Reasons why Amalia Balash is the most relatable character ever
  • total nerd
  • loves to read
  • dumps out her entire purse only to find what she was looking for in her pocket
  • refuses to end an argument
  • terrible liar
  • terrible improviser
  • will do anything to be petty
  • bad at following instructions
  • gets drunk in a cafe
  • can’t find her fucking shoe
  • cries in the other direction when getting tears in her ice cream
  • doesn’t cry as much when given ice cream
  • sings about ice cream
  • extremely curious
  • wants all the info
  • doesn’t get the hint
  • says she doesn’t care about looks but kind of does
A little reminder from me to you to me: you are on a journey, you are working towards bettering your mind, body, and soul. Rest in this, be patient with yourself. Hardly anything worthwhile comes to fruition overnight; these things take time, effort, and hard work. They will come to you when they’re meant to, but find contentment in the present and love where you are as you are. Give grace to others as much as you give grace to yourself.
—  s.l.m.