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i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.

Grieving. Loki x Reader

A/N:THIS HAS SPOILERS FOR THOR RAGNAROK, not really but better safe than sorry. This is almost 3000 words. I’m sorry, I got carried away. I can break this into parts if you’d like. I’m even tempted to write a prolouge of the reader meeting Loki and their budding romance. I’m such Loki trash. Feel free to send in requests! <33

      You were broken. For an entire week, you never left your room. You didn’t eat, you didn’t sleep and when you did, it from exhaustion. You didn’t let anyone in, not that they tried. They understood that you were grieving and wanted to be left alone. Even if they wanted to, your powers had unknowingly frozen the door, leaving you sealed in your room. Tony had turned on the cameras in your room (He had them placed in all rooms, disabled until something like this, or worse happens.) to make sure you were alive. You were alive in all physical senses, you were breathing, but mentally, you were broken.

      On the day Thor had brought the news, the team watched helplessly as you broke down, sobbing as you clutched the book you were previously reading to your chest. It was an Asgardian book, one he had brought back from the Palace Library, one of his favorites. You were almost finished with it, excited to discuss it with him. You had rushed to the common room, excited to see your lover, for it had been weeks. But when you entered, and only saw Thor standing there with a sympathetic look, you knew something was terribly wrong. When you told you, it was like the whole world disappeared. You don’t remember much. You remember the feel of the cold floor as you sunk down, you remember the feeling of hot tears cascading down your cheeks, and you remember the feeling of your heartbreaking, the pain in your chest spread. You awake later in your bed, instinctively reaching to the other side, and gripping nothing but sheets. Tears blurred your vision as the memories came back, and you grabbed his pillow, inhaling his scent and crying into it, praying to any and all Gods that this was just a horrible, horrible dream. It was not, for your actual dreams were much worse. They weren’t nightmares, they were memories. Memories of when you first met, when you first kissed. You always woke up with puffy eyes and an empty heart.

You had changed into one of his shirts and had stayed in bed for as long as you were able. You could feel the temperature in your room lower, not that it bothered you. This was your ability, your curse. At times, he was the only one who thought of it as beautiful, smiling when you showed him a new trick you learned, and comforting you when your emotions caused you to lose control, ice crawling up the walls would start to retreat when his hand slipped into yours, rubbing circles with his thumb, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Now you were all alone with your thoughts, no one to make the ice retreat, so it didn’t. It spread across the floor and up the walls, over the door, sealing you in.

You could see your breath now, not that you cared. The cold never affected you, even if it had, you doubted you would be able to feel it over the pain in your heart. You rolled over, not wanting to think about how he’ll never lay beside you again, and looked at your nightstand. There was a glass of water and a note. Judging by its handwriting, Natasha must have brought them in when you were sleeping. Y/N, we are so deeply sorry for your loss. We know how much you loved it each other. I promise we won’t bother you as you grieve. Thor has offered to take you to Asgard to go through Loki’s things. We love you and want you to know you are not alone. I’ll make you a grilled cheese when you feel up to it. You smiled weakly at the mention of grilled cheeses, Natasha’s cure for everything. 

You thought about Thor’s offer to take you to Asgard, wondering if it would be worth it. Knowing he would at least want you to take some books, maybe steal an artifact too, you got up, albeit slowly, you rummaged through your dresser, finding his favorite shirt of yours, a graphic tee that read, “Screw your ‘lab safety’ I want superpowers.’ Bruce had given it to you after you started working in the lab with them. Loki had liked it because of the irony of Bruce Banner, someone who got their powers from a lab accident, giving it to you, a mutant. You showered, relishing in the hot water, remembering the times Loki had interrupted them, and the fun that ensued. By the time you were dressed, the ice had retreated mostly. It was enough for you to leave. It still hurt, walking through the hall and seeing your memories with him everywhere. You stopped for a moment at the place he had first kissed you.

