slit shirt

the reason why AJ cuts a slit in the necklines of his shirts

It’s so obvious! Everyone’s been wondering this like I always see in the AJ tag “why does he cut that dumb slit in his shirts??”

It’s cos his neck is really thick and he needs room to breath😂 if he didn’t cut the slit then the neckline would be tight around his neck and super uncomfortable

I’ve seen other people with thick necks do that lol i thought it was obvious lmaoo

i honestly love that early 2000s fashion was a complete free for all where literally everyone was jst wearing whatever the fuck they wanted and it was more or less accepted… we could learn a lot from the early 2000s

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Wait, are we sure that Lili was wearing shirt worn by one Cami Mendes? I find it interesting that Lili had her knee to her chest during the entire live stream. I think we should also note that the lettering on Cami's shirt in the singing video is on the opposite side of the slit in the shirt - the same side Lili was basically covering up the whole time because she knew if it was seen, they'd be #busted. 👀👀👀 Sorry I lots of time and feelings on my hand.

It’s probably mirrored because of the camera they were using on the phone. The front facing camera will always mirror the image

Worth Fighting For (part two)

He enters the bright room and watches as a sea of heads – patients and staff alike – swivel in his direction. He doesn’t even need to speak before three nurses rush over, the male taking you into his arms while the small blond wheels over a gurney.

He barely registers the pretty, but exhausted-looking Puerto Rican nurse beside him until she squeezes his arm; steering him in close proximity to you and immediately firing questions:

“You related to her?


“Did you see what happened?”

“Drive by shooting, 15 minutes ago. Think one bullet went out, there are some still … still in her. There was silencer; could not tell for sure but seemed like-”

He cuts off, his gaze fixed on your still form; the nausea taking hold of him as he watches as the one nurse slits your blood-soaked shirt apart and off to assess the damage, the other now connecting you to a myriad of IV tubes. He sees the huge splotch of purple on your skin, trying to stay steady while knowing that you’re bleeding internally, and bad.

The nurse snaps her fingers in front of him and he finally looks at her, thrown off at first by the odd bruises and cuts on her face. The snap was sharp but her tone is kind:

“You got her here, now the best way to keep helping her is to tell me what I need to know, ok?”

Vladimir finally averts his gaze away from your mangled torso, taking a deep breath before he continues thickly, starting to run a hand through his blond hair but stopping as he sees your blood staining his tattoos.

“From holes, think it was .45. Heard three shots, found three holes.″

“What’d you do when she got shot?”

“Used sweater to put pressure and keep bleeding down. Took her to car and had her hold it. Pulse was quiet, it was hard for me to find at first.”

“She have any allergies or prescribed medications?”

“Not that I know.”

The nurse nods and backpedals starting to follow your moving transport, holding a hand out to stop Vladimir. 

He hardly can recognize his own voice, shaking and panicked and filled with desperation. He’s been so used to burying fear, of being in control, that the sound of it in his voice only further intensifies the sinking feeling in his chest.

“I need to be with her. She told me to stay, I need to be with her.”

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Solangelo Angels

Will straightened the halo headband, bobby pinning it to his hair to hide it and ensure it wouldn’t move. He smiled at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and turned to the side, checking out the main part of his costume. A large set of feathery, white angel wings hung down his back. He reached over his shoulder and adjusted his white button up shirt, making sure the harness that held the wings wasn’t visible through the measured slits cut into the shirt.

Grinning, he reached into the pockets of his white slacks and pulled out a small remote. He hit a button and watched eagerly as the wings opened wide. He had called in a favor with Leo and had him build wings that could open and close and move up and down. They could even flap if he hit the right button.
He had just closed the wings when something, specifically someone, banged on the bathroom door.

“Solace, lets go now or we aren’t going at all,” Nico called impatiently from outside the bathroom.

Will smiled and picked up the little spray bottle of gold body glitter sitting on the sink. He sprayed generous amounts all over him, his clothes and the especially on the wings before deciding his costume was done.

He opened the bathroom to find Nico on the other side, standing with his hands in his pockets. He glared at Will but Will couldn’t find it in himself to be sorry. Not when Nico looked pretty hot wearing a black version of Will’s costume. Will really shouldn’t have been undressing Nico with his eyes since it was clear Nico was uncomfortable. But he couldn’t help it.

Nico wore a long sleeve, black button up shirt and black slacks. His own wings were a replica of Will’s wings, also made by Leo but with black feathers instead of white. Instead of a halo though, Will had convinced him, with lots of promises for kisses and happy meals later, to wear a black pair of clip-on demon horns. And instead of gold glitter, he had put on more eyeliner than usual and a touch of black eyeshadow on his eyes. Overall, he looked amazing as a fallen angel.

Will stepped up to him, reaching out to straighten an already straight collar as an excuse to then grab his collar and forcefully pull Nico into a passionate kiss. Nico melted into him, still a couple inches shorter despite having a grown a lot, and wrapped his arms around Wills neck, careful not to disturb his wings.

When they parted, Will smirked and kissed the tip of Nico’s nose, causing his boyfriend to blush. “You look amazing, Nico. Aren’t you glad you listened to me now?” he asked smugly.

Nico scoffed and shoved Will playfully. “I’m only doing this because you promised me lots of happy meals and Disney. That’s it.”

Will shrugged. “Either way, you look hot. I’m going to have to watch you tonight or someone else might try to steal you away tonight.”

Nico snorted. “It’s a haunted house, Solace. I doubt anyone goes to one looking to hook up. And we’re going to be late if we don’t leave now.”

Will reached out and grabbed Nico’s hand, pulling him along. “Lets go then! No one would believe me when I told them I got you to agree to wearing a costume! I want to see who lost the bet!” Nico groaned in response and Will laughed.


Oh hey I’m moving. All sales within a week, price reflects the timeline and how much I care at the moment!  Okay, I moved, but pricing, I still prefer the room to the money so go for it.

PayPal, no holds or trades, us shipping $6 per costume, $3 for gamz or Hussie, international probably isn’t worth it.

1. Vampire knight night class- $25 full vest and jacket off eBay. Light staining from age, probably washable. Vest is missing a snap. Standard eBay quality. Fits around 34-28, quite roomy.

2. Hussie from mspa- $16 This thing was probably heat n bonded together in an hour before a con lbr. Needs a front snap. Unisex S shirt, slit sides, velvet paint emblem.

3. Free! Iwatobi jacket

4. Gamzee shirt only from mspa- $8 Basically what it cost to make it. Stenciled on paint, youth large (unisex small short), no grey staining yeeeea

5. Half Marco Bodt Snk- $30 half jacket with attached half button up shirt and shredded undershirt. I will include the face, shoulder, and stomach prosthetics for free on request though you’ll need to repaint them since they’ve been washed. Shitty lace-front wig can be included for $15, with costume purchase only.

6. CD Russia Hetalia

7. Heiwajima Shizuo Durarararararara!!