So I just went through my iPod. I have 238 songs (not many, I know) and it took me a while, but I counted through them..and this is what I ended up with: 81 of those songs are Christian or sung by Christian bands/singers, 27 of them have one or more swear words, and 14 of them use the F word. 

Can you believe that? and I am the one that claims to be Christian? I have to admit, I’m disappointed in myself.

Tonight at youth group, we talked about ways that Satan disguises himself. Did you know that when he was still an angel, that he was considered the angel of music? and do you realize that most of today’s corruption of society is caused by music? Have you noticed that most of today’s “popular” songs talk about sex, drugs, alcohol, money, strippers, etc.? 

I’m going to challenge myself to listen to nothing but Christian music for a while, and see if it changes my mindset and mood. 

Anyone wanna join me?