Some early design work for my klance Swan Princess AU. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes on the plot along with some script and storyboard stuff already. Aside from this thread on twitter I haven’t reeeally yelled about it publicly, but I’m excited about it :D I have Plans. 

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Hi! It's me again lolol and I don't mind either lords or side characters

No problem, no problem! I mostly just ask because like… if we’re talking a good, fulfilling relationship, I definitely think MC has way more chemistry and potential with some side characters than she does the actual lords LMAO.

Another anon actually came in to ask about all the characters, so I guess I’ll go over the main lords in this one and cover side characters in the next?

Under the cut so I don’t take up your dash space.

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First Date– Young K

Request: I just found your blog and am very happy to see a Day6 scenario blog (there aren’t that many). I was wondering if you could do a first date scenario with Brian please?

Member: Young K (Brian)


You whined in the back of your throat as his warm hand encapsulated your own, tugging you along behind him excitedly.  “Do we really have to play basketball on our…”

He smiled brightly at you and looked back to your bashful expression.  “On our date?  Yes, we do!  It’ll be fun.  I’ll teach you how to play basketball and it will be great.  Then, I will take you to the park by the lake, because I know a good hiding spot where we can just relax.”  You grumbled under your breath as he continued dragging you along the sidewalk, and you tried to distract yourself from the tingles crawling up your arm as the smooth skin of his hand brushed over your palm.  

It was a nice day– Brian had been strategic in choosing when your first date together would be.  He wanted the day to be bright and sunny, but not too warm.  He brought you to his favorite basketball court– the one just a few blocks from the boys’ dorms where he found himself expressing anger and distress when the streetlights were lit and the sun’s rays were long beneath the horizon.  It was where he wrote frustrated lyrics and let off steam, and it was where he wanted to share with you.  

The court was nothing special.  The floor itself was a faded, cracking concrete with small weedlings sprouting from the fissures, the dull metal hoops on either end were rusting, and the paint was peeling from their stalks.  The sun made the green of the surrounding grass even more vivid, and upon arriving at the old cement patio Brian’s face lit up even more than it already was.  His eyes squinted with the raising of his high cheekbones, and his white teeth shone in the bright daylight.  Was that a heart murmur I just felt?  This boy is giving me arrhythmias.

“Come on, [Y/N]!  Let’s go, one versus one, yeah?”  You shook your head with a small smile as his excitement got the best of him and he began jumping back and forth on his toes.  He held the ball between the two of you, and you looked at it questioningly.  “[Y/N], you have to hit the ball out of my hand so we can both go after it.  That’s how we start the game with only two people.”  His tender grin made your cheeks stain pink.  Duh.

As soon as you smacked the heavy ball from his hand, you were both racing for it as it rolled away, and you shoved your smaller frame in front of his so that he would have to stop to avoid hitting you.  “Aish, [Y/N]!  Don’t do that!”  You barely heard him as the satisfaction filled you up– the leather of the ball was scraping across your fingertips now, and you waggled the ball in his face while sticking your tongue out childishly.  He laughed loudly, the chiming sound like nothing you’ve heard before, and he squatted down into a steady position.  He looked like he was going to pounce.  “Well, now you have to get it past me and into that,” he pointed to the far basket, “hoop.  Come at me!”  You wanted to throw a fit at the concept of trying to run around Brian and jumping around to try and toss the ball into the impossibly high backboard.

You acted dismayed, and as he rose to his full height again to comfort you, you took your leave, dashing around him as he cried out in shock.  He began laughing so loudly as he started to chase after you, screaming that you were traveling because “you’re supposed to dribble the ball!”, but you didn’t listen– not until his arms were snaking themselves around your waist and lifted you off of the ground so you could no longer run from him.  You squawked as he picked you up without warning, flailing about in his embrace, and when he plucked the ball from your grip, he gently placed your feet back on the ground.  

“Thanks, [Y/N],” he whispered cheekily before taking off.  Your competitive side was raging; oh hell no, he did not just do that.

