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Day Seven: Freebie

Inspired by an ask from the wonderful @ask-the-holiday-nightguards
“Lance, this is a bad idea. We’re gonna get caught and then we’re gonna go to space jail. They’ll probably probe us and make us pee in bottles and you know they won’t care about hygiene and-”
“Hunk! My man! My buddy! My dude! My smol sunshine child! We won’t get caught, okay? My and my siblings would do this all the time, and we only got caught once! Now be quiet! If we keep taking then we’ll get caught for sure!” Hunk pales at his words, but kept his mouth closed. Keith, however, hurried up to Lance, grabbing his wrist.
“What do you mean ‘only caught once’?!”
Lance rolled his eyes and gave Keith a small pat on the top of his head.
“Chill, Mullet! And yeah, but it was only because my sister ratted us out because we wouldn’t let her come with us.” Lance eyes glazed over as he rubbed his butt. “I swear there’s still an imprint of mama’s chanclas.”
Pidge pushed them forward. “That’s a really great story Lance, but can we please get a move on before we actually get caught? How you convinced me to do this, I’ll never figure out.”

Lance gave her a Cheshire Cat grin. “They don’t call me the sliver-tongued devil for nothing.”
“I thought they called you the tailor.”
“That too.”
The team continued to sneak through the empty space mall, stopping ever so often to check for security guards. It was Lance’s idea in the first place. The team stopped at this mall to restock on supplies and while Lance was wondering around, he came across this strange shop that sold swimming pools that was filled with an lilac water-like substance. He had convinced Keith, Hunk, and Pidge to sneak (break) into the pool after hours so they could all have a little pool party. He told Allura and Shiro that they were just going to explore a nearby planet, and they were none the wiser. So here they were, sneaking around a space mall, praying that they wouldn’t get caught.

“Aha! Found it! Lemme just pick the lock.” Lance reached into his hair and pulled out a bobby-pin. Keith deadpanned.
“Did you just pull a fucking bobby-pin out of your hair? Why do you even have that?!”
“I saw Kim Possible do it once and I was inspired, alright!”
“Who the heck is Kim Possible?”
Lance whirled around, clutching his heart, aspirated.
“Blasphemy!! What the quiznak Keith, how do you not know who Kim Possible is?! As soon as we get back, we’re gonna find a way to watch-”
“Lance!! Just pick the lock!” Pidge interrupted. Hunk leaned into Pidge, whispering into her ear. “How does Lance even know how to pick a lock?”
Pidge just shrugged. “Probably the mafia.”
With a satisfying click, the door swung open. With a soft whoop, Lance through he shirt over his head, eyes bright.
“Let’s do this!”
They were all having fun, splashing one another (Lance and Keith were having a full war). That was until, a familiar voice cut through the air. “PALADINS! WHAT THE QUIZNAK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!”
The team froze and slowly turned to the voice, only to see a fuming Allura and Shiro, who had his arms crossed while sporting a disappointed dad look. Pidge whispered a small “fuck.” while Hunk paled and squeaked out a “I think I’d rather be probed.”
Keith slowly began to sink to the bottom of the pool while Lance was frozen in place, giving them a shaky grin and finger guns.
“Haha, hey you guys! Fancy seeing you here!” Allura tapped her foot in response, face growing red with anger. Allura then slowly reached down toward her shoes. All hell broke loose.
The team scurried out the pool, running madly toward the exit, Allura and Shiro hot on their tails.
“I hate you Lance. I hate you so much right now.” Pidge yelled.
“I agree with Pidge!” Keith yelled along.
“Okay, you can all tell me how much you hate me when we get back to the castle. But for now, RUN!!!”
And run they did, as fast as their legs could go. What none of them didn’t know: a whole team of security guards watched the whole scene, laughing madly and chocking on their drinks, tears streaming down their faces. Some cheered for Allura and Shiro while the other cheered for Lance and the other, placing bets on who would win.

i’m ( not ) okay | | [ archie andrews ]

a/n: it’s been awhile since I did riverdale since I tend to get flash ones so here’s one for you guys, it might not be exactly like request but I hope you like it. M/N and F/N is your mother’s name and father’s name, M/F is milkshake flavor in this key. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: Archie Andrews imagine where he and reader are friends and her parents are the worst and he offers to let her stay with him for a few days when he finds out about it? Side note: she’s kinda bitchy like Cheryl sometimes bc that’s kind of her way of hiding it?

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               Relationship(s): Archie Andrews & Reader (friendship)

“How dare you go out of town to go sleep with someone else!?”

