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“so many fortunate days passed by without being noticed at all. one unfortunate one was all it took to overshadow any sliver of excitement life had to offer. wasn’t everything always just that way—a terrific tragedy.” // this is my usual set up for writing. over the summer i went to starbucks (my town really has nothing better) about four times a week for several hour long sittings and finished writing the novel i’ve been mulling over for about four years. a few weeks ago i decided to start a second one. here’s to hoping it doesn’t take four years to finish & here’s to hoping that it’s not total shit.

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If you could describe Dan and Phil by a color each which color would you choose for which of them idk

dan: champagne. i feel like he’s gone on such a personal journey over the past few years, he’s really discovered who he is in the world and has accepted himself for who he is and i think it’s pretty obvious even to us as viewers that only see a small sliver of his life that’s he’s so much happier, and i feel like in the olden days i would’ve described him as charcoal, when so many thoughts were in his head and he didn’t know what to make of the world and his part in it, but gradually he’s gotten lighter and now he’s at a nice champagney shade, close to gold, i think! 

phil: grape/mulberry. the reason phil is a darker shade has always resonated with me personally because we as viewers don’t know anywhere near as much about him as we do dan. we know that he’s been through a whole lot of shit that he doesn’t talk about because he’s trying to put on a happy front for us (this is when i would associate with him the shade of heather, his on-camera persona) but the reason i’ve not said a shade like lilac or lavender is because he’s an incredibly private and guarded person, that much is obvious, and i feel like his thoughts weigh down on him so much more than he lets on and life gets a little too much every so often and he just doesn’t know how to cope with it when he’s always trying so hard to help everyone else shine. i feel like phil has lightened too over the years like dan, he’s discovered who he is through and through, but he already had so much life experience over dan before they met, so there’s not been that dramatic of a transition. he’s impossible to read, and he just screams purple to me!!

dan and phil together: sapphire. they bring out the brightest sides of one another. they resonate happy vibes when they’re together whether they’re talking or not, it’s so clear that they mean the world to one another and whatever kind of bond they have is one in a million. the reason i didn’t choose a shade like sky or arctic is because we don’t know everything about them, everything is going to be forever hazy when it comes to them together, which i feel sapphire represents really well!!


bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #11: TOP 5 SAM-PRAISE MOMENTS 

Making this made me feel all warm and squishy inside, there are many other little moments I could have chosen and that makes me very happy. Sometimes it feels like Sam is so underappreciated, both in fandom and in universe, so to focus on all those moments where characters talk or feel about Sam the same way we do is just wonderful.

These are not necessarily in any order, although those first two are pretty much interchangeably in first place.

