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The Yule Ball (part II, May I Have This Dance)

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“what do you think?” Pansy said anxiously, for the hundredth time that night.

the night of the Yule ball had finally arrived, girls everywhere were grouped up getting ready, and chatting adamantly about the event that was moments away.

“do I look good, what if if everyone laughs when we walk in there.” Pansy had been worrying the entire week before the ball and the night of was no exception.

“you look amazing, and the only people who are gonna care enough to try and make fun of you, are scared of you.” Y/n said in an attempt to clam Pansy’s nerves and she tied the two tiny braids that she made together behind her head so that the pulled her hair back slightly. “No the one the we should be worried about is ME.” She said whisper yelling the last word. “God this is Dracos mums dress, What if something happens to it!” She was now starting to freak out

"Calm down,” pansy said putting her hand on y/n shoulder, which now held up the diamond encrusted sleeve of the dress Draco had given her. “You’ll be fine okay, you’re really not as clumsy as you think.”

Pansy had her hair half tied up into a braided bun, and the bottom half hung down in loose curls just past her shoulders, and was wearing a beautiful, loose, sliver, gown that fell just below her knees, and black heels,

Y/n had her, waist long hair, put in curls also, but had kept all of it down except two small strands above her ears on each side, that were put in small braids and tied together in the back, and was wearing the long emerald dress Draco had given her, that had belonged to his mother, and silver flats that strapped up to her mid calf that made her feel like a ballerina, and lastly had a small black choker on that had a small silver snake going up the middle.

“you ready.” Y/n said straightening up and pansy took a Deep breath.

"maybe? No-no.” She said and y/n laughed saying.

“oh come on, they’ll be waiting for us!” Linking arms with pansy, and walking out to the common room, Where they saw Draco standing, in an expensive looking, black suit, with his hair combined and slicked back making him look exceedingly handsome, flanked by an awkward looking crabbe and goyle.

"Well finally, when did you star getting ready?” Draco said as you unlinked arms with pansy, and looped it instead, through Dracos.

“It’s not my fault that this one,” she said pointing an accusing finger at pansy. “Was freaking out.”

“Pansy, you’ll be fine, you look amazing, Luna’s a lucky girl.” Draco said now noticing Pansy’s nervous demeanor.

They all walked out of the Slytherin common room together and down the hallway the lead up towards the great hall.

At the foot of the steps, that lead up out of the dungeons, pansy spotted a very confused looking Luna and split off from the rest of the group.

As they approached the steps, Draco turned to y/n and spoke,

“so I guess, once we get inside, we can split off and you can just do what you want.” He said slightly awkwardly as if he were having a small fight with himself.

“o-oh-okay!” Y/n agreed, trying to hide disappointment, she had known this was coming, he had said it when he asked her to the ball, however she had gotten her hopes up that he would have changed his mind.

And yet, he hadn’t, and so as they walked into the gorgeously decorated hall, he instantly split off from her, leaving her to stand alone, as the champions danced with their partners, and the dance floor soon opened to everyone else, she was still standing alone,

She spotted Draco across the hall, talking adamantly with a Slytherin fourth year, before leading her gracefully to the dance floor,

(Why hadn’t he wanted to dance with me?)

She thought to herself,

She quickly looked away slightly embarrassed that she was pining over Draco of all people, at that moment she spotted Fred and George not too far away, at the punchbowl,

Her eyes trained on George, who was talking excitedly about something, and was flinging his arms around, making y/n laugh and bite her lip.

She watched him for a little while as he talked with his twin,

Fred had apparently noticed her staring, when his eyes were scanning the crowd,

All of the sudden Fred pointed over at her smirking, and Georges eyes locked with hers, he grinned widely, and sent her a wink, making her look down quickly from embarrassment, and yet she couldn’t help the grin that spread on her lips.

When she decided to glance upwards, she realized, that George was making his way over to her,

“Hello, Fred-my brother-said I should talk to you.” He said a little awkwardly, holding out a hand. “I’m George!”

“I-I know who you are,” she said, “e-everyone does.”

“I’m famous!” George said and another heart stopping grin spread on his lips. “And you would be?..” He inquired raising his eyebrows.