“You think you can speak to me like that M/N!? I will have you know—“

“Oh, please F/N, you wouldn’t have this money without me!”

More shouting could be heard from downstairs, it was hard to believe you should hear their shouting from upstairs in your bedroom. You were Y/N L/N, one of the wealthiest families in the small town of Riverdale and your parents were not really the best towards each other behind closed doors. You thought it was funny that your parents and you seemed like the perfect family out in public but that was to protect their self-image. You were still surprised that the two haven’t found hitmen to kill one another but whatever works for them you guessed. You grabbed your schoolbag after getting ready in your usual outfit before going down the steps, you winced at the yelling more while you hurried out the door. You didn’t really want meet face to face with your parents this morning as you walked alone with your bag close by until you jumped at a familiar voice that belonged to Archie Andrews, time to bring on your cold shoulder.

“Hey Y/N! Hey, what’s up?” He says without a seemingly care to the world as he slowed down his jog to walk in your pace. What was your history between you and the golden boy of Riverdale High? Well when your family moved to Riverdale when you were six, he was the nice boy who gladly showed you around and was very nice to you. But as your parents’ fight got worse, the colder you became and wouldn’t bat an eyelash with your sliver tongue but you never told anyone about it. Not even Archie who always assured you that if you needed someone to talk while you kept your mouth shut because your mother always said that you should keep your mouth shut and look pretty rather than blabber over nonsense of family affairs. “Y/N-“ He asks you again which made you come back into reality as you look over to the ginger who started to look concerned at you.

“It’s nothing Arch, don’t worry about it okay? I’m fine.” You say as you hope to have it slide as you brushed away from him towards your locker. Some people liked you but some didn’t in school, you were like Cheryl. Which made sense since you both came from wealthy families and you both didn’t hold your tongue when you had to say something to another person. Only you didn’t know why Cheryl had her quick tongue, yours was because you didn’t want people to see you in a vulnerable state of mind. Oh, how you wanted to cry to someone and be told that it will be okay, but you kept your head held high as you moved around in the crowd to get to class while you looked down to see a text from your mother saying that she would be out to go see your aunt as your father said he would be working late again. You just wanted to see them like they used to be, so happy and in love while raising their baby girl than the bitter couple who couldn’t be in the same room without feeling tense.


You saw no point of going home right away when the final bell rung for school to be dismissed for the weekend, biting your lip as you walked over to Archie who was talking to Betty and Ronnie. You were on okay terms with Betty but rocky with the new girl as they noticed you before the blonde pulled her friend away, which helped you a little.

You tapped on the ginger male’s shoulder as he turned to see you as you gripped the strap of your schoolbag tighter, you needed someone to talk to and you felt like Archie might be the only one you felt really comfortable talking things with. “Hey Arch, I wanted to know if you weren’t busy to go talk at Pop’s. You are the only one I can trust with my family situation deal. .so, if you wouldn’t mind? I will pay for your onion rings and milkshake this time.” You add as you rock your heels of your F/C converse back and forth.

“Yeah, sure we can do that Y/N. Is everything going okay?” Archie asks as he pulls on his letterman jacket following putting on a strap of his backpack on his shoulder as you two began walking side by side like you two did earlier. “You should stop biting your bottom lip so much or else it will be bleed.”

You nod a little as you realize how hard you were biting your lip before you stop, “Um kind of.” You say with hesitation in your voice as you tried to talk about other topics before sliding into your side of the booth when you two got into Pop’s. “I’ll have M/S and onion rings, thank you.” You say your order as Archie ordered his milkshake and onion rings, it was one thing you both shared a liking too.

A worried look went on Archie’s face as soon as Pop left with your order as he leaned onto the table, his brown eyes meeting your E/C ones. “So, what’s up Y/N. Tell me please, you know I want to be there for you but you act like it’s nothing.” He frowns due to the fact you can act like an ice queen with everyone else in school.

“My mother and father are fighting, like really bad. I use my bitchness to cover up how I feel because I don’t want to be that girl everyone laughs at. You should’ve heard them this morning Arch, it was bad. .I feel so trapped and alone. Sometimes I feel like you’re the only friend I have.” You say as you felt tears start to stream down your face, you couldn’t hide it no more. You didn’t care what your mother might preach you about crying in public at the moment as you flinch when you felt a hand wipe them away when you look up.

“Y/N, you’re not alone. Do you want to hang around with my dad and I for like a few days? I’m sure my dad can make an expectation for you if you open up about this with him like you are with me.” The ginger says as he offers a small smile of hopefulness as you nod while you finish wiping the tears your face.