  1. Marie - Fan Fiction - I just love how with three words Marie manages to sum up so much of what we all adore about Sam, those core facets of his being that make Sam so beautiful. But what I love even more is “there’s nothing he can’t do”. There’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so true on so many levels. The way in which Sam has defied destiny and other’s expectations for him, time and again. Working his way to a full ride to Stanford. Building himself a new life, not once, but twice from the ground up. Overcoming the devil. How could anyone not believe that Sam is capable of anything after reading about that! The other thing I love about Marie is that, although she exists in universe, she gives us an out of universe perspective on Sam, in that sense I find her, and her praise of Sam to be very relatable, it feels as if I am being voiced directly through the show. Of course the fact that Sam did not hear this praise saddens me, but I think it is incredibly important that Dean did hear it, to be reminded of all those things that deep down he knows, and loves about his brother.
  2. Jess - Pilot - I think its no secret how much I adore Sam/Jess and their relationship. Of course we only get tiny slivers of their life together, these fleeting moments, but ones like this especially I think illuminate their relationship perfectly. In this scene, Jess makes absolutely sure that Sam knows how proud of him she is, bringing up his LSAT score, praising how amazing it is, making sure he knows she’s serious when she says she’s proud, that she wasn’t just kidding around, that she really means its and that she believes in him. I think Jess was painfully aware of how little, if ever, Sam had been exposed to the concept of someone being proud of him and that intentionally worked to rectify that at every available opportunity (I might have written a little ficlet about this *cough*shamelessplug*cough*). We hear in ‘Phantom Traveller’ that apparently John expressed his pride in Sam to others, but clearly withheld it from Sam himself, the fact that Jess goes out of her way to ensure that Sam knows how she feels is just SO important.
  3. Mr Wyatt - After School Special - This episode in general is just EVERYTHING to me, but this moment in particular is incredibly special and I think actually instrumental in shaping Sam. I think its quite likely given Sam’s reaction to thinking the Mr Wyatt was going to fail him, that prior to this scene Sam was actually rather apathetic about school, moving from place to place, never being able to make real connections, he probably loved learning and studying but was unable to find reasons to really care about doing well when in a few days he’d be off to the next school anyway, when he saw nothing in his future but more of what his entire life had been, death and danger and loneliness. Mr Wyatt not only praised Sam’s academic abilities, but more importantly he allowed Sam to believe that there could be something beyond his current life, that he was capable of escaping that, of building something of his own.
  4. Dean - Scarecrow - I love, love, love this moment! Firstly, I’m pretty certain that this is the first time Sam has heard the words “I’m proud of you” from anyone other than Jess, look at his reaction, he’s completely at a loss for what to do or say and just taken aback entirely. What’s also important here is what Dean is praising Sam for. Dean is saying that he’s proud of Sam for the very things that go Sam disowned and dissociated from his family, for things that Dean in the past (and sadly will again in the future) had criticised Sam for. Standing up to John and forging his own way were actions that Sam had been led to believe time after time were deep and terrible betrayals and things that he should feel ashamed of, that Dean in this moment acknowledges that they are in fact great strengths and worthy of admiration is just so incredibly important.
  5. Sarah - Clip Show - I actually think this one is a little odd, because I think what Sarah is picking up on here is Sam’s determination to finish the trails and to 'right’ all the perceived wrongs he was done, to make up for all the ways he believes he’s let Dean down, and I can’t really feel that that is a positive thing. On the other hand, Sarah a) doesn’t know the context of what she’s seeing, she’s genuinely trying to and say something good about Sam b) at this point in the season people who bolster Sam in anyway, especially to his face, are so few and far between that anything along those lines is like manna in the desert….

sunflowerchester — I finally finished it! hahah…

honestly if you look at most happy people, you will notice something. they’re not always financially stable. they’re not always fully healthy. they’re not even always “together” or “with it”. but they are full of gratitude. they find joy in life not because of the things they do not or cannot have, but because of the things they do. it’s easy to look at a sliver of someone’s life and say “oh well they’re happy because they’re pretty” or “they’re happy because they don’t have other problems going on” or “they’re definitely happy because they’re rich”. there is a difference between actually recognizing other peoples’ privilege and making assumptions about other people’s lives. 

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“You look really cute in that sweater.” with cassian please!

Of course! It’s a little short but hopefully you like it.

Modern AU Cassian Andor +  “You look really cute in that sweater.”

Seated at the kitchen table in silence, Cassian peacefully ate his breakfast. The sun was just beginning to rise, birds were faintly chirping outside the window as he quietly chewed on his eggs and toast. Aside from having nights with you, the small window of time at the crack of dawn was the one opportunity Cassian got to find peace.

His life with the Resistance left him little to no time to think about let alone bask in anything aside from his duties. Living with you however gave him the slightest little sliver of a regular domestic life. Despite being a fighter for justice and having his work send him to far off places so often, he still had a place to finally call home. With you.

Just as he smirked at the thought of you, he suddenly heard some soft footfalls behind him. Turning to look over his shoulder he smiled as he saw you sleepily rub your eyes. To make things even better, you were wearing one of his sweaters. One he knew you particularly enjoyed him leaving behind. Especially if he had worn it a day or so earlier.


You smiled at him with your eyes still half lidded, “Morning.”

As you sauntered up to his side he scooted back from the table, allowing you him the chance to pull you towards him. Gently he brought you down into his lap as content filled his chest. As small of a gesture as it was, having you close in such a short and peaceful moment as this meant the world to him. Bringing his hand to your back he smiled warmly.

“You look really cute in that sweater.”

You gave him a tired smile after pulling away, “Mmm, I personally like seeing it on you more.”