Tony had thrown a gala that night, making the rest of the Avengers tag along. You had decided to go dateless, giving you the excuse to leave early. You had worn a figure-hugging, floor length dress with a slit in the skirt to make walking easier. It was a bit low cut, but Natasha said it made you look good. It was gold, shimmering slightly when you walked. You had left later than the others, wanting to take your time. You walked down the hallway, heels clicking as you secured your earrings. You didn’t expect to see Loki in the common area, looking as handsome as ever, waiting for you. “I thought you’d have left already.” You said, confusion lacing your voice as you grabbed your purse. When he didn’t answer, you turned to him, a blush forming on your cheeks as you watched his eyes drag down your body. His eyes snapped up to yours when you coughed. He smirked at your flustered state before speaking. “I was going to, but then I realized that I couldn’t let a beautiful woman such as yourself walk in alone.” You blushed yet again and started to walk to the elevator turning slightly to look back at him. “Well, are you coming? This beautiful lady wants to get there so she can leave at a reasonable time.” You could hear him laugh behind you as you entered the elevator, suddenly glad that you had a date. It wasn’t until the two of you had returned to the tower that he kissed you. The two of you weren’t drunk, you only had a glass of champagne and well, Loki was a god. The two of you were walking down the hall to your rooms. Loki’s room was just a few down from your own. You had bent over to pick up the purse you dropped and when you straightened, you were shoved against the wall, sandwiched between Loki’s body and the cream-colored wall. Before you could question him, his lips were on yours, arm winding around your waist and the other gripping your neck. Your arms wound around his neck, pulling him closer as you moved your lips against his. He groaned when you tugged at the hair on his nape, his arms sliding down to grip your butt. You pulled away, panting. “Holy moly,” you say breathlessly, and he chuckles, burying his face into your neck, hot breath fanning against your skin.

You smiled fondly at the memory before continuing to the common area, where Thor would most likely be. When you walked in, you saw Tony, but not Thor. Judging by the sounds coming from the kitchen, he was there. When Tony saw you, he smiled and walked over to engulf you in a hug. You had been friends with Tony since the two of you were kids, he was the closest thing to a brother you had. You hugged him back, gripping his shirt as you started to cry softly. “I miss him Tony,” You say, sniffling. You pull away, wiping at your eyes. He smiled softly, “Me too kiddo. You here to go with Thor?” You nodded, looking toward the kitchen to find the God in the doorway, sandwich in hand. “Lady Y/N! I am glad to see you out of your room, are you wishing to accompany me to Asgard?” His voice booms across the room and you nod “Yeah, I think it would be good for me, closure you know?” Thor nods solemnly at your comment. He finishes his sandwich and Tony calls the other Avengers into the room, to say goodbye. You hug everyone, holding Natasha a little tighter and whispering a ‘thank you’ in her ear before going to Thor’s side. Giving a final wave while teary-eyed, you and Thor are enveloped in a rainbow before disappearing before the Avengers’ eyes.

You opened your eyes as you and Thor stumbled into the observatory after what seemed like seconds. You looked around in awe at the gold dome as Thor talked to some man in armor. Apparently, Odin is gone, as well as Heimdall. Thor looked confused but took you to the palace anyway. Stopping a maid to show you to Loki’s chambers. He told you to take whatever you like, and he will be back, there are matters he must see. You nodded and turned to the maid who leads you down grand hallways until you stopped at a door. The maid smiled at you and walked away, leaving you alone. Taking a deep breath, you pushed the door open and stepped into your lover’s room.

When you walked in, you were instantly overwhelmed. Shutting the door, you let out a shaky breath, turning to take the room in. The first thing you noticed was the smell. It smelled just like him, it was like he was next to you. You looked around the room, taking in the bookshelves that lined the walls, the four poster bed in the middle, and the dresser at the far wall. You walk to it, picking up a basket on the way to put your things in. You decided you’d take some shirts too, to sleep in.  You kneeled before the dresser, pulling a drawer out. It held his tunics. You shakily pulled one out, bringing it up to your face to inhale its scent. Tears sprung to your eyes once more. It was torture, being surrounded by his things, but at the same time, it was just what you needed. You put most of his tunics in the basket, along with some of his trousers. Standing up, you walk to one of the bookcases, basket on your hip. You scan the shelves, reading the spines. You’d occasionally pull one off the shelves and place it in the basket, going from one shelf to another, you ended up at the last bookshelf. The books seemed to be all about magic, and you remembered when he told you about his mother, Frigga. You remember the love in his voice as he talked of her, how she taught him everything she knew about magic, and how she supported him. You finally sat on his bed, tears cascading down your cheeks. You laid your head on his pillow and fell into a slumber.