“That would be nice, thank you Arch.”

it’s something of a cliché to say that we all think we’re monsters [pike’ahlia]

Vex knows.

It is not so hard a thing, to see yourself reflected in the facets of others; she has seen herself in her the strained lines of her brother’s laugh and the twist of his shoulder when he throws a dagger and the roll of his silent feet upon the earth. She knows how to find her own doubt in Keyleth’s bold uncertainty, and her lingering shadows in Percy’s stalwart refusal to speak of the past, and her brimming anger in Grog’s rage-blind eyes. Even Scanlan’s gilded tongue holds slivers of her silvered speech. 

For all this familiarity, rough-edged figures cut from cloth that is not the same but similar, is something different to see it in Pike.

Pike does not wear her similarities outwards; she holds them tight inside, and if it were not for Vex’s sharp eye (and that is hers; that she shares with none of them, the keen glance, the discernment, the quiet certainties about the pressing world) she would not know it. But Vex’s eyes are quick and clever, and Pike is not so good at hiding as she likes to think.

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What about master Obi-Wan and a completely in love padawan Qui-Gon. After the knighting ceremony, the have their first kiss

This was the moment he had been waiting for.

This, the moment when the viroblade carefully cut through his braid and severed it from beneath his ear, this moment when the coil of hair dropped into his waiting palm and he pressed it into the elegant callused hand that so rightly deserved it for all they had done for him.

Nothing and no one is going to stop him because this moment is all Qui-Gon has waited years for.

“Congratulation Qui-Gon, on becoming a knig-” And Obi-Wan is smiling so beautifully at him while congratulating him and there is no way Qui-Gon can resist.

Not now.

Not as he reaches up and traps the others face in his hands and stoops down until he’s in the best height possible to press that much longed for contact of lips against each other.

He’s kissing Obi-Wan and its everything Qui-Gon had wanted to do as the mans padawan but been unable to act on.

“One way to celebrate that is.”

“For Force sake Jinn, couldn’t you wait until tomorrow at least? Now I owe Yoda fify credits!”

Qui-Gon pulled back, blinking at the council before grinning sheepishly as he still held Obi-Wan’s face in his hands.

Windu was scowling at him while the rest looked much to amused by what had just happened. Yoda looked smug and Obi-Wan looked like he’d fallen from the moon, eyes wide as he stared up at Qui-Gon, lips pink and tempting and just begging to be kissed again.

“So ah, um…”

“Oh just go.” Windu rolled his eyes then smirked. “Congratulation to both of you.”

“Huh?” Obi-Wan blinked before eeping when Qui-Gon took his hand and pulled him out of the council chamber. “What?” He squeaked.

‘Oh boy, I should have waited.’ Qui-Gon smiled sheepishly down at him and made sure the council doors were shut before turning and smiling even more sheepishly down at the blinking Jedi Master. “Sorry…I just…sorry.” He nervously ran his hand over his short hair.

Staring up at him, Obi-Wan licked his lips, catching the curious taste of the other on his lips and flustering when Qui-Gon instantly stared at his lips. “…I…um…Qui-Gon?” He murmured.

“So ah…um I guess its pretty obvious that…I like you?” The younger man laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “A lot really. And I may have…let my excitement take overhand in there since I finally…could. And um…oh I’m so sorry, I had this all planned out.” He grumbled, cheeks, ears and nose bright red in embarrassment.

“…Did you now?” Obi-Wan slowly smiled, hand closed tightly around the severed braid in his hand. “And what were you planning?”

Shifting on his feet, Qui-Gon let his hands drop by his sides. “I was…going to get you alone. Ask if…tell you that I’ve always admired you, that I find you very endearing and…and that I’d ask if you’d…consider…going on a…date…with me.” He mumbled, looking at his feet as Obi-Wan’s smile was growing.

‘Of course he’s not going to…Force he’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master of the Soresu, sliver tongued an-’

“You…adorable awkward man.” Obi-Wan was laughing, his hands cupping Qui-Gon’s face, the braid pressing against his cheek as he tilted the others face to look at him.

‘Adorable? That’s not so bad.’ He smiled hopefully at Obi-Wan. “Does…does that mean you’ll say yes?” He questioned.

The other stood on his toes and leaned up, pressing a soft kiss to the others lips. “Yes. When Qui-Gon?”

“T-Tomorrow?” Qui-Gon rasped out, feeling like he was falling through the floor and yet hovering on a cloud at the same time. “A-At five? We could…we could go to Dex?”

“Or perhaps somewhere a bit fancier?” Obi-Wan chuckled quietly, letting himself drop back down.