He smirked, “It looks far better on you.”

Gently you leaned in towards him again, giving him a peck on the forehead. You got up and made your way over to the kitchen to pour you and Cassian coffee, as he watched you carefully. To anyone else it was a normal morning routine, for him it was memories he would savor as he sat at work being briefed on his missions. Something else to fight for and come home to.

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What about a captured klance where they're both in separate holding cells, and Lance is injured from either torture or being forced to battle, or the battle before. And Keith watches him pass out in his cell without being able to help at all

Anonymous: I like the “look at me, look at me and stay awake” hurt rp that u reblogged for klance (I can’t remember if ur a Voltron blog or not but if u are 👀 and if ur not its coo)

so this one is set in my fantasy dragon rider au, which i’ve written the first couple chapters of and don’t know how much more i’ll end up writing, but i thought this would be an interesting setup for these prompts. 

Keith didn’t know how long it had been since he’d last moved. He sat in the corner of the dim, grimy cell with his legs drawn up and his arms resting on his knees, gaze trained on a cluster of small stones embedded in the dirt. Night had fallen; he could deduce that much. The shadows had grown long across the hall, and now all he could see of them were cast by torchlight. Every time he heard footsteps, he had to resist the urge to lunge for the bars and press his face against them to see who was coming.

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Kenny Omega x (M)Reader
Warning: Fluff, super low key mentions of boners
A/N: Kenny’s bisexuality isn’t used enough in fiction and that’s a travesty. For @thehardyboyz
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~2100 words

“Thank you for coming to get me.”

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Lilium Part 3 (Final)

Part 1  Part 2

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, angst, an ounce of vague smutty stuff.
Word count: 5,670

Summary: Yoongi’s moving out of the country, and he’s leaving you with a parting gift that’s going to change your life forever.

A/N: Ahhh yes. Here is the third and final part to Lilium. If you feel so inclined to have a listen Here - this is a little playlist I have put together for part 3. I listened to these songs on repeat as I wrote it and feel as though it helped me pour my heart into this (It’s all instrumental). I’ve also played a little with my style of writing with this one, so I hope it’s not too bad. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little series I have created, and find some sort of peace with the ending. 

Early Fall, 2019

The feeling when you first crossed the threshold, stepping out from behind closed doors and into the dimly lit room, a trail of delicate Lily petals calling you forward, was one that was ineffable.

Your father’s arm, linked gently with your own, helped steady you as you made your first amble steps toward a new future. With shaky legs but a determined heart you lifted your eyes from that one spot on the floor that seemed to ground you. At the end of your gaze stood a sight that had your stuttering heart skip not one, but two beats. He was dressed in black from head to toe, looking absolutely dashing in a tailored suit that molded perfectly with his lithe figure. He smiled so warmly, a smile that could warm you to the core in the dead of winter when you were chilled to the bone. A smile that held unspoken words of a sweet promise and bona-fide candor that were for you, and you only.

You looked radiant in a gown of gossamer that emphasized your delicacy. A veil of lace hid you away from eyes, yet he could still see the way the apples of your cheeks were stained a deeper shade. A blushing bride. His blushing bride. He could not fight the sting in his eyes, glassy irises sparkling under the light which did not go unnoticed by you. You had never seen him shed a tear, so to see them now had you letting out airy sigh of emotion.  

To your side sat your family and closest friends, each watching with tender gazes as you came to the end of your path, a chaste kiss being placed upon your cheek to which you returned, but not before wiping a stray tear from your father’s eye. Your father took a step back and you took one forward, reaching out your hands that were briefly empty before long nimble fingers laced together with your own, drawing you closer into an atmosphere of adoration that had your agitated mind calming, allowing you to become acutely aware of not only your own heart beat, but his as well. The gentle thrum in his palms danced in time with your own as the mellifluous sound of the piano eased and the clearing of a throat had you lowering from the clouds.

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i'm just some rando who followed you bc you're really funny so i don't know what fandoms you're in exactly but i just saw that writing prompt you did & HOLY FUCK it's beautiful!! so i was wondering if you'd do 1.Dancing in the Rain with any ship you want i just love your writing

( Thank you so much, lovely! I hope you like this little snippet ❤ )

The sky goes from ashes to dove down to spilt watercolour; Karakura rain has always been this way–sudden, coloured with change, tinged with the edges of transition. 

