Happy 1 year anniversary! (Plus Contest Results!)

(TL;DR A big thank you to all of my followers and friend here on Tumblr. I look forward to working with you all more in the coming year and having a lot of fun. Contest Resuts - A day at Rockhoof Dojo won my a landslide so I’ll get to work on those scripts)

Well the day is finally here, one year ago I got a silly idea bout Ranma ½ a ponies and decided to bring it here to Tumblr. With Support from my good friend Prosopeio I pushed forward into becoming an Audio blog, a bit of a rough start with little questions leading to long monologues .. But then I started to get to know more of the community.

My Collab with Buckshire gave Chance’s story some much needed direction and character interaction as I reached out and the ‘secret clubhouse’ group was formed. Myself, Prosopeio, Buckshire, Sweet Star, Fullforce, Overlord Sliver, and Shibari Stich (to start). We Chatted and Bantered and inspired each other, and though it has grown quiet over the course of the year I still look back to that group as some of my good friends here on tumblr…

With Buckshire Quest underway Spirit was added to my blog, something I think was greatly needed. It gave Chance someone to banter with and was a drastic step away  from Chance’s sometimes dour look on life. Spirit was a huge hit with Tumblr as well, and I think I gained a lot of my follows from her antics.

That Summer I worked hard and entered Two major Tumblr events. I sent Spirit to Summer Camp to play with Sweet Star, Dusk Strike and Dew Glow (both of Buckshire). While Chance took a good friend Cocomist (one of my first followers) to the Summer sun celebration . This allowed for two very different stories to run at the same time. it was hard work for me at the time but I look back on it happily, perhaps even hoping I could have done more with summer camp then I ende dup doing… but Audio blogging always has some limitations over art blogs.

Then the lean time… I took a long hiatus from the blog due to RL reasons ranging from getting a new job, equipment failure and collab’s going MIA due to their own RL issues. I half expected a lot of followers to leave but most of you stuck with me and I really appreciate it. The most Inspiring was one user named Hex Arcanus (whose working on putting together a blog of his own). He’s been supporting me both emotionally and somewhat financially over much of the year and I really can’t thank him enough. I definitely look forward to working with him once he gets his blog going and  just chatting with him otherwsie. Thank you man.

Now to the recent time, I got serious and picked up a much more professional mic and set to work, Joining The Pony Playground. It’s been really inspiring and fun to play around with Spirit on her own and bring voices to other tumblr’s characters. I’ve already Collabed with Alicorn AppleJack (Formerly a filly in her own right) and Corn Silk. I’m looking forward to working with more of you and continuing to have fun… 

For all those I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to be providing you with a lot more content this year (over the WHOLE year this time) and getting to know more of you. Here’s to a new year of Tumblrpon silliness and good fun!

- EternallyLost

PS: last but not least… The Contest Results! The winner was A Day at the Rockhoof Dojo, but a pretty significant margin. I’ve even had several of you volunteer your voices to help, which i greatly appreciate. I’ll be getting to work on those scripts as soon as I finish the two I’m currently working on (a playground post as well as a long overdue question set from Chance and Spirit on the main blog).