“F-Fancier is good, fancy is great.” Qui-Gon quickly agreed, mentally running through a list of what could be fancier. Oh dear Force, what would be fancy enough for Obi-Wan?

“Hey…calm down.” Obi-Wan caught the others large hands and squeezed them, smiling softly. “It doesn’t have to be super fancy. It doesn’t have to be super, just something a bit fancier then Dex greasy food.” He squeezed again. “Now how about I uphold that promise about helping you move into your new quarters? And then you go celebrate with Tahl and Micah?”

Qui-Gon smiled down at him. “I’d like that…I could stick around though?”

“Go celebrate. We two can celebrate tomorrow.” Obi-Wan promised his former padawan with a soft smile.

“…You’re beautiful.” Qui-Gon beamed and leaned down, kissing him sweetly.


I’m really tempted to post the first chapter of a fic I’m currently like 85% done with, but I hate posting something that’s not complete. So here’s some aesthetic for it instead and a little snippet. 

There’s a street performer playing the violin on the other end of the piazza, making for quiet, beautiful, background noise. Sant'Agnese in Agone towers behind them, and the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi hums in front of them—the fountain’s rushing water more soothing than any river or beach Isak’s ever listened to. Even’s perched against the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, pen flying away into his sketchbook. “Do you know the story?” He asks when Isak is close enough, pen lifting and motioning between the fountain and the facade of the church behind him.

For once, Isak does, but he shakes his head playfully because he wants Even to tell him anyways.

“The four river gods,” Even gestures to each sculpture around the obelisk in the middle of the fountain. “In particular, Rio de la Plata,” his pen is now pointing to the statue directly behind him. All of the sculptures are of men, decorated with animals and plants to symbolize each rivers’ origin. The one behind Even, though, is a little different. This river god is directly facing Sant'Agnese in Agone, and he’s cowering back in what looks like fear, one hand shielding his eyes. “Designed by Bernini.” He’s tapping his pen playfully against his lip now, a cute smile wrapping up over his teeth and making Isak’s tummy do an unnecessary flip. “And St. Agnes,” Even turns back to the church, “right there, that sculpture of her on top,” he’s pointing to it, squinting with a sliver of tongue sticking out. He’s so passionate Isak is endeared beyond belief. “Designed by Borromini.”

Isak’s really bad at keeping his smile down, and Even misreads it as him already knowing the story (which he does), so he starts to pout, which makes Isak smile even more. “No! No!” Isak laughs. “Go on! That’s not why I’m smiling.” It’s only half a lie.

Even raises a brow. “Then why are you smiling?”

“You.” It just slips out of him, and he doesn’t pester Even for a verbal reaction because the little lip bite he does before he continues is enough to fuel Isak into next week.

“Anyways,” Even laughs, looking down for a moment and then at Isak before looking back up. “Bernini and Borromini. They were rivals.” He’s waggling his eyebrows. “And the river god is shielding his eyes from how ugly the church is, and St. Agnes up there is gazing off into the distance, like ‘what fountain?’” He shrugs his shoulders and lowers his brows to mimic the gesture like he is the sculpture.

I’m No Angel

“Could I request a oneshot where Emily’s s/o is just having a tough self image day and Emily helps them feel better (fluff or smut works, whatever way you wanna write it!)” - Anonymous

A/N: This hit home a little bit, anon, and made me dive into my own insecurities for reference. I hope you enjoy. As always, any mistakes are my own. (**gif credit: @criminalmindscaps**)

She could hardly take in the sight before her: you, the woman she loved more than anything, huddled on the closet floor, sobbing into your knees with your favorite dress tangled within your fingers. Her eyes fell upon your simple bra and matching underwear, the set you usually wore when the two of you were spending the evening at home, yet she knew you were aware of the reservations at the Japanese restaurant down the street. She had spent the morning, as she readied herself for work, telling you of the evening’s plans, from taking a stroll in the crisp autumn night to your favorite restaurant to enjoying ice cream by the pond in the park. 

And that morning, she could have sworn you were smiling from ear to ear, suggesting the two of you drink red wine instead of white and promising to wear that black dress she bought you the year previous, the one you had always said was your favorite. She could have bet money that you were ecstatic that morning about the date, a date you needed, a date she planned. But she could have been wrong, she thought, she could have been very, very wrong.