(He doesn’t consider himself an artist–but Ishida Uryuu knows a canvas when he sees one.)

Inoue-san’s steps turn skips turn semi-pirouettes over the puddle-mirrors of the sidewalk, and in the wake of these moments, Ishida forgets to miss the sunset; the unseen, forgotten twilight of the rainy season.

(Inoue’s wet hair drips with sun.)

Yellow rainboots and twirling bookbags and the hummings of a lullaby. These, he thinks, are the slivers of life that imitate art.

(Or is it the other way around?)

She asks him what he’s looking at and he really, really wants to tell her the truth–but he’s as much an archer as he isn’t an artist, and  knows the answer to that old quincy riddle off his heart

(What do arrows and words have in common?)

Just the rain, he says.

(The strictest no returns, no refunds policy in the universe.)

Streetlights blink to life, and Ishida wonders, wasn’t there a poem about this sort of thing? The sky, the earth, and hearts connecting–

(Inoue’s smile tastes like deja vu.)


a whole baseball career, is just a tiny sliver of your life.
…you better be able to find happiness without it.

<< on that mound is the only place that  f e e l s  normal >>

                                                   << i gave  m y  l i f e  for this game >>

My fear about the Minimoffs

You know I love Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan, but thinking of “how they exist” is sometimes terrifying me. Like… They are obviously much older than Luna, their previous-life cousin, six year old girl when Silent Wars(2007) happened. And it shouldn’t be if they are truly the reincarnation of Thomas and William Maximoff, bc their previous incarnations were born after Luna. It means, Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan were born before Thomas and William Maximoff…

What if Wanda made up Kaplans and Shepherds, and altered history and reality to fit them in?

What if Wanda altered history so her made-up children’s souls time-traveled back and born in past?

What if the dead children’s souls that made from slivers of Mephist’s life essence took over random innocent kids so Kaplans’ and Shepherds’ kids’ souls die anyway?

What if a writer decide that Wanda involuntary took Shepherd’s and Kaplan’s children’s soul then put her made-up-dead-children’s-souls in these innocent children’s dead bodies?

Maybe, it’s better not to know…

The Drowned God’s Daughter

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader


A/N: My first Theon, yayyy!! This story was made possible by an argument had between my boyfriend and I that went a little something like this. “No there can’t be mermaids in Westeros”. “There’s literally dragons and a woman who brings people back from the dead”. “Ok, but there can’t be mermaids”. “Ok, but have you seen what the Night King can do”? Followed by silence and a winning argument.  

Prompt; Theon has finally gotten away from Ramsay, but still finds himself struggling with his true identity. While on a ship travelling to the Iron Islands, a storm hits and Theon “falls” overboard. In Westeros, mermaids are said to serve and attend those ironborn who drown in the sea. As you watch Theon slowly give up on life, you go against your duty and try to save him instead. 

Theon is nervous. More nervous than usual today. His hands won’t stop shaking and he feels like his heart is going to fall out of his ass at any second.  It’s not like going home is a scary thought; it’s the going home alone that has him on edge. With Yara gone, he is supposed to be the King of the Iron Islands but he can barely remember his own name. 

He knows Ramsay is dead, people have told him time and time again that Sansa had gotten justice for the both of them. But, Theon still finds himself looking over his shoulder every few seconds waiting for Ramsay to be there wearing a giant smile and aiming a bow and arrow at him. Sometimes the worry is so real that he actually does see the bastard standing there and it sends him into a panic. 

It’s the kind of panic that Theon realizes he will never shake. The anxious feeling only fuels his confirmation that he cannot rule these Iron Islands. Sure, the Dragon Queen and her new husband had given him an army so large no one would try to usurp him, but he shouldn’t need them, he needs to be as strong as Yara. He can’t be as arrogant as the old Theon and he cannot be as cowardly as Reek. He needs to find a balance between the two that he fears will never come. 

