in his face.

“I can see that,” Peter rolled his eyes, “Don’t you think it’s a bit too cold for that right now?”

You shook your head and took a deep breath which filled your lunges once again.

“Go inside if you’re cold.”

“Y/N you’re gonna catch a cold or something even worse, let’s just go inside. Please?” He begged and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I’ll go when I finish this cigarette, I promise. You go now, we wouldn’t want a lucky lady to be waiting now, would we?”


“C’mon go Peter, I’ll be right behind you.” You pushed him lightly towards the door.

He sighed loudly, but left without another word. You stared into the distance where you saw the place where competition takes its place. Your phone made a sound and you quickly replied

Soon the doors opened again and before you could say a word, someone threw a warm coat around your shoulders.

“You’ll freeze to death if you stay here.” Peter mumbled and you could sense anger in his voice.

A second later doors burst open.

“For god’s sake Y/N! What are you even doing here?” Daniel rushed to you, squeezing you in his arms. “And is that a cigarette? C’mon throw that shit away.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at a worried friend. “Yes mom.”

He threw the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it. Then he led you inside, leaving confused Peter behind.

Daniel quickly led you to your room, making sure you were warm and cosy before saying another word. And when he did open his mouth, he left you speechless.

“Why won’t you tell him? That you like him?”

You stared at him, eyes wide.

“How do you know this?” You whispered, accepting the cup of strawberry tea he made you.

“Oh c’mon, I’m surprised he doesn’t know since you always stare at him.” He chuckled, positioning himself right next to you.

“Am not!” You fought back as blush crept up your cheeks. “And even if I tell him, he sees me as a friend, nothing more.”

Daniel was quiet for a while, while you drank your tea, trying to warm yourself up. You knew when you stepped out that it’s not a good idea and that you’re probably gonna catch a cold, but now you cursed yourself for doing it. You were cold, shaking and wishing you could just fall asleep to forget about everything.

“You won’t know that unless you tell him. Y/N you know that I hate seeing you sad, tell me if there’s anything I can do for you?”

You snuggled closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder.

“What if this ruins my friendship with him, Dan? I can’t afford this because I could lose my job if something goes wrong.” You mumbled sadly, staring at your tea.

“What if it doesn’t? Look sweetheart, I don’t know Peter that well. But I can see that you two are really good friends and I’m sure he wouldn’t let that ruin your friendship. I think you should try.”

You shrugged and kept quiet. He was right. If your friendship with Peter was as strong as you thought, this shouldn’t destroy it. Sure it would be awkward, but this would disappear after a while.

“Okay, I’ll talk to him. If he talks to me later. I was kind of rude to him before.”

Before Daniel could answer there were two loud knocks on the door. He got up, offering you a tight smile before he headed to open the door.

“I need to talk to Y/N.” You heard Peter’s voice and you could immediately tell he’s not alright.

There was a small talk between two men before the doors closed. You waited in silence to see what happened.

“Hi.” Peter greeted you quietly.

“Hey.” You replied with a small smile playing on your lips.

“How are you?”

“Cold…” you laughed, but his face was blank.

“What was that, Y/N? Why did you smoke? It was cold as hell and you just had a sweater on.”

A smile disappeared from your face and you looked back at your tea. You didn’t know how to answer that.


“I don’t know!” You snapped, “I needed a break, I needed to calm down. I don’t know Peter.” You broke down, hiding your face behind your hands.

You couldn’t see it, but Peter’s face softened and he came to sit down next to you.

“You know you can always come to me, no need to turn to smoking.” Peter said calmingly, throwing an arm around your shoulders, pulling you in half hug.

“You were with this girl, I didn’t want to interrupt. And you have competition tomorrow and I can’t talk about my problems a day before your competition.” You mumbled, breathing in his sent which calmed you down.

“You’d save me. She was annoying as hell.” Peter laughed. “C’mon talk to me now. What’s wrong? Did Daniel do something wrong? Want me to beat him up?” He asked jokingly, but you could have sworn there was a hint of jealousy in there.

“No. Why would you even think that?”