You growled in anger and launched yourself at his back, and he dropped the ball to catch your thighs steadily so that you wouldn’t fall from his back.  You looped your arms around his neck and your ankles crossed over his belt, and you tried thumping him on the shoulder a few times.  He was supposed to fall, not catch you!

“You know that doesn’t hurt, right?”  He craned his neck to look at you, wide smile on his face once again as you looked at him.  You felt pinned; he needed to stop looking at you like that.  His eyes flickered to your lips, and your fluttered closed, hoping for what you knew he was thinking about.

But it never came.  Instead, you felt his soft lips press to your nose in a sweet and affectionate gesture before he softly placed you back on the ground and collected the ball.  His forehead was misty beneath his hair.  His mood had shifted dramatically from playful to a tender-hearted warmth.  He took your hand again, without words, and began pulling you once more.

“Let’s go sit by the lake, yeah?”  You were panting from the exertion and excitement, but you nodded nonetheless, and he smiled down at you for the umpteenth time that afternoon.

As you both strolled down the street, the sun began to set, and you soon arrived at the edge of a small and quaint little meadow that peered through a line of verdant trees to reveal the still water of the lake.  He rustled around in a tree for a moment once you both had arrived, and you looked at him oddly until he came out with an “aha!” and a sealed duffel bag.  Taking out softened blankets and pillows, Brian laid them across the supple grass and plopped down on one side, patting the one beside him to ask you to join him.  

You sat beside him, knees tucked to your chest, and watched the way that the sun’s vibrant beams faded behind the horizon.  Brian watched you from the corner of his eye, and thought to himself how beautiful you looked in this setting, in this lighting.  

“Would you mind if I took a picture of you right now?” he blurted, and you sputtered in shock, looking behind you because he definitely wasn’t talking to you, right?  “You just look incredible right now, and I want to remember this.  To remember you.  I want to write some lyrics about how beautiful you look right now.  Is that weird?  I hope that isn’t weird.”  

You smiled gratefully before beginning to chuckle.  He pouted cutely, and asked what was so funny.  “You’re so cheesy.  Thank you, but so, so cheesy.”  He blushed and grinned at the blanket beneath you both, before looking back at you.  He still wanted an answer.  “Fine.  You can take a picture.  But if it’s a bad one, you have to delete–” click! “Brian, I wasn’t ready!”  you cried, and he laughed to himself at the adorable expression he captured in the image, like a kitten trying to be a tiger.  

“Fine, fine.  Look back out at the water, like you were before.”  You complied, and tried to will yourself not to start giggling.  You heard a faint click, and he whispered “one more”.  You waited patiently for the next shutter of the camera on his phone, but were taken aback when his gentle hand cupped your chin and moved your face to stare into his, and then he was moving in, lips so close, and his eyes were closing as were yours.  Then, he kissed you.

You didn’t hear a click that time, but it didn’t matter, because all that you had the capacity to think of in that moment was how incredibly soft Brian’s pink lips were, and how delicately and romantically he was kissing you, lips moulding against yours to a rhythm.  He cupped your face firmly with one hand, the other reaching to lace your fingers with his, and you placed your other hand on his heaving chest.  You could feel his nervous heart beating, and you both smiled against one another’s lips.

The embrace wasn’t nearly as long as you’d have preferred, Brian pulling away a blushing mess and staring down at your joined hands with a dorky smile on his face, and he licked his lips as he fiddled with your fingers nervously.  The sudden change from his sweet demeanor to an embarrassed one had your heart fluttering in the cage of your ribs, and you laughed beneath your breath.  His head shot up and he pouted again at your giggling.

“Don’t laugh at me, you make me nervous!” You laughed louder, and he grumbled something before tugging you back into him, slanting his lips over yours more confidently this time.  Your breaths mingled as he deepened the kiss, angling your heads to allow his tongue to coyly lick at the seam of your lips.  You squeaked in shock and pulled back, hand flying to cover your mouth. 

Now, it was his turn to laugh at you.  

Brian had you pulled against him for the rest of the evening, kissing your forehead and cheeks and the tip of your nose.  He smiled preciously at you everytime your gazes met, and he whispered into you hair,

“So, rematch for the next date, or a jam session?”