When Thor had arrived at the city center, he was outraged. “Brother, what have you done? Do you know the pain you have caused? You broke her Loki, she doesn’t eat, she barely sleeps. All she does is cry alone in your shared chambers. The light in her is gone brother, and you are the one who caused it to go out.” Now it was Loki’s turn to be outraged. “You dare bring her here? Do you realize how dangerous that is? Where is she? Does she have a guard with her? She could get hurt! How stupid are you to bring her here!” Loki stopped shouting at the shake of his brother’s head. “You do not understand Loki, If I had not brought her here, well I do not wish to even think about what might have happened. For your information, she is currently in your chambers, I told her she is free to take anything she wanted. She wanted to come, for closure.” Loki stopped. She was in his room? He desperately wanted to go to her, to comfort her, but deep down he knew. “She is better off, Thor. She will finally have a chance to a normal life.” “Brother, she barely has a life now! She was withering away in her room, barely alive! She is broken, and I fear she may never heal from this. You did not hear her cries brother, I have never heard such pain in my life.” In that moment Loki made the decision to go to you, wanting to hold you, to help you heal the wounds he had caused.

He halted his steps as soon as he laid eyes on your sleeping figure. Ever since he had faked his death, he wanted to fund you, to tell you he was alive.  In the end, the fear of putting you in danger prevented him from reuniting with you. Now, he wished he had. He slowly walked up to your sleeping form, not wanting to disturb you. He saw a basket at the foot of his bed, and upon further inspection, he saw what you had put inside. He looked at your face and his heart broke at the sight. Your cheeks were tear stained and your eyes were puffy. He carefully sat next to you, moving hair from your face. He loved you so much, it pained him greatly to hear what you went through. He only hoped you would understand. He softly kissed you on the forehead and went to leave. As he laid a hand on the door, your voice, trembling and small, rendered him motionless. 

“Loki?” after a moment of silence you spoke again, this time directed to yourself. “Of course, it’s not him, he’s dead. He’ll never come back and you’ll be all alone forever.” Your voice broke at the last word, the sounds of sobbing coming from your direction. Loki let his hand fall to his side as he turned to you. You were sat up, knees to your chest, sobbing. When Loki took a step toward you, your head snapped up. He noticed the ice spreading on the floor, and he took another tentative step forward, stopping when you spoke. “Please, stop. Why do you do this to me,” Loki realized you were still talking to yourself, not him. “He’s not real, he’s not real, he’s not-” your voice as soon you felt a warm hand on your knee. Looking up, your eyes met sparkling green ones, the ones your loved had, a long time ago. You started to cry again, more violently, ice spreading more rapidly across the floor and up the wall.  You still didn’t believe it, you thought it was an illusion, cast by your mind to help deal with the grief. 

“My sweet sunflower, I’m here” Loki cooed softly as he hugged your shaking form. You gripped his shirt, unable to process that he was here, alive. You shook your head before pulling away. “No, no you’re not. You’re dead. You died on that planet.” You scooted away from him, causing a sharp pain in Loki’s chest. He didn’t know how to make you believe him, how to make this better. He saw how broken you were, and it broke his heart. To see he caused so much pain in the one person he wanted to protect. He gently pulled you from the bed, encasing you in his arms. You had fought against him at first but eventually stilled in his arms, sobs quieting down to the occasional hiccup. 

He pulled you back slightly, to look at your face. It was red and wet with tears. He smiled gently when your eyes met, sadness swirling in your irises. Your eyebrows furrowed and you took a small step back. “How? How are you alive? I-I don’t understand Loki, where did you go?” You took another step away, Loki’s hands falling to his side. “Y/N, you don’t understand, I had to do it. And trust me, I wanted to tell you so bad-“ “Then why didn’t you? I thought you loved me Loki? How could you do this to someone you love?” You were crying again and this time Loki came to you, enveloping you in his arms and whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you cried. He gently kissed your head, combing his fingers through your hair. He knew, at this moment he never wanted to leave your side again. He didn’t realize how much you had loved him until now. He didn’t realize how much he had loved you until then. “I am so sorry for the pain I caused you, Sunflower. I promise I will never hurt you again.” You wiped at your eyes before looking up to him. “Loki, you can’t promise that. No one can.” Loki just smiled at you before kissing you, happy to have you in his arms once more, and determined to never let you go.

