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*Is wearing a skirt slit all the way up to the thigh, and a bikini top* Hello, Sanji-kun!~

Hearing his name called, Sanji turned to the source of the voice. He stopped and stayed still in shock. He couldn’t help it, his eyes turned into hearts. The sight before him was oh so beautiful.

“M-Mallory-chan!” He called, still gaped and stunned. “You look absolutely amazing.”“


Born on this day: May 19, 1945 - Singer, songwriter and musician Pete Townshend (born Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend in Chiswick, London, UK. Happy 71st Birthday, Pete!!

Bloodsucker by fredweasleyliveson featuring gothic jewelry

Peasant top, $174
Low top, £45
Short cape, $560
Slit skirt, $625
Rachel Zoe platform shoes, $295
Gothic jewelry, $60
1928 Jewelry goth jewelry, $24
Gothic jewelry, £17
Black bead earrings
Wedding hair accessory, £96
Goth hat

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I'm going to the beach tomorrow and Ii need outfit ideas, any suggestions? (Also Ii'm plus-sized so a lot of clothes don't look that good on me)

I think a one piece halter swimsuit and a slit maxi skirt would be a good idea.  The halter swimsuit would compliment your body well and with the slit skirt you wear as a normal outfit.

Here some inspiration.

Untitled #1515 by uniqueautumn featuring a slit skirt

Equipment shirt top, €350 / Topshop blue jacket, €40 / 3 1 Phillip Lim slit skirt, €150 / Karl lagerfeld shoes, €270 / Alexander McQueen pink leather purse, €1.095 / Chanel jewellery, €355 / Silver watch, €9,28 / Round eye glasses, €25 / Urban Decay lip gloss makeup, €18 / Burt s Bees burts bees makeup, €4,05
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