okay guys! so here is my dirk wig. the left is being worn with the spikes pointing up and the right has the spikes pointing back (sorry for shitty bathroom pics).

my problem is that i cant decide which is canon/better looking. 

in my recent dirk photo shoot i have the spikes pointing back, as shown in the picture on the right. (you can find the photo shoot here)

so, what do you guys think?

all i need to do for the new hood is sew the base and attatch it to the hood!!

yay! this is the first hood ive made from scratch! i am excite! (and this one actually fits my head correctly!)

(i took this pic like an hour ago so the pins are no longer in the hood)

Okay! So. Aladdin progress!

The pants are almost done. Just gotta adjust a few things and add the elastic around the ankles.

Gotta hem the chest bandages things and what not.

Make the waist sash thing~

And make the vest (the one I am wearing is a practice one I made a few months ago and it’s too small and not the right color)



Last night I orders my Aladdin (Magi) wig. It was $21 with FREE shipping (I almost peed myself I love free shipping!!)

And tonight I bought fabric.
I did all the math before getting it cut so I could make sure I had enough. The estimated total came to $35.

After getting it all cut and priced and stuff. I walked up to the counter and the lady told me my total was $12.07. I basically stared at her and asked “say what?!” So she recalculated and the total once again came to $12.07… So I accepted my fate and bought it.

So far my total is at $32



OKAY! so ive finished editing my john hood… there might still be one more thing i want to do to it, but i dont think im going to do that tonight. im going to eventually make a completely new one and retire this one, but idk when that will be.

i would just like say that i am super excited to be Cronus Ampora! ive alwasys love greasers plus i get to be seuxual and i want to get one of those switch blade combs and im so excited about the technique im gonna be using for his forehead scar (not just an eyeliner pencil, like, this shit gona be real as fuck!)

dang. im so excited!