When I was wearing my Chihiro Fujisaki cosplay one of the clerks at heros and games (one of the stores in the con center) gave me free pocky because I said that it was too expensive. Then I hard him say to his friend that I was “cute, but probably underage.”

Not only am I an adult, but I am an adult male.

Hey guys! 

If you will be attending OhayoCon 2013 then I would like to challenge you!

I have a shit ton of orange feathers and six cosplays that I’ll be in throughout the weekend. When ever you see me, get a picture with me and for every different cosplay that I’m wearing you will be entered into my contest that will be announced in February

I’m sure you are wondering where the feathers come in!

Well, if you find one of these feathers treat them like currency! They can buy some pretty cool things!

Things you can “buy” with Davesprite feathers (F):

0F - One Hug from me

1F - Piece of candy

3F - One (extra) entry into the February contest

5F - I’ll follow you (Plus a hug and piece of candy)

8F - Two (extra) entries into the February contest (plus candy, hug and I’ll follow you)

Don’t forget to follow that tag “FindseWslliM” for random updates about some locations of feathers!

Have fun everyone and be safe!

Love, Wes!