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Train | Wonwoo | Ch. 5

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy au

Word Count: 3.644

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6

Summary: People say ignorance is bliss, but you can’t know that unless you are no longer ignorant.

gif creds to @jihanmeanietrash

Your hands trembled at your sides as you watched Wonwoo and Her (you didn’t know how to address someone who looked the same as you) walk off hand in hand. You knew you needed to follow them, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to move from the grass. Your mind screamed at your legs to follow them but it was like your legs were frozen.

Despair came over you as they got farther and farther away. You clenched your hands into fists and hopelessly shouted, “Stop!”

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The tragedy of Tupac is that his untimely passing is representative of too many young black men in this country. If we had lost Oprah Winfrey at 25, we would have lost a relatively unknown, local market TV anchorwoman. If we had lost Malcolm X at 25, we would have lost a hustler nicknamed Detroit Red. And if I had left the world at 25, we would have lost a big-band trumpet player and aspiring composer — just a sliver of my eventual life potential.

Quincy Jones, in a forward to a book on Tupac 

Read more here: ‘Tupac was the love of my life’: Kidada Jones on her relationship with Tupac

The Patrician’s New Hat

The sound of the crowd was hushed from up here, but Moist could still make out the cheering as he peered down at the palace gates from the window of Lord Vetinari’s office.

No. He corrected himself. His office…

“Sorry,” he said, turning back to face Drumknott who was waiting expectantly. “I wasn’t listening, what did you say?”

The man looked tired, Moist thought. But then they all did. There hadn’t been an inauguration in decades—at least if you didn’t count that brief fiery episode with the dragon—and as far as Moist could gleam the dragon had been more readily accepted.

It wasn’t that the guilds hadn’t been polite about it. Simply that they had been so pointedly polite, Moist had began patting himself down for exit wounds after every handshake. He knew he had the unequivocal support of the merchant guilds, and to an extent he supposed that was part of the problem. Lords and Ladies even those who had risen up as butchers bakers and candlestick makers, did not take kindly to being overruled by Greengrocers, Cobblers and for some strange reason, the Royal Association of Dental Technicians and Veterinary Care (Bridging the Gape Between Crowne and Canine ʃince 1801).

“As you are aware, it is customary for the Patrician to hold no other form of office while in power, Sir. Symbolic or otherwise.”

Moist nodded. He’d already signed the paperwork rescinding his personal positions within the Royal Mint, and the Guild of Accountants was drafting something up in a hurry for him to hand over the role of Royal Levy Officer into their efficient ranks.  

“Which means I will require the very-nearly-gold chain…” Drumknott carried on, holding open a box which held a velvet cushion inside.

“Oh,” Moist said, reaching for his neck and lifting the Guild of Merchants seal away from his chest, “Right, yes. Fine.”

“And …” the clerk swallowed visibly. “The uh, the hat…Sir.”

Instinct made him snatch the golden cap off his head, clutching it tightly in front of him. “My hat…”

“Yes, sir.” Drumknott winced apologetically, “I’m afraid so.”

It didn’t look like much, but then it never had. He’d worn it out of sentimentality more than anything else, a symbol the citizens of Ankh-Morpork knew by sight. The lopsided bulk of the flaking gold wings had been a familiar and reassuring weight on his head as he’d stood waving on the steps. It was ridiculous to be so attached to it. After all, it was just a hat, what did it matter if it was no longer his?

Moist sighed, twirling the cap around his finger one last time and setting it free. It landed on the desk atop a pile of letters and Moist felt mildly better. He’d been aiming for them, but no one needed to know that.

“Anything else, Drumknott? The coat off my back, the fillings in my teeth?”

“No sir, that’s all for now.”

Moist watched him scuttle towards the door, the clerk retrieving the golden hat as he went, pausing by the office door. “And if you’ll allow me sir, as Acting Head Clerk, to welcome you to office,” the other man looked down, eyes suspiciously bright, “his Lordship would have been…”

Don’t say it, Moist thought, don’t you dare say it. “Hold on,” he interrupted, “What do you mean Acting Head Clerk?”

Drumknott seemed to startle a little at that, “I…well sir, it’s customary for the Patrician to pick his own household staff…I will of course retain the position and duties until you find a suitable candidate.”

