Cronus Ampora ~ seWslliM / SllimCosplays

Photographer ~ Swoz / Swoz Photography

I am so happy with how this cosplay turned out and I am in love with the photos!

I also want to say a special huge thank you to my wonderful friend, failmacaw for being awesome and taking several hours out of her busy schedule to help me with basically everything (i.e. the lovely wig and makeup). She is a great friend and I wish we spent more time together. There is also a funny story about my horns, which I commissioned from a friend, theclownstar (maybe I will tell you about that another day).


Dirk Strider - slliMDiaries


This is the first time that I’ve gotten good pics (other than a few web cam) of my starter Dirk cosplay. I haven’t been very fond of the way that I look in it, but to be honest, I am very pleased with how these turned out! (especially since it was a solo shoot… which means that I took the photos using my camera’s timer.)