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An American Werewolf in London by Robin Boyden / Tumblr

Slither by Muti / Tumblr

Phantasm by Coke Navarro 

The Toxic Avenger by Brett Parson / Website

The types of people on

Clean up crew: Doesn’t actively try to kill anyone but if someone dies near them they will eat them or pick up someone else’ left overs. Not an easy target because they won’t compete with you. They’ll usually just speed away until you leave them alone. A pacifist. Awesome.

Fuck you: Their only purpose is to destroy you. They will go out of their way to eat you. It doesn’t mater if they’re already in the top 10 and you’re at 10 length. They’re coming for you. If they’re long enough they will encircle you and wait until you inevitably run into them. Basically a demon. Wants to watch the world burn. 

VENGEANCE: You accidentally got in their way once, now their only goal in life is to get you back. They will follow you forever. Do everything in their power to inconvenience or kill you. Usually ends up dying in their endeavors. Petty. Ineffective. 

The little guy: The smallest snake in the whole game that thinks they’re hot shit. Will try to kill someone in the top 10. Barely succeeds. The equivalent of a very short person yelling “fight me!” at a giant. 

The beginner: Has no idea what they’re doing. Will run directly into someone. Probably their first time playing. A precious cinnamon that must be protected but is also an easy target.