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Modern AU (of Pansy after the war): “The world was different now, and the Pansy Parkinson of today would have a lot to tell her old self. For starters, there was no such thing as a blood traitor anymore, unless it was Pansy herself.” (x)

this is what happens to that girl in the margins, after the war: she survives. pansy parkinson, with all those signifiers (of the purest blood, sliver-tongued and scared), picks herself up from the rubble of the fallout and the grief. she brushes the dust off, and thinks if this is life now, i will live it. 

so she does. she applies to work for a wizarding hotel, the pay awful and the company more so. she rents a small, unfurnished flat where she transfigures throwaway furniture into upholstered furnishings every night before bed. she patches old clothes with spells recently learned. she starts smoking. 

and she re-meets this golden, freckled boy: with his eyes so earnest, and hair so bright, he looks almost like some sort of beacon, almost like he’d offer her shadow back. she hates him, on principle, hates how easy he makes breathing, hates how light he makes her feel, how he forces her to be reckless. pansy parkinson, this impoverished girl with motive, her plans thrown up in the air, just because this stupid, stupid boy kisses her in public. 

Eat Jin

Originally posted by minseokked

Title: Eat Jin

Pairing: OT7 what have I done

Genre: Smut

Word count: 4220

A/N: Drabble game request - request more drabbles here; guidelines here!

“Hyung.” Seokjin feels himself stiffen for a moment when he hears Yoongi call out to him. The honorific isn’t unusual - no, it’s the tone Yoongi is using that has Seokjin tensing in anticipation.

Yoongi appears before him, staring down at the elder who is slumped onto their sofa.

As Seokjin takes in the younger’s appearance, he also berates himself for letting the others notice how tired and stressed he’s been lately. Sure, they all whine about it, but Seokjin always tries to keep his stress slightly less obvious, especially as being the eldest member he feels it’s only right that he is a pillar of support for the others to lean on.

However, his members - as hyper and oblivious as some may seem - are also perceptive. Yoongi, in particular, since he always seems to lead these little… sessions.

The other members, in various states of dress (or undress), make their way into the living room at that moment, breaking him from his thoughts.

“Hyung,” Jimin whines, high pitched and melodic, as he moves over to curl up to Seokjin on the sofa, placing a hand over his thigh. “You’ve been so stressed recently…”

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BTS Animal Series: Jungkook - Love Bites

A/N: This is the finale of this BTS series, and tbh this was the hardest one to write, BUT which one was your favorite? 

word count: 1,892

Yoongi   Hoseok   Taehyung   Jimin   Namjoon   Jin

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“Explain to me why you thought it was a good idea to come back to me after you cheated on me, recorded yourself making a sex tape with her, and being foolish enough to let me see your phone to find said sex tape?”

Anger boils in every part of your body, steam blows from your ears, it’s not difficult to see it. You hand slams down on the counter, making him jump in front of you, his eyes growing wider and wider as seconds pass from your little outburst upon him merely walking into the store.

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Strong (M)

In this story you can think of any male idol because it’s not specified! •Mature and a BIG warning that this is kinky and involves breath play. You have been warned!•

Originally posted by jennnym88

The pressure was absolutely suffocating and it whooshed your breath away. Just his gaze alone set you ablaze. It was as if he was eroding any barriers you had and it was intoxicating.

A cold and rough hand glided across the skin of your stomach to your waist and up, only to grasp your throat. Breathing was out of the question when he put pressure on your throat. The smirk following the delicious pressure had you quivering in excitement. This man would be the death of you. You had released all control of your body to those cold hands and domineering gaze. You genuinely thought he might suffocate you until he released your throat and dragged his blunt nails down your torso causing a shiver to run through you. He grasped your hips harshly and yanked you down so he could bend over you and bite the juncture of your neck and shoulder.

You relished in the pain, and he in your scream. Calling you putty was one way of putting it, the other being wrapped around his cold fingers. This dominant feeling he gave off was just as suffocating, if not more, than his fingers curled around your throat and his gaze combined. This was–is–what you live for and probably always will. His face rose to yours and you got a closer look of the gaze that made you instantly wet. His lips were upon yours in the next second and his teeth came out to tug gently on your bottom lip, a playful way to ask your tongue to ‘come out and play’. You obliged him and opened your mouth a sliver so your tongue could slip passed them to tangle with his. He tasted like the salt of your skin and the bitterness of wine. You couldn’t help but moan, this was answered with a sharp smack to your hip; a reminder that you were only to moan when he gave you a reason. He flipped you over with a short order of “on your knees” and you complied.

Ass in the air, back painfully arched, and head to the side you waited. You heard the clinking of his belt as he removed it and waited for him to bind your wrists and raise them above your head. Their binding was tight and it hurt, but it hurt so good. Next came the rustling of his slacks and briefs coming off and you quivered. You didn’t dare look back at him because he might get angry. It hurt a lot more when he was angry. He spread your cheeks and gave them a squeeze. You could feel his heavy gaze as he looked at the mess he made of you. Your hair was knotted, back arched and legs spread, and hands above your head which was tilted slightly to the left.