“Y/n.” She answered quickly.

“Nice to meet you, y/n!”


“Okay I have to ask, how the HELL did you get into Snapes room, after hours, to put the fire crackers, in his cupboard?” Y/n asked after they had made their introductions.

“Let’s just say, dumbledore,” he started with a wide smirk on his lips. “BIG fan of a good practical joke.”

“NO!” Y/n said extremely amused.


“So,” George said shifting on his feet. “have you been having fun?”

“I am now.” She said before adding, “my "date” kinda, ditched me, leaving me to stand Alone awkwardly in the corner, and is now dancing with someone else.“ She said putting air quotes around the word, "date”.

“Sounds to me like you’re "date” is more like an “ass”“ George scoffed putting air quotes around the words, "date” and, “ass” like y/n had done.

“No he’s not! He’s really not! I mean he’s the entire reason I’m here!” She said quickly defending Draco. “I mean he asked me as friends and the only reason he asked me, was because if he hadn’t I’d be to young to go.”

“Well in that case,” George said, as a slow song came on, holding out his hand. “May I have this dance, m'lady,” he said with a little bow that made y/n laugh.

“Why of course, noble sir!” She laughed with a small curtsy, before they made their way to the dance floor.


“Wait-wait-wait! So you blamed the broken vase, on your baby brother, who can’t even crawl, let alone, reach it and knock it over off of the counter top!” George said laughing as the loud music played and they danced along. “And she BELIEVED YOU!”

“Well you see we have this thing called magic, which means he doesn’t have to be able to reach it in order to knock it over.” She said as tho she were talking to a little child.

“BUT STILL!” George said. “My mum never would have believed it.”

“Yes well let’s just say, I’m very good at getting people to believe me and do what I want them to do.” She said making George laugh before going to a new subject.

“So I never asked earlier, who DID bring you tonight.” George asked her.

“Draco Malfoy.” Y/n said simply.

“MALFOY!?” George said slightly taken aback, “b-but that would mean you’re in-”

“Slytherin? Yes that’s right”

“But but your nice, and pleasant.” George said.

“Ah yes I always forget that some of the main trait for the Slytherin house, are, Mean, Evil, Vile, and Unpleasant!” Y/n said sarcastically.

“Right sorry, I guess just cause, some bad people are in Slytherin, it doesn’t make the house itself bad.” George apologized slightly, embarrassed at his assumptions.

“It’s alright it’s not like I’m not used to it or anything.” She said, shrugging. “Everyone hates you if you’re in Slytherin, unless, THEIR also in Slytherin.”

“Hey that’s not true!” George said defensively. “I’m in Gryffindor and I think you’re the bees knees!” George said a grin spreading on his lips.

“the "bees knees!?”“ Y/n said amused.

"It’s a muggle phrase! Harry taught it to me and Fred!” George said proudly.

“Do bees have knees?”

“That’s what Fred and I said!” George yelled excitedly like a little kid,

Then all of the sudden, his smile dropped.

“Weasley!” Draco seethed from behind y/n.

Y/n turned around to see a very pissed looking Draco.

“What do you want Malfoy.” George said standing beside y/n.

“I came,” Draco said, glaring at George. “ to dance with MY date.”

“YOUR date!” George said. “You didn’t seem very interested in YOUR date when you ditched her to go and dance with every other single girl here!”

“This doesn’t concern you Weasley.” Draco seethed.

“Oh reall-”

“Really George, I did come with Draco.” Y/n said placing her hand on Georges shoulder in order to calm him. “It’s only right that I should dance with him, thank you, I had a wonderful time I really did, but I should go with Draco, I’ll catch up with you later.” she said walking away with Draco, despite George trying to protest.

“Weasley!” Draco shouted when they were close enough to the music that no one else could hear. “of all people you spend the night with weasley!”

“What’re you talking about Draco!” Y/n shouted back.

“Me! You came with me!!” Draco shouted. “Not that fücking bad excuse for a pure blood!”

“What’s your problem! It’s not like I wanted to be left alone while everyone else was having fun!”

“But you came with ME!” Draco yelled once again.

“EXACTLY! I came with YOU! and you DITCHED ME the minute you got the chance!” Y/n screamed. “So why the fuck should it matter that I danced with George!”