Motherhood in The Land of Free Love

Your name is Saffron. You chose that name for yourself when you joined the Community. You love the community, they took you in at 18, freshly sprung from foster care and looking for a loving way of life. You’d chanced upon their commune-farm while hitchhiking and you’d never left. There’s always food, good music, things to smoke, and people to make love with. Sex was a constant thing in the Community, people fucked and got high all over and everyone was welcome to join in. You loved it from the start and quickly stopped wearing anything but light skirts or slitted dresses- the faster you could get naked the better. Some days you didn’t wear anything but your long, red hair.

Around your 19th birthday, you decided to celebrate by getting a load from every guy in the Community. Women came and gave you free love too, but you were really craving cock. Since nobody said you shouldn’t, you got fucked by all forty or so guys there over about two days. Some guys came a few times. You were bloated out a little and you never felt better, pussy hot and sticky with the cum that slipped out little-by-little as you walked around. Your cum-stuffed belly shrunk over time but you never really emptied.

A few short months later, you’re walking down the path, fully nude. A man stops you and rubs his hand around your abdomen. "How many do you have in there, Saffron? You’re looking pretty round.“ You look down, red hair brushing the globe of a belly you’d developed without realizing and you gasp. “Do you think I’m pregnant?” He looks a little surprised and says, well of course you are, you’ve been filled up by just about every guy here! Just look at your tits! They’re huge now. Not to mention your belly.“ You rush into the woods and rub your hands all over yourself. How could I not realize I’m pregnant! I’m big enough to barely be able to warp my arms around my baby belly. 

After a night of rubbing your belly and feeling what you now admit must be kicks, you decide to embrace it. Other women have gotten pregnant and had kids in the Community. Over the next week you reach out to a few of them, some nursing babies at swollen teats and others cupping their enormous middles as they sit and walk. One woman was being fucked by as she was teaching you a little about pregnancy and babies, her round belly brushing the grass and her tits squirting as he thrust his cock into her pussy. You have no idea how far along you are or how many babies you’re having. You’ll just have to wait…

Nine months later, you’re still waiting. You’re hugely pregnant and have been renamed Gaia after the Greek mother of the Earth. You know you should have given birth a while ago but you aren’t uncomfortable in being huge, just concerned that you haven’t popped. You can’t say that sweating as you birth one of what must be a dozen infants sounds appealing. Plus, you get waited on by other hippies who love to worship you and your gravid state. Some of them are really starting to believe the earth-mother title and fuck you and touch your moving belly as often as they can, perhaps hoping for a blessing. You fall asleep every night on your side, belly stretching so far that you can’t even begin to reach your popped navel or your pussy filled with the cock of a horny male.

One night you hear a voice in your dreams, strong and beautiful. You are my avatar on earth, child. I have made you in my image, with long hair and full breasts and belly. You will remain pregnant forever, though you will birth one or two babes occasionally. You will have the family you always dreamed of, nursing at your breasts, caring for you, fucking you, and most importantly, inside of you, filling you up so that you never forget that they are with you. Your purpose is to spread love and peace. You may be content in staying just as you are, child.

You awake with a new cock inside of you and two women suckling at your breasts. Your belly heaves as a contraction ripples through it. A baby’s head is soon pushing out the cock in you. The man teasingly pushes the baby back into you, making you shudder with pained pleasure. The rest of your brood kicks up a fuss and the man relents, letting the baby slide almost all of the way out. Once that baby slips out, your cervix quickly closes up and the rest of the babies inside of you tumble with joy at having a little more room. You come at the sensation of so much movement, the mouths and cock having returned and your belly feeling so wonderfully overstuffed with life. Gaia it is, you giggle to yourself.

-Uuuuu. Inspired by a photo caption I saw. A preggo hippychick unsure of how knocked up she was. I’ll get around to continuing by other stories eventually, I promise. I think at this point, I just have to accept I’ll never edit any of these.

A Little Too Long

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Nothing??

It’s been almost a year since you’ve been on a date. When Steve offers to take you out just to make you feel better, you don’t realize just what this might stir up for the two of you.

A/N: I wrote this for @rileyloves5 as she needs some cheering up, and Steve fluff is always a guarantee.