And suddenly, some small sliver of Moist’s life made sense again. The fearful looks in the hallway, the way the maids who had always been quick with a smile before had dropped back into the walls…the way Drumknott had barely met his eye this whole time…

This, was people. He could do people.

“Ah, yes, as a matter of fact I have someone in mind.”


It was summer and the air was warm, but the sudden chill in the office was enough to make Moist’s ears pop from the pressure change.

“Yes,” he said, reaching up to wiggle his finger in his ear, “quiet fellow, likes trains. Always has a pencil I can borrow.” He smiled as realization dawned on the other man’s face. “By the way, how is Miss Healstether? Doing well?”

“I…uh, yes, sir. Visiting next week.”

“Ah yes,” Moist smiled, making his way over to the plain desk and pulling out the chair behind it, “the new Überwald Express is quite something, if I say so myself. Do I have any appointments this morning, Drumknott?”

“No, sir.”

“Very good, do send a clacks down to Hobbs and Spools, the Milliner of Mercury Street. Tell him I’d like to see him at his earliest convenience. Oh and if you happen to see my wife, tell her I’ll see her and the children for lunch. If you can’t find her try following the trail of fabric, I believe she invited Lady Sybil to help measure curtains.”

“Will that be all, my Lord?”

And there it was. Give ‘em a show, Moist thought, talk a fast game and act like you belonged and even falling could look like flying.

“No, Drumknott, thank you. You may go.”

He waited until he was sure the other man was gone, counting under his breath until he heard the door to the antechamber open and close, and then sat down heavily behind the desk.

After a brief eternity of staring at nothing, he let his fingers rest on either side of the ledger in front of him, and turned his eyes upwards.

“I commend my soul to any god that can find it.”

*sigh* I’ll get round to writing this properly. One day. In another life.
(Based on previous fic: One Man, One Vote.)

im-an-anglewithashotgun  asked:

Hi! So I'm not sure if this would be a triggering topic, but how would the hosts and kasanoda react to their s/o losing their father and they are just having a really hard time with everything? Kinda my life rn, and this would really help. Thanks babe, love Your blog keep up the great work!

Sure! If you need anyone to talk to, you can always message us. We may not understand but we will always be here to listen! I hope you are doing okay!

Tamaki: Tamaki would make sure his s/o had everything they needed. He would give them their space, of course, but the minute he thought they looked just a little too sad, he would send them flowers, or their favorite candy. Anything he could think of that would give them even the slightest sliver of happiness in their life, he would give to them.

Kyoya: Kyoya would watch his s/o even closer than usual. He’s seen people in his family’s hospital that went through too much grief with not enough support and he wanted his s/o to know how much support they had in their life. He would spend extra time with them, call them to make sure they were okay in the morning and before they went to sleep, as well as several texts throughout the day to make sure his s/o knew exactly how much he loved them.

Honey: Honey’s favorite method of happiness is and always will be, sweets. So other than endless affection and attention, his s/o would be smothered in sweets and anything else he could think of. Cute stuffed animals, anything he thought would make his s/o comfortable and less alone.

Hikaru: Hikaru would try his best to understand the situation and make sure they knew that even if he didn’t truly understand it, he was still always there for them to talk to and he would try his hardest to understand. He would give them their space, but not enough that they would feel alone. They were the most important thing to him, and no matter what, he needs them to know that.

Kaoru: Kaoru would take his s/o into his arms and whisper in their ear that no matter what happens, he would always be there for them. He would go with them to anything that they needed to go through, and give them their space. Little messages would be in their phone every morning, making sure they knew they were never alone.

Mori: Mori would be the silent hero. Little messages and presents would show up at his s/o’s house a lot and he would make sure to get them out of the house and do something fun as often as he could so that they weren’t sitting in their room by themselves, overthinking everything.

Kasanoda: He would try his hardest to be helpful, but he would be really nervous about speaking or doing something that would mess up what he was trying to accomplish. He knew he had a tendenancy to come off a little mean so he would be trying extra hard to be nice. Something that would make his s/o smile. That is his only goal, to keep that amazing face smiling.