“I’m the only reason you even got to come tonight! And you know I hate him!”

“Oh yeah and like there were many other people lining up to dance with me!” She yelled back at him. “SURPRISE I DIDNT WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN THE CORNER WAITING AROUND TO SEE IF YOU WOULD EVER COME DANCE WITH ME! SHOCKING I KNOW!”



“YOU KNOW I SHOULDNT HAVE EVEN BROUGHT YOU TONIGHT!” Draco yelled, “You ungrateful bitch.”

“Then why did you why didn’t you? Why didn’t you just let me stay in tonight!”

“ I was trying to be nice! You CLEARLY weren’t going to get asked by anyone else! I figured it be nice for you to get to go! Clearly my efforts weren’t appreciated!” Draco shouted at her. “I don’t know why I even try with you GOD you’re UNBEARABLE! No wonder me and pansy are your only friends!”

“Oh I didn’t realize that you were do me such a big favor!” Y/n yelled. “Oh I am ever in your debt oh GENEROUS DRACO!” She said giving him a satirical bow before turning around and running through the crowd in order to get out of the great hall.

She ran out, and into the court yard, and sat at the edge of the steps her knees curled up against her chest, as she sucked in the cold air, and let out steam,

“I will not cry, I will not cry,” she muttered to herself as she sat there on the steps,

She hadn’t cried in years, she always saw it as a weakness, and rarely allowed herself to break down enough to shed tears, and she certainly was going to allow herself to shed them over Draco,


Y/n walked through the grass outside of hogwarts, the Saturday after the Yule ball, it was a nice day, but she was having quite some trouble enjoying it, she was exhausted, she had tried to sleep last nigh, but the closest she got, was pretending to be asleep as girls came into the dorms later and later,

Not to mention the fact that she was trying her hardest-and succeeding at that- to avoid Draco.

“Y/n!” She heard a voice call and turned to see, Lee, Fred, and Angelina, all sitting under the shade of a big tree, with George standing next to them with a big stupid grin on his face, waving her over.

Y/n smiled, as she walked over to them, no longer feeling as exhausted as she had been,

“Alright George? Fred, Angelina, Lee.” She greeted each of the as she got near enough,

She was caught off guard when all of the sudden George took her hand, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, and pulled her over to the base of the tree, and sat down with her next to the rest.

“So you’re the girl that was staring at Georgie all night.” Fred said.

“I wasn’t staring!” Y/n quickly said, now slightly embarrassed. “I just happened to be looking that way when you looked mine.”

“Well you happened to be looking that way for a good four minutes before I did anything about it.” Fred said jokingly.

“Oh Merlin!” She let out Burying her head in her hands.

“If it makes you feel any better, George wouldn’t shut up about you, went on and on, I only barely got him to stop at five AM, so I could get some sleep.” Fred added, causing George to hit him on the arm and hiss,


“Oh come on he’s embarrassed the girl,” Lee chimed in. “It’s only fair he embarrass you as well.” He said making y/n laugh,

“See I was only thinking of you girlfriend.” Fred joked again.


“Alright now you’ve taken it to far.” Lee said.

“What in only joking with Georgie.”

“Yes but now you’ve embarrassed y/n again.” Angelina said.

“Oh sorry y/n.”

“Just ignore him y/n,” George said before turning to glare at Fred. “He’s a twat.”

“It’s fine,"y/n said slightly red in the cheeks. "It’s refreshing, from Dracos constant moaning about "Harry potter”“ she said imitating Dracos seething tone. "And Pansy’s, constant obsessing about Draco, well now it’s her obsessing over Luna, but honestly it’s the same thing, just with a girl this time…” She rambled, before she remembered last nights fight with Draco,

he may still be mad at her, she was certainly still mad with him,

What gave him the right to off on her like that, HES the one that left her, HES the one that said “you can dance with whoever you want” HES the one that went and danced with every single girl at the ball rather than his actual date,

SHE was just trying to have a good time at the ball SHE didn’t even want to go to in the first place.

None of the others seemed to notice that she had gone off into her own world and so she simply brushed if off and focused on the group of friends laughing and joking, underneath the tree.


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