“I need some good places for tonight.” Buck looks up from his phone as he comes into the living room where you and the team are strewn about, playing on your phones, reading the paper, watching a random TV movie. You’re in one of the chairs legs over the armrest, back against the other.

“Depends what do you have in mind.” Tony looks up from his paper.

“I think I want to, you know, woo her.” Buck shrugs.

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Red Hot

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it wrapped guys) and Swearing (are you surprised by now through?)

Request from Anon -Can I request a Bucky Barnes imagine? The reader & Natasha having to go undercover? & the reader has to wear something revealing making Bucky overprotective? Smut or dirty talk? ❤️ (Reader & Bucky date)

So I went in with the intention of writing only light smut (just oral) but then somewhere along there it turned into full on Smut, soooooo what can ya do *shrugs* but its my first Bucky Smut yay! Enjoy x 


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“Ok what about this one?”

You stepped out of your walk in wardrobe pulling at the dress until it was sitting comfortable on your body. Natasha was sitting on your bed an array of dresses sat around her as she looked up from the magazine she was flicking through. She tilted her head as you walked over barefoot to your full-length mirror.

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Let’s talk about the tragedy of the costumes in the recent Beauty and the Beast remake. On one hand, there are some great things happening in some parts, but that makes the disappoint of all the rest that much more of a letdown. 

We’ll go ahead and start out with Belle’s initial costume in the village

Right off the bat, there’s obvious similarities to animated Belle’s original dress. Blue and white. An apron. The fabric patterns is where it starts getting a little questionable. The checkered apron looks like it came straight from the prairie and the light blue of her bodice (especially the textured portion across the front) looks like it’s made out of denim (which…. I should not have to explain why you shouldn’t put a fairy tale heroine in denim). 

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“One of #myfanart #lineart oldies. All hail #HaruMichi #UranusNeptune 😙 Originally ul here #SailorMoon #corsets #WLW”

Not my first ship but definitely my seminal lesbian one 8D. Michiru you sizzlingfemme girlcrush you ahh Deep Submerge my hearrrt. Also years before the coming of Victor I gave Haruka a femme fatale’s foot fetish thing and a service kink on her knees a mile wide. My fannish patterns are showing.

Love Wins! Collateral Aesop:  on another platform and in another fandom life many fanworks can be and are still born out of antis spite ohohohoh


Pens and paintbrushes

It was late and he knew he should be home, he knew he had work at the publishing office early tommorow morning, but Jughead Jones was not one to do what was expected of him, especially not when he had the worst case of writers block he had ever come across.

He was staring blankly at the open poppy field in front of him, New York City was definitely nothing like Riverdale, the pushing and the yelling and the overpopulated streets, so when he came across this hidden gem he had been eternally grateful for the tiny bit of peace and serenity it provided.

Archie snored loudly from the back of the beat up pick up truck Jughead was currently perched on top of, He smiled at his obnoxious best friend and went back to scribbling in his notebook. Jughead needed inspiration, he was at a standstill with his novel and Archie was happy to tag along, happy to be away from the studio for a bit, even if he couldn’t keep his eyes open for longer than an hour. Archie was an up and coming musician and he worked tirelessly to get his music heard, something Jughead had always admired about his best friend.

His eyes were fairly close to glazing over themselves as he watched the orange and purple sunset dip lower behind the hills.

“Betty! Please, these are givenchi! I’m going to get Pollen all over my new cape!”

Jughead eyes snapped open at the sound of a very agitated female voice, squinting into the distance he saw what had the dark haired girl so up in arms.

Honey blonde hair and long tans legs peeking out of a long flower white maxi skirt, slit up the side and blowing behind her as she pulled what he assumed was her friend through the flowers

“I’m gonna miss it Ronnie, I just found the perfect color for the sky and I’m gonna miss it if we don’t hustle! Move that Pilates sculpted booty!” She giggled, her hands gripping a variety of colored pencils and a thick white sketchbook.

Jughead couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blonde, her midriff was bare and toned underneath the loser white crop top as she made her way towards him, her eyes were looking directly past him at the sunset in the distance and he could make out bright hazel green irises. Apparently all the commotion woke sleeping beauty from his slumber and Archie crawled towards the roof of the car, setting his eyes on the approaching girls.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me there’d be chicks, look at the dark haired one.” Archie rubbed his eyes sleepily, leaning forward to get a better look.