Tonight he decided to go in dry. You loved it when he did that and he knew it. He thrust in harshly and you moaned.

“My little whore likes it rough doesn’t she.” He stated the question knowing full well you couldn’t answer it due to his intensely hard thrusts that had your entire body jerking and you moaning like the little whore you were for him. As he sped his pace he grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked it so you were looking up.

You could see stars as your climax approached and you couldn’t breathe. The very air you were breathing was too hot, too heavy to take in. With a final thrust from him you shuddered and came on him. He groaned but continued pounding on until he reached his own climax deep in your core. He pulled out after regaining his breath and undoing his belt, then collapsed at your side. He pulled you against his chest but you were already out like a light. Your orgasm had been too strong.

~Admin Deer

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How does can you tell apart the jokers? I mean how do they even work? Really confused (-.-)'

In the original Japanese they have VERY different ways of speaking. Black uses very rough rude speech while White has a slick sliver tongue and is more casual.

Here are a couple of examples from JnKnA. Ace and Julius have sub events where White and Black will sometimes say almost the exact same thing, and whether it is White or Black depends on whether you are on Julius’s route or Ace’s route.

Black: 仕事の用件は終わったろ。 うろうろせずに出ていきな
Shigoto no youken wa owattaro. Urouro sezu ni dete iki na
Your work here is done. Scram and don’t loiter around.

White: 仕事の用件は終わっただろう?さっさと出て行ってほしいな
Shigoto no youken wa owatta darou? Sassa to dete itte hoshii na
Isn’t your business here finished? I would like you to leave quickly.


There is only one difference here, the word for “you”, but it sets the tone of the sentence.

Black: ……俺さあ、おまえが大嫌いなんだよな
……Ore sa, omae ga daikirai nanda yo na
……I hate your guts.

White: ……俺さあ、君が大嫌いなんだよな
……Ore sa, kimi ga daikirai nanda yo na
……I despise you.


Their facial expressions are usually a dead give away too. White often smiles or looks cunning while Black is usually serious looking or teasing. But that’s not always a guarantee. However when you get used to them you start to pick up on little things that clue you in as to who you are looking at even without them speaking. It just takes time.

As for how they work, I think I’ve got some good info in two older posts.

Basic Summary of Joker

Two Sides of the Same Coin

@espadadorada encounters the Persuading Jackal

“Oh no..” A young black-skinned man in casual wear tiling his hat up to watch a fight going to break out between two angry men over things that shouldn’t fight over. Like cutting in line to get their food paid in the supermarket. He got no mind for violence but he can’t help but step in to prevent the violence. 

“Hey guys. You need to relax. No need to fight.Everyone is going get their meal,y’all” Lyulis “Jaron” Jackal smiled at the two angry men as he pats their backs. 

“What the hell you said?”

“Who do you think you are?!”

Guess, he has no choice. He reopens his one eye as it gives a glowing wisp of orange that goes unnoticed to the crowd.

 “I said. That you two need to relax. No need to fight.” Jaron said using his trademark ability, The Sliver Tongue. The two man became perplexed then later dazed as they listen to his words. “Now how about you guys just paid peacefully right now? Right?” He told them which the men nodding at his words on command. The crowd applaud the young man’s pacifist efforts however….

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How about some sexy times in Paris in anticipation of S2? Like Jamie being all possessive and just hot. Kinda a vague prompt, sorry!

Hi, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA with my stories, but it’s a busy time of year for me. I still have a lot of your prompts in my inbox that I promise to get to! Hope this wee bit of smut makes up for my absence. Enjoy and as always, I love to hear what you think!

Warning: Sexy times ahead!

The opulent candelabras shined brightly as ladies and gentleman of the King’s court danced and gossiped the night away, the golden walls around me dripping with secrets from whispered hushes. The lively ballroom was a stark contrast to my current mood, the chronic tiredness of early pregnancy making my energy deflate with every passing second.

My eyes began to wander around the room for Jamie as the man whom I was currently dancing with blathered on about some unstimulating scandal in the Parisian inner circle. My patience with him was wearing thin, as I had been on my feet for the better part of two hours, dancing with a nobleman or a wealthy merchant, trying to get as much information as I could.

My tired eyes wandered closed slightly as my energy waned. I wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed with Jamie, and whisper the secrets we had learned tonight, safe in the shelter of our room, where no danger or politicians could touch us in our sanctuary. I almost moaned aloud at the thought of being tucked warmly into our bed, surrounded by warm blankets and Jamie’s arms.