“Well you two seem to be really close. Are you together?”

You laughed at Peter’s question, while he didn’t feel like laughing. His jaw was tightly clenched while he tried to hide his jealousy.

“No we’re not. Are you jealous, Pero?”

It was a joy to ask him this question. He never acted like that and you prayed to god that you’re right.

“No, I’m not!” He spoke too quickly, moving away from you. “Me jealous? On Tande? C’mon…” Peter laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“Good. Because you have no reason to be.” You stated.


“Mhmm… we’re just friends, aren’t we?” You asked, snuggling closer to him. “Friends aren’t jealous if their friend cuddles with Daniel, right?”

“You did what?” Peter exploded, his eyes wide.

“You’re not jealous, are you?”

“Oh c’mon stop playing you know I am.” He gave in. “Why’d you think I let that crazy girl sit next to me even though you always do? I’ve been jealous for so long because you’re so close with Dan, it’s been killing me.”

He kept talking, while you just stared at him smiling. He looked confused and kind of desperate and when you saw that he’s not going to stop with his speech anytime soon, you pulled him closer, crashing your lips against his.

Peter froze for a moment, before his lips melted against yours, following your lead.

“Seriously Pero, no need to be jealous. I’m all yours.” You smiled, leaning against his forehead.

“I can see that.” A smile played on his lips and his eyes sparkled in happiness. “Now how about you go to sleep? If you don’t wanna catch a cold you need to sleep.”

“Stay here?” You asked, trying to make best puppy eyes you can.

“Sure, why not?” Peter smiled.

You both laid down, snuggling close together. You feel asleep as soon as your head touched the pillow, but Peter stayed awake for a few more minutes watching you sleep peacefully.


Cockta commercial by slo ski jumping team


Cene Prevc imagine

Characters: reader x Cene

Words: 1334

A/N: I didn’t check for any mistakes because it’s late, so I hope there aren’t too many :)

Y/N= your name

“Why do I have to go, dad?” You whined, trying one last time to avoid the party with ski jumpers.

“Because you’re barely 18 and because I promised to bring the whole family for once.”

You groaned and rolled your eyes in response, picking your favourite shoes and cursing under your breath. You had a whole plan with watching Netflix and eating all the junk food you had at home, but feeling ‘bad’ wasn’t a valid excuse for your dad.

“Will you stop whining if I tell you Cene’s going to be there?” Your mom asked annoyed and immediately you felt heat rise up your cheeks.

Whole family turned to you and you wished more than ever before to be able to become invisible. You felt their eyes on your back and as much as you didn’t want them to see your red face you knew that you need to get into a car as soon as possible.

“Why… why would you t-think that?” You stuttered and quickly got into a car.

The place was only a 15 minutes away and yet it felt like you’ve been in the car forever. Your family was always loud, singing every song that came on the radio, but lately you didn’t feel like singing or doing anything loud at all. You wanted your own peace and that’s probably why you have never gone out in the past few months.

To be honest, you never really liked parties. Either the music was too loud and people too drunk, or everyone wore those fancy dresses and talked about things you weren’t yet interested in. And as much as you loved hanging out with ski jumpers, you weren’t ready listen to their drunk thoughts.

“Sweetheart we’re here.” Your mother smiled at you and you forced a smile as you put your phone in your purse.

The place ski jumpers rented for this party was huge. It had a bar with everything they’d wish for, a big space meant for dancing and a few couches on the side for those who wanted to take a break from the alcohol.

The party was loud, everyone already dancing and drinking. A few ski jumpers from Polish team greeted you and you offered them a tight smile. The loud music and place filled with people made you anxious, but you tried to hold yourself together.

You were looking around for someone you knew that was still sober enough for you to know that you’re safe by your side. But arriving to the party later than most people meant that there’ll be many people already drunk

A man bumped to you, almost knocking you to the floor as he danced. You tried to back away when another person bumped into you, this time knocking you on the floor, which made you panic a bit. Quickly you got up, looking for a way out, but being smaller than most people in the room made it all but easy.

