slithers in

its a few days later now, finn has settled in SO well to the big tank, he’s very calm and comfortable with the tetras n corys and has been contently building bubblenests all day, his favourite thing is when he finds me staring at him while im on the computer so he rushes to the corner to give me hello wiggles

i caved in and gave boon some plastic plants (i keep trying and failing to aquascape his tank and i should know by now it aint workin), he seems happier and more alert with the introduction of these colours in the tank

lyn came with me to petsmart on friday and we ended up leaving with fake grass, which due to a lack of space ended up going to the 3.5 gallon soon-to-be shrimp tank. funnily enough??? snurp the snail fucking loves this fake grass omg he keeps slithering across it all day its really cute

and finally, the gay frog tank is on its third dose of BB, so coming relatively soon this tank will be almost ready for the f r o g g e n i n g, and GOD does it ever look cool in my room

today when i was getting ready to shower i found the largest silverfish/centipede/unidentified multiple-legged hell bug i’ve ever seen in my entire life (abt 4 inches long) slithering up my bare arm and not to be dramatic but i will never feel clean again for as long as i live and i feel that in that moment i was marked and cursed for all eternity by the devil himself

What a friendly little creature that can’t possibly kill you just slithering around in the morning and I bet half its body is DOWN THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT FENCE SO ITS PROBABLY HUGE CB

We are told to love people unconditionally, but sometimes we must get rid of people unconditionally. Some toxic people just keep slithering and oozing in through the cracks in your resolve; they refuse to respect your boundaries. No more mixed messages. You must learn how to close a door permanently. Cut and cauterize. Monstrous sociopath-like disengagement is your right. Your life is worth more. Don’t waste another minute. Let them say you are awful. Block, ban, delete and disconnect. Compassion? Have some for yourself! Do what you must do to take care of yourself and don’t you dare ever feel guilty. — Bryant McGill


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I love your Spymaster Coran and would love to see him being stealthy. Maybe using the castles secret corridors. accidentally spooking the Paladins or disposing of intruders quietly.

Krratchak warbled to itself in glee as it slithered through the hallways of the castle. Easy, too easy. What fools these Alteans were, to have such simply bypassed security systems! Small wonder they had fallen to the Galra so many rekkapans ago. 

And now the treasures of the Castle of Lions were for the taking.

The Yepurkina poked its head into room after room, inspecting items for their level of worth, selecting some to stuff in its pack and discarding others.

It had no idea there were eyes in the wall, tracking every inch of its progress.

Three floors up from where it had drilled through the wall, it found what looked like a small kitchen. And a small creature snaffling food from a bowl.



It knew a kittekirri when it saw one. Its luck on this venture was only improving! [[You, my fluffy little snack, will fetch a high price on Merukira indeed!]] it chirped, reaching for the critter, which backed away from him with an alarmed hiss.


Startled by the sudden presence behind it, Krratchak started to turn-

-and then it knew no more.

Thatchia hissed at the big smelly unfamiliar presence that had suddenly appeared in her sphere of sense, lunging to grab at her, when it dropped to the floor with a meaty thud.

“Easy there,” soothed Familiar Warm Voice, and a gentle hand rubbed her ears comfortingly. “Our unwelcome guest won’t bother you anymore.”

“Mwerr,” she purred nuzzling up into her owner’s hand, then followed the heavy shuffling sound of the stranger’s body being dragged, until her path was blocked by the decisive swish and clunck of something opening and closing. She flattened herself against it and hissed and hissed, but when Warm Voice didn’t come back for her, she growled and went back to her bowl.

Fine then. It wasn’t her business anyway, she grumbled to herself as she burrowed into her food.

Imagine Keith becoming really protective of Lance. Not because Lance can’t protect himself, but because he’s always taking the bullet for his team. His first instinct is to throw himself infront of someone else when a bomb goes off. His first instinct is to rush into an airlock when he hears someone calling for help. Imagine Keith becoming paranoid over how Lance does this. What if one time, before Lance can push Keith out of the line of fire, Keith does it instead. Because he doesn’t want to see Lance get hurt again. He doesn’t want risk losing someone else.
Imagine how shocked and upset Lance would be at Keith for doing that.

i made a rough star sign chart for the characters of stardew valley

theres a blank version and just a plain calendar for anyone who knows more about astrology and stuff or wants a year calander here


AU where Komaeda’s luck is a sentient being that grows over time. Very much a parasite.

It causes immense amounts of trouble, but tries to “make up for it” with its good luck. It also saves him often, refusing to let him die, but not out if any sentiment: if he dies, so does its resources. He can’t shake the thing so, begrudgingly, he tries to manage it.

Only he can see it, so it makes explaining to people why he’s so particular about certain things digfficult. Sleep is lost.

pssssssst just a sneaky lil Snapey post to let u know that there’s gonna be new Etsy cards in stock soon but also I’m gonna start a Society6 shop with mugs and tshirts and special things so yeah watch out for that in a few weeks. ok bye now <slithers off>