“And Louise says you are with child!” The nobleman’s high voice broke my daydream as his hand moved from my waist to the tiny swell of my belly.

I was just about to slap his hand away but a strong grip caught my elbow mid turn and the other wrapping around my side onto my stomach, pushing the intruding hand away, and then fanned out possessively, pushing to bring me against the broad chest.

I glanced up at Jamie, who was sending daggers through his piercing blue eyes at the nobleman in front of me, looking at him in disbelief and shock at this sudden interruption.

“If ye will excuse me, sir,” Jamie spoke through tight lips. “I need to have a moment with my wife.”

And then he spun me around in a twirl, echoing the dancers around us, and dragged me through the crowd until we reached the darkened hallway.

“What in god’s name are you doing?!” I exclaimed as he determinedly walked down the hall, his hand dragging me along behind him. His body seemed so tense, it seemed that if even a feather touched him, he might explode.

He didn’t answer me and instead continued marching until he found a small alcove, covered by a thick, flowery curtain. He pushed the curtain aside and dragged me in behind him.

“Jamie, I demand you-

My words we cut off by his mouth, hard and urgent against mine, his soft tongue demanding my mouth open to him.

I froze for a moment, my brain catching up to the events of the past minute.

One his hands roamed down until he gripped my arse in a manner that would surely leave bruises tomorrow and the other went to my belly brushing against the swell of our child. His gentleness on my stomach an extreme contrast to the hard grip he had on my backside.

“I couldna stand seeing it, Claire,” he panted against my neck. “That excuse for a man, lookin’ at ye in lust. Dancing with ye, and smirking all the while!”

The vibrations of his words rumbled against my chest, making my nipples spring up like hard pebbles.

“And then he touched yer stomach! The devil of the man! He touched my child,” he growled against me, his mouth moving to my bodice and suckled my breast through the fabric.

His hand wrapped possessively around my neck, my back arching in response against him. He caught my wrist and pinned it to the wall and used his other hand to bring mine against him.

“Oh!” I squeaked, as he gripped my hand against his cock through his trousers, hard as iron.

“Ye see, Claire? This is what ye do to me,” he whispered against my ear, his moist breath sending shivers down my spine as his tongue sucked on my ear lobe.

“Mhmm,” I moaned against him, thrusting my hips against his to relieve the all-consuming desire he had unleashed in me.

I felt rather than saw him smile as he twitched against my hand.

“Ye want me, Claire?” He whispered against my neck, his hot tongue slivering down until he savagely bit my shoulder.

I convulsed against him in response, as he finally released my hands to undo the buttons of his trousers quickly and his lips found mine again in a punishing kiss.

I rucked up my heavy skirts-best as I could under the circumstances- and reached for him. His hands pushed me up against the wall, immediately followed by his body, pining me in place, and speared me in one quick movement.

I cried out, helpless against the powerful sensation. Jamie panted against my neck and used a hand to reach up and cover my mouth.

I licked his palm and brought a finger into my mouth, mimicking the motions he was creating down below, under the shelter of fabric.

“Oui, right here, madame,” a high pitched voice sounded right outside the alcove. “Come rest your poor feet.”

Jamie froze against me, head turning to the curtain that was being pushed open. He quickly pulled out of me and let my feet drop to the floor. I took a deep breath while smoothing my hair down as Jamie franticly adjusted his pants.

The curtained opened to reveal a short man dressed in pink with far too many feathers in his hair and an older lady, clutching onto the man for support.

“Erm, my lord Broch Tuarach,” the man stumbled out and bowed, trying to keep the surprise from his face as his cheeks betrayed him, turning the color of tomatoes.

Jamie took my hand and walked a few steps towards our intruder, glaring at him in a way that made the dandy man take a few steps back into his female companion.

“Monsieur Depaul,” Jamie said, while bowing slightly and turned away from him, whirling me into the hall and marching once more towards the entrance of the palace.

“Where are we going?” I whispered to him.

“Home,” he said simply.

“But the party-

“Damn the party.”

He was still breathing hard as he led me to the carriages and threw a few coins at one of the servants.

“Get me the first carriage available.”  

The servant bowed and quickly scurried to where the carriages were sitting idle, waiting for the party to end.

I looked up at Jamie and found him looking back at me. His eyes burning into mine, conveying his mad lust and desire through his gaze, setting the flames afire again inside me that had been extinguished by the man in pink.