You started to walk around, trying to find a way out.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Cene asked and as you looked up to him, you saw his eyes scan you in worry.  

“Shit, why are you bleeding?” He asked, but seeing that you won’t answer he continued. “Let’s go outside, okay?”

You nodded, not trusting your voice and Cene gently grabbed your hand, leading you outside.

Cene sat you down on the nearest bench, promising that he’ll be back soon. With that he returned inside while you finally looked at yourself. One of your hands was scratched quite bad and only then you felt a burning pain.

“Here, let me take care of it.” Cene mumbled, scaring you a little bit.

You looked up to see him holding his jacket and a bottle of water in one hand and first aid kit in other. He knelt down next to you, opening the first aid kit. The wound wasn’t deep or huge, but he carefully cleaned it and put a patch over it.

Then he offered you a bottle of water and carefully wrapped his jacket around you.

“Thanks Cene.” You mumbled, drinking a few sips of water.

“Ummm…” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, “Just so you know, I couldn’t find your jacket so I brought you mine. It’s cold, I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

You looked at him, blush covering your cheeks.

“Thanks.” You smiled, wrapping yourself in the jacket as

“Do you feel better now?” He asked a little more worried, taking a seat next to you.

“Yeah, thanks. Just please never mention this to my parents.”

“What exactly happened in there, Y/N?”

“Nothing serious. I mean I was looking around for someone I know well when two people bumped into me and I freaked out a bit.” You chuckled, suddenly feeling bad about freaking out.

“You ended up hurt, it is kind of serious, Y/N.” Cene breathed out, looking anywhere but at you.

“It’s just a scratch, chill.” You laughed but stopped immediately as he hugged you out of nowhere.

“Thanks…” you mumbled into his shirt, breathing in his scent. “For taking care of me.”

He nodded and kept you in his hug for a few more seconds.

“Hey, do you want to walk around a bit?”

“A walk? Now?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.

“Yeah why not?” Cene shrugged, getting up and offering you his hand.

You bit your lip, thinking about it.

“Okay.” You breathed out, accepting his hand.

Your smile widened as he tangled his fingers with yours, pulling you just a little bit closer to him.

“Where are we going?” You asked as he led you away from the party.

“You’ll see. Why do you need to know everything? Like always?”  He replied with a teasing tone that made your smile bigger.

“Okay be mysterious then.”


“Here we are!” Cene announced and stopped.

You looked around, trying to figure out where you are. While talking to Cene you couldn’t focus on anything but the way your hand felt in his and how he smiled every time he talked about the things he loved.

“Well actually we need to climb up there.” He chuckled, pointing to your left.

You looked at where he was pointing only to find ski flying hill Letalnica.

“Wait… are we even allowed to go up there?”

Cene laughed as your eyes widened and nodded.

“You’re going to love the view!”

With that he pulled you after him and soon you were climbing up the stairs.

“You want to kill me.” You mumbled a few meters before the top.

Cene who was already waiting for you at the top just laughed and shook his head.

“Look around and tell me it wasn’t worth it.”  Cene said as you reached the top, sitting down next to him.

You looked around. It was a clear, cold night and moon lightly shined on mountains around you. You’ve never seen Planica and mountains around it like that. Sure you’ve been on top of the Letalnica when it was day time. But seeing it at night was something completely different.

“It’s…” You started, but looking around made you lose your ability to speak.

“Absolutely gorgeous?” Cene asked and you nodded.

“I couldn’t agree more.” he mumbled happily.

You looked at him, only to find him already smiling at you.

“That was so cheesy, Cene.” You laughed, hoping that it’s dark enough to hide a huge blush that spread over your cheeks.

“But you liked it, didn’t you?” He winked at you which made you speechless.

Sure you two flirted sometimes, but you never thought it could be anything serious. And he’s never been so forward.

“I…” you started, but this time you were cut off my Cene’s lips.

They were a little chapped, yet soft and sweet. You smiled into a kiss as he pulled you a little closer.

“I liked it a lot.”

“I’m glad you did.” Cene smiled, once again pressing his lips against yours.