Suddenly the two girls were directly in front of the dark green pick up truck and The blonde was climbing on top of it.

“Elizabeth!” The raven haired girl shouted, her eyes wide and appalled.

She continued to climb
“I’m so sorry, but I really need this view, I’m so sorry!”

She pushed past Archie and dropped beside Jughead, ripping the sketchbook open and immediately sketching the sight before her.

“I am so sorry about her. She’s an artist, I’m sure you know how temperamental they are. It’s the heat I think, it’s gotten to her, made her forget her manners.” Her friend stated pointedly, her hands on her hips as she shook her head.

Jughead was speechless, this absolute enigma of a girl was seated beside him, her thigh pressed against his as she effortlessly drew the most beautiful piece of work he had ever seen, he watched her draw strokes on the paper, the colors perfectly matching the scenery in front of them. He vaguely heard Archie helping the dark haired girl into the bed of the truck, when the beauty in question glanced up , placing her pencil down and sighing relived, apologetic eyes meeting his captured ones.

“I really am so sorry, it’s just the sunset moves so quickly ya know, I haven’t been able to capture it all week. And this is perfect.”

Jughead shook his head
“I get it, don’t worry about it. You can climb my truck anytime.” He smiled at the light blush that rose to her cheeks. She stuck her hand out

“I’m Betty Cooper, it’s nice to meet you.”

Betty Cooper?! His jaw visibly dropped as he stared blatantly. Betty Cooper was one of the most well known young artists in all of NewYork, her work was hung in the some of the best galleries in the cities. People begged for her work, she chose to remain anonymous in the sense of face to face. The only thing people knew of Betty Cooper was her and name and her talent.

From behind him he heard a giggle
“That’s not usually the reaction she gets.”

He looked over and The pearl wearing girl was perched on Archie’s lap

“I’m Veronica Lodge. And yes I am the world famous fashion designer, no need to drop your draw twice James Dean.”

Jughead raised a brow, he had never heard of her but from the looks of her he could tell she wasn’t lying.

“She’s very proud of her work.” Betty giggled from beside him, he could tell that the quiet blonde didn’t share the same outgoing personality as her friend, but from the soft way she smiled at Veronica it was clear they were very close.

“I’m Jughead Jones. Definitely not as accomplished as you but Jughead Jones nonetheless.” He gripped her hand, holding it for a second longer than necessary. His stomach flip flopping at the unfamiliar feeling, something in her eyes shifted and he knew she was feeling the same thing.

“He will be famous though, he’s writing a book and it’s really good, his publisher is just waiting for it to be finished.” Archie said from below, his arm slung lazily around Veronica’s waist as he whispered in her ear.

“You write!” Betty smiled, her hand moving to grip his arm as she looked at him excitedly.

Jughead blushed rose petal pink, and nodded shyly

“Something like that.”

“Id love to read your work some time.” She was so soft and gentle, Jughead wasn’t accustomed to this type of woman, growing up on the Southside of Riverdale, girls were bitter and angry, moving to New York he hadn’t been interested in finding anyone, but with her soft hand around his forearm and her long blonde hair brushing his cheek.. well maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. He shook his head quickly, like she would be interested in somelike you, her a grip Jughead, His mothers nasal sharp voice echoed in his head.

“Well lover boys, we better get going. I have a meeting in Paris tommorow morning and then I’m back here by lunch.” Veronica shrugged, daintily stepping off the bed of the truck as Archie helped her down.

Betty rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at Jughead as he laughed quietly, his hands wrapped around her waist and he carefully dropped her in front of him, her feet on solid ground, she stared up at him.

“Id like to see you again Jughead Jones.” She whispered.

Jughead swallowed heavily, his eyes boring into hers

“Id like that Betty Cooper”

She pulled her sketch pad out and scribbled her number down on torn piece of paper. Handing it to him she threw him a final glance and followed Veronica towards the trail.

Jughead watched her retreating back his fingers clutching the number in his hand, Archie came to stand beside him, holding his palm open

“Dude! You got her number too? Awesome! Veronica wrote hers in lipstick so I can’t really close my hand until I can find my phone…” Archie rambled on and Jughead smiled staring down at the piece of paper.

Jughead Jones life was about to become a whole lot different.


The Secretary Organza Blouse and Side Slit Pencil Skirt. (at L'ecole des Femmes)

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