My breath caught in my throat as a carriage pulled up next to us. Jamie wasted no time, boosting me from behind into the carriage and giving the driver brief instructions to our destination. I wondered how he would make it the 30-minute drive back to Jared’s house in his current mood.

He swung in next to me, closed the door behind him and pulled the curtain closed over the small window, and I wondered no more.

“Jamie! We can’t! They will hear us!”

“I dinna care, the devil take them and welcome,” he stated calmly as he found the front of my corset and began to unlace it.

I moaned as he latched onto one of my tender nipples, reluctance fading away like the wind as my hormones took charge of my mind.

The carriage suddenly launched forward, propelling both of us into the back. I chuckled into his hair and I felt a smirk emerge against my breast.

I pushed his head up, urgently, needing to feel his lips on mine. He moaned into my mouth as I quickly straddled him across the small bench, my things open as wide as possible.

I fumbled with his buttons as he did unspeakable things with his mouth on my neck. I quickly freed him as he moved my skirts out of the way and finally sank down onto him.

He threw his head back against the wood, arching his hips against me, bringing me further into him as his mouth parted in blissful ecstasy, his cheeks red and flushed with wanting.

For one moment, I briefly mourned that fact that cameras wouldn’t be around for another hundred years. Because there is nothing I would have loved more than capturing my husband’s face when I took him inside me.

He lifted his head as smoldering eyes met mine as he gripped my hips hard as I began to move against him.

“Not long,” he gasped as I swiveled my hips, bringing his hand up to my mouth and biting on his finger hard.

“No,” I agreed and moved my other hand to his shoulder for more balance as the lurching of the carriage threatened to tips us over.

“Ah!” I cried out as a particular jolt in the road aided our efforts.

Jamie’s hand wrapped around my mouth again, but I though it was a futile attempt, the servants will have known what we were up to.  

I brought the hand I was clutching down under my skirts, and pressed his fingers hard against the sensitive flesh. He stroked me as he knew I liked, slowly but pressing hard enough to make my toes curl and my other grip on him to clamp down hard as I shuddered.

The next few minutes I rode him like a wild horse, desperately trying to extinguish and satisfy the flames he had set off inside of me.

His hands suddenly gripped my hips harder and he lurched up from his seat, clutching onto me as he cried out, the sound muffled by my shoulder.

I felt the tremors start inside me in response to his own release, and bit down hard on his shoulder to stop the sounds from reaching anything but his own ears.

I tightened my grip and then melted against him, finally sated.

He mumbled something against my shoulder as he brought me to cuddle against his side with his arms wrapped solidly around me.

“What was that?” I asked as I tilted his head up for a soft kiss.

“I said, if ye weren’t already pregnant now, that certainly would have done the job,” he chuckled as I jokingly swatted at his head in reprimand.

Later, we did lie in our bed. Cocooned in the warm embrace of mutual possession and love. And we whispered all of our secrets into each other’s hearts.

[TaeKai; PG-13] "Over My Head (Out of My Mind)"

vague college au >> wc ~700
a/n: i wrote this a few days ago and can’t remember where in the world i was going with it, so here it is now, in drabble form (lol).

also, someone help me credit the artist of that taekai fanart because it inspired me to write this. i tried googling but i only drew blanks :’(

I wanna thrill you like Michael

Taemin had been the one to corner him, smile bright and eyes even brighter, glittering with excitement as a laugh escaped from his mouth. He wet his lips with his tongue, a sliver of tantalizing pink dancing across a bit of soft skin and leaving behind a glossy shine that had Jongin’s stomach in the vicinity of his shoes. “I want to try something,” Taemin whispers, voice breathy, nearly swept away by the pounding music despite how near their faces were.

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Met Their Match 1/2

This was a collaboration between me and @dimensionhoppingrose, and was inspired by this post by @tinyconfusion.

Ten x Rose AU

At the insistence of his sister, James Noble stops by Rose Tyler’s shop, but what he doesn’t know is that Rose runs a matchmaking business. While Rose tries to match him with a perfect partner, James starts to realize he’s falling for the woman who is trying to set him up on a date with other women.

Part 2AO3

“Her name is Rose Tyler, I think you’d like her.”

“…What exactly am I going to her for?”

Donna just smiled mysteriously, and James narrowed his eyes. “Are you trying to hook me up with a prostitute? Because that’s weird, Donna.”

“What? Oh, my God, no!” Donna rolled her eyes. “Look, just go, all right?”

“Why should I?”

“Because if you don’t, I’ll text you every single day telling you to go until I die or you block my number.”

She made a very compelling argument. She would do it, too.

Fine,” James huffed. “I’ll go.”

Donna grinned triumphantly.

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