A/N: LOL I’m awful I know I’m so sorry that this isn’t that great and it’s so short and a;slkdf;sdhg;ksldf;alksef.  Brian doesn’t really blazon his personality all over (like someone else… *cough* Jae you obnoxious chicken you *cough*) so I apologize if some of it is out of character, but I wrote him using as much as I know about him– that he is a sweet precious and artsy lil bugger who likes basketball, kekeke.  Please follow and share this blog! <(ㅅ.ㅅ<)


“…He was reluctant to share his one clear memory: Annabeth’s face, her blond hair and gray eyes, the way she laughed, threw her arms around him, and gave him a kiss whenever he did something stupid. She must have kissed me a lot, Percy thought. He feared that if he spoke about that memory to anyone, it would evaporate like a dream. He couldn’t risk that.”

i’m fine it’s all good i’m fine

gaywatsons replied to your post: When ppl say Arthur’s mysteries suck �� okay I mean…

i feel like i’m allowed to complain but i get mad when other people do jaksdkfjasdf also to be fair i only complain about the ones like case of identity where they never leave the flat and they just like decide not to tell the client bc she’d never believe them lkajsdfkjladf

asdklh i like that one! i guess i kinda forgot they left the client dangling a;slkdf;as that’s fucked up!!

Pet peeves as a Kagaao shipper

1. Apologetic disclaimers. 

“This is going to be Kagaao, but don’t worry I’m usually an Aokaga shipper Don’t run away please.”

2. You rummage through the haystack and find an oasis in the desert. It’s a perfect fic. You scroll down the comments to gush about how awesome the fic is with other people. The first comment you see:

“Great fic! I think it would have been better with Aomine topping though ;) I kind of had to skip through the smut, sorry.”

Or another punch in the gut, the author saying themselves:

“There is Kagaao in there, but skip through it if you don’t like it.”

Why this angers me:
- Do I ever see this in an Aokaga fic? No.
- They are treating my pairing as something people don’t want to see and that is never a good feeling.

Why I can’t blame the authors (on most days):

“Great fic! I think it would have been better with Aomine topping though ;) I kind of had to skip through the smut, sorry.”

3. Aokaga means Aokaga and Kagaao. Kagaao only means Kagaao. Confusion ensues. Also, how is that fair?

Ex) Author tags fic as Aokaga bc MAYBE they like any form of the two together. Or maybe they like Kagaao, but since the term Aokaga is often used to depict any sort of Aomine and Kagami pairing, they tag it accordingly. Writes Kagaao smut. Reader complains there was no warning about Aomine bottoming, ew. Author gets angry. Thinks: Although they love this pairing maybe they shouldn’t write anymore for this fandom because it takes too much goddamn effort and all you get in return is whining.

4. On a related note to the example above, people treating Aomine bottoming as a trigger. Why in the world should this need a warning? There are hardly any warnings for when the opposite happens? Don’t complain about it. Just hit the back button and find another fic. It’s easy enough to find one where he tops. (Hint: It’s the majority of Aokaga fics.) Don’t make people feel bad.

5. It’s tagged as a Kagaao fic, but when you get to the smut it has copious amounts of unnecessary explaining of how Aomine is USUALLY a top but for a very special occasion he will go through the motions of being a bottom. Ends with Aomine assuring that this will not happen again.

6. Doesn’t really have to do with liking Kagaao, but maybe a little.

Ex) Prompt:
- A cheats on B : Aomine is the cheater
- A proposes to B: Aomine is the one who proposes
- A screwed up and wants to get back with B: A=Aomine
- A is a pervert that always wants to do it. B suffers. A=Aomine

There is a pattern. It spans through all Aomine-related pairings… it gets old quickly.

7. Harmless comments now annoy me, and I feel bad about it.

“Wow… Aomine bottoming? I never see that 0_0”

- What the person meant: This is new for me! I liked it!
- What I see: Kagaao is so rare that it is treated as an anomaly LMAO

I have become a bitter, bitter person.